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I take my elderly parents to Olive Garden on a regular basis. The waiter they always ask for is wonderful he treats them with kindness and respect. I purchased a gift card a month and half ago for a business associate. I told him to watch for it he says it never came. I am assuming it looks like spam now that I pull up the offer. I sent a email and heard nothing from Olive Garden. I called this morning and they offered to resend the email. At this point NO I want you to resend the item to me and I don't want it as a stupid email that I have to activate and print out I want a plastic card (that was an option originally ) that way I can send it to him so I am sure he gets it. NOPE they cant do it only the e paper can be sent. I don't understand why they cannot send a card. They sent the bonus cards to me and they have record I have my confirmation number. If I print this out can I take it to a Olive Garden and trade it for a gift card. Response is you can try but it will be up to the local restaurant. So no I don't want to drive 30 minutes to find out they cannot or will not do this or they will only honor it in one place. I don't want to send a gift of a printed piece of paper as a gift. Wake up olive garden its a gift and for a hundred fifty dollars you could give me the little plastic card you have record of it NOT CUSTOMER FRIENDLY you lost my gift card business today. I guess im stuck with a crappy piece of paper next time Ill get out my crayons and paper and just give money. NO SERVICE FROM CORPORATE SHAME ON OLIVE GARDEN. Maybe a local restaurant doing this but from corporate its shameful

Jun 12, 2019
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  •   Jun 12, 2019

    You can get gift cards at almost any store. By mail they send it on paper. They save on printing the plastic card and having to snail mail it to you. They eat the cost of that so email is cheaper and easier.

    Take the email and print it out. Cut out the gift card portion with scan code and glue it to a piece of plastic. Plastic file folder, plastic gallon container, etc. Cover it with clear wide packing tape. Stick it in a card.

    Include a note about gift cards ordered through their website are emailed so you made a credit card

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