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Outback Steakhouse reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on Feb 2, 2009. The latest review Carry out food product quality was posted on Sep 6, 2021. The latest complaint Food quality was poor was resolved on Dec 31, 2020. Outback Steakhouse has an average consumer rating of 1 stars from 339 reviews. Outback Steakhouse has resolved 10 complaints.

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Outback SteakhouseRestaurant employee services.

I worked at outback in Niles Ohio for 2 days. First I applied as a host and had an interview with Ben Roads. He said I was hired but I was hired as a busser something I didn't apply for. They failed to contact me when orientation was and had a friend of mine tell me to come. I said ok. Then that was fine. The first day I walked in spoke to the manager Preston. He showed me where the bus tub was and said go bus some tables. Both days I wasn't trained properly. Then the second day same thing happened and Preston was their that day to. Then i asked before I left for my hot schedules info. They did not give it to me. I got a phone call today from the manager Mark saying you were supposed to work today at 5 call me what happened. I haven't received my hot schedules info so I had no idea. Other than that the kitchen was disgusting. Their was food all over the ground. Flys flying around it was disgusting. I will never step foot in their again and if I receive another phone call I will complain about harassment. They said they wouldn't hire me unless I put my two weeks in at my other job. Also I'm a minor and they didn't fill out my or any other minor work permits. I would never recommend Niles outback to anyone ever.

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    Outback SteakhousePoor seating and poor response by the manager

    11/3/18 Outback-Henrietta, NY -Jefferson Rd. @ 7:00 PM

    I phone Outback for call ahead seating and then arrived 10 mins ahead of time. Took a seat in the waiting area after checking in and was then notified my table was ready. I was then taken to the table near the bathroom which was unacceptable, the hostess was very nice and instructed the seater to another table. I was then placed near the kitchen and this too was unacceptable; but I did not want to go all the way to the hostess again for a second time. The Manager then came to my table and I informed him of my experience and he looked at me like "really" and when I further explained to him this was a first date with the importance of seating where we could not have all the traffic he did not seem to care. I feel as a Manager he lacked the customer service skills and should have respected my concerns and try to improve my experience there. I feel a resolution would be gift cards for me and my date to have a do over with good seating and ambiance.

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      Outback SteakhouseAvailability of product

      My family dines or has dined quite frequently at the Outback in Lithia, FL. We cut back going here a few months back when the food was not up to par, last night we gave you another chance.

      My problem is, the communication among your staff varies greatly. We ordered a side of broccoli and was told by our server that you no longer have broccoli on your menu because you are now using your 'winter' menu...we were offered green beans or asparagus (for an upcharge)...we decided on the green beans and communicated our disappointment in Outback no longer serving broccoli or as we call it 'crack' broccoli (because it so good...and addicting).

      While waiting on our food the table next to us (3 ADULTS) received their food and low and behold I see a side of bright green broccoli!! I asked our server again if we could swap out the green beans for broccoli, because obviously you had it! This time we were told it only available to children...hahaha...what the heck!?!
      She offered to send the manager over, which she did and the manager told us broccoli is no longer offered as a 'side' but available as a premium side for an upcharge...and it come with cheese!!

      All we wanted was a side of GD broccoli...sans cheese! But to tell us *you didn't have it *it's not offered on your winter menu *you had it, but would only serve it to kids *broccoli w/cheese is only a premium side...so you had it, but apparently it's only offered to a select few who know how to ask for it using the proper phrases...in my world broccoli is broccoli and you somehow forgot that the restaurant industry is customer driven!! How hard is it to give your customer what they ask for...it was only broccoli for crying out loud!

      Shame on you Outback!

