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National Tire & Battery [NTB] complaints 454

National Tire & Battery [NTB] - Alignment and 4 Tires replaced Caused Damage

Dear Nicholas Franshaw,
I am writing you to inform you of multiple damage and issues that I experienced Saturday night, 01.15.2022 due to the tire installation and alignment done at NTB on 01.15.2022.

There were many lights that popped on my dash concerning Traction, ABS and Brakes. My steering wheel would not move. The next morning, steering power fluid was all over the ground and some transmission fluid.

On 01.16.2022 I had to have my vehicle towed. This is a direct result of faulty work done at the NTB located at your 2611 South Loop location, 77054.

I am very disappointed. I would like to have my vehicle towed to your facility today to have these issues resolved. In spite of your verbal communication to me on Saturday stating: "you are the one that suggested the alignment due to issues you identifed". I asked Marvyn if I needed one and he responded " it was 1.5 on one side and 1.7 on the other, so I should get one in the future/soon.

You all had already put my vehicle in the front as complete, after the tires were installed. Then you clearly took credit for having your team do an alignment, only to say you needed a Cam kit/bolts to do it right, and I can come back. But still charged for an alignment. This has been an unnecessary nightmare.

Originally, I was going to write you about your dismissive demeanor of looking at your employee while I asked specifically, why would you all began a repair without having the proper parts to complete it?.

Marvyn has shown professionalism over the phone and face-to-face each time I interacted with NTB. If there are personal things going on between you two that is not customer related. But, I agree that you have to manage employee concerns.

1. I am seeking to have the items below resolved:

Steering power hose/issues repaired

Transmission leak issue inspected/repaired

Alignment corrected repaired

Abs, Traction and Break Sensor issues repaired

I would never spend $730.99 on a vehicle that was not previously working great. I would hope that you and your Team would never work on a vehicle that is not stable, just to get a sale. If this can't be resolved, I am requesting a refund.

Update: Spoke to Nicholas who simply responded. Talk to customer service, I don't think I am comfortable with your vehicle being at my shop. Repeated his self and provided a number. This company is practicing bate and switch tactics. What about my 30 days satisfaction on the purchase of the tires and my 6 months warranty on the alignment?!

I am awaiting a call back from corporate.

Desired outcome: Refund/Restoration of My Vehicle

National Tire & Battery [NTB] - Tire replacement.

I filled complaint on Pissed consumer
# 332 5610. A detailed review.

My email is [protected]
My phone number is [protected]

Store #8813
Store Manager : Marshall Mcclendon
Store #[protected]

Basically, I bought a tire. I experienced tire loosing air ...slow leak. Brought it to NTB 3 TIMES! THE Store Mgr. said tire is good but loosing air? Will replace with same brand tire ...on road hazard! If tire will not hold air is defective!


Jimmy Davis

Desired outcome: Total refund!

National Tire & Battery [NTB] - Front end work on 1997 dodge van 2500

My name is, Bernard Grant, Sr

I received a service that costed $1963.07, by email The store charged me $2, 750. I paid the 1963.07 on line, and to get my vehicle I paid $650 on my bank card and the $146.93 out of pocket. I called my bank to stop payment on the $650, the results were found in my favor and my bank credited my account $650, I now want NTB to pay me $146.93 that is owed!

They are a rip off, the mechanics are great, do exceptional work, thats where it stops, management are terrible, unprofessional and ghetto fabulous '

i would not recommend notta to them . [ location] south euclid


National Tire & Battery [NTB] - Filthy Interior after tire replacement

I dropped my vehicle off yesterday morning and picked it up after work. NTB replaced all 4 tires. Who ever drove the car after I had dropped it had on filthy clothes, which of course was rubbed into my light brown interior where ever the individual touched. (see pics). This is freakin outrageous. I have never had service performed where the provided didn't take precations to ensure the cleanliness of the vehicle's interior. Changing oil, tires, transmission fluids, brakes, etc is messy, messy work. The individuals doing the work are covered in greasy dirt. I'm sure they don't jump behind the wheel of their own vehicle without cleaning up, or taking off their work coverings. You guys need to arrange to have my interior cleaned.

Desired outcome: pay for interior cleaning

FYI - the pictures show the drivers side seat & door (Dirty) and pics of the passenger seat and door (not dirty)

National Tire & Battery [NTB] - Oil change and tire rotation

Person (Will) who checked me in was rude and nasty. Had an appointment at 12:00 and drop car off at 11:30 and told him I would be back at 2:00 to pick it up. I called at 2 and he told me they are waiting on the oil filter and I asked why. He said they had to order one and he said he ordered it when he was checking me in. Did not happen til they pulled the car in. So I was there at 2:30 and the oil change was not done. When they pulled the car out I checked to see if the tires had been rotated and they had not. I know this cause I makes the rims to make sure the tires get rotated. So I went back I. and told him tires had not been rotated and he asked how do I know that. So I told him what I did. He pulled the car back I. After 10 minutes and was mocking me to the guys in the shop and was every load so I could hear him. This was at the nab at 124 woodfield road.

