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Booking [protected]: Refund request consent

I am asking you to refund me my money 346.20 euros the money is refunded for me from Wizz Air to Opodo. The...

Incorrect information given during phone call asking for update on booking.

Booking number [protected]
Booked joint flight and hotel on 16th February. Flights with Flybe, Newquay to Amsterdam and return, hotel centre of Amsterdam.
Flybe went into liquidation, after no contact from Opodo telephoned their enquiries department on 7th March to ask for information on booking. Informed that I would be refunded the cost of the flights. I asked if I could have a refund on the hotel, we obviously could not take up the hotel accommodation if we could not get there and was told we were not entitled to a refund on the hotel part of the booking as it was still available.
We have since checked the Opodo booking terms and conditions and it states that if a booking consists of both flight and hotel both services will need to be cancelled. This did not happen. It also states that all hotel bookings can be cancelled up to the day before arrival.
On telephoning Opodo, there was a message stating that anyone with a hotel booking must contact the hotel themselves to cancel. We did so and asked about a refund, the hotel informed us that they had cancelled the booking but they would not give a refund directly and we would have to apply through Opodo. We have tried many times to get through to them with no success.
It seem that we were given the incorrect information on two counts:
Firstly the joint booking should have been cancelled automatically.
Secondly if the person we spoke to did not realise this, in the terms and conditions it states that all hotel bookings can be cancelled up to one day before arrival and could have cancelled the hotel booking under this condition and informed us whether we were entitled to a refund, which we would hope for. If we aren't entitled to a refund for the hotel part booking we need confirmation from Opodo that this is the case and we may be able to claim off our travel insurance.
We feel that the customer service we have received is totally unacceptable and the person I spoke to didn't seem to understand procedure.

Sylvia and Terry Gill

No answer to calls. Unable to contact

Due to covid 19 had to change flight to get back earky. Was able to contact main airline but they can't change it brcause there was a block put on by opodo. Whom i presume wanted their cancellation fees even in this extraordinary times!!!.
Can't contact opodo. Can't change flights despite it say they are open 24/7.

Will never ever book with opodo again. Book with opodo at your peril

unable to speak to agent to cancel a flight

Reference : [protected].
Owing to the corona virus i tried to cancel my flight with Qatar for my partner which was booked through Opodo who I have used many times before .I have not been able to get through to an agent as I was told i need to speak to someone on the phone to cancel.
the phone line is available 24/7 .However I have not been able to get through at 2 am. 3am and 4 m.The flight has now departed.
i am tired of getting through to chat bot and waiting for an agent to reply.
The final straw was when I received a message saying that no ENGLISH speaking agents are available.
i sent a letter by recorded delivery but have received no reply.
This is disgraceful service

Flexible Travel Date Policy

My 18 year old daughter and 3 friends bought tickets from Frankfurt to Mumbai on the Opodo website. They were offered a Flexible Travel Date Policy for 80 euros per person which they took.
It literally says "Enjoy the freedom to change your travel dates". Then it goes on to say that if you want to stay a few days longer, it is no problem and you can change your dates up until 24 hours before the flight.
My daughter and her friends would like to change their flights home and this is where we find out that this policy is operated by Europ Assistance, which does not change your dates, you have to cancel the old booking, buy a new ticket, and submit the old one for refund. You may be eligible for a refund but the price difference between old and new is at your expense. Plus the insurance policy does not talk about you not wanting to take the original flight, it talks about you not being able to take the original flight. So it is not even clear that the insurance will cover the costs of the original ticket.
I have done alot of travelling over the years, and worked in the airline industry, and I have never seen this.

