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I received a $250 card from this company as a reward at work. I entered the number of the website to activate the card and received a message that the information is invalid.

I tried the phone number provided and received the same message that he number is not valid. I tried for a long while to get a human on the line, but it kept looping back insisting I enter the card number.

After going through the loop a number of times, it finally transferred me to a hold position to wait for a customer service representative. After more than five minutes, a "person" came on the line and asked how I could help. They appeared not to hear me. I tried several times to speak to them, but the line kept being repeated. "How can I help you".

I determined the call was likely sent to a bogus recording where they pretend to not hear you. This appears to be some sort of scam that my company fell for. They paid money for a prepaid Visa and it is something I cannot use.


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    Stan Prus May 26, 2016

    Totally agree. Website will not allow activation. Card is useless

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    Antiscamer2020 Feb 03, 2019

    @Stan Prus Rebates are LEGAL scams. They are worse than insurance companies. In the end they WILL pay if you jump thru enough hoops.
    I had the same problem.. OOOPS, they for got to allow you to prove you are not a bot. Go to LOGIN as if you already had an account (which you don't). There you can activate the card as long as you pass the "bot test". Nice try but we win.

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    Chang Cushman Jan 24, 2017

    nothing but a piece of crap. they don't work so the company don't have to pay

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    Len Taruc Dec 29, 2018

    I received $34.00 as a rebate from JCPenny, i keep activating the card but it deny telling Invalid, I called the number at the back, not even ringing, Is this a Scam, now I don't believe abouit the reward their promoting! Website is useless ! VISA card is a CRAP!

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    Antiscamer2020 Feb 03, 2019

    The fraud is actually against you AND the merchant who no doubt will be charged the $34. Hey Congress... take time out of your attempts to over throw the President of the US and do something about this fraud instead

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