They need a complete clean up. They will give you a time then tell you it will take longer after they have your vehicle!

I can definitely relate!

National Tire & Battery [NTB] - Put on bad brakes, told me they were fine. I had Goodyear replace them.

I had brakes put on at National Tire Battery in Belair, MD. I drove the vehicle and it would not stop. Took it back and they said the master cylinder went up. I also had that replaced. Drove it off of the lot again and there was a horrible grinding noise coming from the brakes. They test drive it and tell me its fine. I got feed up and took it to Goodyear auto parts in Abingdon, MD. They inform me that the calibers in the brakes were bad and they had to replace them along with the rotors that got tore up (1, 000 expense from Goodyear). I spent a total of 2, 400 for something they could not fix. Going to get a lawyer and take the manager to small claims court in Maryland.

Desired outcome: I would like a refund of 1,000 that I had to pay Goodyear to fix the problem.

National Tire & Battery [NTB] - Unethical behaviour/ racism

On September 1, 2021, me and my husband visited the store located at 28 Watson Lane in Fredericksburg. My husband purchased two tires. Mr. Leach (I guess) went in the back to retrieve the tires, when my husband noticed that there was a charge for disposal of tires in the amount of $6.50. He asked associate Bernie about the charge and his response was" that is just the way it is" and that he should wait for the other gentleman to return. My husband then spoke with the returning associate and he asked Bernie to retrieve cash to return the fee. Bernie then went into the register and instead of given my husband his money, he gave it to the Black associate to hand it to my husband and this happen twice. To say we were displeased with this level of service was unspeakable. Every time we visit this location there is a problem with the way we are treated or handled. My husband enjoys going to NTB because they usually have the exact tires for his vehicles. we would love to remain loyal however this type of service should not be given when people visit this or any establishment.

Desired outcome: Left with purchase

He handed the $ to a black employee, to hand to you. How is that racist? Either way he still still would be handing the $ to a black person.

National Tire & Battery [NTB] - Automobile Repair

This is the problem I encountered with NTB when I took my 2006 Buck Le Sabre to have it inspected on June 3, 2020. At the time I got new tires, a synthetic oil change and the replacement of the steering gear and the rack and pinion system. I was able to drive the vehicle approximately 1, 000 miles before it began having trouble with the steering system. This was in February, 2001 and we were in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. I decided to park the car and take it back in June 1, 2021 when it was required to be inspected. At that time I told the technician about the steering problem. They put additional power steering fluid in the vehicle and told me that it was fixed. I began experiencing the same problem and took my car back to NTB for additional repairs. At that time they replaced the power steering pump at no charge. On my way home, I could tell that the work performed did not solve the problem. I was driving on the interstate and their negligence put my life at risk. At that time I decided that I had to take my car to the Buick dealership in order to fix my car. I was told at the dealership that the power steering lines were installed incorrectly and they had to replace the power steering pump and steering gear. It cost me $1, 650 to restore my car to drivability. I contacted NTB and They denied any responsibility for this problem. Don't take your car to NTB. They are incompetent.