Travel company

6 weeks ago - I had booked a return flight with OPODO from London uk to India. Chennai.. as I was unable to book a return straight to London from Delhi. ( there was no option)..So I paid for the option to change the flight later, with the insurance ( protect your trip& date change £34+£41 =£75 plan. Paid the extra With booking - Then the insurance ( protect & date change plan was removed & no offer of a refund. Now.. Removing the option to change my flight straight back from Delhi to London
I telephoned & emailed to ask Change the return flight. ( which leaves from Delhi to London). Only Im told I have to return back to Chennai. . Then back to Dehli ( same day) then the return flight was cancelled . Without my ever being informed.. Only emails stating I had to contact opodo with a flight modification. ? Which after days of calling I was unable to.. although being instructed it was urgent. So spent 4 hours today. On the phone trying to make sense of what was going on.
- No . I can't fly to London straight from Delhi ... I have to return to Chennai. Then Delhi again. ( where I was a few hours previously.
All I wanted to do was to not fly back to Chennai from Delhi ( where I will already be staying) - to return to Chennai . To only ‘then' fly back again to Delhi. . Same day..!
I was told that because of thus request ( 3 weeks ago). The flight was cancelled. ?
Which I only found out today.. i leave in 3 days. And the stress and amount of time I've spent on the phone. It's outrageous., Sorry I koi's I m repeating myself. I'm exhausted. & very emotional.
If you look into my records. I have over the past 3 weeks phoned on a number ( prob 9 occasions ) to speak to someone. Always being cut off. Or told someone will return a call within 72 hours. After weeks of this. I then find out today MY RETURN FLIGHT WAS CANCELLED !!
And my only option was to cancel my booking.. -buy another flight. with another airline. Costing more.
Only because if I don't return to Chennai from Delhi. To fly back to Delhi ( same day)
I will lose my flight .. ? How hard is it to speak to someone about this.
Opodo has caused the most stress ever, in my 40 years of flying.,
I have asked to be contacted by a supervisor that can understand that all I want to do it fly out back to London . From Delhi. Without my returning to Chennai . From Delhi the same day to return back to Delhi. Because the computer won't allow it. & to then know my booking Is actually insecure ? / having it cancelled without my confirming anything.

Travel company

The booking team

Hi team,
I phoned today earlier to change the date of travel, they said, you have to pay 150 £, but the payment machine was not working, they told me we will get back to you .
but no one contacted me, I tried again after 1 hour and 10 min waiting, they said wait with us, then the phone line broken after waiting more than 1 hour .
my reference no.:[protected]
my mobile :[protected]
may I ask you to sort it this out ASAP, please .
I tried many times to sort this out .

Ticket Number # [protected] - Luggage

Unfortunately I have to inform you that I am not satisfied with Opodo service and I would like to complain. Since I couldn't include/pay for my luggage for 2 weeks, several hours on the phone and no response or no feedback for 2 complaint emails. Online service also doesn't work.

OUTWARD:Erfurt to Hurghada
Opodo booking number: [protected] - XC 498
RETURN : Hurghada to Erfurt - XR 497 - N1JUJ6
Ticket Number # [protected]

I finally booked 20Kilo for my outward journey. (EUR 25, 00)
I Asked for the return luggage to be booked for free, the answer was ‘'no''
I asked to speak to a team leader, the answer was ‘' there was no such a thing''
I asked for my feedback to be send to higher level of your Opodo Hierarchy System, the answer was ‘' find it in Opodo website and send it''

I would like my luggage (20Kilo) to be added to my return journey free of charge. But have no hope I guess, no one is reading our feedbacks.

I also booked a hotel room in Giftun Azur, Hurghada Resort,
I tried to use the coupon codes: VALENTIN20 and a couple others (which Opodo keeps emailing me almost every day) but don't work. (Apparently un-recognised)
I asked online for help with the booking of a room in Hurghada, using one of those vouchers. No help offered!

As a regular traveler, I won't be using or recommending your service, I was totally ignored.

Looking forward to your reply,

Nancy Khalifa
[protected] Germany

Refuse to process my flight refund

I booked a flight for travel last July (8 July 19) with BA via Opodo (Ref [protected]) which was subsequently cancelled by BA. I declined the new booking and BA said I just need to contact my travel agent for the refund. Ha! I initially tried to sort this via the Opodo Chat Service, which couldn't cope with this and despite trying 3 times to speak to an agent, no one ever called. After that, I have spoken to Opodo "Customer Service" over 6 times, and depressingly, they always take my details, listen to the complaint, then put me on hold, then send me to a different person, which I have to wait for on hold, and usually after 45 minutes on hold, I finally speak to someone who says they will call BA. Then after 10 more minutes they say BA didn't answer the phone, and to wait 24 hours. And then nothing happens. I have now written them a letter, with no repoly. Opodo have my money, or refuse to process the refund, both of which are illegal. Please can I have my refund?!!!

