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1800 223 3526 (United States)
1800 223 352 (Australia)
6200 Grand Pointe Drive
Grand Blanc, Michigan
United States - 48439
191 Salmon Street, Port Melbourne, Victoria, 3207, Australia

1500 Shenjiang Road, Shanghai

Unit 4-8, 3rd Floor Creator Building, International Tech Park, Whitefield Road, Bengaluru - 560066, India

Yubinbango 140-8687, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo Higashi Shinagawa 4-chome 12th № 8, Shinagawa Seaside East Tower 8F 

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ACDelcoDistributor Cap

Bought a distributor cap from dealer. It Went bad less than a month later leaving me stranded on the highway. I'm Very dissatisfied with ACDelco parts. I'm a GM Certified tech with 25 years experience. This should not have happened. Now I have more time and money invested in something that should have been an easy fix. Had to have my vehicle towed at additional cost.

You can reach me at [protected]
Andrew Kredel

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    Dec 23, 2019

    ACDelco — car battery

    Dear Sir/ Mam I got a new AC Delco battery 2/9/19 from JG Auto Repair in Jersey city. This mechanic carried...

    ACDelcoremanufactured power steering pump core rebate offer

    I ordered a re-manufactured ACDelco power steering pump from Amazon with the link to the Core Charge rebate center. After receiving the new pump, installing it and packing up the old pump to send in for the $45 core charge refund, the web site that ACDelco has asks for Amazon order number, I type it in and it comes back with red error message stating not a valid order number it can take two days, which I don't understand since it's been a week since I received the pump from Amazon? I contact the 800# for ACDelco and the person takes all my information and says someone will call me, no one called all day. I contact Amazon online chat, talked to no less than five different people on live chat in one hour time frame and had to explain the situation to each of them with no results at all, totally useless people Amazon has outsourced that live chat to.
    Now I sit waiting and holding the bag on $45 core charge I was promised in the sale on Amazon I would get refunded. I can't print the core charge refund form nor request a FEDEx label as the instructions say I would be able to do. Very disappointed

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      ACDelcowater pump

      I use a lot of your AC Delco truck parts on my work fleet, in fact I always ask for AC Delco by name and I always specify new and NOT re-built parts. Up until this week I haven't had a problem but the problem I had this week makes up for it.
      I purchased an AC Delco water pump for a 1989 Chevy K2500 truck with 8600 GVW at my local Autozone. I also bought a new radiator, new fan clutch, and both temp sending units from LMC Truck Parts.
      The last thing I ever do is half [censored] a repair on one of our work trucks.

      I removed all the old parts and replaced with all new and tightened down to Chevy specifications. I started the truck and ran it in park for about 35 minutes. Everything was working great, overheating problem solved.
      I went to road test the truck and after 2-1/2 blocks it started making a horrible sound, vibrating and shuddering and then BOOM just as I shut off the engine. I popped the hood to take a look and antifreeze was shooting everywhere. It's a little difficult to see all the radiator, fan, fan clutch and belt without removing the upper shroud but I immediately noticed my upper shroud had a huge hole in it.
      Once removed I immediately saw the problem.

      The front pressed on hub that the fan and fan clutch bolted onto the water pump had come right off the end of the water pump, caused all the pulleys to shred my serpentine belt and the fan blade and fan clutch tore into my radiator causing a golf ball sized hole and bent my fan blade into junk.

      To say I'm an unhappy customer is a major understatement. I was under the impression that all of your parts were factory tested. Apparently water pumps aren't tested with a fan and fan clutch in place or this defect would have been found.
      I talked to the manager at Autozone and he said they only cover the water pump and the rest is my problem.

      The upper fan shroud at LMC Truck Parts is $39.99 to replace, plus a $20.00 charge for "over sized freight"

      The radiator from LMC Truck Parts is
      $329.95 to replace, plus a $20.00 charge for "over sized" freight.

      The water pump would be a warranty exchange at Autozone but I have lost trust in AC Delco so I will most likely get an Edelbrock.

      The serpentine belt at Autozone is $39.99

      The fan blade at Autozone is $274.99

      I'm not sure if the fan clutch was damaged or not so before getting a new one I am going to have a machine shop spin it and test for run out !

      I hope you can see WHY I'm so upset.

      Because of a defect on your $40.00 water pump, it's going to cost me $724.96 for replacement parts, $59.45 for tax and I have no idea yet what shipping will cost. This doesn't include new antifreeze and all my time spent repairing it the first time and the un-do, re-do I'm going to have to do once I get the new parts but I'm looking at you defective part is going to cost me well over $800.00.

      I'm a small Finish Carpentry Contracting business in Eastern Washington with 16 employees.

