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Outback Steakhouse reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on Feb 2, 2009. The latest review Carry out food product quality was posted on Sep 6, 2021. The latest complaint Food quality was poor was resolved on Dec 31, 2020. Outback Steakhouse has an average consumer rating of 1 stars from 339 reviews. Outback Steakhouse has resolved 10 complaints.

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Outback SteakhouseFood was burnt

I ordered curbside service on July 3, [protected]@ outback located on New Hope Road, Gastonia, NC. I ordered 2 large chicken quesadillas&both orders were burnt on both sides! I didn't check my food until I got home when I opened them you could smell that they were burnt!! Talked to the manager that was on duty and he said that he could replace them the next day because they were closed but the OWNER said that I would have to get a gift card for my next visit after they had a discussion! Please explain to me what's the difference?????? Now I've got to wait 3 days til he returns to work for burnt food that they allowed to be served!!

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    Outback Steakhouse — Incorrect transactions applied to my credit cards!

    8 was at the Orlando international airport on 06/23/18. When I paid for my bill I requested $38.50 to be...

    outbacksteakhouse.com — Management

    7pm went to dine there. We were regulars until today. Server was really busy but brought items like...

    Outback SteakhouseService and food preparation

    Outback Steakhouse Garner NC. June 22, 2018. Never experienced or even seen such bizarre and inept service in my 59 years. 5:30 pm dinner, many empty tables, no wait to be seated, no line when left either, so if busy were understaffed. I ordered the 4 course meal, soup, salad (caesar only using romaine / no iceberg lettuce in it and no croutons), entree of grilled chicken and steamed broccoli and dessert of cheesecake with raspberry sauce. Husband ordered a soup and made a point of ordering the large coconut shrimp app as his entree since not on menu entrée form, with a side of broccoli to go with it. That he was ordering it as his entree was discussed with the waitress as no longer in entree form and we have done this before.
    After 20 minutes still had not recieved our soup or my salad. Out comesa server, not our waitress, bringing food to our table. They have chicken and brocolli for me and they have only brocolli for my husband. I nicely explain what we ordered, how long it has been, that the brocolli for my husbnd goes with the coconut shrimp for his entree. I tell server to take this food back into the kitchen and that we need our soups and my salad before any of our entree items is served and that I do not want to recieve this same chicken later all dried out because it is not fresh. Server goes back in. I figure from here things will improve- mistakes can be made after all. About 7 minutes later a different server brings out both our soups and my salad at the same time. My french onion soup is fine but my husbands clam chowder is so thick and piled in such a lumpy high rounded pile in the bowl that it looks like it came right out of can with no fluid added or maybe they just needed to add mor liquid to the pot as happens as it sits. We order it often, so know it is not right, but husband decides to keep it as we've waited so long for our food now and he says can eat it really thick. My caesar salad has iceberg lettuce and croutons in it despite me ordering it without both so I leave them in bowl since not included in my diet.
    We have not had time to take more than a bite of our soup or salad when another server comes to our table with just the coconut shrimp for my husband, no brocolli side order and nothing for me. I explain that the coconut shrimp is not an appetizer it is my husbands entree and has a brocolli side order with it and that we have just recieved our soup and salad and have not had time to eat either. That we both would like to receive our entrees at the same time, that this service is bizarre, and that I would like to speak to a manager at this point. I have him take the coconut shrimp back to the kitchen. All this time our waitress has not spoken to us since she took our order though we see her walking past us constantly. When we are almost done with our soup and my salad another server in a red shirt comes to the table with my chicken and brocolli and only a side order of brocolli for my husband. I tell the server this is ridiculus, my husbands brocolli goes with his entree of coconut shrimp and that I have already requested to speak to a manager. She says she is a manager. Did not identify herself when came to serve us. Tell her should not be so difficult to read our order and serve it in the proper order, and I tell her what has gone on so far with service, and now bring up issues with his soup and my salad that had they started serving us properly, I would not have complained about. She goes back to have them cook my husbands coconut shrimp to go with his side of brocolli which she leaves on the table though he is not done with his soup. She states that they have been busy. I tell her in all my years I've never had such service or even seen such service and I was a waitress and banquett waitress when young. She brings out coconut shrimp for my husband after a while. While we are eating, my husband is witnessing a table across from us where another couple have apparently ordered the four course special also who have had the same problem with the service. He directs my attention to the table where the couple have previously recieved their entree and sides and now the server is bringing out soup and salad to both of them. Of course in their tiny booth for two there is no room for all the dishes. We are incredulous. I tell him I wonder what it will take to get my dessert when we are done with our food and say we will wait and see if they remember. We still have not spoken again with our waitress. Finally after we finish our entree and sides and someone else has cleared our plates. No dessert arrives so I wait 10 minutes and hail our waitress to tell her that I need her to add our dine rewards account to our check and we discuss the problems with the order of our service etc… and she aplogizes. When I bring up the 4 course special she says "you had the 4 course special, did you get your dessert?" I tell her no I was waiting to see when they would notice. She promptly gets me my cheesecake. I ask for it to go at this point.
    I do not like to complain.I really don't. But this was absolutely ridiculous didn't improve. I felt like we were on candid camera or a prank tv show it was so bad. We were there celebrating our 40th wedding Anniversary (an extended celebration over several weeks which included a cruise and will culminate on June 30th and will extend the celebration through July 8th as a 40th anniversary deserves. This meal was so stressfull that it was in no way enjoyable and actually would have been better had we stayed home. we certainly wish we had chosen a different resturant that night. We have never had such service at ban Outback Steakhouse before.

