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Complaints & Reviews

iyogi misrepresents itself and creates bogus scans

I am a customer of McAfee Secure. On March 7, 2011. I was experiencing difficulty keying in information on my ASUS laptop computer keyboard. I initially began to run a McAfee scan. I also decided to contact tech support to see if they could be of assistance. I did a search on McAfee Tech Support phone number. I called the first site offering McAfee support. I called [protected]. When I established contact, the gentleman assured me that he would provide assistance for my McAfee concerns. He proceeded to tell me to stop my McAfee scan and close all applications. After I did this, an Iyogi dialog box popped up. I asked what Iyogi was and I was informed that it was only a way for them to send me messages as they took control of my computer to assist me in fixing my problem. After 30 minutes, a scan appeared on the screen that indicated that I had 4 critical issues that needed to be fixed. According to him, this was an emergency situation since the corruption of my computer could lead to all of my personal and financial information being stolen. At this point, he proceeded to tell me that for $169 I could receive free tech support for a year. I replied that since McAfee didn’t notify me that my system had viruses, I thought McAfee should was responsible to handle it. It was at this point that he advised me that he did not work for McAfee. I suspected that something was amiss and refused their offer. The scan disappeared before I could print it and they disconnected from me. I proceeded to run the McAfee scan again. It showed no problems or viruses present. The problem was resolved after I spent 2 hours on the internet researching similar problems and finding the correct solution.
I called McAfee the next day to relay this information. I was informed by regular and corporate customer service that they were aware of this and legal was handling it. I asked why they didn’t notify their customers and I was informed that there could be legal repercussion if they mentioned Iyogi to customers. They also said they were not notified of any resolution to this issue to date. I guarantee that anyone calling Iyogi with my problem will be shown a bogus scan and then solicited for the $169 to fix it. The problem that I have with all of this is that McAfee is aware of what is going on and isn’t even sending generic emails or letters to its customers warning them of this possibility and providing a safe and secure phone number and web site for tech support. Iyogi doesn’t even need to be named. It is incomprehensible to me that McAfee doesn’t care about or take any responsibility for its customers being scammed. How many dollars have McAfee customers paid to Iyogi without even knowing that the information they were given was bogus. I have seen scams on the internet, but this one hit hard. The reason for this is that a supposedly reputable company knew what was going on and did nothing to protect its customers. We all know that the legal system is overwhelmed and legal action could take many years. Until its resolution, how many hardworking McAfee customers will pay for non-existent problems.in this economy, $169 is a lot of money to many people. A computer is no longer a luxury, but is instead a necessity in today’s world. Computer security programs such as McAfee, depend on people’s fear of identity theft viruses, and the inability to use their computers safely and securely for work, school, and their finances. How can these companies allow their customers’ faith in them to be so abused?
I grew up at a time where the customer was king. Customer satisfaction was paramount. It even trumped profit. I realize the corporate world has changed, but when did being oblivious to their customers’ needs and concerns become common place procedure. McAfee needs to provide answers to its customers and the public at large. I discovered this on March 7, 2011, but how long has it been going on? I checked on the Internet and found that Iyogi also offers Microsoft tech support. Coincidentally, they are also the first web site listed for Microsoft tech support when it is googled I am desperately hoping that someone will investigate this so Iyogi cannot continue these practices and companies such as McAfee cannot continue to hide this information from their customers.

  • Fe
    feduplisa Mar 17, 2011

    If you need tech support, make sure that the link does not include iyogi. McAfee is aware that iyogi misrepresents itself, runs bogus scans and then tries to sell you tech support. No one is doing anything about it. The only losers in this is its' customers. Beware!!

    0 Votes

h support scam

Lisa B March 9, 2011 [protected]@comcast.net To Whom It May Concern, I am a customer of McAfee Secure...

no longer supporting dial-up

Just a note for anyone using a dial-up connection. McAfee no longer fully supports its anti-virus software using dial-up. If the virus signatures are out of date by more than a couple of weeks you cannot obtain an update and they cannot correct the situation if you contact their support team. When I called to complain they informed me that the McAfee software does not work with dial-up. I told them that I had been using dial-up for many months with no problems. But I then found out that it will only work if you update the software every few days. So be warned if you purchase the McAfee software and use dial-up. Make sure its updated regularly, otherwise it will no longer work and they will not help you get it fixed. I tried 3 times with 3 different support people at McAfee and they ended up removing my Total Protection software and failed to tell me that I could not reload it over the internet.

