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Complaints & Reviews

Customer Service — lean release for title.

On March 19th 2020 I called MMC for a lean release on My Mitsubish Eclipse which I purchased in...

mitsubishi pajero dakar 2016

I bought ANPS Dakar Matic in 2016 with following Machine no:4N15UBC7190 VIN No ...


mitsubishi lancer ex 1.6 gls (model 2015)

Almost 5years now since bought in Dec15, I've been complaining the issues below to the local dealer GHK Motors Sdn Bhd and I get unsatisfied feedback from the dealer as well as the engineer from factory. Worst feedback from the dealer was, "it was designed in such a way and my complaints will not benefits me but future buyer" and feedback from the engineer is that, "Brunei is just a small market and don't care much as they have other big market to take care".

mitsubishi lancer ex 1.6 gls (model 2015)
mitsubishi lancer ex 1.6 gls (model 2015)
mitsubishi lancer ex 1.6 gls (model 2015)
mitsubishi lancer ex 1.6 gls (model 2015)
mitsubishi lancer ex 1.6 gls (model 2015)

a new l200 truck

I purchased a New L200 truck from Livery Dole in Exeter, From the time of Purchase I have comlained about the Fuel economy of the vehicle, I traded in a series 5 L200 but the economy of the series 6 fall far short of the previous model, I have spoken to Livery Dole, to be told that the engine hadn't run in and it was the way I drove it, which I took as absolute rudeness, Having completed 2000 miles now the Fuel economy is not what I expected of the New Vehicle averaging in the upper 20 mpg on most runs and 30mpg on steady constant motorway driving, I don't do urban driving, All I want is for the Truck to Run Properly, People are asking me what I think of the New Truck? I am telling them in no uncertain terms, What a Disappointment it is! A Very Expensive advert for Mitsubishi!

poor & incompetent after sales service and rude employees

Date of incident: 23 December 2019

Job Request #: 6165776

Nature of Complaint: Defective Fuel Pump Replacement/Installation. rude employees and unprofessional service technician

Desired Resolution: Reimburse the expenses occurred and personal apology

People being complained: Jessa Alvarez (service adviser), a very rude receptionist, a service technician who attended the replacement/installation and service supervisor (whose names we didn't get the names)

It all started after we bring our Xpander with engine number GA4556
acquired last February 19, 2019 at Mitsubishi Edsa Caloocan branch to their service center under the supervision of Jessa Alvares for fuel pump replacement as stated above.

Me and my daughter arrived at the Mitsubishi Motors Service around 12 noon of December 23 and request was attended after 3 hours. I have 2 other more request for servicing aside from the fuel pump the other 2 was the NAVI console which never been a use since we bought the car because it is not functioning and the tightening of the locks/bolts on both sides of the front wheels. Only the fuel pump was able to be replaced but due to very incompetent service technician and lack of sense of responsibility of both service adviser and supervisor they didn't even bother to check whether the replacement was done correct or not. On our way back home we're just around 8 km away from the service center the car slowly stopped and there's a gasoline leak that me and my daughter smell. With this incident we are in the middle of the traffic along the highway when it happens and my initial instinct as a father was my daughter's safety who is driving the car during the incident. Me and my daughter we're still lucky because a traffic enforcer came along a few minutes after. The only downside downside was she received a traffic violation and was fined by a traffic enforcer because of this INCOMPETENT SERVICE rendered by Mitsubishi Repair & Service Center Kalookan.

I personally called the contact numbers written in the service center receipt immediately ([protected] and [protected]) and after a couple of talks and follow-ups one the staff who answers my call replied to me "Don't ever call to this number again!" and hangs the phone. I was shocked and furious of the attitude of their staff in replying to their customers complaints. While calling the said numbers my daughter on the other hand is trying to call the service adviser (Jessa Alvarez) but this lady didn't bother to answer my daughter's call but was able to reply back when being sent a text messages (another INCOMPETENT staff). After all the efforts of contacting and communicating the service center and it's staff only after 2 hours of waiting before their service technicians arrived.