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      Outback Restaurant — Selling t-bone steaks as porterhouse steaks

      On 6/15 my fiancee and I purchased a Porterhouse stake, it was so large I couldn't finish half of it. We were...

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      Outback SteakhouseThe server, and management

      I visited the Outback on Wells Road in Orange Park Florida, The server does not have any people skills or she was not having a good night. she spoke to my wife like she was unable to speak for herself, also gave my wife a hard time over dirty flatware. I was in the Restaurant Industry for many years I would never have a server with the attitude that our server had, never asked if we needed a refill, brought us old cold coffee with our desert, and this is the second time we have had a bad experience at your establishment, I might ad that she was tipped very well. we were not happy and I do not think we will return.

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        Outback Steakhouse — Employee hygiene

        I visited Outback Steakhouse location at 722 Jamacha Road, El Cajon, CA 92019. Upon arrival I went to...

        Outback Steakhouse, Bothell WA 98021Poor service, food barely warm, one item not brought, drinks unrefilled

        6/16/18 svr 40 6:59p.M.in 7:45 paid and left. Always had good luck at outback and we were traveling saw sign and stopped in for dinner. Place was a bit busy and we decided to sit in bar at a table. Took waitperson 8 minutes to show up. By then we knew what we wanted and order soft drinks, blooming onion and meals. About 15 minutes different person delivered meal we asked about onion he had no idea said he would check on it and left. Baked potato was hot and so was broccoli, my alice spring chicken not. Chicken dry and barely warm, cheese on top looked like yesterdays pizza cheese, fries same think it sat under heat lamp for to long waiting for potato to get ready. With no one around had no choice but to eat chicken and without the dipping sause would not of been able to eat it. Original wait person showed up after meal was done what I could eat and said she forgot about the onion. Just then the second waitperson showed up with onion, now as desert? She left the bill and disappered drinks now dry and unrefilled. Decided to pay bill and leave.. Probably the worst meal in a resturant I have had in decades.

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          Outback Steakhouse — Prime rib

          My son took his father to Outback for Fathers day, there were 6 of us total and 3 of us ordered the prime rib...

          Outback SteakhouseService

          6.17.18 - about 1930.

          Outback in Centennial, Colorado.

          Very busy on Father's Day. Very friendly staff and hard working. We waited at the bar to be seated, what we thought was a phone call (what we heard). Half an hour later, we again followed up and was told were sent a text. Nice person, odd experience.

          Moscow mule my wife had was not in a copper mug, and she said only tasted the ginger beer, didn't finish.

          The negative. Lots of running and almost got knocked over three times by staff on 2 separate occasions. Lots of elderly (whole families there) that could have been very hurt, broken hips etc. The floor is very slippery and greasy.

          Used the server request button which flashed for a good five minutes both times. I expected more follow up from the waiter, a very nice person, we are trying to be fair on a busy day.

          The second time there were 6 staff members bussing tables around us at the same time, and joking with each other as if we were invisible, while the light was flashing (had to activate twice) and then they were all gone. Finally got up again frustrated to find waiter so we could leave. We still told him he did a good job, this seems like a management problem.

          Presentation. Mashed potatoes were scooped and plopped almost on the edge of plate in a hurry. Filet mignon almost off the other side. Wife complained of no presentation. Maybe a sprig of parsley? This isn't the military.. Done that.. they actually are better at plopping food on your tray in my opinion.

          Again, love outback. Suggest better teamwork.

          Not to be nit-picky, buy hope feedback helps.

          Also, points did not work in the end for either the bar or the table. No paper in receipt maker at each table. App for feedback took time to fill out, is buggy, and the last input field didn't work, had to redo 5 times. My wife then tried on her phone, same thing, different phone and browser. More time wasted trying to help the Outback team.

          Very frustrating experience to choose Outback for fathers day, wish we had gone somewhere else to be honest, especially at $25 a plate and $10 cocktails etc.

          Eric and Diane Sandstrom
          6401 South Boston Street, F205
          Greenwood Village, CO 80111

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            Outback SteakhouseService and food

            On fathers day m son wanted us all to go to outback. we made reservation and were greeted and seated promptly. We ordered alcoholic drinks and appetizers. we ordered the sampler. the onion pedals were so overcooked they were disgusting! I ordered the 1/2 rack of ribs with aussie fries. The server never once asked if wed like another drink. the fries were nice and hot the ribs were COLD. I tried one bit and refused to eat it . it was barely room temperature and the center was not. As a retired executive chef I know how long it takes to cook good ribs and that in order to meet a demand they may have to be reheated no problem just heat them! any foods reheated for service must come to 165 this was not done. The server never checked back to see why I did not eat them and I could not even get another drink. I went to the hostess and told her at least tell the kitchen when they serve ribs to heat them. regretfully a family member paid the bill as I would not have paid for food that was not edible.