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        Outback SteakhouseProduct /service/ management

        My family and I went to your Albany Ga location on Thursday October 26th. My son had just gotten in town to visit with us. My son being 17 years old was served alcohol ( we didn't let him drink it) with not being asked for identification. My husband ordered a drink from the bar before his first one was empty to keep from having to wait 20 minutes plus and in which we ended up cancelling the drink orders. The NY strips that my husband and son ordered you would need a crowbar to eat. After complaing to the manager about the service of the bartender ( who we actually saw put her hands on another employee) and the steaks he got an attitude like a child clearing the bar slamming the dishes into the busboy box. Mind you after all this I was not able to eat as my dinner was cold trying to get someone to fix the other two meals. So 125.00 later no one ate their steak dinners that we paid for. This establishment is very unprofessional and immature especially the manager. I have since reported the establishment to the ABC board here in Albany Georgia!

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          Outback Steakhouse 4845 South Kirkman Road, Orlando, Florida 32811 — Unethical behavior, rank meat

          We (11 in our party) on Sunday October 28, 2018 @ 2:05pm we visited Your 4845 S. Kirkman Road, Orlando...

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          Outback Steakhousedining in

          My family and I went to the outback steakhouse in Centennial Colorado for dinner. The server was too busy. He couldn't get our bread out until we asked. The drinks took 20 min. A margarita and 3 sodas. Never got bowl of soup and he delivered our dinner. Packed it to go but wish I hadn't ordered it. 4 chunks of potatoes in what looked like melted cheese. Extra salty not what I expected. Over all after spending over $120 bucks felt disappointed with service and food. My 18 # receipt is [protected]. Sincerely Toi Alegria [protected].

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            Outback Steakhouseproduct food

            I went to outback on Sunday the 21st of October located in Torrance California. It was my boyfriend first time dining at outback. He wanted to try the Ribs. They were on the menu but they were all out of them. So he chose the rib eye steak like i ordered. They did not prepare my steak as I requested. I had to send it back to have it cooked more. My boyfriend had to start his dinner without me. There were flying insects flying around while we were trying to eat. It really wasn't a great first time experience for him.

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              Outback Steakhouse — steaks and service

              We went to your store in parma, service was horrible walked in hostess seated us right away went to a small...

              Outback Steakhousecomplaint

              This is my second time texting. I went a few days back it was my son's birthday and that is were he wanted to go he's always loved the outback steakhouse we were seated with in 15 minutes which was nice. After that horrible service no napkins no utensils constantly asking what should be known like I had said it was my son's 18th birthday I told the hostess she told the waitress forgot to give us water when we asked for utensils and napkins she first was cleaning up other tables all this time of course food was cold I just told my family to just eat if we would had sent it back who knows how long it would be. Nothing for my son we were done I excused myself and said I was going to go to the restroom I spoke to the waitress and reminded her and I said forget it. As I'm coming back to the table everyone was getting up when here they come singing. Happy Birthday to my son and gave him a scope of ice cream. Know at this time when all we all wanted was to leave. The only this that went as usual was the check. We were very disappointed. This is not your fault I just needed to vent. And not in front of my family I thank you for that. Have a blessed night

              Best Regards
              Diana Respeto

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                Outback Steakhousecold food

                We eat often at your Hendersonville North Carolina steak house. Up until now everything has been perfect. The last three times we have been there we order wings which are nice and hot and wonderful. Then we are served our soup and it is also just wonderful. Then our steak will come and steak and baked potato are cold so we take it home and warm it up. I do not go out to bring the food home to warm it up. We told the waitress and she said the manager would take some off our bill which I would have rather had a nice hot steak and potato. We never did see the manager. The waitress handed us the bill with 10 percent off which we were entitled to as we are senior citizens and it was AARp discount. I am not sure if this is the fault of the cook or the waitress not getting us our food in a timely order. We love Outback but if this continues we will have to find another steak house. I hope that you can solve this problem with this location

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                  Outback Steakhouse — poor quality of food

                  We went to the Outback Steakhouse in Grandville, MI and were very disappointed with the quality of the food...

                  Outback Steakhouse — unlimited shrimp isn’t unlimited.

                  My brother and I went tj the outback in Valdosta GA last night. Food and service was great. Until we got the...

