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So I bought a shirt and I payed using my bank card, the payment went through on my side but it gave an unprocessed payment on the cashier and for that reason I could not get my shirt, we have to wait for someone called Nkuli and I don't know to do what cause she couldn't help either, some lady called the manager (Zanele) whom asked to speak to on the phone cause she wasn't in the store, she rudely insisted that I pay for the shirt for the 2nd time though no money was reversed to my account, then she further said I should go to the bank (IN MY OWN TIME) and request a bank statement and go back to the shop(AT MY EXPENSE) I have no problem with going back to the shop but not at my expense and oh! I then payed for the shirt cause I need it

Mr Price Group / MRP
Mr Price Group / MRP

Oct 07, 2019

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