unauthorized repeated charging of card

We canceled our subscription 2 years ago, and each year, they continue to charge the card on file (which we can't just cancel as it's tied to a lot of other legitimate charges.) When I called to get a refund, they had no problem giving it back, like they expected the call, with no questions asked. The same thing happened last year. My sense is they just keep charging unethically and the onus is on the ex-customer to catch it, then waste their time to request a refund. Last year, I ALSO requested a cancellation to the subscription, but seems like it was disregarded. Very invasive and it's really like they're stealing your money and only returning it if you catch it. Don't trust them. Not commenting on product quality, but their business ethics SUCK. Beware.

  • Li
    Lisa Duvall Jan 25, 2011

    Refunds, Collections & Justice

    Email: [email protected]
    Email me the details for proven results. I have the knowledge, experience and time.

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  • Ch
    Christopher B Jan 25, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Product is pretty crappy, too. =) They're always weeks behind the viruses...

    0 Votes
  • Jo
    John chan May 20, 2011

    Don't buy Mcafee, , , they are always trying to steal your money...I bought a total protection with them and got charged automaticly renewal after a year..when calling to cancel..they said they have no authorize to cancel my product, and give me some of their partner's number for me to call and it will be resolved, but nope...I called the number they gave me and the customer service said they can't either...Mcafee have to do it...because it's automative renewal and they have no authorize to do that...So suckkk...don't even buy stuff from them again...

    -1 Votes
  • De
    Dee123 Aug 24, 2011

    I had McAfee years ago on an old computer. I've been getting both mail and emails requesting that my credit card be updated for my renewal subscription. I contacted McAfee notifying them that I no longer had that computer, and requested that they stop trying to obtain current credit card information. I spoke to someone in India. Not only did they have my wrong (old) email address, but my old address since I had moved. Yesterday, August 23rd, I received an email that was transferred to my new email account, that I was charged over $80.00 for a renewal on a computer I no longer had. I checked my credit card, and lo and behold they obtained my new credit card information. I knew I had taken off my auto-renewal since my computer was replaced, so not only did they go and put my account into auto-renewal, they fraudulently charged a credit card that had no balance and was not being used! I immediately contacted my credit card company and requested that they remove the fraudulent charges, close out my account and issue another card number. McAfee claims that they work with the banks and credit card companies to obtain the new information so that their customers do not have a lapse in subscription. THIS COMPANY IS NOT TO BE TRUSTED!!! THEY STEAL ACCOUNT INFORMATION IN ORDER TO GET BUSINESS. Any reputable company who wants your business would not do this, especially if you do not update your credit card number after it expires!!! There should be class-action lawsuit against them to prevent their stealing money from accounts!

    0 Votes

dysfunctional product

McAfee does not protect your computer... they renew subscriptions a full 30 days before expiration, with no prior warning... you just get an email to say they've done it already. They do not stand by the effectiveness of their product, as evidenced by their refund policy, which is a sham at best. A real product doesn't need to force people to pay for it. My computer was completely demolished by a trojan and I lost everything.. all while supposedly protected by McAfee.. and don't even think about their backup.. I didn't have that because it was impossible to use... tried it and it would lock up my entire computer for an eternity.. I'd never have been able to use my computer

  • No
    none11 Jul 25, 2012

    McAfee company are thieves,
    I bought they product online but when I submitted the payment an error occured, so I figured oot I have to try again, this time payment was succesful, however I received two emals with receipt, that means I have paid twice, I contacted company twice, I am being ignored, they did not want to check if I was chareged twice I believe they kept the money, they did not reply to my enquiry if I was charged twice ( which I will now have to check in the bank )- so much hassle for one purchase only because some proffessional service provider do not give a toss about the customer as long as he paid.

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auto renew

I just received an email that auto renewal, which I didn't sign up for, was going to renew my subscription to Total Protection. The cost of renewal is $79.99. You can buy the same 3 pc license from Wal-Mart for $49.99. You can even buy it from the McAfee website for $44.99. When I chatted with customer service to complain I was referred to a web page for an explanation. It says that with auto renewal, which of course is only available to current customers, you are charged the current list price. Discounts and promomotions don't apply so you get to pay double. This policy certainly shows that they think their customers are stupid. I'm certainly done with them. I'll play more for something else before I do business with a company that plays these type dirty tricks.

