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PIAno resolution

PIA, i had a very bad and nastic experience of you last night... Deeply disappointed by your service and attitude towards problem resolution. I really dont feel this is an National airline for Pakistan. My PNR No:AGVPYR Flight No: PK 307. (Lahore to Karachi). I came for lums training for four days in group. I was standing at the counter, your counter person took girl infront of me for late boarding but refused to take me and closed the counter. Is this wat u call service and u take care of your female passengers in this manner. You accomodate her but not me. And there was a seat vacant in the flight. And the flight was already late. If i was from a political background u would have considered my request. Ashamed of you and ur services. Please shut ur operations if you can not handle ur customers.

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    Pakistan International Airlinesover charging

    I booked a ticket online with reservation code SXNTRS . I went to PIA office on Al Makhtoom road and asked for the ticket. The counter clerk told me that the ticket purchase time has expired. I had no choice but to ask him to make a new ticket. On the same reservation code, he issued the same ticket but overcharged me. can someone take an action on them

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      PIAflight delayed and cancellation

      Dear Sir,
      My name is Muhammad Altaf Awan and I am Frequent Flyer of PIA. MY FF # [protected].
      I have travelled from Dubai to Karachi via PK208 dated 23-Dec-2014. The next connection was 24-Dec-2014 @ 7.00pm from Karachi to Rahim Yar khan via PK582 which was cancelled after boarding and long argument with PIA staff (Movie is recorded for proof). The flight was cancelled with no next booking, after this behaviour from PIA no other way, I decided to travel by Road and I pay to taxi (Airport white cab taxi) 19, 000 for Rahim yar khan.which took around 12 hours and I was too much exhausted due to long journey by road The ASAP early arrival was very important for me. NO proper compensation or alternate provided by PIA Air line. only PKR, 2500 was given to me for this sector.
      While returning from Pakistan (Rahim yar khan air port to Abu Dhabi Airport) flight was cancelled with no by air alternate.
      I again came from Rahim yar khan to Karachi (650KM) by road which took around 12 hours and I was too much exhausted due to long journey by road.
      The next flight PK 237 from Karachi to Abu Dhabi was also delay by 2.15 hours but no proper information.
      Kindly compensate me financially, compensation of mentally disturbance and time cost against the wastage of my time.

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        The complaint has been investigated and
        resolved to the customer's satisfaction
        Pakistan Interntional Airlineflight closed as boarding passes were with passengers seat allocated to mna

        Pakistan International Airline flight number PK-368 KHI-#ISB on 03 Oct 2014 was closed and I was not allowed to board on plane I was at the airport 40 min earlier of depart. On asking to the FAT front desk lady I was told that flight is all full where as I was holding my boarding pass. When investigated some bloody MNA was given our seats.. on my complaint no action was taken and i had to pay extra 14, 000 PKR for flight at04:00 same day... PIA always sell their sole... long live Pakistan ... All PIA employees GoToHell

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          • Aa
            A Aslam Oct 24, 2015
            This comment was posted by
            a verified customer
            Verified customer

            I was in Boarding counter Around 1hr 45mint before flight time They issued me and my family boarding cards and issue luggage tags as well it was 6 bags Tag number of Amir Aslam Bag : 4214PK258950
            I said My wife is Pregnant Boarding counter No 6 duty officer said me please wait and he keep my wife's boarding card he said i will give you a form just singe it will take around 10 to 15 mint but after long time waiting i go to counter he said give me your all family boarding card i gave him then again around after 30 mint supervisor Mr, Saleem came and he said you have any ultrasound report or medical certificate i present ultrasound report i said when we travel from Dubai to Lahore i submit to PIA and sign a form they did not return this certificate they said when you came back to Dubai you just singe a form.
            Then Supervisor said me go to counter 6 he will deal with you he demanding some money under the Table i forced to supervisor give me a form i will singe then he changed his behave supervisor said me i will off load you i said ok off load my wife me and my son we will travel he said wait here after waiting i go to again counter 6 he said we close flight supervisor in plain we can not do any thing. On counter 6 many time i request i want talk to supervisor they did not help He said You missed your flight. Well-done what a smart play...
            1> I am a business man i loss my business my customer are waiting there also my client coming from UK also my son missed his school.
            2> I planed go to Turkey and UK my all planed has been disturbed.
            3> Heavy penalty on new booking
            4> A big amount of fair difference
            NOTE: All PNR separate why he off load all when i accepted off load my wife me and my son will travel
            Who will pay all amount?
            After investigation Supervisor give 3 seats to his relevant 3 passenger who was on waiting on chance.
            I am looking positive reply from your side on urgent basis.
            Otherwise no choice i will go to for legal action throw court.
            My Contact Detail Below.
            Amir Aslam

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          Pakistan International Airlineservice?

