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Tires/Warranty — Not honoring the manufacture warranty

I purchased a set of tires for my daugthers car who is currently in college two and a half hours away for my...

National Tire & Battery [NTB]

oil change

Had NTB perform a tire rotation and oil change on my Dodge Charger SRT8 and when I left the shop to get on...

customer service

I made a visit to ntb on december 9, 2019 and was given information regarding new tires. I went home that...

my suv is leaking oil

Approximately two weeks ago I took my suv in for a routine oil change and every since then it has been...

oil change

On Sunday November 24 I went in for a oil change I was told the screw was striped my car was not leaking oil...

vehicle brakes

No mechanical issues with my vehicle, just brought my vehicle in for a wheel alignment that was under...


The work that was done on my car did not fix the problem. They made false charges and never corrected the problem. I want a refund or a lawsuit On February 26, 2019 (Order Number [protected]-ZMCO) I checked my car into NTB in Gastonia NC telling them the issues I was having. Which was the fact that I couldn't get a correct alignment from another repair shop because something was bent on the rear. They did a diagnostic and realized it was my rear lateral arms that needed to be fixed. Okay so they put new lateral arms, brakes and rotors..charged me for a alignment that was never done. (Mind you the guy that worked on my car was fired). After the alignment never happened I blew through 3 sets of tires all which I have pictures for. Nearly crashing into other cars and 18-wheelers on the highway only to find the alignment wasnt done right. SO I took the car back to NTB in Gastonia which a guy named Rigel supposedly worked on my car after hearing the alignment was never done. This time they said I wasn't having issues with Cam Bolts (which happened in September) still didnt get an alignment because he said I needed new tires. While on the way to getting new tires, one tire blew out and my car was stuck in Rock Hill for a while. Once I was able to get my car back to Gastonia I took it back to NTB in Gastonia which was in October, they held my car for three days saying they needed to weld some things back together. When I picked up my car the battery was dead and they put a small tire on my car and said they couldnt give me an alignment. When I drive straight my car steers to the right in order to drive straight I have to hold my steering wheel at an angle. Everything that they did on the car STILL DID NOT HELP THE ORIGINAL PROBLEM (WHICH WAS AN ALIGNMENT) THAT THEY NEVER ACCOMPLISHED. So I took my car back on November 13, 2019 to which the guy states that Rigel no longer works there. (that makes the second person who worked on my car to no longer work there). The person we spoke to at the front desk said there is nothing else they could do for my car. Also decided to give me a receipt with no record of the work that was done in September or October. The receipt shows the date (2/26/2019) which was the first day I ever went to them for work. So after all of that I took my car to Mr.Tire who further lets me know that there were a bunch of bolts and screws loose. And stated if I had not of gotten this looked at it could have gotten worse. My alignment was so far off I would have crashed my car if I would have kept driving. I have all the documents and paperwork to show proof. I would like a refund and if I do not get my refund I will be pursuing a lawsuit.

customer service

I visited this NTB location for an oil change appointment on a Saturday afternoon. A particular associate...

damage to vehicle while getting tires put on

On 11/4/19 I had two tires put on front of my 2003 Chevy Cavalier at NTB #7426/#426 540 Adams Drive...

coolant flush

I called my local ntb that we are loyal customers for a long time now asking if they had the PINK coolant for...

NTB / National Tire & Battery

tire rotation

This is the second time in row I went to have an oil change and tire rotation and again they didn't rotate the tires so I told the manager and he said he has the same problem over and over with this same tech. The tech waited for the manager to leave and then proceeds to tell me we don't do that because one of my front tires was bald which it's NOT plus it's a front wheel drive vehicle. So I'm waiting for manager to return, but before leaving he gives me 2 free oil changes vouchers.

wheel alignment

On October 14, 2019 I paid for a wheel alignment and should have been told that I didn't need a wheel alignment. I went to Auto check to get a wheel alignment on my truck a different vehicle. They were very honest with me and instead of taking my money they told me I didn't need one. They read over the paper work that NTB gave me for my car and stated to me I didn't need one on the car neither. I am requesting my 84.73 back. I have a copy of both my receipt and the alignment report.

wheel alignment
wheel alignment

wheel alignment

On 10/24/19 I went to your NTB for wheel alignment they told me it would be an 1 1/2 hr and my car would be...

tire service

On October 20th at 1:45 I dropped off 4 old tires with wheels mounted on them already and requested to have...

NTB / National Tire & Battery

had an oil change and tire rotation and my tire sensor and other things now my truck is having electrical problem

I believe that the tech working on my truck did something because he didn't want to do the work and he was under my hood working. My wife over heard the supervisor and a technician describing the work of the technician who was working on my truck
I call and they acting like the incident didn't happen
I believe that because the technician was mad and he was working on my truck any old way

wait time and attempt to accept payment for services not rendered

I scheduled an online appointment for 9am today for an oil change and tire rotation. I waited and was advised...

air conditioning

I normally try to give the benefit of the doubt but I am never coming back to NTB. In august of this year I paid $1021.00 to get my air conditioning fixed (only because I was a couple months outside of warranty) through their third party "Big O Tires". A month later, my AC is not getting cold again. So, I take it to get it fixed under warranty. They keep my car for TWO WEEKS, and never call to let me know what is going on, how long it will take, etc. Not a single time. Finally, I get fed up and call and they claim they left me a message (I didn't have even a missed call). So, I go to get my car finally. First thing I do is turn on my AC, it is STILL not working. So, they keep my car again. They asked if it was "convenient" for me to leave it with them again, OF COURSE NOT! Just fix what wasn't fixed correctly! It has been three weeks that they have had my car, and did they call to say what happened? Of course not. It was incredibly inconvenient for me with work, and I am lucky that had another way of transportation since they have had my vehicle for three weeks to fix something that they didn't fix correctly! I just can't believe how terrible this experience has been. No consideration for my time AT ALL, and no updates on what is going on with my vehicle. The people at the store were nice to my face, but obviously don't care for their customers, as they have left me to figure out getting to work and class for three weeks with no explanation as to why.

road hazard

Brought my car to have a flat tire repaired because I have road hazard coverage. Was called that car wa...

NTB / National Tire & Battery


I am submitting a complaint regarding service that was performed on my vehicle that resulted in a failed...

worker endangered my life

5/23/19 I went in to get my brakes checked. Dan Kirk was the mechanic who worked on my car. I was told I...

NTB / National Tire & Battery