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ACDelco Complaints & Reviews

ACDelco — remanufactured power steering pump core rebate offer

I ordered a re-manufactured ACDelco power steering pump from Amazon with the link to the Core Charge rebate center. After receiving the new pump, installing it and packing up the old pump to send in for the $45 core charge refund, the web site that ACDelco has asks for Amazon order number...

Cars, Parts & Vehicles  · Sep 10, 2019

ACDelco — water pump

I use a lot of your AC Delco truck parts on my work fleet, in fact I always ask for AC Delco by name and I always specify new and NOT re-built parts. Up until this week I haven't had a problem but the problem I had this week makes up for it. I purchased an AC Delco water pump for a 1989...

Cars, Parts & Vehicles  · Aug 04, 2019

ACDelco — 2000 buick lesabre fuel pump

Hi I have 2000 buick lesabre... The gas guage stopped working so my local mechanic suggested replacing the pump since we were in there. Recent in march I was driving home and the car stalled out and would not restart. I got it hauled into a shop and was determined the pump was under the...

Cars, Parts & Vehicles  · May 01, 2019

ACDelco — acdelco batteries (provided by gm)

My wife and I have lived in Bonita Springs Florida for the past eleven years and in February 2017 we purchased a Chevy Equinox from a local dealer, Estero Bay Chevrolet in Estero FL. The supposedly new ACDelco battery in this vehicle failed on July 17 after being in service for only six...

Cars, Parts & Vehicles  · Mar 13, 2019

ACDelco — front shocks on 2015 suburban ltz part #[protected]

The front ac delco magnetic ride shocks/shrut are completely blown out, the seal on the part has broken . The vehicle is not drive able. Our 2015 surburan ltz only has 76, 000 miles and your shocks have failed on it. When we purchased this car it was for the quality. I expected to have to...

Utica Cars, Parts & Vehicles  · Oct 30, 2018

ACDelco — battery

17.10.18 VIRAL DOSHI I have purchase one ACDelco battery in the year 2015 and its in warranty period and I just want to know about the process for replacement of battery but I am surprising that from morning 10 :15 to till I have call 7 times to your helpline no but no one should pickup...

Cars, Parts & Vehicles  · Oct 17, 2018

ACDelco — timing belt serial # tb [protected] 8/21/18

This Delco timing belt and a water pump were installed by University Auto in Dubuque, IA on my 2001 Toyota Camry at 112, 000 miles and broke at 147, 000 miles on August, 16th, after only 35, 00 miles of use, shortly before my family was to go on a weekend trip to Milwaukee, WI. The normal...

Dubuque Cars, Parts & Vehicles  · Aug 21, 2018

ACDelco — fuel pump - 41240 - production change??

ACDelcoI have removed this part from my vehicle (1981 Corvette) and purchased the same AC Delco part for replacement. What I have is two parts with the same number, but are physically different. The pump with the gold bottom is the old pump from 20+ years ago and the silver pump is the new...

Cars, Parts & Vehicles  · Nov 07, 2017

AC Delco — a/c compressor lasts 371 days. we are removing gm products from our clients' leasing choices

compressor replaced by private shop on 10/6/2017 because GM shop could not accommodate me. Drove car 6, 300 miles in 12 mo and it went bad. Had appointment before 12 mo. warranty expired with original installer but he had to cancel my appointment because of the hurricane that hit Louisiana...

Cars, Parts & Vehicles  · Oct 12, 2017

ACDelco — I want to complaint about your workers and cashiers

Sir i want to say that your service is not good with customers my complaint about exit 15 ac delco service center with cashier his name ANWER MOHAMMAD AL ANAZI His behaviour is not good with customer his is not respons with customer any time my car service is very late avoid my car focu...

Car Service Centers  · Oct 11, 2017

ACDelco — window regulator 2011 impala driver rear

I purchased an acdelco window regulator through rock auto on 7/19/2016.The part has now failed on 7/28/2017. I tried to call acdelco but they were closed until Monday 7/31/2017. I called acdelco on Monday and explained the situation and all I was told is that the warrant expired and I am...

