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Reviews and Complaints

having underage and untrained employees at the job.

This is employer has had this young lady at this location quite often without the proper clothing and safety precautions while working. It is also suspected this young lady is underage. This employer has also been treating quite a few hard working employees unfair. There are inconsistencies with the pay and the scheduling amongst many of the employees . The Owner has also been asked to stop sharing confidential information with other employees that shouldn't have access to certain employees personal information. I have never seen a owner act in such a way.

having underage and untrained employees at the job.
having underage and untrained employees at the job.

  • Updated by Imani Young ยท Jul 12, 2019

    I have came to work about 8-9 times and seen my owners daughter in the back prepping food . There have been occasions where the daughter has been wearing sandals and no gloves. I have even caught her playing in the prep tomatoes with her bare hands. The son of the owner has begun working there and is not held to the same standards as the rest of the employees. We are often asked to pick up the slack for him during a lunch rush because he cannot handle it. If he was properly trained this would not be an issue. The son is also very rude to customers and uses the excuse "English isn't my first language, they know what I mean". .

  • An
    Anita Bawnghit Jul 12, 2019

    Call the corporate office. The number is off to the right at the top

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