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Box 1340, Dragarbrunnsgatan 40, 2 trp, Uppsala, Sweden

Seat24 Complaints & Reviews

Seat24 — cancelation of booking

I called to cancel my reservation and was told that I had 30 minutes to cancel it if I wanted a refund. So I hung up on the customer support guy who helped me to discuss it with my friends since it still was 45€ cancellation fee, which was fine. When I called back I got a new guy who, first...

1 comments Airlines  · Sep 03, 2019

Seat24 — Refund not received

Hello, I recently booked a round-trip flight with from Stockholm-Mumbai and return. I performed only one way trip i.e. from Stockholm-Mumbai and I had cancelled my ticket for the return trip with the airline authorities since Seat24 did not respond to my emails, neither phone...

Travel & Vacations  · Oct 13, 2015

[Resolved] Seat24 — Money debited and flight seat not booked

Hello, I recently booked a flight throught Seat24 site. My money got debited from account. But I received a message that payment was not processed and the flight ticket was not booked. Please let me know how to get my money back. Travel details: Passenger last name: Raman Credit card last...

Airlines  · Oct 03, 2015

Seat 24 — Unacceptable

When I booked my flight, it was clearly stated that for approx. 70 EUR I could change any flight. As it was a business trip and things changed in my schedule I did 2 steps in order to change my flight quickly. Nr. 1 Sending them on a Sunday eve an e-mail, I would like to change and need...

Travel Agencies  · Dec 15, 2013

Seat24 — Credit card charge presents its booking system with a German website. Wenn booking a flight the come up with a huge creditcard fee of 9€ (in my case 5% of the booking Value!). But they also propose a possibility to avoid these charges when paying with American Express (AMEX). As you can see on...