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              Outback Steakhouse — Customer service

              I will not be back to this location! The manager (lady long brown hair) was incredibly rude! I work at a...

              Outback SteakhouseBurger

              I ate at the Conyers, Ga location on 6/I ordered a burger 06/108/18 with my family. I ordered a simple Outback burger. When all the food came to the table my burger was raw not rare but raw. The waitress apologized and ordered another. Fifteen minutes later, after everyone in my party was completely finished and my fries were cold, the new burger came out. I'm sure this happens from time to time but the manager should have the brains to comp the burger...maybe the whole meal because they screwed up the whole experience. I would have left happy if they took responsibility for just the burger and an apology that ended with 'we hope you'll come back again." The manager could not have given a damn about my repeat business...SO Outback I will keep my end of the arrangement ….to never come back and bad mouth your restaurant to everyone soul who will listen. If corporate reads these complaints you better figure out how to train your managers.

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                • Complainant20091 Jun 11, 2018
                  This comment was posted by
                  a verified customer
                  Verified customer

                  The above complaint does not contain any data or any irrgegulation on the part of the air carrier.

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                Outback SteakhouseFood concern

                I ordered two meals the other night. The first Mia was the chicken Parmesan crusted chicken and when I brought it home the chicken was really thick and it was pink in the middle little bit and it was really tough to eat. When I took the steak out it looks good from the outside but when my man cut into it he literally had to rip it apart because the meet is still raw and I took some pictures of it and literally when he split it in half you could just see Raw meat on the inside of the steak

                Food concern
                Food concern
                Food concern
                Food concern

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                  • Updated by Savhana Schilling · May 31, 2018

                    Both of my meals were uncooked. The steak was still raw inside when I asked for medium rare and the chicken was pink and chewy.

                  Outback Steakhouse — Service

                  Today is my mother's birthday. My parents went to outback east towne blvd Madison Wis She was promised a...

                  Outback SteakhouseCalifornia, maryland outback steakhouse manager misconduct

                  I'm writing this complaint today about an incident that happened today at the California, Maryland Outback. I drop off and pick my girlfriend up from work throughout the week, but every time I pick her up it's a problem. I had to call out from work because of it today. When I went to pick my girlfriend up form work I didn't know the exact time that she got off so I asked to talk to a manger. In the process of me talking to one of her managers another manger by the name of John Dixon Interrupts and says that he was going to call the police on me if I didn't leave. I am a black male with dreads and a beard and I felt racially profiled. All I wanted to know was when my girlfriend was getting off from work. I told him I had to call out from work because of this and he says that she gets off when I tell her to and If I don't get out of there then he is going to call the police on me. At that point I was scared because I'm less then a month away from graduating from college. I had to leave and right after I left he runs up behind my girlfriend and tells her that I'm a piece of trash and sends her home, what can I do about this?

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                    Outback Steakhouse — Charlottesville virginia store is and manifestation of a horror movie

                    Jef the creep that runs this place should not be allowed around the public. His sidekick Erikka is a raving...

                    Outback Steakhouse — Food and service

                    We dined at the outback in Avon, Indiana. Our service was incredibly slow. We were missing drinks for 20...

                    Outback SteakhouseService

                    Savannah location. I ordered Salmon/baked potato and enjoyed a beer 30+ minutes-realized my neighbors received their respective orders of /steak and chicken after I ordered my salmon. The steak even had chicken wings as an appetizer. As I questioned the bartender about my food the manager strolled over conveniently to ask how I was doing. I let him know I was leaving and he requested I stay he would handle which was strange as I hadn't complained at that point. I told him I was done and needed my bill. He graciously paid my bill to that point but then I got angry as suddenly my order came out. Upon arrival it was not my order. It was salmon with veggies. Quite insulting. I travel 200 nights yearly and will be dropping outback as my restaurant of choice across 6 states. Btw the joke in my office is how I am an Outback person when I travel due to my receipts regularly-please let your Savannah location I am moving to a different chain in my travels. I can produce 000's$ of receipts to prove my loyalty and witnesses

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                      • Sl
                        Slmwju May 17, 2018

                        You wrote that you enjoyed a beer. How many did you enjoy after that? It reads like you were drunk when you wrote this.

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                      Outback SteakhousePoor service and cold food

                      This past mother's day we made reservations to dine at outback steakhouse. We arrived and had to wait for almost 10 minutes before our table was ready. We were seated and waiter came to take drink orders. We then ordered our food and received 1 loaf of bread for 6 people. Our food came out and it was cold let alone it took a very long time for us to receive the food. Our waiter never came back to let us know he had checked on the food or what was taking so long. I've never had such a bad experience dining with you all and this makes me not want to come back or even recommend to others. Nothing was done to take care of our inconvenience just excuses were made. Also it was a let down especially with it being mother's day. Thank you for your time.

                      Letitia Pope

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