Mr. Tire Complaints & Reviews

Mr. Tire / oil change, spark plugs, belt

Sep 16, 2019

Mr. TireHello, this is Amy Pajcic (my account was previously under my husband's name, Seth Harnett). I would like to file a complaint against the Mr. Tire store in North Ridgeville, OH. I took my 2012 Honda Civic in for an oil change and a 100k mile check/belt change on 7-29-19, at which time...

Mr. Tire / violation of privacy while getting oil changed

Sep 13, 2019

Mr. TireI went to mr tire on lake on November 5th 2018 for a oil change. The owner of the shop took it upon himself to go through the vehicle locked compartment (center console) without written or verbal permission from me (I paid for oil change only not a privacy search of vehicle) or the vehicle...

Mr. Tire / rudest ever store manager I saw in my whole life

Sep 05, 2019

I went to replace 2 tires for my van. Store manager named Stu Aguilera after 45 min come out and told me that old tires is not coming out so we going to use big bar to take tires if studs going to break you have to pay to replace by new studs I told him I came to professional tire shop you...

[Resolved] Mr. Tire / Job environment

Aug 17, 2019

My husband works at the location given. The manager is being very unprofessional. He picks and chooses who gets higher paying jobs. Should be first come first serve. His work place is NOT safe as well. A coworker pulled a gun on him. I think something needs to get right over there. It'...

Mr. Tire / service

Aug 11, 2019

Yesterday my truck has been in Mr Tire in Ft Washington MD for exactly 1 month for a brake line repair that was repaired in October 2018 there. After calling customer service a number of times talking to the district manager a couple of times all I can get is were sorry. I have never...

Mr. Tire / oil change

Aug 08, 2019

My vehicle was serviced on Tuesday August 6 for a oil change. My wife drove the car the next day and when she got home it was smoking. I looked under the hood and the oil cap was not put back on the engine causing oil to get everywhere in the engine compartment and all over my wiring...

Mr. Tire / false estimated service needed

Aug 07, 2019

Mr. TireI took my vehicle to Mr. Tire for an alignment. After waiting for 90 minutes, the manager came out with an estimate for "other things" they found to repair. The estimate was $1735.65. I declined and took my car to another shop. They did the alignment and checked the "other things" Mr. Tire...

Mr. Tire / brake line replacement

Aug 01, 2019

My truck had its brake line replaced there in October 2018 and the brake lines went bad again. My truck has been in Mr tire for 3 weeks now and I have not been able to get an honest answer on when I will get it back. I have been told several times that it would be ready be it is still...

Mr. Tire / oil change

Jul 24, 2019

Mr. TireI got my oil changed at Mr. Tire well three days later my car was making a horrible sound and my check engine light came on. As I was driving to get it looked at my oil light kept blinking on and off. In my mind I am thinking I can't need oil because I just got it changed but i pulled in...

Mr Tire Columbus Ohio Polaris / oil change

Jul 16, 2019

Took my vehicle to mr tire for a 9 o'clock appt for oil change. Vehicle was not done until noon. When I went to pick vehicle up I had a few questions. The man told me I would have to wait for the manager and he was next door at mcdonalds getting breakfast. A few minutes later the...

Mr. Tire Auto Center #691 / mr. tire damaged my car after a tire patch and oil change service. the car is not operable

Jul 11, 2019

On July 8, 2019 I had an appointment for an oil change and tire patch at 3:00 pm. David Fields the store manager completed the service request which included a full synthetic oil change, tire patch with tire rotation. Richard Dreves was the tech that worked on my car. At 4:44pm my car wa...

[Resolved] Mr. Tire / tpms/ tire leak

Jul 06, 2019

On 6/3/19 at 10:37:19am, I took my Nissan Sentra SR to Mr. Tire to get the back right tire looked out for a leak. Mr. Tire called me later that day and said it would cost me $1, 200 - that I needed all these repairs. My car is a 2015 model with only 24k miles, the fluids are fine, I just...

Mr. Tire / Courtesy, Honesty & Quality of Service left w/prior mgmt

Jul 02, 2019

For starters, I do not expect resolution. I've been a customer at the above referenced location for approximately 10 years (4 cars). Initial mgmt. was GREAT!! Great communication with customers, timely handling/checking-in upon arrival, great notation of issues to be investigated, quick...

Mr. Tire / possible vehicle tampering.