Before this I've already heard a lot of bad review/remarks/comments about the services rendered by this service center.

poor & incompetent after sales service and rude employees

pms 15,000 kms mitsubishi strada model 2018 nbh 6990 december 10, 2019

Before the service, I informed the technician, a certain Maquiling about the annoying noise that...

used car and fooling customers

Hi I bought a Mitsubishi Outlander 2012 with 157k kms on it during the last week of September...


mirrors g4 availability and cost

I have been your customer since 2016, when I bought a Mirage for the first time and met the brand.

This year in February I bought a Mirage G4 that was delivered to me in March. It was not even registered in the Car Registry government agency .
Just over a month ago both mirrors were stolen despite having had the security package .
I was surprised that a car that almost arrived to Mexico this year, had its mirrors stolen.
When I asked for them at the Agency where I bought it, I understood why:
There are no mirrors (maybe on January 2020) and to get them their cost is almost $ 20, 000 which is equivalent to almost 8% of the new vehicle cost, which we all know is not the actual one because it was devalued as soon as it rolls out of the Agency.

It seems to me that this is not consistent with what the Brand and the Company's slogan "Be the best for ours customers"

It is important that you solve the availability of the mirrors, and check if they really are worth 8% of the cost of the new vehicle.
Being so expensive and so unavailable make them a high-profile target to be stolen, and promote even in secure areas their theft.

Thanks in advance
Best regards.

Nayeli Paz

PD the email you have on the page does not exist. Important to correct it.

mirrors g4 availability and cost

tires, filters,. multipoint inspection

Amir arnett my service advisor paperwork is not correct. No multipoint inspection attached, one...

montero sport 2016

The car went wild yesterday afternoon contact me immediately . I was driving my car and reach CCF...

service and warranty and workmanship

Upon purchase the car in 2018, there was a defect on my back screen. I filed a complaint to the sales personal and also service center. No follow up was done by mitsubishi. I personally have to do a follow up every time and giving me different excuses. After 1 year of follow up. They agreed to change the screen under warranty. Mitsubishi require me to send the car for 2 days minimum just to change a screen! Nevertheless I did. And upon receiving the change of screen. It was very badly done! They request me to send again the next morning, arriving at the center, they told me the vendor has no one to pick my car and ask me to send to the vendor myself! I would appreciate and would like to hear from your comments.

service and warranty and workmanship
service and warranty and workmanship

asx car service

I did car service on 9th October. I am not happy with service as it said good condition for battery on report but actually out of battery after 2 days. After that service, my car is very hard to start and car is jumping sometimes. I resent for service and take 3 days i been told it should be ok. But after 2days the car engine light turn on again. Car still jumping and hard to start. I need to send to check again. This car is only 5 years old. I am not happy with the quality. This big problem influence my life. I need to work. I do not take more time to sending my car to check every week. I want to find a solution to fix the problem. Engine problem is a big problem and car condition become worse and worse. Bad smelling come out as well. So angry with this car quality

  • DeAndre Washington Oct 20, 2019

    Hi Rong, the engines in Mitsubishi cars are very robust and would not have these types of problems unless the customer abused them or neglected proper maintenance. When you purchase your next Mitsubishi, consider following the manufacturer recommended maintenance plan!

    -1 Votes

eclipse cross

I have purchased my Eclipse Cross in July 2019 with the following shortfalls: - scratched door...

mitsubishi grandis 2.4l - made year 2010 (malaysia)

Dear Mitsubishi Customer Service I am the owner of the Grandis 2.4L and my car is now 9 year...


unacceptable vehicle service

4th October, collected vehicle after dealer having vehicle for 3 weeks doing repairs close to...

used car

I have sent this email to Swindon Mitsubishi 7 times and they have not responded! I purchased a...

a customer service at jeremy franklin mitsubishi in independence was completely horrible

I bought a car from Jeremy Franklin Mitsubishi in Independence Missouri and I am completely unhappy with the customer service I will never buy a Mitsubishi again I will never recommend anyone to buy a Mitsubishi again customer service was beyond Rude the GM obviously a personal problem with me the salesman was very in-depth his name was Dakota he had no idea what he was doing completely unhappy with the way that I was treated and like I said I'm a very unsatisfied customer and then never buy one from you ever again

