Olive Gardensneaky waiter adds charges that he did not communicate to us!!

B Jul 14, 2018
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My mother and I visited the #1686 location in Leominster, MA on 7/14/18 for lunch. The waiter, Adam G. was very nice, but did not inform us that the marina sauce boat, that he offered would cost $3.49. We also substituted mashed potatoes instead of having the broccoli that came with the Herb Grilled Salmon. Once again, he did not inform us that this substitution was going to cost $2.99 and be listed as a side order of mashed potatoes. We never even received the broccoli. I have never had this experience at Olive Garden before and am very displeased.

sneaky waiter adds charges that he did not communicate to us!!

  • Updated by bunnies698 · Jul 14, 2018

    The manager told me he should have communicated that to us cuz he was the one offering it!! Boo yah!!
    The manger took that part off bill!


  • Om
    Omeomya Jul 14, 2018

    So, what you are saying is, you didn't read the menu? Because it clearly states on the menu that marinara sauce for the breadsticks is an additional 3.49. Don't blame the waiter for your ignorance. When they suggest wine or dessert, do you assume those are free as well?

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  • Bu
    bunnies698 Jul 14, 2018
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    @Omeomya The manager took care of it becuz he offered the sauce to us but didn’t tell us it cost anything. I thought it must have come with the breadsticks!!!
    Surprised they didn’t charge me for the wine sip sample!!! Boo yah!
    Why are you attacking my complaint anyways? You own or work for Olive Garden??

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  • Om
    Omeomya Jul 14, 2018

    @bunnies698 No. I don't work for Olive Garden. So pathetic when people assume that just because someone doesn't agree with them it automatically means they must work for the company. Not attacking either, simply voicing my opinion. If you are going to post on public forums then you need to learn that not everybody agrees with you and you also need to learn you were wrong.

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