Olive Gardensubpar food and service

K Aug 05, 2018

We went to Olive Garden for lunch and the person seating new arrivals seemed overwhelmed. We waited for a short time then went to seat at the bar area. We ordered our lunch. Evidently many people decided to go to the bar are, she was overwhelmed.
I ordered a lunch combo which included a soup. Zuppa Toscana is my favorite. There was a rotten potato in the soup. When I told the waitress she took the potato away but not the soup. I called her over again because part of the rotten potato broke away and was in my soup. By the time the rest of the lunch got to the table we had to get to go boxes because I only had an hour for lunch. I used to frequent that establishment because it was close to work however the last visit has made me decide not to go back.

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