Optimumcustomer service for optimum phone, cable, internet

Have moved and had to disconnect my phone, cable, internet service with Optimum. WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE (if you want to call it that) I have ever experienced. There is no way to get a human being when calling Optimum. Even store locations give you an 800 number which routes you back to the same automated message. I spent 2 days trying to disconnect service and spent hours waiting on hold for someone to take my call - just to disconnect service. Finally, I called and said I wanted to add a service, and my call was answered within 4 minutes! And that is not an exaggeration! I honestly don't understand how this company stays in business!! Now I am trying to get information on equipment return, and it is the same problem. IT'S NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE TO GET A LIVE PERSON!
OPTIMUM is the WORST! Now they are trying to charge me a ridiculous sum because I didn't send back 15 year old equipment. WORST... COMPANY... EVER!!!

Oct 09, 2019

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