Michaels Storesemployee

As I was walking up to the store I noticed an employee standing in the middle of the doorway, legs slightly spread and arms crossed...I wasn't really sure why she was there and then it occurred to me that maybe they were closing so I slowed down and glanced at the posted was still open for another hour? It was very stand offish and uninviting. She clearly wasn't there to greet people...just stared at me as I walked awkward. Not a good first impression. Then, once I selected my item and brought it to the was the same employee, lucky me! ...tag said Michelle. I was trying to just pay and leave as her demeanor was very unwelcoming. I paid for my purchase which was a snow covered garland. It was just sitting on the counter so I asked for a bag. She proceed to forcefully and very roughly push it into the bag stating "better on her then in my car" referring to the snow. She flopped it around so much I felt like it was intentional and almost asked for a new one because so much had fallen off! No, better on my garland then on you!! I bought it because it had snow on it! I just don't understand peoples behaviors and attitudes these days. Makes me really sad and frustrated. Please have a discussion with your staff about customer service.

Oct 08, 2019

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