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C May 15, 2018

On April 24 2018 I brought my new Mazda 3 in for a seasone tire change with rims already on tires.

Before the attendant started I had Instructed him to be careful not to scratch as they are new and custom. He replied "no problem".

After the service was done and I got out of car, all 4 rims were scratched. I was very upset.

I spoke to person in charge and he said that manager was in later and that I would have to come back.

When I came back I wa told that I would have to come back on Thursday (this being Monday) when the area supervisor would be there. Which I did and they said that they would have their tire place repair rims.

I called around for quotes for repair and Prices varied from $600.00 to $800.00 and to replace was $1300.00 taxes in. 3 3 to 4 weeks for repair and 3 days for new rims to arrive.

I told that if repair wasn't like new I would want new rims and also I would need a car rental as we are a 2 car family.

Well it's been 4 weeks and I've heard nothing about repair or replacement.

It's disappointing that the negligence of this location has been put off and this issue has not been resolved quickly.

I would like to be contacted from somebody who has authorization to this this resolved.

The location of damage was

Kevin Spearing and Scot Baran owner/operator
J. S Kalabash EnterPrises LTD
2520 Britannia RD. W
Mississauga On. L5M 5X7

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