  • Ma
    marker264109 Jan 27, 2011

    The "Auto-Renew" is in the fine print terms of the contract. You HAVE to agree to these "terms" in order to install the McAfee product you purchased. In those terms lies the scam: the ONLY way you can activate your McAfee purchase is to agree to let them auto renew. They 'auto renewed' me the second year (2 months before my existing subscription even ran out, no doubt to prevent you from changing to a better company). If you purchase McAfee ONCE, they got ya ... I went to the bank and had my credit card # changed (issued new CC), then, the next year I got an email from our pal McAfee saying they were "unable to renew due to incorrect payment info" (the CC # they had now was no longer active). Simply, if you buy McAfee on any credit or debit card---CHANGE YOUR CARD NUMBER or McAfee will auto-renew every year--months prior to your current subscription running out.

    S C A M.

    1 Votes
  • De
    Dee123 Aug 24, 2011

    I had McAfee years ago on an old computer that was replaced over 4 years ago. I've been getting both mail and emails requesting that my credit card be updated for my renewal subscription. I contacted McAfee over a month ago to notify them that I no longer had that computer, and requested that they stop trying to obtain current credit card information. I also informed them that I had taken my account off of auto-renewal. I spoke to someone in India. Not only did they have an old email address, but my old home address since I had moved over 3 years ago. Yesterday, August 23rd, I received an email that automatically was transferred to my new email account, that I was charged over $80.00 for a renewal on a computer I no longer had. I checked my credit card, balance and lo and behold they obtained my new credit card information. I had taken off my auto-renewal since my computer was replaced over 4 years ago and I had another software installed. Not only did they go and put my account into auto-renewal again, they fraudulently charged a credit card that had no balance and was not being used! I immediately contacted my credit card company and requested that they remove the fraudulent charges, close out my account and issue another card number. McAfee claims that they work with the banks and credit card companies to obtain the new information so that their customers do not have a lapse in subscription. THIS COMPANY IS NOT TO BE TRUSTED!!! THEY STEAL ACCOUNT INFORMATION IN ORDER TO GET BUSINESS. Any reputable company who wants your business would not do this, especially if you do not update your credit card number after it expires!!! I did not have auto-renewal, but they turned it back on in order to charge for their product. There should be class-action lawsuit against a company who will go to these lengths to get money for their business. After this, I wouldn't ever use their product again, nor would I recommend them.

    0 Votes
  • Mi
    Miguel Gumba Jan 07, 2017
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    There should be class action law suit against this practices. MacAfee took money from my account without authorization. The first time, I complied with the bank for me to call MacAfee refund the charges, and end up a renewal for half the price. As far as I know, I did not agree for an auto renewal.
    This time I have the bank deal with them since money was taken from my bank account without authorization.
    Learning from this scam, I am looking for an alternative for MacAfee.

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rip-off telephone charges

I bought a laptop Sony in 2009 with mcafee installed in it. I paid subscription for one year which expired now in November 2010. A month ago my computer stop working ang the tech guys found Trojan virus inside my laptop and the Mcafee anti-virus don't even detect it, that why I didn't want any renewal of that software I just find out that I was charged £54.99 for a subscription which I never wanted. I had invoice from Mcafee wich said that I had 6o days period for full refund. The telephone number for contact was: [protected] with charge 1.50 per minute. I did call this number and I spoke with the most idiotic guy in the world. my name is formed from four letters and I need to spell them for him 5-6 times to be understood, when I start complaining about his negligence and the price I am paying for the phone call he respond to me in quite rude way. He said: I work from eight till eight so I need your money, if you need help you need to pay me £1.50 a minute, I need to service my car regularly so I need the money to pay for it. I was furiuos, and he said to me that he needs to call to someone in South India and he will ask for my money, but he said that he must call them now and wait until they respond. I said that I will hung up and he said to me that I will never gonna get my money back if I hung up, so I waited for long time and then he said that nobody is answering the phone from India. He kept me on the phone for 14 mins and that will cost me around £20 for nothing. At the end he said that there is no guarantee that I will get my money back ang he was laughing. I couldn't believe that this is a helpline, that is so outragious!!!

  • Nh
    N. Hernandez May 06, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    On March 30th, 2009 I went on-line to order to order a download software program. When the program was downloaded it was an entirely different program.

    I was charged for that program. I have tried numerous times to e-mail them about the problem but never received any replies.