  • Updated by Jeremiah Trevino · Oct 02, 2019

    Never buying a Mitsubishi again ever horrible customer service shity craftsmanship what a waste of money and time

  • Updated by Jeremiah Trevino · Oct 02, 2019

    The sales rep at Jeremy Franklin Mitsubishi and independence by the name of Dakota is a completely uneducated individual has no experience selling cars and shouldn't be selling cars what so ever horrible customer service service

throttle body ass.

It is a complaint that I am a resident of ksa and I purchase a mitsubisi pajero model 2016 and millage are only today 42000+
During visit here local service center of misubishi in riyadh ksa alesai service center they diagnose the problem in thorttel body ass. And they are need to charge 4357 sar even its still under millage and service center explain that this vhical belongs to uae showrooms they will not claim warranty for this car here in ksa
There for how it is possible that a product under warranty it must be claimed as of policy
Still my car with service center since 4 days
Need your immediate response and action
My details are as under
Car plate no knj-6252 (jmylyv97wgj709043)
Suliman al mahmood

throttle body ass.
throttle body ass.

oil change

Every time I go to Mitsubishi for an oil change, things never goes smoothly. On Saturday September...

service on my car

My car was dropped off for a simple windshield replacement, now over a month later i still dont...

extra charge/ sexual harassment/unfinished service

Hi my name is Tracey. On 09/16/ 19, I called Mitsubishi and told them I needed my oil changed and...


pajero 2017

Dear all

It seems that the main goal of Alhabtoor Royal Cars is just to sell the cars without giving a proper after sales support or to comply with the mother company Mistubishi motors warranty policy.

Recently I bought a zero Kilometer 2017 Pajero from Abu Dhabi- Musafah show room and on receiving the car i had one concern for the car old tires 2017 model and it was assured to me that if there is any complaint or defects in the car tires it will be replaced immediately under warrenty.

On the 1000 km free service I raised the complaint that there is vibration in the tires and the service center in Musafah confirmed that there is an issue with the tires and they advised that it will be replaced.

Two weeks later i have received a call to proceed to service center to replace the tires and rectify the vibration issues, and received the car back and I found that only one tyre was replaced and give it back to me on trial.

The situation now is worse than before that the car will steer to the right with steering wheel free and vibration and tires sound worst than an old car .

This is an official complaint to take the necessary action for the above otherwise i will return the car officially to alhabtoor royal car and proceed further with legal case since no one is taking action and same time i will complain officially to DED- Abu Dhabi and Mistubishi motors - Japan to get my rights as i was expecting better professional handeling for my case.

pajero 2017

hot fix nm27-002 for pajero 2003 - clearly a design fault, but consumer pays because vehicle is out of warranty.

Made a Claim No. 35229 through Mitsubishi Motors just recently with supporting information.
They didn't want to now about it, because they can't see past their black and white warranty time frame for the vehicle. Vehicle has only done 135, 000km. Circlips apparently wear out on the axles. (That's BS) $500 out of my pocket + the 2x previous repairs.
Problem is circlips were not originally designed to withstand pressure (side friction) when towing. So MM recognise that there is a design fault (hence the hotfix) but charge the Owner that has spent over $11, 000 in service history since the vehicle was new.

The companion shaft seal (left side) failed on 01 January 2019 towing my caravan on my return from Xmas holidays at Yamba (Northern NSW). I discovered the fault at Ballina thankfully when I stopped for fuel. The front of my brand-new caravan was covered in diff oil. I was fortunate enough to find a mechanic in Ballina to replace the companion shaft seal. Cost $145.

On Sunday 18th August 2019 (some 8 months later) travelling from Brisbane to Bright (again towing my caravan), I discovered oil on the front draw bar of the caravan at Wagga Wagga. I subsequently saw a mechanic (JB Mechanical Wagga Wagga) first thing Monday morning 19th August 2019 and again changed out the left side companion shaft seal. ($135 Labour + $43 for the seal).

