E Oct 04, 2019

I have to say this is by far the worst company . I set up first time on line and the person on internet stated I can pay over the phone or give money order . So when the tech came Micheal he stated it's only cash. I explain to him that wasn't told to me. Well the nice tech left without resolving the issue. Then I called the customer service and it took almost 1 hr to get someone on the phone.Then I set up installations again and tech came and did not leave any info like how to log in. My friend was here to be present for installation but didn't know the tech had to leave account info. Then I called again two days still can't get anyone on the phone . And when I called to set up the 2nd installation I was charged for installation fee even tho the tech was the one who messed up. I Have to choice but to get this crappy company because it's the only one that service the area. So I get a call 10/4 from number 1855-412-5531 she says sorry blah blah and she couldn't help me either and she hangs up on me. WHAT IS GOING IN !!!

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