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Unbelievable. I tried to reach optimum for hours yesterday and could not get through to a person. When I finally did, the representative switched me as fast as she could without letting me talk or having the courtesy of telling me why or who she was switching me over to. I then waited on hold for 30 minutes until optimum simply disconnected. They are disgusting. I called to inquire about switching to altice and to see if they could offer me a better deal, as a family member with the same optimum/altice service is paying $100/month less than me. One option was to have them call me back in 45 minutes. They called me back 7 hours later and the representative told me he doesn't even have optimum for his own home! What does that tell you? I set up an appointment to switch to verizon on sept. 20th but thought I would try one more time today to reach optimum. I called a number I found online for optimum and finally reached someone who proceeded to talk over me as I tried to explain what I went through yesterday. I told him I had set up verizon. His response was "go ahead an switch." I said, "I am a customer for years, I thought if I reached someone you could help me switch to altice 1 and offer me a comparable offer to verizon and this family member. Rude, did not let me talk, told me he was switching me without asking my permission or telling me where or who he was switching me to and I was not surprised to then be disconnected once again by optimum. What the hell is wrong with this company and the rude people who work for them? My mind is now made up. I am no longer going to pay a company that doesn't give a damn about its customers and has representatives who don't know basic kindergarten level manners. I am appalled by their behavior and have already began to spread the word at my place of business, the largest in the state of nj, at how they treated me, one who has been with them for years. You suck optimum. That may not sound professional but it is the most generous evaluation I can give without speaking in unladylike terms. I intend to call the bbb as well to report the way I was treated. Horrible, horrible. I was able to call verizon, reach a person and set up a better service all in about 15 minutes for $100 less/month besides! My next action regarding this garbage can company will be to disconnect from them and never look back. I have already convinced 3 people to call verizon and they are all switching from optimum. I intend to keep spreading the news of how awful this company is. I was in disbelief this morning when the optimum person said,"go ahead an change, I will switch you to the person to turn us off."what a no good @#@#. I said,"you are not even listening, I am calling to give you another chance..."he just kept yelling over me until he switched me and cut me off. I was actually being very polite thinking I might have reached someone who could help. I get the feeling its employees do not want to work and figure the company is large enough to think, the hell with this person, we have plenty others. Well I have news for you optimum, bad customer service news travels fast. The average person who was mistreated, according to research will tell a minimum of 10 people and often more who will then tell that many more. Soon, you may not have a job or a company. The person who called me back from optimum last night, 7 hours late said,"optimum is having a lot of trouble right now. I don't even have optimum."how sad is that? I am going online to the better business bureau and"seven on your side, now. Judy howes

Sep 11, 2019

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