      I'm hoping you can do something to help me out. I haven't taken anything apart yet so if need be, I can take plenty of pictures.

      I just can't afford to take such a hit from a big corporation like AC Delco and not spread the word to all my friends and on every social media outlet there is. When a mistake is made on something in one of the huge custom homes we work on, by myself or one of my employees, I ALWAYS have to pay for the mistake whether it be a piece of trim molding cut too short or a $8, 000.00 hand carved (by me) door with the hardware cut in wrong.

      Please let me know either way,

      Timothy Shaun Ragland

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        ACDelco2000 buick lesabre fuel pump

        Hi I have 2000 buick lesabre... The gas guage stopped working so my local mechanic suggested replacing the pump since we were in there. Recent in march I was driving home and the car stalled out and would not restart. I got it hauled into a shop and was determined the pump was under the psi needed to operate. I called the original shop and asked if it was warrantied... They said yes... And got me a new pump which I then ran over to where the car was being repaired. After being fixed I got my car back and drove 128 miles and to my luck stalled again... I got towed back to the shop and was determined that the pump was weak again. On the chance it wasn't just the pump there were extensive diagnostics done and another pump was ordered. This pump met the psi tolerance but the draw back was excessive when the car was shut off so yet again another pump was ordered. So now the third pump is in and is the best one of the three as I was told. 200 miles were put on my car to see if anything would replicate. So as we sit... My car is finished... Seems to have a good bill of health. But I am looking at charges for towing the vehicle, the extensive diagnostics, a fuel pressure regulator replacement... (why), and charges for test driving my vehicle. Oh yeah and labor rates. I had paid for the first recent replacement to get my car back. But what I do not understand is why it is my responsibility for payment for everything the happened after getting my car back and only driving 128 miles. The pump being faulty again should not be on me. It was literally 1 morning drive to work and a 3rd way back home. I paid for the labor the first time but yet again do not understand why it should be my responsibility for subsequent faulty pumps.

        I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your time and understanding.

        Nick dahler

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          ACDelcoacdelco batteries (provided by gm)

          My wife and I have lived in Bonita Springs Florida for the past eleven years and in February 2017 we purchased a Chevy Equinox from a local dealer, Estero Bay Chevrolet in Estero FL. The supposedly new ACDelco battery in this vehicle failed on July 17 after being in service for only six months. The dealer replaced the battery under our vehicle extended warranty on July 17, 2017. On March 12, 2019 the car failed to start and we took it back to the dealer service department after jump starting it. They said that the would "test it". After testing they said that it had "failed their test" and one battery terminal was covered with sulfate from battery acid and the dealer said that both the cable and terminal connector needed replacing. This battery was in service for less than twenty months before it failed and printed on the battery was the warranty with a statement of "free replacement up to 30 months". The dealer refused to honor this warranty and when I called Delco customer support they said that the warranty was not valid because I did not buy it directly from a battery dealer. The service bill for the new battery and cable installation came to $448.30 which my wife paid with her VISA card. In my opinion, the ACDelco warranty
          is virtually meaningless since neither they nor GM will stand behind it.

          It should be noted that the premature failure of the battery caused the cable to corrode and could have cause an electrical fire or driving accident. I strongly recommend that "run to failure" tests be conducted on a large sample of ACDelco batteries in GM vehicles, particularly in elevated temperatures like we have in Florida. If this third new ACDelco battery fails again in less than twenty four months, I will file a formal complaint with both GM abd ACDelco. This is a quality assurance and possible safety issue which needs to be investigated. At minimum, I expect ACDelco or the GM dealer to reimbursement for the cost of the battery and labor.

          John G Gaston III

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            Oct 30, 2018

            ACDelco — front shocks on 2015 suburban ltz part #[protected]

            The front ac delco magnetic ride shocks/shrut are completely blown out, the seal on the part has broken . The...



            VIRAL DOSHI

            I have purchase one ACDelco battery in the year 2015 and its in warranty period and I just want to know about the process for replacement of battery but I am surprising that from morning 10 :15 to till I have call 7 times to your helpline no but no one should pickup and 3 to 4 times they pickup the call but told me its a different department I will transfer your call but there no one should pickup the call.
            Your helpline no and customer care service is really 3rd class and too much ridiculous then the government offices.
            I am surprising and its very shameful for your company that I have call to your registered office, sales and marketing office and west region office at every office pickup the call and transfer the line to different departments but no one of your company employee know your companies helpline and toll free no.
            Its really very shameful that this type of giant companies not to teach their employee even companies customer care, toll free or helpline no.
            I request to your companies management pl once call to your helpline no +[protected] and experience your companies majestic service.