    Now I have tried again the the web site that was provided to my credit card provider is no longer on the internet.

    I now think this was a scam.

    0 Votes
  • Po
    pobarjenkins Nov 15, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    You should know that no antivirus program can stop all viruses on their own.

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  • Th
    THEFTFROMMCAFEE Apr 11, 2011

    I downloaded 3 user anti virus security from Mcafee. When it was done I had nothing but problems. So, I thought ok I will call them. What a joke.. having to pay for assistance that ruined my computer. I had no restore points, no search it was blank. At this point was furious. Why should I call for technical assistance on their faulty product?
    This is the biggest rip off on the market. My computer was secure and never left unprotected before I downloaded their garbage. I am contacting the BBB. 44.99 now cost me 139.99 a damaged computer and a headache.

    Beware of this company!!!

    0 Votes

product won't activate

I bought McAfee Total Protection for $79.99 at Office Depot. The problem is that once I load the software on my laptop, it ask me to "activate" the product. Once I start the process it wont let me finish. It starts to freeze and I never get to the end of it. I have uninstall-ed it three times and the same thing occurs. I downloaded the website version and the same glitch happens. I didn't expect this type of problem from a company that specializes in software security. I wish there was a solution. I was thinking maybe it was that it wasn't compatible with Microsoft's Vista OS but on the box it says that it is compatible. Is there a solution to this? I will not be buying McAfee again. Ever.

  • Ch
    Christopher B Jan 25, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Count yourself lucky! Take it back to the store for a refund and read the numerous complaints on this very site about their unethical practices and unauthorized charges.

    0 Votes

preloaded debit card rebate

Stores selling McAfee software offer enticing deals to capture customers. These deals often involve preloaded Visa debit cards. Customers are told they will receive a specific sum on a debit card in exchange for their purchase of the McAfee software. But when the debit card is eventually used to make a purchase, the customer discovers the amount on the card is not the same as was promised.

What the customer does not know when purchasing the McAfee product is that a $3 fee will be deducted monthly from the debit card after a short grace period. The bank will continue to remove $3 a month from the debit card until the card is drained.


June 11, 2010

I see a lot of bad experiences with McAfee charges etc. On the other hand, I ordered McAfee online with a VISA charge but decided not to download it because their procedure had me confused. I called McAfee on June 8 2010 and was connected to a person in India within a minute. He authorized a VISA credit and gave me confirmation numbers for the credit and for the conversation. My credit appeared on my VISA acct within three days of my call. Can't complain about that.

downloaded virus

I have recently had my computer repaired when the problem was diagnosed. The technician explained the fault was due to my internet protection (MacAfee). The informed me that this was a problem that occurred within the company itself in that they accidently downloaded virus onto the website. He then informed me that anyone trying to update their computer with MacAfee would receive it also. I was not however on the website, however I repeatedly received pop ups from MacAfee informing me that I needed to and to click the relevant link.in doing so the computer automatically received the virus and broke down. The repairs have cost me £112. 00 as this is the fault of MacAfee and not myself I would like this to be reimbursed by MacAfee.

  • Mr
    MR. JAMES Jun 08, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    An anti-virus providing a virus? Really? Business. Btw, reimbursement? Come on buddy! LOL

    0 Votes
  • Mr
    MR. JAMES Jun 08, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    True. If you're bombarded with pop ups and ads on sites like porn sites, don't EVER click it.

    0 Votes

no real interenet protection, anti virus scan blocking, very inefficient customer support

I can only agree with all the complaints on McAfee: Do not get involved with Mcafee. I bought a total...

automatic renewal

I received an email from McAffee informing me, that my Anti Virus software will be automatically renewed within the next 30 days. The fact is, I do not have any McAffee on my computer since 2007. Fortunately I managed to log into their web-site and found my account from 2007. Fortunately they allowed me to "switch off" the automatic renewal.
The problem however is, that this took me 30 minutes to do. I protest the fact that there is no function, to remove myself from their data base. Also they kept my CreditCard information.
If they want to sell software subscriptions with renewal, they can sent me an email, informing me about it.
The entire concept of automatic taking my money is wrong.
Therefor I have decided not to purchase anything over the internet, certainly do not use your Credit Card.
The Credit Card Company is NOT ON YOUR SIDE.
Another trick which may (maybe) works is to throw away your Credit Card frequently and get a new number.
This way, they try to take money from an account which does not exist or is cancelled.