          Dear Sir/Madam. All of my family settled here in the UK and my parents travelled from Islamabad to Heathrow via flight PK785 on 29-03-14 which landed 13:45 at Heathrow Terminal 3. My old mother is heart patient and also needs wheel chair because she is unable to walk, but she couldn't come out till 17:00 hrs due to non availability of enough wheel chairs and no body helped them to get out from there. she was stressed and had high blood pressure after having stressful wait after long flight. This is really a shame for such a International Airline's service who can't provide wheel chairs to their customers and leave them unattended for many hours, So I would say 'Great people travel with Great Airline but with third class service'. In this case obviously next time we'll think about more than once about Airline before we book our tickets.
          it is therefore requested to the authorities, please take action against the responsible people and try to provide nice service to every one to make this Airline the best at all.

          Thanks & regards,

          Nasir Mehmood

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            • Ma
              masoodkhalid May 28, 2014

              The Qatar Airline not Listening Our Complain.Do Justice With us.Cause
              Of Qatar Airline Our 8 Immigrant US Visa Expired Qatar Airline Tell us
              Lie..i wrote Hole Detail Please Read It Please.They Do not Solve Our
              Complain.We Want Justice.We Want Our Our Loss. Qatar Airline Always
              Change There Word We Have Prove That They Do Proud With us.

              .1KHAN/ IMRANR 5. 1KHAN MIRVES MR 6. 1BIBI/ NASREEN MSTR*C06 7. 1BIBI/
              FAZILA MS 8. 1KHAN/ AIMAL
              1 QR 605N 02APR 3 KHI DOH*RR6 0510 0545 / DCQR*2X4YJN /E
              2 QR 701N 02APR 3 DOH JFK*RR6 0815 1500 /DCQR*2X4YJN /E

              For Them. I Forward In This Email Send 3 Email To You. Qatar Airline
              To Me. And My Email To Qatar Airline. And US Embassy To Me Email

              (Qatar Airline Email To Me)

              QR Ref:G006521764

              Dear Mr. Masood,

              Thank you for your feedback which you recently submitted via our
              website and which was relating to your recent experience with us.

              Based on the investigation reports, it appears that Immigration
              officials could not allow you to travel to the United States and you
              were referred to contact the US embassy for assistance.

              Whilst we appreciate the inconvenience you have experienced, we seek
              your understanding that we are bound to abide by the strict
              internationally accepted immigration requirements of every country,
              and that our staff members were only carrying out their duties.

              Please allow us to share that as per our Conditions of Carriage, Qatar
              Airways cannot be held liable for immigration regulations; hence it
              would be beyond our scope of responsibilities to make an offer in
              respect of this as passengers are solely responsible for complying
              with all laws, regulations, orders, demands and travel requirements of
              countries to be flown.

              Thank you for this opportunity to clarify the matter.

              Respectfully yours,

              Ahmed Radhi
              Customer Care

              (My Email To Qatar Airline)
              From: masood khalid [mailto:[link removed]]
              Sent: Saturday, May 03, 2014 4:05 PM
              To: Doha Airport
              Subject: Inform Us That What Are Doing Whith Our Complain.

              which day me and my family going to America cause of Qatar Airline
              Our visa expired.We want that which day we go for travel for America
              02.04.2014. We book ticket for our all family member Qatar Airlines.
              the which day we book ticket 26.03.2014 in Qatar airlines. In date of
              02.04.2014 We all are going to America the flight 605 KHI TO DOHA
              DOHA TO JFK NEWYORK. When we go for boding card. The supervisor of
              Qatar airlines tell us that the Embassy of america in Islamabad send
              us an email the Qatar airline security branch that the Qatar airlines
              stop us for travel for america. Only on my son Imran khan allowed to
              go america. they do not write the name of imran in email. after that
              he call to some lady and after call he tell us that my son imran also
              not allowed for travel. morning 03.04.2014 we contact to us embassy in
              Islamabad they tell us that they do not send any email to Qatar
              airlines security branch. Qatar Bording Member told us lie. We
              want Our Loss. our visas expire last date is 05.04.2014 cause of Qatar
              Airline our immigrant visas expire.

              ( US Embassy Email To Me)

              Prefix: Mr
              Surname: Masood
              Given_Name: Khalid
              You_are: The Petitioner
              Phone_Number: [protected]
              Cell_Phone_Number: [protected]
              E-mail_address: masood.[protected]
              Topic: WHAT IS THE STATUS OF MY CASE?
              From: Islamabad, No Reply
              Date: Fri, Apr 25, 2014 at 6:55 PM
              Subject: FW: Immigrant Visa Inquiries

              Dear Mr. Masood,
              We are very sorry to hear about your trouble with the airlines. We
              have no indication of why you were denied boarding. But we can see
              that your visas expired on April 5th.

              Immigrant Visa Unit
              U.S. Embassy Islamabad
              My Contact Number Of Pakistan +[protected]

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            Pakistan International Airlines — online booking problems

            Dear customer service First of all I am glad to see that PIA has finally made their website to purchase the...

