Olive Gardenservice employees — waitress

A Nov 30, 2019

To whom it may concern, I have traveled all over the world, and I like to eat at nice places.. Today, some friends and I ate at olive garden in grand island, nebraska, the foods was fine the service was ok, they were relatively busy, but, our waitress was absolutely gross... She actually had a large fake gold and fake diamond ring hanging down out of her nose, down to her upper lip, gross, I have eaten all over the world, never have I seen any thing as groos as she looked... I expect a waitress to look nice to the customers that she is serving... I do not like getting indigestion from looking at her, sorry, olive garden, but you can do better than that, if, you want to hire people that want to do that to themselves, at least just put them in the kitchen, so we, customers, do not have to look at them.. Thank-you... Al and friends

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