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Don't waste your hard earned money on a prepaid visa from it's a complete rip off. I went to 4 stores listed on the website and none of them accepted my card. I called the number on the back of the card and the person confirmed there is full credit available on the card and they tried to tell me to go to other stores eventhough i triple checked which ones were listed on the website. I wasted 4 hrs travelling and shopping without being able to buy anything i needed because this company is a joke and does not care about the consumer once you pay them their money for a prepaid card. Rip off and no customer support, i hate this company and anyone who has half a brain will stay away from this scam does not let you use the card where they advertise that it will work, then when you wait on hold and spend your cell phone minutes while holding up the purchase line at the store, they say why don't you shop somewhere else. . . [censored] this bull#### a###### rip off scam - stay away you will end up being screwed like many others in the same situation.


  • Ex
    Extremely Disappointed1 May 20, 2014

    Absolutely agree with the above complaint! Could not use the card at the participating locations - it was embarrassing. The card has now expired and I called customer service to have a new one issued. They said "Too Bad - So Sorry!" Really!?!

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  • Ke
    kermitt73 Jun 04, 2014

    I misplaced my card. When I finally found it, the card had expired. This company charged me $3.95 per month as an "account maintenance fee" and charged me fifteen dollars to replace my expired card. I am not a fan of gift cards in the first place, but if you have to use them, do not use this company. What a scam.

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  • Mo
    mountaintop Jul 07, 2014

    I had similar problem...I misplaced card, did not realize it was only good for 6 months and then it expired & they won't replace!
    Total off! Not very ethical!!!

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  • Xc
    xCenturylink retiree Oct 21, 2014

    6 tries and same amount of calls to Each time it was BS, then they advised me to pay with another CC and would be reimbursed like sure really, if you can not deliver one way what would be expected you would come thru another way. It was a reward card from employment another benefit that isn't delivered. When I called Benefit Office they could care less

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  • Ju
    juno macdonald Dec 14, 2014

    i agree 100% with all of these coments, I have tried to use my card at 3 merchants listed on their merchant list and all have been declined ! Also called customer service and you just get the run around there too! I also received my card from my company for all my years of dedicated service. And this is what I get, Wish I hadn t got anything, would have been less stressed and pissed and had a better attitude towards my company !

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  • Ju
    JuanTwo Feb 09, 2015

    I have received one of these cards. It needs to be activated on It looks like a scam from a mile away. My question is if anybody know how to actually stop these people from sending you this stuff. What if this card gets delivered to somebody else and gets activated. The Post office have delivered some of my mail to my neighbors. Any idea.

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  • Nb
    Nbdysfool3 May 18, 2015

    I have used my card with no problems and think that customer service did a top notch job when I needed a replacement card when I misplaced mine! I don't understand all the complaints at all, they were great to me! Maybe the problem lies within the consumers! Just sayin

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  • Da
    David Stroman Aug 05, 2019

    @Nbdysfool3 Wonder how many more 'Nbdysfool3's work for this company?

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  • Wi
    William Wolfe Aug 03, 2015

    My company gave me one of these cards for 25 years of service. Great idea. . .if it worked. Tried to order something from Bed Bath and Beyond. . .which is on the website as being accepted. . .but the card was declined. However. . .it was still charged, and my balance was dropped. So basically, Prepaid takes the money out of the account. . .they just don't pay the merchant. Naturally, the merchant doesn't send the stuff.

    I'm not entirely sure that this is a real company. The website is slick, and the card sure looks real, but if all they do is reduce the balance when you try to use it, without actually having to pay anything. . .what do they do? If I ever give-up totally on that whole Heaven business. . .I may try to get into the fake gift card business. I bet it pays quite well.

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  • Jg
    jgrair Feb 17, 2016

    I have 2 cards that just expired, why would these expire? They were an award from my company, I paid taxes on the money and now the money is gone! Customer non-service tells me that it is confidential where my money is. How is it confidential when MY name is on the card? This is fraud on every level and we should get a class action lawsuit against them for this non sense.

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  • Py
    P Yap Mar 31, 2016

    Please File a compalint with CFPB (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau) at if you have the problem with wants $15 to replace the expires card. Don't let this type of company get off without any scrutiny.

    According to CFPB:
    Question: If my prepaid card expires, do I lose my money?

    Answer: If you have a prepaid debit card and the card expires while you still have money on it, you can request a replacement card to access the funds.

    The funds on a gift card will be good for at least five years, even if the physical card expires at an earlier time. If your card expires and there are unspent funds on it that have not expired, the issuer may give you a replacement card or give you the money by another means, such as a check. Either way, they may not charge you a fee.

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  • De
    debb2016 Oct 16, 2016

    I agree worthless tried using at multiple merchants on list declined. I also got from work. Pisses me off.

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  • Um
    Umairmalik Dec 20, 2016

    So I redeemed my work reward points to get this Visa card, rcvd the card in like 2 weeks and when I tried to activate the card it said the card is no longer valid. Called customer service and guess what? they said my name is "potentially listed as not to do business with'" lol seriously? And they want me to fill a form a send a government issued ID to prove that the person they have on their list is not me!!! R u ####ing kidding me? Spoke to CSR was on hold and transferred to different reps but total run around. Now I'm thinking what to do.. should I send them my photo ID.. I don't know I'm confused! All I can say that this is such a ####ty company and other companies should stop doing business with this #### hole!!

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  • Da
    Dawn M. Turner Apr 01, 2017

    why do theses companies continue o use these cards? I tried to use the card with no success. I am pissed, not only did the card not work, but I was completely embarrassed. never again!!

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  • Le
    Lee Qualls Apr 17, 2017

    I just got this card in the mail says to activate it at it seems the website is gone. Guess this was a fly by night company.

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  • Zo
    zoorush Apr 18, 2017

    i just received 2 cards and wonder if i should activate them?

    They say $50 rewards debit card. Should I try to use it?

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  • An
    Andy Husker Apr 29, 2017

    I also misplaced my $100 card that I was awarded through my company for doing a good job. When I finally found it, the card had expired. This company charged me $3.95 per month as an "account maintenance fee" and charged me fifteen dollars to replace my expired card. With fee and card replacement, the $100s (that I had paid taxes on) was now worth $41s!!! What a scam! I asked them what "account maintenance" is involved on a monthly basis...did they call me?...did they invest in postage to advise me of my balance declining?...did they do anything to advise me? Of course not and the call center and their supervisor didn't give me an answer other than "that's the rules"! I deduced that "maintenance" involves some Visa executive looking at a spreadsheet of expiring cards with my name and others on it and laughing about what dopes we must be for letting our card expire and paying them $4s per month. I told them that they are robbing (no exaggeration in my opinion) my money and they have no right to do this! $15s to get a new plastic card that everyone else gives away for free further adds salt to my wound. I advised my company to drop this "reward" from the possible's a complete ripoff. Especially since the front of the card said "Funds do not expire."!!! Beware of this scam!

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  • Va
    Vanessa alvarenga May 10, 2017

    Well temporary of course

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  • Ni
    Nikki Kinnel Binns May 22, 2017

    I have been trying to activate my "rebate" cards for the past 4 hours. I have tried via website which times out, and also via phone which states they are undergoing maintenance and hangs up. I hate rebates that are paid this way as they are an absolute gimmick and pain for the consumer!!!

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  • Rl
    rlourlou May 30, 2017

    Yes, I have encountered difficulty in activating my card too. What's a sh__ty company trying to scam the consumer at all levels.

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