Jun 30, 2019

Mr. TirePerhaps the management can explain why i have been going to Mr. Tire and spending my hard earned money getting everything from Brakes, tires, oil changes and batteries and yet the last two times i was there; I left with a nail in my tire. I'm not sure as to why this being done, though I...

Mr. Tire / wheel alignment

Jun 27, 2019

Mr. TireI can hear noise from my rear tires when I am driving, especially when I go above 50mph. Then, after I got my state inspection done from a certified auto technician, he told me it's an alignment issue. Therefore, I went to Mr. Tire for wheel alignment. The technician over there told...

Mr Tire / stripped oil plug/pan

Jun 10, 2019

Took my 2013 Nissan Rouge to the dealer for it's scheduled maintenance this past Tuesday, June 4. According to the dealer my oil pan/plug had been stripped and would need to be replaced. I went that afternoon to Mr Tire. I spoke with Chris, and asked for the manager. Chris advised he...

Mr. Tire / customer service

Jun 10, 2019

I have a corporate account with mr tire and have been doing business with them for over ten years... I am just fed up with the rudeness of your counter lady at mr tire in ft Washington Maryland. She is the reason we are taking our corporate acct elsewhere. I had had other encounters with...

Mr. Tire / services rendered on 5-26-19

Jun 02, 2019

My name is Sybil Woodlief my husband Mack and I stopped in with car problems on that Sunday afternoon. We had the code read at auto zone next door. We had a coil pack replaced fuel injector treatment and a tuneup. The car didn't run any better by Tuesday the 28th so went to my mechanic at...

Mr Tire / wiper repair

May 30, 2019

My daughter brought her car in for repair for her wipers. They charged her 130 to look at it. Charged a total of 300 dollars for a wiper transmission! There is no such thing. Nothing got fixed. She went back in. They said it would cost another one hundred for a wiper motor. She said I paid...

Mr Trie / tire mount, balance service

May 29, 2019

My son purchased tires online and took them to our local Mr. Tire. This is where I go for all my cars. The charge to mount and balance the tires, install new valve stems and disposal was $179.70. The wheels are off the car. This is way more than I paid when my van needed 17" Michelins and...

Mr. Tire / broken oil line

May 17, 2019

Mr. TireOn 04/16/19 I limped into your Solon, Ohio shop #869 in my 2008 Toyota Avalon with a blinking oil light and a loud engine. Your mechanic Ken quickly analyzed the situation as a failed oil line and made me aware of an existing Toyota recall for this problem. I immediately got on the phone...

Mr Tire / oil change

May 03, 2019

February 12th 2019 I took my car to get an oil change at Mr Tires location 3833 Erdman Avenue Baltimore Maryland two and a half weeks later May 1st my wife calls me and telling me that the car is broke down in the middle of the road instantly I t make my way to the car upon my inspection of...

Mr. Tire / wheel alignment - destroyed my new rack

Feb 28, 2019

Mr. TireIn June 2018 my personal mechanic installed a brand new rack on my car. I then took my vehicle to Mr. Tire for an alignment. When I arrived to pick the car up I found it in this condition (see photo). Neither the manager or the technician were aware. What's worst, the rack boot wa...

Mr. Tire / oil change

Feb 02, 2019

I took my car in for an oil change on October 27th, 2018. I went to the Mr. Tire on Route 73 in Voorhees NJ. I was told that all fluid levels were checked along with the oil change. Within two months, I noticed that my car was taking longer to stop. I, then, took my car to my father'...

Mr. Tire / coupon for oil change

Dec 06, 2018

Today my husband had a coupon for an oil change which stated it was for $14.99. When he got there presented the coupon and got the oil change for the price to be $21.99. The coupon does state in small print that there may be an additional charge for oil filter and other fees in state...

Mr. Tire / tire installation

Nov 20, 2018

In spring of 2018, Mr Tire in Gambrills, MD installed 4 tires. In the fall of 2018, the tires were rotated and while removing the tires, the lug nuts were so tight, one snapped and another spun-out. All the nuts required an oversized breaker bar to loosen the nuts. This means Mr Tire...

Mr. Tire / il change

Oct 12, 2018

Mr. TireI received a promotion card in the mail which listed a 9.99 oil change with the drive card which I have. When I went to have my oil changed the MrTire place on Front Street in Binghamton, NY 13901 on 10/12/2018 and they said that price was only good if I was applying for a drive card the...

