Andy's Auto Sport Complaints & Reviews

Andy's Auto Sport / Stay away

Dec 04, 2017

Do yourself a favor and stay away from this website and their service. A month ago I ordered side skirts from them and it turned out that they don't fit my car and had to be adjusted first before installation. Unbelievable! I was infuriated when I found it out. Why did anyone tell me about...

Andy's Auto Sport / They don't answer

Oct 03, 2017

Please, stay away and don't order anything from them. I was so disappointed when after a long waiting I got the wrong item. I called them, but I guess the phone number is wrong. No one ever picked it up and never called me back, so that's why I think so. Looks like a scam. I still hope they... / Terrible experience

Jan 12, 2017

I had a terrible experience with Andysautosport!! I bought some parts from their website and paid some extra for quick delivery but my order did not arrive. When I contacted their support they promised I'll get my order tomorrow and they said the same thing every time I called. In the end... / Seller didn't provide the confirmation info

Nov 10, 2014

I bought car parts from the website After I placed the order and paid for it, I hoped to get any info, but the seller didn’t provide any confirmation email or the tracking number. I sent multiple emails and asked about the status of my order, but no response...

Andys Auto Sports / Very poor quality parts

Jul 07, 2014

I bought a premier body kit for my Camaro from Andys Auto Sports, when the body shop doing the work received the part they called me to inform me that the parts were very poor quality, I called Andys Auto sports and was told to take picture and send them. Then I was informed that the... / Provides fault parts and refuses to solve the problem

Mar 29, 2014

I don’t recommend anyone to buy from the website They provided me damaged parts, and when I finally reached the seller, he told me to pay for the return postage. So the return postage cost me more than I paid for the parts. It was so annoying that they... / Avoid this one at all costs


I order some stud for my car about a couple month ago. Came within a week at first i was glad, once i put them on i notice it dont fit. I call several hundred of time never get threw been on hold for hr tons of time never get threw...NOTE "andysautosport have poor customer service"...i... / This has to be the worst online purchase I have ever made


I had ordered a part from this company about 3 weeks ago and I was told that the item I had ordered would be at my house in 4 to 5 days. Needless to say its been over 20 days now. I just got off the phone with the customer service and they item hasn't even been shipped yet... / Avoid this website at all costs


Ordered a roll pan may 3rd. they listed it as a in stock item. Got an email saying they were contacting the vendor to get a delivery estimate. This went on for another week and then they stopped communicating. I finally put a claim in with my credit card company today, May 31. When I... / Don't find yourself in the same shape that I find myself in... they're crooks


I ordered a Hood for My Camaro From Andy's Auto Sport. I had it delivered to a reputable paint and body shop for prep and installation. The body shop said that the hood was a piece of crap and that it would not fit my car. Casting was terrible. it had cracks amd deformities that made... / I did research on the site before ordering from them and got negative reviews


I did research on the site before ordering from them and got negative reviews. Here is a simple list of what i found: -High shipping rates -Damaged parts -Poor customer support -Wrong price listed on parts That was enough for me to choose not to order from them. I suggest that you find the...

Andys Autosport / Sold junk led light


We purchased a set of Halo LED lights from Andys, and one does not work, when we called to inform them of the problem, there response was, send us a picture of the lights on at night. We did and then inquired again, this time the response was, remove the lights and connect the left...

Andy's Auto Sport / Unauthorized charges


I ordered some taillights for my son's truck on this company's website and as soon as i clicked confirm, the money was immediately taken from my debit card. The next page that came up said the order had been denied because the address I gave did not match the address of the debit...