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              Aug 21, 2018

              ACDelco — timing belt serial # tb [protected] 8/21/18

              This Delco timing belt and a water pump were installed by University Auto in Dubuque, IA on my 2001 Toyota...

              ACDelcofuel pump - 41240 - production change??

              I have removed this part from my vehicle (1981 Corvette) and purchased the same AC Delco part for replacement. What I have is two parts with the same number, but are physically different. The pump with the gold bottom is the old pump from 20+ years ago and the silver pump is the new replacement. They are both stamped 41240 (see attached pics). The new pump has a smaller outlet fitting (5/16) and no flare for the fuel line. The old pump has a 3/8 outlet fitting and contains the flare for the fuel line . The new pump is not compatible in its current state for a 5.7L (350ci) SBC .
              Is there an AC Delco mechanical fuel pump that will match my old pump without modifications?

              fuel pump - 41240 - production change??
              fuel pump - 41240 - production change??

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                AC Delcoa/c compressor lasts 371 days. we are removing gm products from our clients' leasing choices

                compressor replaced by private shop on 10/6/2017 because GM shop could not accommodate me. Drove car 6, 300 miles in 12 mo and it went bad. Had appointment before 12 mo. warranty expired with original installer but he had to cancel my appointment because of the hurricane that hit Louisiana and Mississippi. Found out the new compressor instead of needing Freon as first thought and because of the storm preparation and post cleanup we were 6 days late on the warranty with two of those days being a weekend. AC-Delco says no to assisting with warranty coverage under those those circumstances. I Have personally purchased nine of their vehickes and been responsible for over 850 leases a year with my fleet expense company. No more will ALL business going to FORD and CHRYSLER products and after-market parts for clients with remaining GM inventory. They are willing to sacrifice their profitable sales and leasing business over a $350 compressor. Bad Move GM for allowing AC-Delco to be heartless.

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                  ACDelco — I want to complaint about your workers and cashiers

                  Sir i want to say that your service is not good with customers my complaint about exit 15 ac delco service...

                  ACDelco — window regulator 2011 impala driver rear

                  I purchased an acdelco window regulator through rock auto on 7/19/2016.The part has now failed on 7/28/2017...

                  ACDelco — acdelco aa alkaline batteries

                  I have about 3840 AA ACDelco batteries that were supposed to expire in December of 2018. Many have leaked out...

                  ACDelco — advertising with battery guarantee never being guaranteed but altered with a warranty stipulation

                  I purchased a battery ac deco guarantees 5 year life, first 3 years free replacement, 4th &5 year replacement...

                  ACDelcoOil filter

                  Had oil changed at a Chevy dealership and two weeks later we had a emergency stop at another dealership due to error on our 2016 Malbiu . It ended up being the AC Delco oil filter had a manufacturer flaw and most of our oil had leaked out. I still have the oil filter and the report from the dealership. Not sure if there will be long term damage to my car but something will be done.

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                    • Ka
                      Karine Martiros Mardaspan Jul 28, 2017

                      Their oil has a lot of HPV and fungi:



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                    ACDelco — Alternator

                    I grew up knowing that ACDelco parts were the best in the business. And it was well known that ACDelco stood...

                    AC Delco Battery — Battery

                    Myself shermis im residing in Doha, Qatar.Im using ac delco battery for my nissan sunny. 3 days ago battery...


                    ACDelcoAcdelco yukon car battery

                    Hi there,

                    I, for a number of years, use ACDelco batteries. Lately my GMC ACDelco battery became dysfunctional and I noticed a spill and some smoke at one side so I got concerned with regard to safety and took the car to a nearby car care shop were the battery was replaced with another ACDelco . I was asked to pay for the new battery despite the old one was still under the first year warranty, and this I was told because the stamp on the warranty belonged to a different place !
                    I did pay in full but I was not happy with what happened and I have decided to bring it to your attention to see how best this issue may be resolved. Regards

                    M AlGari

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                      ACDelcoIncorrect dispensing of fuel

                      I filled fuel at ACDelco Gas Station on Uthman Ibn Affan Road (Al-Izdihar Area) in Riyadh on Saturday - October 28. I had around half a quarter (around 10 liters) of fuel in my car and the warning light was far from turning on.

                      When the tank was full, I noticed the meter showed 88 liters of fuel. At the most, I have filled 84 - 85 liters of fuel when my tank is almost at end and the warning light is on.

                      As mentioned above, I had around 10 - 15 liters of fuel, I did not need more than 75 - 80 liters. This means, the gas station is dispensing less fuel and charging money.

                      The Ministry of Commerce & Investment or relevant department should look into this potential fraud.

                      Thank you.

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