Henderson Cars, Parts & Vehicles  · Aug 01, 2017

ACDelco — acdelco aa alkaline batteries

ACDelcoI have about 3840 AA ACDelco batteries that were supposed to expire in December of 2018. Many have leaked out and I have some damaged flashlights because of this. I have not used them all up and they are still in the cases but you can tell that the batteries are starting to leak acid out...

ACDelco — advertising with battery guarantee never being guaranteed but altered with a warranty stipulation

I purchased a battery ac deco guarantees 5 year life, first 3 years free replacement, 4th &5 year replacement but with prorated cost to the customer. I paid a prorated cost for the replacement because I did not get 5 years guarantee battery life, stamped right on the battery, guaranteed five...

Bad Business Partners  · May 01, 2017

ACDelco — Oil filter

Had oil changed at a Chevy dealership and two weeks later we had a emergency stop at another dealership due to error on our 2016 Malbiu . It ended up being the AC Delco oil filter had a manufacturer flaw and most of our oil had leaked out. I still have the oil filter and the report from...

ACDelco — Alternator

I grew up knowing that ACDelco parts were the best in the business. And it was well known that ACDelco stood behind their parts and still do. What is disappointing is that I have purchased 3 alternators in the last two years and another one is now failing. One of the new alternator...

Cars, Parts & Vehicles  · Jan 12, 2017

AC Delco Battery — Battery

Myself shermis im residing in Doha, Qatar.Im using ac delco battery for my nissan sunny. 3 days ago battery got complaint and i went to the shop where i bought the battery, they asked me to go directly to the company which are very far from my location, i cannot reach before closing...

Cars, Parts & Vehicles  · Nov 28, 2016

ACDelco — Acdelco yukon car battery

Hi there, I, for a number of years, use ACDelco batteries. Lately my GMC ACDelco battery became dysfunctional and I noticed a spill and some smoke at one side so I got concerned with regard to safety and took the car to a nearby car care shop were the battery was replaced with another...

Cars, Parts & Vehicles  · Nov 16, 2016

ACDelco — Incorrect dispensing of fuel

I filled fuel at ACDelco Gas Station on Uthman Ibn Affan Road (Al-Izdihar Area) in Riyadh on Saturday - October 28. I had around half a quarter (around 10 liters) of fuel in my car and the warning light was far from turning on. When the tank was full, I noticed the meter showed 88 liter...

Gas Stations  · Oct 28, 2016

ACDelco — Extended Range Battery (EVLN2)

I just had to replce the extended range battery in my 2014 Chevrolet Volt. The ACDelco battery was only 1 1/2 years old and cost me $300 to replace. The car was just out of the 36, 000 miles bumper to bumper warranty. Neither GM nor ACDelco would do anything about this. I'm sorry but a car...

Detroit Cars, Parts & Vehicles  · Dec 28, 2015


I brought my car to the workshop for oil exchange. The first date, they told me that they are busy come tomorrow. The next day, I cam at 8:00 AM (they open at 8:00) and they told me, put your car and come and take by 4 or 5 PM. It is just oil exchange and your workshop is named Quick Service, did I read it right? Regards; Ali [protected]

Car Service Centers  · Apr 16, 2015

AC Delco Battery — Bad customer service

Al Jomaih, AC Delco brand. Dear Sir, A month ago I bought an AC Delco battery for my car. Although my car is not of American make, I bought this battery due to trust, it's being well-known and the fact that I have loved it since I used to drive American cars. I bought this battery from...

ACDelco — Lack of product and service quality

Hi, my name is Krysten Sofka and I have a complaint with AC Delco replacement parts. In May of 2006 the air conditioning in my 1997 Olds. Aurora went out. I took it to a local mechanic and they had to replace my air conditioning compressor. Less than three months later my air started to go...