Mcdonaldsthe food all of it

A Sep 11, 2018

I'm writing to complain about consistently bad food being provided at the Sterling Va. Store on sterling Va. Over the last 2 weeks alone, they have served us horible food. My wife ordered a dailydouble with light mayo and it came literally oozing mayo it was gross. I ordered the steakhouse burger which is really good at other stores. Here it comes with badly burnt onion crisps. And for the second time in 2 weeks I ordered a double steskhouse and the second patty was a small regular hamburger. The fries; I get fries at different McD's all iver DC and tgey are alwsts hit and fresh. This McD's never serves hot fries even when I specifically ask for them. Tonight however they were particularly awful. Under cooked and soaked in grease. Completely inedible. And my wifes fish sandwiches were ordered plain. And the special order ticket was on the container. They came with everything including huge globs of tarter sauce. I have tolerated half crappy food from this store for a long time but now it's exponentially worse. I'm done with this store. Not McD's just this store. I've been eating McD's food for 50+ years and never been so disgusted by the food as what we received tonight. I work in the District of Columbia and eat at the store in town at times and the food is always perfect. The managers at this Sterling store should spend time in a DC store and learn how the food should be served.

the food all of it

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