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The first thing that I noticed when the worker arrived was his white truck. Not an Optimum truck or logo anywhere. Ok, but he did have ID. So, all seemed to be good unti. 5 hours later & we still didnt have phone service. We called and asked that we get someone down as soon as possible. Next day the same worker shows up. Not a clue as to get phones working. Asked him to get a supervisor. Another worker showec up, 6 hours later still no phones. Asked them to leave at 11:30 pm. Enough. Another phone call requesting someone who knows what they are doing. Next morning, another white truck, another worker that has no clue. Okay. Another call requesting an Optmum worker that knows what they are doing. Optimum truck witb a real Optimum worker. Not one who is subcontracted out. What a horrible experience and zero customer service. AND THEY HAD THE NERVE TO CHARGE US FOR SERVICE CALLS! Didn't even attempt to contact them. We are done.

Jun 12, 2019

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