                  Outback Steakhouseservice at restraints

                  Hello outback,

                  My wife and I travel extensively for business and always have one meal at least per trip at an outback at our destination. We are used to wonderful service and we are members of your rewards club. Well back in august we were in Spokane Washington for a conference. We went to the outback there that after 4 trips there finally was excepting rewards members with credit for eating dinner. The steak was ordered medium and it came almost raw in the center so I sent it back. They took it and put it on the grill and it was still rare when it came back. They asked if it was okay and I said it's still rare and sent it back again. This time the manager said he put it on the grill personally. It still was undercooked and I said just forget it and please give me the bill. I was presented the bill and gave the waitress my my phone number [protected] and she said that number doesn't come up. I told her the number again and she said okay I got it. When the receipt came back it still had the wrong number on it. I called back the waitress and said this is still the wrong number are you sure you put it in correct. She assured me that she did and gave me a coupon for a free appetizer. I never got credit for that visit. What has happened to your quality control and customer service. I thought your motto was steak done right. Apparently not in this case. We have not been back to an outback since. Here I sit in Nairobi Africa on a business trip and I finally found the time to write.

                  Sincerely yours,
                  Roy Killian
                  Eden's Song Ministries Inc.

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                    Outback Steakhouse — blooming onion

                    I was in the mood for a blooming onion so I called ahead for a take out order. Everything was good until I...

                    Outback Steakhouseservice

                    Took my wife today to outback steakhouse in Mechanicsburg Pa for her Birthday and it's was so terrible service we walked out after your manager came to us, first the couple beside us was having problems with there service and the manager came talked to them and seen us sitting there with nothing but drinks for 40 minutes as she was watching the service they were getting and then realized after another 10 minutes we still had nothing and came to us and said sorry we just now ordered it food after sitting there now for about an hour and said it was going to be free, A GOOD MANAGER WOULD HAVE NOTICED WE HAD NO SERVICE OR FOOD AND WOULD HAVE CHECKED IT WHEN OTHER PEOPLE ARE COMPLAINING, YOU NEED TO FIRE THE WHOLE DANG BUNCH AND START OVER, I WAS NOT STAYING THERE AND TAKING ANY CHANCE OF ANY EMPLOYEE DOING ANYTHING TO ARE FOOD SO WE LEFT, VERY SAD SITUATION CAUSE THIS WASNT A BAD RESTAURANT BUT WITH EVERYONE COMPLAINING IN THERE U WONT BE IN BUSINESS LONG

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                      Outback Steakhouse — manager unprofessional

                      Finished eating gave the waitress my debit card. She came back said it was not in the checkbook. She looked...

                      Outback Steakhousedinner

                      My husband and I went to eat dinner at your Roseville 521 location my steak was ordered as medium but I got it rare I had already cut the steak so they just put it back on the grill and brought it back well done and super dry. I ate 1 bite and then they wanted to cook a new steak by this time the other person was done with their meal. I ate broccoli for dinner and yet paid $80 for a steak meal that was crap. I'm displeased and don't plan on ever eating at any of your establishments again

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                        Outback Steakhousefood ordered from curbside takeaway

                        My order was supposed to be ready for pickup at 12:35 I did not get my food until 1:03 all I ordered was a 1/2 cheese fries with extra cheese that they didn't put on there and a slice of carrot cake. My cheese fries were missing the extra cheese and they were cold. I eventually went and waited in the line that was coming outside of the door their was 4 people waiting and by the time I got my food 2 of them left with nothing they had waited so long not to mention there was 4 cars waiting and 3 people behind me. Not once did anyone come to help the girl they only had her working and management was told and never once came back to help her get orders ready or apologize for the wait. I called once I got in the car and was on hold 12 mins for the manager when I told him what was going on his reply was well I'm sorry. ? Never once offered to send me a discount card or anything? I didn't call to get a discount but it is aggravating to pay for food that's cold. The managers name was Ed. I order takeout from
                        here all the time but I won't be anymore after this.

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                          Outback Steakhouse — Unethical behaviour

                          On September 16 - 2018 It was my Birthday, my wife was taking me out for lunch. We went to the Outback in St...


                          Outback Steakhouse — Service/food

                          On September 18th, 2018- my friend and I met for dinner at the Outback Steakhouse in Independence, OH at...

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