Mr. Tire / wheel bearings & struts

Sep 06, 2018

April 25, 2018, I went to Mr. Tire on Mall Circle, Waldorf, MD for an slow air leak in my tire on my 2010 Subaru Legacy. They could fix it because I purchased my tires from there and purchased the insurance. I asked if they had time to take a look at my car for a noise coming from the left...

Mr. Tire / you support the nfl and you don't support us military at all

Aug 16, 2018

Everyone who reads this who's ever served in the military, tweet Donald Trump let him know that they support the NFL and not the military I hope they go out of business! And if they did go out of business they'll be another company tomorrow to fill their orders trust me . Calling for all...

Mr. Tire / john troutman owner of suv

Aug 01, 2018

I took my suv 2003 hydae senfa.for oil change n tire rotate n balance when ur store strip one of my studs on left front wheel n call tell me it cause me 79 dollar to fix I never had no trouble with my wheel studs I keep up on everything I have all paper work on everything done to suv guy...

Mr Tire Vestal & Customer Service Depr / damage to tire sensor

Jul 25, 2018

My vehicle showed low tire pressure, so I stopped and found a tire was low pressure. Assuming I picked up a nail, I drove to Mr Tire Vestal location. The manager told me that During removal of the tire, the tire sensor strap was broken, but they were repairing it and I had a bad valve on...

Mr. Tire / a spark plug change and lack of customer service

Jul 06, 2018

Mr. TireI took my 2001 Ford Escape in on June 30th for a spark plug change at the mr. Tire store in Penfield ny. During the change they found oil in the cylinder of my engine which was flooding over one of my spark plugs. The mechanic cleaned up some of the oil and then took out my bad spark plug...

Mr. Tire / tune up

Jun 25, 2018

Went in for a scheduled tune up. Received call after going in to look at the vehicle, a couple of other things were needed. After all said and done my quote for $389 jumped to over $1, 000.00. My husband worked with them, was satisfied with what they were going to do and the cost. After...

Mr. Tire / brake service

Jun 20, 2018

On May 14 2018, I went to your Gambrills location in Maryland off of route 3. I received brake service on my 2015 QX60 Infiniti Truck. A month later a was hearing some noise. I took my truck to the dealer and was inform the brakes were installed incorrectly and a part was bent. They...

Mr. Tire / over torque lug nuts.

Jun 17, 2018

2-weeks I took my 2002 Jetta TDI in to get the tires balanced at the Laurel Maryland location. I worked as a mechanic at the airport and do most work myself on cars, I'm 56-years old so I have some time under my belt. Anyway I took my car in to have the tire balanced and today I'm in the...

Mr. Tire / rebate

Apr 26, 2018

I ordered all for tires in Nov An was told i would get a rebate of $120 an that they would handle everything for me i had 6 months to pay the tires off however it only took 3 months. So i waited an waited on my rebate after 2 mts of waiting i call back to mr tire wanting to know well no...

Mr. Tire / unethical treatment

Apr 05, 2018

Went in for an inspection and oil change and had coupons to use. Cost started at just over $30 but needed to add an air filter and was told the price. Then things went terribly awry - I was told about other parts/work needed and after stating several times that I would take care of the...

[Resolved] Mr. Tire / services: product - two new tires, alignment, damage to my drivers truck door

Nov 27, 2017

11/27/2017 Mr. Tire Corporate Office 200 Holleder Pkwy. Rochester, NY 14615 Have several complaints: On 11/19/2017 my husband took our truck in to purchase two new tires and to get an alignment. My husband (Dr. Austin) got there at 11:30 a.m. and his appointment was at noon. They did not...

Mr. Tire / had an air filter replaced on my car for the engine

Sep 11, 2017

I have gone to the Mr. Tire store on Reed Road a lot since it opened. The folks working there keep changing too many times. The ones there now just made it impossible to ever want to return. I stopped in to have my engine filter checked. It did not look that bad. I got it changed anyway...

Mr. Tire / front end alignment

Aug 15, 2017

I have a 2015 Toyota Tundra I took to Mr. Tire in Severna Park, Md. They tried to align 3 separate times but the steering wheel was positioned off center to the left each time. Each time I took it back i was given a different excuse as to why they did not align it correctly. On the 3rd...