Opodo booking [protected] // customer service not accessible to change flight

Dear Sir / Madam,

I am writing to express my disappointment with Opodo services. I bought a ticket from London to Milan on 17/02/20 (Booking ref: [protected]) departing time 16:50. However, due to some issue, I had to change my flight. But when I rang Opodo to amend, I could not get through. I rang Opodo a total 5 calls but unsuccessful.

1) I have made 2 calls to Opodo at 12:42 (45 mins) and 13:31 but could not get through.
2) I rang Air Italia directly to amend the flight at 13:42 but was told to contact Opodo
3) I rang Opodo again 3 times at 16:00, 16:48 and 17:08 no answer
4) I rang Air Italia againat 16:44 to get help but they insist that any changes has to go via Opodo

The services from Opodo was poor and as a result I could not change my flight in time. I was informed that i can cancel the same day but was unable to do so because Opodo not answering calls. I have made reasonable attempts to contact Opodo. As this is due to Opodo poor services, I would like to cancel and get a full refund for the ticket purchased.

Kind regards

Opodo booking [protected] // customer service not accessible to change flight
Opodo booking [protected] // customer service not accessible to change flight
Opodo booking [protected] // customer service not accessible to change flight
Opodo booking [protected] // customer service not accessible to change flight
Opodo booking [protected] // customer service not accessible to change flight
Opodo booking [protected] // customer service not accessible to change flight
Opodo booking [protected] // customer service not accessible to change flight


I booked and paid for flight. ref: [protected].
Unfortunately I have had to cancvel. as wizz-air changed the flight times, which were not suitable.
I phoned wizz-air, who said they would refund me and would send the money to opodo. I have spent 2 hours trying to contact opodo. It is a disgrace.It is not acceptable that you cannot answer a phone r reply to an e.mail.
It is a disgrace.

  • Updated by Allie Foran · Feb 14, 2020

    Good afternoon.
    I paid for a flight. ref: 4991 820 508. today, 14/2/20 I have had to try cancel as wizz-air changed flight times, which were not suitable.
    I contacted wizz-air. However, I spent almost two hours trying to contact opodo, to no avail. it is a disgrace. I have paid £340. and nobody answers the phoone or e.mail.
    reason for cancelling is not my fault. airline changed flight times completely. wizz-air replied to me, however no way available to contact opodo.

refund of flights

I was booked to fly to and from Australia in March/April but due to the corona virus my trip had to be cancelled as we had connecting flights in Shanghai.
I had also booked a connecting flight from London Heathrow to Edinburgh on the return journey. I will have to cancel this flight as I said I can no longer fly.
My flight was booked by Opodo but the flight company is Virgin Atlantic, I have had many conversations with both companies about a refund, Virgin Atlantic tell me it's Opodo responsibility and Opodo tell me I am not entitled to one because the flight is not connected to China.
Please can you assist in this complaint
I am only complaint about thr flight from London Heathrow to Edinburgh


I booked 2 tickets!!! It was cost 50 pounds. I put the bank details and they taked more than 500 euro from my bank card (without my consent)!!! Have evidence!! I!!!
Then I called the call center... Having waited 1 hour on the line.. Men from the call center in india, this one confirmed, can't do anything... Just repeat the same thing, write a letter... Having talked with him I didn't find out anything and didn't decide... Written a letter with reference they do not respond!!! Even having evidence, I can't do anything!! If something has problems with this company also, we get together together. A week I go to them in the office already found 3 people with similar problems, join us!!! [protected]

[Resolved] flight booking

I booked return British Airways flights between LHR and BOM with Opodo and from the offset things did not go well and am now left feeling scammed.

First off I noticed just as I was about to be book that one of my flights included a checked baggage allowance yet my return flight did not, I don't know if that's down to the airline or Opodo but it definitely felt like a bit of a trick to add on more charges. Common practice I'm sure :( ... Anyway, I agreed and selected the £48 additional fee so that I would be allowed to travel back home with my luggage and completed the rest of the booking process.

A couple of hours after this I received an email stating that the airline could not confirm my luggage request and that I would receive a refund for the £48. I then almost immediately received a confirmation for my flights booking. So at this point I'm pretty annoyed as I realise I've just payed nearly £600 for a flight on which I have no baggage allowance and realise that this is likely to mean heavy fees at the airport.