Desired outcome: Refund of Money Paid

Aug 16, 2021

National Tire & Battery [NTB] - Tire rotation

On Aug. 7th I had an appointment to get my tires rotated. The last several times I had it in for a rotation I complained of a thumping noise and they could never find it. This time I explained to them how to find where the noise was coming from and asked them to find it and give me a cost to get it fixed. They found the noise and said it was a sway bar link but couldn't give me a price to fix it because it was Saturday. This made no sense but he went on to explain that because of the age of the car I needed shocks and struts but couldn't give me a price because again, it was Saturday. Then he said that they took the car for a drive and said I would need rotors because the car sometimes shakes when it comes to a stop. I told him I knew about the rotors and was only putting that off for a short while because the pads would also need replaced soon. He never told me he didn't rotate the tires.
I forgot to ask them to fix the tire that was on the front left as it was leaking air. On Sunday the 8th, the day after they were supposed to rotate the tires, my dash lit up to tell me the front left tire was low on air. At first I thought they just forgot to reprogramm the tire sensors position as that has happened before, but when I went to air up the tire it was the left front tire. Then I noticed the slight wear on the edges of the front tires where they needed to be rotated. So on Monday the 9th once they were open again and I got off work, I called to ask why they didn't rotate the tires. The gentleman I talked to said he would have to look at the paperwork to find out and would call me back. He never did so I went there on Saturday the 14th to ask them to do it. I was pretty angry as I felt they hadn't done what they were supposed to do and they blew me off once they got me off the phone. I didn't want to have to make another appointment and come back again. He felt that he shouldn't have to put me in front of customers that had appointments but I felt like he should because I had already made my appointment and they hadn't done the job they led me to believe they had done. This led to a pretty heated argument from both sides. They also changed their story at the end to try to say that they told me they didn't rotate my tires because the tires on the front would be dangerous on the back. This is a line of crap! I have pictures I will try to attach to show that my tires are not worn or "cupped" as they claim.
I'm not sure what outcome I want from this because I do not want these guys working on my car again after our heated argument and their blatant lies. I don't trust them. When I bought the tires they came with lifetime rotation and balance. The tires still have plenty of life left and it's not fair for me to ask another tire shop to do it for free because they didn't sell me the tires. I do not remember both guys names that I talked to. I believe the first guy was Mark but not sure and the second was the manager on duty. I know them to see them but I did not get their names.
All of the close up pictures of tires are the front tires and I added a picture of the car the show that it is a nice, well maintained vehicle. In fact between my cars, my son's car and my girlfriends cars I have spent thousands at this shop over the years and as long as these two guys are there I will not spend another cent at NTB.

Desired outcome: Tell me how you're going to resolve this and don't blow me off like they did


National Tire & Battery [NTB] - the services and qualification of the employees

I went in to ntb to purchase a set of tires finally someone waited on me.The tires were purchased after whatching the man balance the tires i went to the sales man and complained about the tires carrying to much wait he assured me it was fine. I new right thin it was going to be trouble. I worked at NTW years ago on Rossville Blvd. Chattanooga Tn. as I figured the truck vibrated pretty bad . I didnt have time off from work to return until it was time for the tires to be rotated.I explained to the salesman the situation Of course i was going to be charged for the balancing again.Ok asked the salesman if they turned the tires 180 degrees or 90 degrees to try and get the wait and make the tire roll smoother he had know idea what i was talking about so I explained He said o sure we do that and also I didnt want them putting a lot of wait on the tires with out turning them He agreed . I made a appointment . Showed up on time took almost 30 minutes to get the truck in the bay then the service guy didnt even know how to put the truck on the rack after 40 minutes he finally got it in the air started balancing the tires never checked the air pressure started adding wait right off the bat.I watched him do this to two of the tires. went to the sales man told him he said how do you know he did answer I was watching him had a few word finally told him if the where not going to do what we agreed on to putt the truck on the ground of course I didnt know what i was talking about. Then another salesman got involved he was dumber than the first one put thought he new every thing.So my truck got put on the ground and is worse than what it was. Never will I be back at NTB or any one in my family and I have a big family and a lot of friends .Take my advise go somewhere else the at least knows what they are doing NTB is nothing but a rip off.

Jul 30, 2021

National Tire & Battery [NTB] - Quote for repairs not needed

NTB gave me a quote for approx. $2, 300 for repairs on my 2007 Jeep Liberty. Not only was this quote for more than the car is worth, but after taking my vehicle elsewhere for repair I found out that the items I was told needed repairs did not in fact even need to be replaced. I got the car fixed for approx. $540 instead at a different shop. NTB labor costs at were quoted at a whopping $1, 400! This is so wrong. How do you justify this? Had I taken your word for it I would be out thousands of dollars more than necessary. Plus I already had one of the quoted items replaced by only two years prior which cost me well over a thousand dollars at that time. I definitely feel ripped off and think o deserve compensation for your overinflated costs and dishonesty.

National Tire & Battery [NTB] - What Customer Service????

I don't know what is going on here. I have been a customer of this Store for over a decade. I needed new tires and scheduled the installation on line. I indicated that I would wait. When I arrived at the appropriate time, I was told that the service people were going home. They would keep my car overnight and do the install first thing in the morning. I asked what time would it be done, I was told by 9:30AM. Thursday June 30 I called at 0945 to see if the car was finished, it wasn't. I ended up picking the car up at 11:20am. The next day, July 1, I received an email from NTB indicating they have a buy 2 get 2 free offer. I called and spoke with the sales person, she indicated that she had no control over what corporate did. I asked to speak to the manager and was put on hold. After a period of time the sales person picked up and indicated that the manager would honor the new offer, however my installation package would change. I accepted the change. Now I was put on hold again for an extended period of time as they tried to figure out what to do next. I think they expected me to say no thank you and hang up. Short story, I called and spoke with Kevin Beach the manager. He indicated that indeed they would honor the new deal and that "George" was working on the figures. George would call me back. 35 minutes later, it is now after 5:00 PM, I called and asked for Kevin. He was gone and George was with a customer. The sales person indicated that they would refund the original sale and re-write it with the new terms. This means the original sale amount would be held on my card and I would also be charged the new amount. That was not acceptable. The cost difference was $62.47 and the addition of two services on my computer record. They either could not figure out how to do that or they are not allowed to do that. Either way, I told them to forget the change. I was not having over $600.00 held on my card and another $700.00 charged to it.
After over 10 years and multiple cars serviced here, I am through with them. There are many other options open to consumers.