  • Ka
    Karl123 Apr 05, 2011

    Factually you are correct. People have to read the contract and so I will in the future. But we all know, that these contracts are designed to mislead the casual reader, but hold-up in court.
    Where we disagree:
    I do not give a "flying monkey" about credit ratings. I NEVER borrow money... bad idea. People who purchase everything on credit never make it in life. Thirty years ago I left the army with a duffel-bag and $100 in my pocket. I got married and got two kids through college. To be sure, I spend only 9 years in school and did work when I was 15. Today I have a house, stocks and not a cent of depth. I could live on my savings until I am 100 years old. And all because I NEVER BORROWED MONEY form anybody.


    0 Votes
  • Ka
    Karl123 Apr 05, 2011

    Actually it was not luck, but hard work.
    Truth is, most people living on credit have nothing to show, even after years of hard work.
    "The flying monkey" I plagiarized from a movie, but it means the same thing as you suggested. In my case I avoid profanity, because it distracts from the basic argument.
    While it is true, that people who do not comprehend suffer from their condition (obviously), this does not give others the right to take advantage of it. What about the elderly ? What about children who grew up in less than fortunate families?

    0 Votes
  • Ka
    Karl123 Apr 05, 2011

    I am not criticizing anybody who lives on credit. I just believe, that this is not a good idea. In the long run you do financially much better NOT taking a loan. What I mean is that everybody must live within his/her means.
    Few people do and that is sad and yes... it is their choice. Taking a mortgage for a house is the possible exception, because few people have the money up front. But then be wise... Today everybody knows that "sub-prime" mortgages are a bad idea... I am proud to say "I knew that all along". And "lease to buy" is a bad idea as well and so is a 30 year mortgage... get a 15 year one and get a smaller house. Pay it off in 10 years and within 30 years you own 3 houses, while the neighbor owns one (at best).
    Your last paragraph I do not understand at all. Yes, many elderly live off credit... actually even more younger people do. In which way does this make me righteous ? I have a problem with the definition of the word "righteous".
    If it means "I believe that I am right" ... yes I do. If it means "I am right always" ... no I don't.

    0 Votes
  • Ka
    Karl123 Apr 06, 2011

    You mentioned it...
    Home equity loans are a bad idea too. And refinancing used to be bad idea too, but lately the interest rates are so low, that you may consider it.
    I actually know a few people who had sub-prime mortgages and they had to file bankruptcy and move in with friends and family. For them it was a very bad decision.
    Renting out your second home might be an option, if you can manage the property. Lots of luck involved here, you may get a bad tenant.
    And why are you so hostile. I have my opinions and you have yours. I have never insulted anybody who borrowed money or even lived ff a credit card. I have lots of friends who drive better cars than mine, but they borrowed the money for it.

    0 Votes
  • Ka
    Karl123 Apr 06, 2011

    I am really puzzled by your response. I had my share of failures and some of them are here on this web-site. I do agree that people are responsible for their own lives. Even so I do not know you, it is most likely that you made a mistake concerning credit cards and banks yourself... everybody has. However it never stops to amaze me, that people who have been victims (or dumb-[censor] as you would call them) actually defend their abusers. Sorry, but I think this is a defense mechanism. We all get cheated (or behave stupid) once in a while and your way of coping with your powerlessness is either to pretend to be educated in the subject matter or really make an effort to be educated.
    Then what is wrong with criticizing others, as long as it is in good taste and constructively.
    My defense mechanism dealing with banks and credit cards is to avoid them as much as I can and pay my credit card in full exactly one day before the due date. They really must hate me, because they do not make a lot of money of me.
    I am old enough to remember when checks (cheques) were not free. Then some "genius" realized that they would make a lot more money if checks are free but "take them to the cleaners" if they overdraft.
    The latest trick is to lure customers with a reasonable price, just right not to trigger the "read the small print" response. Later you will find out, you should have read the 5 pages of small-print.
    In short, the scheme is: You must take action NOT to buy the product or the service.
    Again, I do not intend to patronize or insult you. However if you still feel that way, I apologize... I really do. This web-site needs some civility.


    0 Votes
  • Di
    diverdownnc Jun 22, 2011

    After having what I now call my “McAffe Experience” I told their customer service that I would never pass on an opportunity to warn others about McAffee’s service and questionable business practices.

