McDonaldspoor customer service

B Aug 04, 2018 Review updated:

A young man whom name was Josh, was to what I believe is the superviser was VERY rude to a young female customer. Was harrassing her infront of others and was despecable. I am [censored]ing pissed what kind of place are you running. The superviser disrespecting customers. What is that sending to your other employees that is okay to harrass people and you can go up the chain. Wow. I will NEVER be going there as long as he is there.


  •   Aug 04, 2018

    What is “MacDonalds? And why does the comment “f u c k I n g” pissed show on the forum? I typed m o r o n in another post and it was censored.

    Josh was rude. Mmmkay. How? What was said by both parties?

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  •   Aug 04, 2018

    @First Born Triplet Not fair. We’re adults unless they think kids will type complaints about hard PlayDoh or cold French fries. M o r o n isn’t a swear and I said “they’re m o r o n s”, I didn’t call anyone that. At least not on here!

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