National Tire & Battery [NTB] - Over charged, replaced parts that didnt need replacing without my permission

On July 2nd my son broke down on the freeway and NTB was the closes mechanic. It was a minor leak from the bracket that holds the reservoir tank. The car was starting to overheat and needed the part fixed. My son pointed out what was leaking (part of a bracket) and said he didnt want a diagnostic run on the car. They explained they had to run a diagnostic because they would be liable if the car broke down when he left(lied). They couldnt find the bracket so I bought it and brought it to them. When I picked the car up it was almost $700.00 for a $150.00 at best repair. After I paid they told me the car was still overheating and I about fainted. They told me they didnt run the diagnostic after all and would take that off the bill and then explained they only fixed the leak (again lied). the bill shows they changed out hoses that didnt need changing according to BMW and a reservoir tank. Hoses that had absolutely nothing to do with the leak. Called headquarters to discuss the problem and told me they would call me back and never did.

National Tire & Battery [NTB] - To be refunded the money I lost!

Good morning, In May of 2021, I brought my vehicle to NTB in Petersburg Virginia to have a repair done. In the process of repairing my vehicle the mechanic decided to use an after market piece as a...

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Jul 20, 2021

National Tire & Battery [NTB] - Spark plugs

It happened on 7/16/21 between 10:01 AM and 01:19 PM. Customer: [protected] Order Number: [protected] To change 4 spark plugs I was charged $248.58. The plugs provided were priced at 4X their market...

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National Tire & Battery [NTB] - Racism

I wrote to you about 2 weeks ago about my son who is biracial and had just started working at the ntb on valley view blvd in roanoke va. He was being called [censored] I hate that word by a coworker off...

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National Tire & Battery [NTB] - Tires and front end alignment

My husband got new truck tires and a front end alighnment and they did such a terrible job that after we took it back to redo the alighnment the truck quickly got really bad shacking on the front...

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National Tire & Battery [NTB] - Workmanship and no respect

I had an appointment at 12:30 with tires purchased at NTB for rotation and balance. It took until closing to get my car back at 6pm. The car rides horrible and has vibration in the front tires. I brought it back and they said it will be 4-5 hours can you leave it...
Then the store manager said what did you expect when you just rotate the tires. I said I asked for rotate and balance that I paid for when I purchased the tires. Buyers beware NTB is not what they used to be. Horrible service and they do not care about the customer

Desired outcome: They need to respect customwrs

National Tire & Battery [NTB] - No service even with a scheduled appointment?

I had a "scheduled appointment" for Saturday June 14th at 11:30am to have my tires purchased at NTB, rotated and balanced. I arrived at 11:15am to check in. At first I was told there no record of me in the system? After producing receipt of purchase, the NTB clerk found that my name had been entered incorrectly. After correcting, I was checked-in. At approx 11:45am I inquired when my car would be serviced, as it was still parked outside? I was informed by the desk person I was next up for service. At 12:25pm I left when it was apparent no one could tell me when I would receive service!
The manager(s) observed did not appear too interested in moving service along?

Desired outcome: NTB, Woodruff Road, Greenville, SC

Jun 13, 2021

National Tire & Battery [NTB] - Tire service center

So, I had a tire emergency in Anderson, SC. I took my vehicle in for a new tire installation. I dropped the vehicle off for the service. Shortly after, I received a call from the store. My wheels have security.lugs on the rims and they needed the special socket to loosen the lug nuts. I told them it was either in the glove box or in the rear storage compartment. The store closes at 6pm and I received a call that it was ready around 5:45. I went to pick the vehicle up, was rushed out because it was bordering on 6pm. I paid for the service and proceeding to leave. I stopped for shopping and as I was closing my vehicle up, I noticed something. What I noticed was black grease all over the inside of my beige leather interior...drivers seat, passenger seat, glove box front, arm rests, carpet and door handles...I immediately called the store. The employee just told me to get it detailed and they would cover it, that he didn't have time to deal with it...a somewhat nice gesture but I have kept the interior of this car in near mint condition for the five years I have owned it. I have been assured by a professional detailer that while the grease will probably come off the leather, the stitching will be permanently stained. This is far from over with NTB. If you live in the Anderson area, please beware...

Desired outcome: Upholstery replaced, other affected areas cleaned

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