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lunch prices extremely too expensive

My friends and I stopped for lunch today. The lunch bill was $78. One hamburger $13.99 One order of chicken...

the service and the food

I normally NEVER leave a bad reviews because I know that things do just happen, but this was extraordinarily...

food and management

Myself n husband had dinner at this location it wasn't clean as it use to be had dirty silver n plates !...

birthday dinner

I had a party of 8 we came early on Sept 16 6:30 there wasn't people seated in the section we were...

food and customer service

I visited this location on August 21 2019. I ordered takeout. My order was paid at 7:38. I ordered the 10 oz...

unprofessional customer service

9/1/19 time: around 6:30-7:00pm Sunday evening was my younger cousins birthday, she turned 14, so I decided...

the food

We were seated about 6:15 on Thursday 29 August. The waitress took our orders shortly after that. There were...

prime rib & manager

Last night my husband and went to the Outback located at the Del Amo mall in Torrance. It was not busy but we...

manager was rude, and argumentative

On 8/22/19 at 6:21pm, table 24 with Alexis L. I had dinner in at this Outback before leaving I placed an...

Outback Steakhouse

food/ management

We went to outback 8/11/2019. Approximately 8:30 pmFirst once we sat down took forever to get service...

Outback Steakhouse

rewards from purchased entrees

I've been to a few of your branches and had meals over $50 and the attendant said she would apply the points to my phone number so that I could get half off my next meal. Every time they told that they allied the points they lied. I just visited an Outback in Massachusetts and they told me I have to purchase one more meal. I don't get it how they lie and I can't get the reward that I'm owed. I've had several meals so I should have half off of three meals by now

horrible service

We arrived and were told very rudely to "go find our own seat". We were not spoken to by a waiter for 15 minutes. The manager finally came to us and smelled terribly of smoke .ordered a blooming onion for a appetizer and it was not brought out until I asked for it when I got my steak. I had to request my sides to be brought out. The steak was under cooked and the blooming onion was severely over cooked and uneatable.

chopped steak meal

My daughter and I were celebrating a bit of a good news and decided to go to Outback for a bite to eat. The...


My daughter and myself decided to go eat lunch to celebrate my birthday she wanted to treat me. We got there...

time on lunch to get food

2 of us came in for lunch and sat at the bar at 11:06 am. We were the first customers in the restaurant...

Outback Steakhouse

service and product

This is part two of my experience from june 30, 2019 My name is stacey leach Email...


Terrible don't even begin to describe how I was treated here today. Took my family out to dinner had a...

[Resolved] dayton ohio outback terrible experience

My wife and 3 kids took me to your restaurants in Dayton for a Fathers day brunch. Our bill was $95. We got a few salads with ranch dressing. The ranch was so spicy that none of us could eat it. I had to ask other waiters and waitresses to have my waiter come to the table because he never checked on us one time, and then informed my waiter Bradley L and he said oh we're just so busy they probably added too many spices to it and took our salads, and did not offer replacement. I ordered the 10 oz filet meal and my wife ordered the 6 oz sirloin meal. Both of our steaks were so overly seasoned and spicy hot that we could not eat those. I again informed Bradley of the issue and that we would like new ones with less spice. He again said that they were just so busy they probably over-seasond everything. A manager brought our new steaks to us with NO seasoning at all and told us that Outback is pushing for over seasoning everything all over the country. Not once were our drinks offered to be refilled nor did my wife get her piece of cheesecake that was supposed to come with her meal. I was so fed up with the problems and was sweating because the restaurant seemed to have air conditioning issues, (and on top of that, not one employee said Happy Father's Day or did we get suggested of any deals if there were any) that I did not ask for the cheesecake or more drinks or new steaks with some seasoning like I had asked my waiter for. We have eaten at Outback in and around the Columbus Ohio area for many years as that's where we lived, and have never had any issues with the food or the poor customer service. We met at the Dayton Ohio restaurant because I am currently working in Indiana and that was a good halfway point for us to meet.

dayton ohio outback terrible experience

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  • Resolution Statement

    Got a call from the owner. He apologized greatly for the staff, food, and bad experience we all had. He made it right!!

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    Game on. Keep an eye on your other posts😉

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carry out

We ordered food from this restaurant for Father's Day, for our family. My daughter arrived at the pick...

food/missing items curbside

I visited an Outback Steakhouse in Vero beach Florida.I was traveling so I ordered curbside pickup.And my food wasn't made How I asked some items were just gross!!!Half cooked!! I had a few missing items from my order and couldn't turn around because I lived in another town from we're I ordered my food.Very disappointed when I arrived home and me and my husband sat down to eat dinner.Lesson learned open up ever container and examine before I leave.I even called the restaurant and kept getting put on hold they pick up and clink the phone putting me back on hold so I gave up.