    Last Summer I purchased McAffee Antivirus software. After downloading it would not run. I contacted their tech support and of course had to talk to someone who could barely speak English named Roger….RIGHT! He spent over an hour having me change a bunch of settings. The software still would not start up. So Roger transferred me to another tech idiot and continued making changes in numerous areas on the PC. I told him this is not normal to have to change all this stuff and he says No Problem…No Problem. We will fix it.

    And you know what..he did. As soon as he had me restart the PC it crashed. Since I was so pissed and it was late I told him I would call back the next morning. The tech I talked to then says well it is obviously something wrong with my PC and not our software. I responded by telling him I agreed and McAfee Techs were the cause of the something that was wrong with my PC.

    They then had the gall to try to charge me almost 100 bucks to fix the problems they caused. That was the proverbial straw and I told them what they could do with their product and it was understandable in any language. I told them to refund my card, and to take my name off of their contact lists. I took my PC to a friend who works in the MIS field and he had it fixed in a couple of hours and told me he was surprised it did not crash sooner after all the changes they made.

    McAfee NEVER refunded my card, and I keep getting emails and snail mail etc. even though I have responded to every email telling them to remove me from their lists.

    I received a letter from them dated June 01, telling me that my card had expired and wanted me to update it. The subscription I never got to use did not expire until July so it is obvious they tried to charge my card in May, two months before the renewal was due. They do this so they can use your money for a couple of months even if you do not renew. I consider that an unethical business practice but honestly have learned to expect nothing less from this bunch.

    Luckily my card expired in May so that screwed up their scheme. I called the number they put on the letter and was not a nice person. Of course I was told I would be removed from their lists, I will believe it when I don’t see it.

    I have decided to file a complaint with my States Attorney General consumer affairs branch and encourage those having similar problems do so for their State.

    Again beware of dealing with this company

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  • We
    Wendy Willimott Aug 07, 2011

    I have just checked my visa account to find that McAffee has removed £64.99 from my account without my authorisation (ref no:85204721216130808030184) The only McAffee product i have is Anti-Theft which was paid for a few months ago and is not due for renewal.
    As all the other products that i had were discontinued 1-2years ago.
    Please refund me the amount of £64.99 immediately as this has taken me over my limit. If i had brought this product (Whatever it is) i would not have used a card that would have taken me over the limit.
    Yours Faithfully
    Miss Wendy Willimott

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  • Ju
    juldel Sep 10, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I ordered a McAffee software since last month and did not receive software

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preinstalled mcafee fraud

I have a dell vostro preinstalled with mcafee 36 months subscription. Ever since the antivirus program was reinstalled from Dell-Mcafee CD the subscription is reduced to 30 day trial. mcafee does not offer latest version of its software for preinstalled systems. Therefore by any chance the preinstalled system needs to be reinstalled it will need to update the software from its website. the website only has new version download. the new one is not available for preinstalled ones. this way I lost my one year. mcafee does not accept the mistake & dell does not own up.

allows malware charge to remove

from dispute letter to McAfee A renewed subscription of McAfee Total Protection plus the SiteAdvisor wa...

poor quality-failure to prevent trojan

Their McAfee security software allowed a trojanfakeav. b to get into my computer. It was able to not only to shut down the Microsoft anti-virus protection but also the McAfee protection as well. When I contacted AT&T by phone I was transfered to a Tech support who wanted to charge me $99 to fix a problem that their service allowed, not to mention their usual run around procedure of transfering me to different departments for 2.5 hours and then hanging up on me.

  • Si
    SimplyKath Feb 24, 2010

    Same problem here...problem still not resolved although Windows Defender stopped the AntiCirus 2010 from popping up when accessing my internet, now I can't open files or install or uninstall...can't even run cmd or regedit...still waiting for help from Microsoft since AT&T has failed once again to provide support for their program!

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Mcafee is pointless, my subscription fee was due but I didn't want to pay it! So I looked around on the internet for free security products. I found Microsoft Security Essentials. It is a free sucurity programe and is simply brilliant.
I have had more problems with Mcafee and you have to pay for it. The only pain is that there is no quick clean on Microsoft Security Essentials, but you can just download CCleaner for that.