Travelled from Bright to Numurkah on Friday 23rd August 2019 to visit relatives. Discovered oil on the concrete driveway the vehicle was parked overnight. Subsequently oil everywhere under the vehicle around the diff area again. Made contact with Shepparton Mitsubishi on Monday 26th August 2019.

Research on Pajero Club forums suggest that this is a systemic design problem with Pajero models between 2001 to 2005. The below https: has artefacts of the details including the known hotfix number to rectify the fault that is clearly an original design oversight.

Mitsubishi Motors Head Office (Adelaide) have no idea about the value of the customer from my recent experience. MM should stick with air conditions and fry pans and leave vehicle manufacturing to the experts.

Disk brakes manufacturer defect

I have a manufacturer defect in disk brakes which appeared after 5000 km only. Diamond motor egypt...

Dla-gg2w outlander phev, manufacturing 2014. Parking brake issue on the both rear wheels due to caliper adjustment problem.

My contact number 0094 [protected], Owner's name - Sisira Hapukotuwa, Vehicle Registration number...


poor service

I received a text through my driver that my L300 Pick Up with plate B1Y557 was ready for release at...


Repair done and damaged left

I Franco Gallina had to take my triton 2015 reg fgno 1.last Monday have taken my car to Essendon...


hidden fees and no explanation in the knowing the customer speak an other language than english.

I went to Valley mitsubitshi in Kelowna Bc because my Toyo tires are premature over used, my car i...

mitsubishi 2017 outlander sport

I have a vehicle with just over 30k miles and it has more rattles and noises than any car I have ever owned. I have had it in twice for adjustment and nothing has helped. This is all in the suspension and muffler area. I will never buy another Mitsubishi. This vehicle has a rattle in the muffler when you apply the breaks and are stopped at a light and squeaks whenever you go over any kind of road bump.

2018 outlander phev

When I went to look at this car they gave some wrong information including information regarding...


Dear compliments team We have my father car Mitsubishi lancer 2015 .. the Mileage meter only 15000...


can't fix my car for the past two years

Dear team My name is mohamed elbershawi I live in qatar and work as an airline captain with qatar...


front windshield

My front windshield of the car I have change it at your agency. Days later with high speed because they told me don't drive fast in the first 2 days I heard sound of air enter from the front windshield of the car then I went to the agency and the engineer told me everything will be ok !! I have paid for an original front windshield  so l need perfect services.
One day because of sunlight while my car was parked I have found the front windshield of the car broken without any evidence of other cause for this accident.
So because of lack of accuracy and professionalism of your agency in Egypt during installation, also during my complain to the engineer of the agency these loss occurred.
Appreciate receiving your positive reply as soon as possible.

front windshield
front windshield
front windshield
front windshield
front windshield
front windshield

eric trotter service manager

Disrespectful and vulgar to fellow employees Someone should go into this dealership and talk to...

2016 mitsubishi lancer wiper transmission

I am the original owner of my 2016 Mitsubishi Lancer SE. I purchased my car in August/ September of 2016 from a certified Mitsubishi dealer. When I purchased it, It was brand new with only 10 miles (I want to make it clear that I am the only owner of the car). About two weeks ago, my windshield wipers just stopped working. It was pouring rain. I brought it to the dealer where I was told that my wiper transmission went. They quoted me a price which was pretty steep and told me that I would have to wait at least two weeks before the part would get here as my car is "fairly new" and no warehouse has the part in stock because it is not something common to go on a vehicle.
They suggested I contact Mitsubishi motors directly as this is something rare that happens. They suggested that Mitsubishi motors may be inclined to help with getting me a replacement part since this was not something I could have broken myself. I happened to be about 5, 000 miles out of warranty when this all happened, but since I am the original owner the service department at the dealership thought they would help.
I contacted Mitsubishi Motors customer service twice to try and resolve the issue but, Mitsubishi says that since it is out of warranty there is nothing that can be done though this is clearly a defect in the manufacturing. This is a major safety issue. I have children who ride in this car. I have commute to and from work and having an entire wiper system failure is unacceptable. I am concerned for the safety of my family. This is my first mitsubishi and I fear it will be my last

