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Reviews and Complaints

Olive Gardenhair found in food, bad waitress

On Monday, October 8th at 11:30 a.m. my husband and I went to the Olive Garden in Madison, TN where we eat weekly. We ordered the dinner entree of chicken alfredo and alfredo with chicken and shrimp, as well as an appetizer. We purchased the dinner entree so we could also get the $5 take home entree.

The waitress took our drink menu then brought us a tea and a dr. pepper. When I told her we would like an appetizer she jerked the ipad on the table around and said you order it here. I apologized as I did not know we were supposed to order the appetizer ourselves. She took our order then left, later brought the salad and bread. She brought us back two extra drinks and without a word left again. Another server brought us the appetizer. I was out of tea so I added splenda to my 2nd glass of tea and it created an immediate foam which spilled over the table because it wasn't tea it was coke.

Then our food came, my husband was given the dinner portion of alfredo and I was given the lunch portion which I told the server that wasn't what I ordered. She said tell the waitress. The waitress didn't come back for a while so I went ahead and started eating my food. I got about 5 bites when I found a black hair about 2 inches at the bottom of my dish. About 10 minutes later the waitress came back and I said can I have another drink? She said I brought you one. I said that is coke not tea which is what I had. Also, we have a small problem with my food. I want to make sure I was charged for a lunch portion not a dinner portion even though that is what I ordered. There is a hair in my food. The waitress picks up the dish, never says a word such as I'm sorry and leaves. Ten minutes later she brings me a dinner portion of chicken alfredo which I was not about to eat after finding that hair. I ask for a to go box which the waitress brought back and immediately said that will be $67 dollars. She did not give us a receipt or even address my question as to what I was charged for or the fact that I had found a hair in my food.

If we had not been in a hurry to go to the Pet Store and get back home in time to get my grandchildren from school I would have taken the situation up with the manager. At that point we were so frustrated we just left. Very disappointed in the service, food, and customer service at what was one of our favorite places to eat.

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