  • Zo
    zoona Feb 11, 2010

    I agree entirely. I bought a sony vaio with a year subscription to mcafee and when i had to renew I found Microsoft Security Essentials, Works Perfectly :)

    1 Votes

security fails plus rip off when you complain

I have had a McAfee computer security package for a couple of years. A couple of weeks ago my computer was subjected to a severe virus/torjan attack - which surprised and upset me because I had paid good money for security against such things. McAfee not only didn't protect me against the virus WHICH WIPED OUT MY WINDOWS APPLICATIONS but when I contacted them, they wanted $89.95 to remove gthe virus and restore my computer files! What kind of security is this and what kind of a company is McAfee?

  • Po
    PoorCustomerService Feb 09, 2010

    Customer service and technical support is poor. The personnel are not knowledgable about the products or current issues. I have sent e-mails to technical support, customer service, corporate public relations (Francie Coulter), and their president (Dave Dewalt). No one has responded to their Site Advisor problem with the Google search engine. This company discourages telephone calls by charging a fee for "premium service." My current subscription to their service will end in a couple of months. I will choose another service provider that is customer friendly.

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  • Ma
    Markieboy Mar 05, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Macafee continues to charge my credit card even though we have told them more than a year ago we no longer have that computer. They don't care. Saying they cannot issue refund if it has been longer than 6 months. Bull crap. This is a ripoff company.

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complete rip-off

My computer became infected with a virus and I purchased the McAfee virus removal service for $90. McAfee techs told me the computer was clean and recommended I purchase the anti-viral software for another $120 which I did. Within days, it was clear the virus remained. I contacted McAfee and the techs tried again and again promised the computer was clean. I did not use my computer over the holidays but when I turned it back on today, it was clear the virus was still present. When I contacted McAfee, they said it was more than 30 days since the original purchase of services and I would have to pay them another $90 so they could come in and do again what they did the first time, which was nothing. And bonus, McAfee said that the software I had purchased wouldn't work because of the virus. So not only did they refuse to actually do the work I paid them to do, they also refused to return my money for the directive work and software. McAfee was totally unapologetic about the fact that the products and services I purchased did not perform as promised and would do NOTHING to correct the problem. DO NOT BUY MCAFEE'S PRODUCTS... THEY DO NOT WORK AND MCAFEE WON'T DO ANYTHING TO CORRECT THE PROBLEMS. It is exactly like a virus that wants your credit card information while providing nothing in exchange for it... the only difference is that McAfee will at least answer the phone to admit they are taking your money and they have a fancier website. BUYER BEWARE!!!

  • Ve
    Veronica delgado Mar 02, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Same thing happened to me.

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  • Ve
    Veronica delgado Mar 02, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I agree, McAfee service is terrible I had exactly the same issue with a nasty little virus that they claim they removed then sold me a new antivirus software. Not only did the same virus return the service tech says he never claimed they could eradicate the virus and could not find a history of previous service call even thou I provided him with a reference number. I was told I had to pay another $120 to remove the virus At the same time I was told the virus remains hidden and can reappear but if more then 30 days I would need to pay again. bottom line Don't use Mcafee. Better yet BUY A MAC and don't worry about viruses

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stolen cc information/ruined computer

I got a free 3 yr subscription to McAfee with the purchase of my computer. Everytime I turned the computer on McAfee would cut in to update the anti virus software. This effectively locked up my computer and I could not use it until the download was complete - this took from 15-45 minutes - even up to 3 times per day. It finally got to the point where their software was acting like a virus on my computer. At that time any technical service had to be paid for and if you got a virus you had to buy a product from them at a store to fix the problem. The breaking point came when after 1 year they sent me an email about paying for the next year service - I emailed them back and said that I still had 2 years free left and was thinking about discontinuing using their service and that I definitely did not want to pay for the service. Somehow they got hold of my credit card information (I did not give it to them and did not authorize payment) and charged me for service. After several calls and theats they refunded my money and I uninstalled it. My computer worked great. Never again would I use this service. Other family member had similar if not worse problems, I don't know how they are still in business

  • Ho
    HowDruidofMe Sep 20, 2010

    Mcafee is a nightmare to deal with. It is NOT the best anti-virus and my Mcafee let a virus slip thru that seems to have messed up a bunch of stuff. There technical support couldn't fix it after more than a week of talking with them. Finally they revealed to me that there was an issue with downloading to Windows 64 bit systems. I don't know if this was true but I said that I wanted my money back. The technical department said it would be no problem to receive a refund and yet the customer service department tells me they can't. I am still waiting for my refund and may sue if anyone is interested in a possible class action law suit.

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