I call customer support to find out why they booked me on a flight without checking that the changes to the conditions suited me only to find out that not only do I have no baggage allowance on my return flight but also on my outgoing flight even though it was clearly stated (see attached screenshot) that allowance was included in the price. I'm then told that I can book my luggage through the BA website and when I pushed the service agent to tell me how much that will cost me I discover it will be an additional £125!!!

Clearly not acceptable.

So I've cancelled my flight at the advice of the customer service agent and am waiting both for a response from the complaints form I submitted and possibly up to 10 days for money back (which I need in order to book my flight elsewhere.)

What's more there's a discrepancy between the money taken from my bank (£583.81) and the receipt they've sent to my email (£558.25) ... I guess I'll need to wait to see what actually gets refunded but if it's anything less than £583.81 (I will not accept being charged a booking fee or anything else) I'll definitely look in to further legal action.

flight booking

  • Updated by Carl Codling · Feb 04, 2020

    I'm not sure why Complaints Board automatically changes this report to 5 stars when it's resolved. It started at 1 star and after the refund I'd maybe change the overall experience to a 2 at best.

  • Resolution Statement

    I've not received any communication or responses to my support requests from the company and this been a massive waste of my time but on a positive note a full refund has now appeared in my bank account.

flight and hotel booking

Opodo Error in Flight transfer
Booking Reference [protected]

The flights I originally for 6th February to 10th February 2020 included 1 Extra 25kg Bag plus I selected my seats.
The email dated 13/01/2020 at 17.53 pm confirmed, this and I then realised that these dates were incorrect.
I telephoned OPODO and was told that it would cost £150.00 to change the flight dates to 6th March to 10th March, which I agreed and paid.
I was told that the accommodation I booked for the 6th February to 10th February could not be cancelled. However I phone the Maritim Hotel in Nuremberg who told me that the accommodation can be cancelled and the date change would be acceptable, but this had to be done by Expedia who actually booked the accommodation so te accommodation was booked with OPODO, who passed it to E Dreams, who then passed it to Expedia Reference Number [protected]?
I decided not to change these dates for the accommodation.
I then received an email with my flight Travel Document on Tuesday 14th January at 05.46am:
"Travel Document" [protected]
After checking this on the 15th January, I realised that the Travel Document did not show the extra bag of the seats I had chosen, which should have been transferred by the assistant, and he never mentioned that this would not be included.

I telephoned OPODO on the 15th January and the assistant (a different one) told me that this could not be done???

Therefore OPODO are in breach of contract and the 2 options are:-
1. OPODO add the 1 extra bag to the new flight details which must be for all flights and re-instate the seats I had chosen and paid for originally.
2. I void the payments for the Flight's and Accommodation with my Credit Card Company as OPODO are in breach of contract.

I will also send this information to RIP OFF BRITAIN at the BBC and enter this on Trade Pilot

flight refund procedure

[protected] ( booking reference )
Emma Margaret toplak
Flight from Hong Kong to Zurich Wednesday 14 august

Please update me immediately on the status of my refund for this leg of the journey . I have been back and fourth with your company since august and nothing has been done!!
I was unable to board my flight due to the airport being closed down because of the riots in Hong Kong, although the flight left, I was not allowed to check in or go through security .. you will find those who got one the flight were already in transit .

I have been reimbursed for my hotel and food etc from Cathay Pacific, this was done last august.. I don't see how it could take your company so long to do a simple refund for my flights!

I was. informed by opodo that my case was being treated as urgent and that my refund would be made, id hate to know how long people have to wait when it isn't considered as urgent..

your company is absolutely disgraceful ! I have been so patient and understanding, and yet your company has taken advantage of my kind approach to the situation which should have never been an issue to solve .
your company was extremely happy to take my money, and yet your having trouble parting ways with money which is rightfully owed to me!

