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Mitsubishi review: Mitsubishi 2016 outlander sel fwd - transmission failure at 70,000 miles

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We purchased our Outlander in Mar 2016 being 8 months old and having about 23,000 miles on it. We have owned and serviced the vehicle for the last 7 years. This dec we were driving and had the tachometer starting to bounce and the car started to rev and became difficult to control. A short time afterwards the transmission service light came on.

I managed to pull the car into a rest area and contact a local Mitsubishi dealer. They told me to try my best to get the car to them for review. I limited the vehicle to the garage circa 35miles away.

Once there they took $150 off me to check the car and then told me the transmission was on its way out and it would be $10k to replace. Interestingly they told me this was a known issue on these vehicles.

We then transferred to a rental car and then had to arrange the Outlander to be towed to our home. I spent lots of time calling round, but very few garages will work on them, and no one will guarantee the work. Basically, the CVT transmissions are totally unreliable and also very difficult to work on.

During this time, I contacted a second Mitsubishi garage and also North America office. The garage provided a quote for $10,185.07 for a remanufactured transmission. The central office confirmed that there was no warranty and even though we had owned the car since 8-month-old, they would not honor the 10yr 100,000-mile warranty.

Basically, they are completely unwilling to stand behind their product or support their customers.

Claimed loss: So far, I replaced the speed sensors to ensure the transmission was the issue as fluid looks fantastic and is at the correct level. $40 for 3 sensors.

Desired outcome: I would like Mitsubishi to make this right and repair the car at no cost to my family.

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