            The complaint has been investigated and
            resolved to the customer's satisfaction

            To :

            . Managing Director PIA ( Head Office Karachi)

            From : Amir Hanif

            Subject : Staff misconduct at boarding


            On 23rd December I was traveling from Lahore to Dammam along with my family and our flight ( PK 247 ) was on time 8.55 pm . I came on counter and put forward my luggage against my 6 tickets and get tagged and then proceed for final exit and check in to lounge. After exit stamped on our passports during final checking of hand carry, staff put objection on my tense cricket bolls and they said these bolls cannot go inside, I said fine no problem I agreed to remove these bolls from my bag but they said you just go back and submit you luggage to the counter and get tagged, I proceed to the counter again and requested that, since security staff is not allowing me to get these bolls in to the Air Craft please submit my bag and give me tag, the guy sitting on the chair said I have no problem to have your luggage but you need to ask from our officer Mr Younas sab, I proceed to Mr Younas and requested him, kindly submit my bag, but Mr . Younas was not in a good mood he not only refused he start misbehaving that why you request to re submit the Bag, I said since security is objecting so I came to you for having my luggage in, he said you just throw your bag here but I will not collect your luggage! After his refusing I went to the security staff and said please take out my bolls and let me go. I just said this and found every 2nd person having shaper bag in his hand and wana take my bolls, any how I have given my bolls to them and again go through the security check of my bag. And this time they again object on plastic kit they say this too can not go so re submit your bag or give us this kit, and I again go to the boarding officer Mr . younas I said they have already taken my bolls and now after my plastic kit please help me and collect my bag but this time Mr younas behave was again too bad, and said I will never collect your bag and then he start using a very nasty language which is not good to share here, Any how I dropped my bag on Air Port surface and proceeded to the Lounge! we don’t know that people who are working here in overseas why are facing these types of problems on our Air ports we always fly to Pakistan with beautiful dreams and come back with the wound given by Mr Younas types factors, If Mr Younas can not work or they don’t know how to talk with passengers or they just don’t want do their work .. why they have been appointed on such critical positions where they have to deal with lots of passengers, I have my right to book the luggage but Mr Younas refused. I have my right to deal in well manners but Mr younis used a very rough language to me, so where should I go ? Should we never come to Pakistan to save from Mr younas ? Is this our sin that we are working abroad for our families and sending revenue to Pakistan ? and at the end what we get a nasty language from Mr Younas and our own purchased things we can not book against our bought PIA tickets . if you really consider my request a value please fix Mr younas type of factors from all our Air Ports for more comforts to overseas.

            Thanks & Best Regards.

            Amir Hanif / M. Mukhtar Rauf –OPF-R-563/87

            Po box NO 1980

            DAMMAM 31441 SAUDI ARABIA.

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              The complaint has been investigated and
              resolved to the customer's satisfaction
              PIAencashment of employee shares

              PIA employees were given 20 units eqv of 20, 000 shares.according to their length of service, with an understanding that it will be encashed as soon employees get retired from corporation services. One thousand employees has been retired so far and non of them has received cash as per market rate. This PPP govt awarded these shares to PIA employee and other companies employees. It was more an advertisement of BB than a share. What kind of SECP you are looking after.Dont you think its a total FRAUD..Do something before we write to Chief Justice for somo moto action against SECP and PIA management.

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                • Ka
                  kamran.ahmed Apr 04, 2014

                  hi 2 weeks ago i did complain about compansation but not any body responce
                  so finally you told me you can do something for yhis mattrer or not my contact no is [protected]

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                The complaint has been investigated and
                resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                PIAflyt has been closed before time

                the manager Pakistan International Airlines,
                With due respect, it z stated that PIA is a ###.i was coming back from hajj and my flyt was connected there was stay in KARACHI. i was waiting for my boarding but they didn't they closed the flyt in front of my Eyes before time u can check cameras when i entered into the lounch.all this was done by Mr.Arz bhutto .i paid extra 2100 saudi rial from JADDAH 4 my comfort and PIA did this to me and my family.i want tht PIA should take n action about Mr. Arz people know he is fly no was 554 at 3:30 pm from Karachi to Multan .i hope you people will take a strict action about this employ please terminate this person.
                Your's sincerely Dr.Ayesha Irfan Qazi.

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                  PIA — complaint of misbehavior and manhandling

                  To: the general manager Pakistani international airlines (Pia) Dubai international airport Dubai, united...

                  PIA — letter of complaint against pia staff's misbehaviour / harassment & valuable items falsely and forcibly confisticated

                  Complainer: Mr. Syed mujahid hussain shah, Villa no. 10, 60th street, Rashidiya, dubai, United arab...

                  Pakistan International Airlines — very inconvenient selfish and unprofessional behavior

                  i have realised on with the only 3 trips i have made to pakistan, that items have always been taken out not...