Cathay Pacific reimbursed me almost immediately for hotels, taxis and food, yet you can't have the decency to refund me for my flight which I was unable to take due to the airport closing down

flight cancellation/amendment booking ref: [protected]

I booked flights in March 2019 from Townsville (TSV) to London Heathrow (LHR) via Brisbane (BNE) and Dubai (DBX) on Tues Dec 10 2019 with my wife and 2 children to visit family and friends over Christmas. For easy reference, the flight timings are as follows:
Tues 10 Dec - TSV to BNE 1640 : 1830hrs
BNE to DBX 2055 : 0530hrs +1 (Wed 11 Dec)
Wed 11 Dec - DBX to LHR 0940 : 1350

I received an email on 14 November 2019 stating there had been a major schedule change and that I had to contact Opodo within the next 48 hours. I obviously contacted Opodo via telephone immediately and asked for an update. I spoke with an operator who told me that the flight out of TSV had been cancelled and as a result, we were being put on a later flight at 1915hrs. I quickly explained that a later flight was not an option as we would not make the connecting flight in BNE to DBX. The operator then said I would have to be transferred to the Cancellation/Amendment dept. I then spoke with an operator in this department who said exactly the same thing to me about the later flight of 1915hrs to which I explained the exact same thing about the connecting flight to DBX. The operator seemed to understand and said it would take 48 hours to resolve and that someone would phone me back.
I waited a few days and because I had not received any correspondence, I phoned Opodo for another update. The operator said that the flight from TSV had been cancelled and we had been put on the later flight at 1915, to which I tried to explain the later flight was not an option as we would miss the connecting flight. Basically nothing had changed and I was having the same conversation but with somebody else. I was then passed onto the Cancellation/Amendment dept again and had the same conversation with somebody completely different! I was then told it would be resolved and take 48 hours. I waited another 48 hours and heard nothing back so I phoned again. At this stage I will save the time and effort of typing and reading but in short, I spoke with 2 different operators and had the EXACT same conversation. Later Flight which would result in us missing the connecting flight!!
I waited until the following Monday and phoned Opodo AGAIN and had the same excruciating and frustrating experience. 2 different operators from 2 different departments telling me the EXACT same story.
The final straw was the following morning I received an email from Opodo saying that a full refund would be offered as they were removing us from all flights!!! We had booked these flights 8 months previously and the whole family was so excited for the trip and we were facing utter disappointment just 3 weeks prior to us flying. I immediately phoned Opodo and expressed my utter displeasure at the latest development and that I was not prepared to accept any kind of refund and that we needed to travel home. I finally spoke with someone who seemed to understand the situation and after another marathon phone call lasting upwards of 1 hour, I was assured it would be resolved. I was still unconvinced but that evening when checking my emails, I received an email from Opodo saying the flights had been confirmed. Unbelievably when I checked the details, they were ALL EXACTLY how they had been in the first place!!! I had spent over 7 hours on the telephone, spoke with at least 8 different operators who kept saying it was the airlines fault for cancelling and that they would resolve it and let me know within 48 hours. None of whom ever did. No-one ever contacted me back and nothing was ever resolved. I had several sleepless nights about if we were ever going to make it back to the UK, We had hotels and hire cars booked and I was potentially going to lose hundreds of pounds. All for my flights to be the original ones that had been booked in March, some 8 months prior. On one hand I was extremely relieved to get resolution but on the other hand so annoyed and frustrated that I had to endure so much stress over something so simple to rectify. I have never used Opodo before and after this experience, I doubt very much that I will again in the future.
I eagerly await your reply.
Malcolm O'Keefe



I would like to report on an episode with OPODO.

on 25th November 2019 I booked a hotel in Saigon from 7th to 20th January. I got a confirmation email to say that it was booked and paid for.

Around New Year I realised that I wouldnt arrive in Saigon until the 8th and set about changing the booking. I tried OPODO on an ongoing basis for several days. I communicated online, with a bot and even a couple of times with people. It was impossible to deal with the bot and the online booking couldn't be used. This was because they insisted that I should input a 10 digit number and also a pin which they said was on the booking confirmation. But I didn't have either; I had a 13 digit confirmation number. This hurdle was insurmountable for the online application, the bot and the supposedly real agents. The agents did resort to telling me that I was through to the wrong number and would give me other numbers. One number was in Spanish and had no English version while another guy I called after being given his number told me that he couldn't deal with this as it was nothing to do with him. I got the impression some of these numbers were for especially the Spanish one.
In parallel with this I was trying to get through to the hotel but the number wasn't right. The first time a man asked what hotel I wanted but couldn't understand when I spelled it out and was talking away in poor English. I rang that number again and another man gave me a similar story if wanting the name of the hotel and then not recognising it.
I checked if the money had been removed from my account and discovered it had. It had gone to VDP-TRAVEL EXPEDIA which is possibly based in Mumbai, India. I do believe Expedia puts up to be a reputable company.
I also sent varioius messages, texts and emails to any numbers/emails I could find connected with OPODO and indeed sent one to EXPEDIA. I also tried but they denied knowledge.
In the end I was unable to have the issue dealt with. I arrived today in Saigon a day late but not too unconcerned as I had prepaid.
The biggest bombshell was yet to come. There is no hotel at the address given and the premises there is locked up. I had to go book another hotel. That added insult to injury.
I think I should be entitled to my money back and indeed some compensation for this disaster.
The supposed Hotel was