ac inverter

This is to inform you thaf the mantainance of the air condition has not been done properly we made the complain of it not working properly on 1st june and then after doing so many calls and persuasion they finally came to take the ac on 18 june then weren't giving it back but we went to there office and talked to them and after a lot of calls and persuasion we got the ac back finally on 19 july and they said the problem has been fixed but after using it for one time its not working again!!! I am really disappointed of Mitsubishi's customer care service! Would really like to have the maintenance done once again per warranty!! Without any difficulties if possible!!!

service to fix my car

Ac still not working Invoice# 55723 I went Mitsubishi Service in Duluth to have my A/C fix because...

service delivery at von bibra robina australia


Dear Sir/ Madam,

I am writing to express my complete dissatisfaction and utter disappointment with the service I recently received from Von Bibra Robina .

As someone who works for another company that prides itself on delivering excellence in service and customer care, I believe that the wrong people in the wrong position can quite quickly ruin what has been to date a fantastic reputation.

My son is a serviceman who has been working with the forces in Iraq, and whilst there I have been charged with the care of his car. Unfortunately just before he returned home his car developed an electrical fault meaning that it wouldn't start. I had it towed to a small family business near by who came recommended for their quality of service. They hooked his car up and diagnosed that there was an ignition problem and believed it to be the key and suggested that I had the car towed to Von Bibra Robina. I phoned ahead and explained my issue to a lovely young lady (Kara?) and I communicated what the auto electrician had stated and requested that I had it towed to get a new key cut and programmed. She spoke to someone and confirmed that I could arrange for it to be towed immediately. A very professional and positive exchange.
This I did and was later contacted by an extremely rude and discourteous person Mitsubishi representative called Sara. She was abrupt and lacked basic conversation etiquette and refused to simply cut a new key as had been agreed earlier. I agreed to have the car diagnosed as I was "told" was the only option.
Sara phoned me back the next day to say that they had spent a lot of time on the car and they couldn't diagnose it due to the previous auto electrician leaving the car in a mess. She stated that it would probably be highly expensive to fix as obviously a huge problem and I would need to arrange for it to be collected.
I found it incredulous that Mitsubishi Service Centre couldn't fix a Mitsubishi car. She gave me a number of an advanced auto electricians.
I asked if she had cut and programmed a key as originally requested and she stated that they had and it hadn't worked.
I was completely stuck as to what to do with the car. The number she provided didn't want to help either.
So, I phoned the original Autoelectricians and asked them to help. They found a locksmith who went to Von Bibra and cut and programmed the key. This fixed one problem...the car was now turning over at least.
My son went to collect the car but as it was still not running perfectly asked the service department to take another look. They agreed but phoned back a few days later to say that they wouldn't look at it as anything wrong was due to a problem no doubt created by the first auto electricians and would be very expensive to fix.
So I collected the now drivable car and took it to the reputable company that had been helping from the start. Apparently, the issue was the hose to the air filter had become a bit loose. We collected the car today and it is running perfectly. They only charged for the locksmith as no major works required. The car is exactly as we gave it to them. The last people to look at the car prior to them was another Mitsubishi dealer in Helensvale.

A simple problem that Mitsubishi dealership Von Bibra Robina not only couldn't/ wouldn't fix but who also lied by telling me that they had recoded a new key. Very very poor service and care. They also felt the need to blame the other garage than accept any responsibility for their deficiencies.

Now my son has come back from Iraq with a large tax free income and is ready to buy a new car.
He may only be one customer that you have lost, but from relaying our experience to others you have undoubtedly lost many more.

Yours faithfully

Wendy Kerr

the vehicle got noises when driving uphill but mmm reverted a letter claimed no problem

I (Mr. Eau, owner of the the car ASX model plate number WA3578V) had contacted the MMM on the...


mitsubishi montero 2016

Dear Mitsubishi Team, I have a 2016 Montero Sport, that I bought from the Company in Dubai. it...