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CARiD Complaints & Reviews

Carid / Unreliable Shipping / Customer Service / Part Availability

pr tds on Jul 21, 2017
Third party company. Does not have a professional way of doing business. They still promote items on their website even though they really don't have it in stock. Customer service is poor, I was transferred 4 times just to request a refund. When you run a business you need to be...

Carid / tires and wheels

gczahn on Jul 18, 2017
On 6/15/17 I placed an order for tires and wheels for my 1978 Corvette with a big brake kit. The reason that I ordered them from CARiD was that they were supposedly guaranteed to fit. I received them on 6/18/17 and they did not fit. I immediately contacted the salesman that I placed the...

Carid / customer-service returns

Michaelmarz on Jul 11, 2017
I have ordered parts from carID I received 10 out of 12 customer-service keeps give me the run around about getting with manufacture I have emailed customer service twice and Still no resolution we are now going on week 2. I just flat out want a refund. This is the 1st and last time I'm...

Carid / everything: problems with salesman, shipping, bad & rude customer service & delay in return core label via email

DB69 on Jun 27, 2017
When I placed order with Jose Ext. 8782 I was told by Jose that return label for $100 core would be in box which it wasnt. It took 6 days to receive a 2nd day air UPS pkg. Now told by CarId it will take 24-48 hrs to receive return core label via email (yes email). Salesman lied, spoke to...

Carid.com / ebc® s9kf1366 - stage 9 super sleeper slotted front brake kit and ebc® s9kr1247 - stage 9 super sleeper slotted rear brake kit

Naif Alrasheed on Jun 10, 2017
First they shipped the wrong product which did not fit my car, and i paid more than 500 USD on shipping, then when i tell them they keep on going back and forth on questions, pictures, product ID, picture of the box...etc i sent them everything and requested to replace the product charging...

Carid / order not shipped complete

648 on Jun 2, 2017
Ordered Dexter shocks on 5/15/17 rec partial order around 5/21/17 called see what happened after trying to explain I'm missing 2 shocks and hardware for all four (seems simple) not the CARID people. Then I get told on the second and on hold for 50 minutes that they would ship out Friday...

Carid / custom wheels

Jackie Calhoun on Jun 2, 2017
Ordered and paid for custom wheels that they said would fit my car. Back side of wheels hitting brake caliper. Called Carid and put on hold forever. They sent spacers to try to fix problem. With new brake pads put on and 3/8 inch of spacers, could only get 2 threads on the lug nuts. Thi...

Carid / order canceling and return

HonestlyAbe on Jun 2, 2017
Ordered a part for my car. I called to cancel the order and was routed to a person I couldn't understand and they couldn't understand me. Language barrier. Called the next day and was informed it was too late to stop shipment and would not get my shipping costs back. That's not cool, but...

Carid / car grill

Brucemurphy on May 31, 2017
Order your products elsware!!! I ordered a grill online from Carid.com. A large factor in my decision was picking a grill that was "available" and not on back order. I purchased my grill and got my estimated ship date of 7 days later. A few days later I got an update email saying the ship...

Carid.com / Didn't receive my tires

Max on May 26, 2017
I have ordered tires from www.carid.com and we agreed that they will deliver those in mid April. May is almost over and I still haven't received anything! Last time I contacted Carid they said that I will get my tires any time soon, but when I told them that I need the exact delivery date...

Carid / terrible customer service

jMurray661 on May 25, 2017
I've never been hung up on before by customer service but then again this only my first experience with CARiD. I purchased an electric choke for my carburetor that was defective so I gave CARiD a call. After 20 minutes on hold I finally get a customer service rep. She was very difficult to...

Carid / Rocker panels

Rediclips on May 24, 2017
They look very nice online however when I had them installed by a professional auto body shop they couldn't get them to mount flush up against the car. Customer service was horrible. Was on hold for 45 minutes spoke to 3 service reps for about a minute each. The rest of the time was on...

Carid.com / I am very disappointed with www.carid.com

Mark on May 24, 2017
I am very disappointed with www.carid.com, they are far the most unprofessional company ever! I bout a seat cover from them and they promised fast shipping but in reality it took almost 2 months to get my order. While I was waiting I didn't receive any information regarding my order! I...

Carid / wheels and tires

CJ York on May 14, 2017
I recently purchased a new set of wheels and tires. These monkeys mounted 2 of the tires (they're directional) wrong as well as one of the rims looks like it was dropped as they were working on them. One of the tires also has a massive flat spot, and they aren't cheap tires. On...

Carid / mgp 10119ssp1mb - matte black caliper covers with no bolts sport engraving (full kit, 4 pcs)

4sunshy on May 13, 2017
Order the MGP 10119SSp1MB - Matte Black Caliper Cover with No bolts Sport Engraving (Full Kit, 4pcs) For my ford Edge Sport 2013, went through the process so far so good on April the 15th, 2017. Waiting for my order on the 25th I contact CarID and they told me they will investigate why I...

Carid / customer service

Jon Garniss on May 9, 2017
I ordered headlights from them. A ballast has failed. I couldn't find any markings on the ballast that pointed me to anything on the internet that would match. I sent them an email stating this and asked them if they could please help me find a replacement. Their response was that they do...

Carid.com / price matching promise is just a marketing gimmik

delapi on May 3, 2017
Bottom Line -- I don't support any company that claims to price match, and then changes the policy on the fly if they feel the price is too low. If you make the claim, stand by your claim, even if it means it is below cost!!! Do they have price match? Yes, but only if they want to. If you...

Carid / do not order from carid - terrible customer service

ChrisMW on May 2, 2017
I am a car stereo newbie, so asked the 'pros' at CARID to spec a system and install hardware, which I paid for. Turns out, after much runaround, that they a) spec'ed the wrong part for the adapter ($35 - no refund because I had taken it out of the packaging) and b) did not even bother...

Carid / carid does not price match — a ma on is cheaper

cyork on Apr 30, 2017
“***beware***excuses***excuses***” 4/30/17 Do they have price match? yes, but only if they want to. if you find a price too low, they give up and say they cannot go any lower. depends on which rep you talk to on what price they will match. a-ma-on has cheaper prices in their marketplace...

Carid.com / item not received

VaneMor on Apr 26, 2017
I placed my order on March 26, 2017 -- Order #21428573. I had heard and read good reviews from this business so I felt safe to go ahead and purchase some car parts. To my surprise the experience I have received from this business has been a nightmare. I purchased some headers and a catted...

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