I had the worst experience ever!
It's hard to find the right words to describe how disappointed I am with Opodo company and services.
On 28th October whilst check in at Gatwick airport I was forced to purchase a ticket proven I will leave Indonesia within 30 days, so I purchased a return ticket Denpasar - Kuala Lumpur from Opodo, I've selected the option cancel any time for any reason with a £18(eighteen pounds surcharge), after 18 hours when I landed in Denpasar I contacted your company to cancel the flight considering I was going to extend my visa on arrival, a member of staff informed You could refund £88 which was almost half of what I paid (167, 80).The stress was just at the beginning, on the 28th November I faced the biggest nightmare, I couldn't check in online, at the airport Citylink airline staff was refusing to check my luggage in ( I paid to your company for 50kg allowance) after long time waiting for the airline manager to come to resolve the situation considering 4 member of staff weren't able to help me out, insisting on their system I had just 10kg allowance and to check in 25kg I should pay 1, 600, 000(onemilionsixhundredrupies) which was extremely expensive. They kept saying the manager was coming, but after 40minuted no manager presentes at the desk.I was getting so stressed and having panic attack without finding a solution I grabbed my passport and boarding pass with just 10kg luggage label and walked to the customer service, explained the situation they called the airline domestic flight help desk to seek for a manager, nothing changed, so I passed immigration and when got to the line a crew staff recognised me and shouted there she is! A male staff promptly was facing me and shouting at me "you! Get out of the queue! You didn't pay! We cancelled your flight! Started to push me, passengers were pushing me and screemed call the police officer( was all I wished) to resolve the situation. I told nobody was allowed to touch
me or push me away. I felt worse than a criminal as I was being treated as such. The time was passing, just few minutes before the airplane departure a gently lady was passing by and asked me what was going all, because at this point I lost control I was crying and shaking, I explained to her, she tried to enquire why they were causing me to much distress and inconvenience and they replied she didn't pay, the emails I've showed to them wasn't satisfying as prove of my luggage allowance, 5 minutes before the departure a man "manager" was in front of me with my luggages he took pictures from my emails and followed me to the airplane, I was feeling so embarrassed, everybody in the cabin were looking at me as I was a criminal. Awful!
Day after I landed in KL, I had headache, fever and day after I spent most of the time at the toilet(diahorrea)
I am having trouble to sleep and have nice rest.
Today I should fly to Denpasar, but I didn't recovered from the stress yet.
I am looking forward to hearing from you.

flexible travel dates policy scam

I booked flights to New York for Christmas via Opodo. I thought I might have to move my flights so I purchased the "Flexible Travel Dates Guarantee" insurance for an additional 46 euros.

It was supposed to be 'easy' but it is in fact impossible, and a scam. They make it seem like you just call up and change, but in fact, you're paying for an insurance policy with a third company.

I called Opodo and they told me that the airline does not accept changes and so I would have to contact the 'insurance company' to rebook my flights. The insurance company, meanwhile, told me that they are an insurance company and cannot book flights and I cannot book my flights until I had a new booking.

I called Opodo back and told them this. They insisted that the insurance company would have to deal with it, even though it is clearly absurd that an insurance company would book the flights.

I asked to speak with a manager and the representative told me that it wouldn't do any good. I insisted and he said the wait would be two hours.

I had to book flights with a different company because of this.

I would like a full refund for the flights and scam insurance policy.


Dear customer,

Since you bought your flight tickets directly through the Opodo website, you will have to contact Opodo again for them to modify your flights.

This is unfortunately not the correct E-mail address. We cannot modify your flight details, which you booked through Opodo.

To see the full conditions of your insurance policy with us, please enter our Eclaims website with your policy number:

If you need to file a claim please don´t hesitate to contact us here in Europ Assisance.

Kind regards,

Europ Assistance Customer Service