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Enigma Software Group Complaints & Reviews

Enigma Software Group / spy hunter 5

Sep 18, 2018

After being advised by various sites that it would fix the reundqcwtq virus, I made tye error of buying the product. It scanned my laptop, claimed to findcamd fix nearly 300 errors which my windows defender somehow missed despite regular scans, and failed to fix the reundqcwtq virus. After...

Dri Spyhunter / unauthorized transaction on my visa

Aug 07, 2018

I checked my bank account, because my bank alerted me that my account was empty. First it said that my VISA had been used in IRELAND, and Dr MyCommerce Ltd, but now it says enigma software, Dri Spyhunter. I do NOT recognize the transaction, and I did not make the transaction, as I was in...

Dri Spyhunter / no service or software ordered

Jun 29, 2018

My credit card has been charged for 41.99 CHF + 1.75% = 42.75 CHR for something that I never ordered. The reason for charging my credit card is not even mentioned! I do not use any antivirus and never ordred anything to this company. Under line "DRI SPYHUNTER REGHUNTR, 952 646 5288 IE" on...

Enigma Software / spyhunter

Apr 22, 2018

Product purchased April 8 2018. Not satisfied!! Uninstalled April 12 2018!!! Request immediate refubnd - otherwise legal avction pending. Quote: Thank you for your purchase of RegHunter! Your account information is as follows: Username: [email protected] Password: nikollausklloiber If you do not already...

Enigma Software / spyhunter ie 952 646 5288

Mar 02, 2018

You charged me - and that without my permission- first time: 18.05.2016 41, 64 € second: 16.11.2016 again 41, 64 € third: 16.05.2017 again 41, 64 € fourth: 16.11.2017 again 41, 64 € stop that ! I would like to complain about the unauthorised charging of my account because you have no...

Enigma Software / spyhunter ®hunter

Aug 08, 2017

my spy hunter had expired and the profile keeps coming up on my screen telling me i have 1146 malware infections so i decided to renew Spy Hunter so i pressed renew and i was trying to pay whit PayPal and i could not find PayPal at the Pay Station and i closed the site and 2 days later i...

Enigma Software Group / spyhunter

Jul 23, 2017

The 5th of May, my account has been debited for an amount of 41.99€ without my authorization by "Dri Spyhunter Reghunt". I had downloaded Spyhunter over a year ago and I did not want a renewal. I did not receive any information about this operation. I just saw it when I received an abstract...

Enigma Software / spyhunter reghunter

Jul 22, 2017

Bbb complaint filed - but enigma software refuses to give refund! Nature of complaint: billing or collection issues Problem description: Misrepresented product (Spyhunter) with up-selling & up-billing But no way to reach or correct my complaint. I want a total refund $69.98 i'm...

Enigma Software / dri spyhunter reghunter

Mar 06, 2017

There has been an unauthorized charge (348, 66 danish krone) on my credit card on the 26.02.2017. I did not renew any of your contracts and i do not wish to purchase any more of your items. I did already contact my bank and they are aware of this situation. I kindly ask you to transfer back...

Dri Spyhunter, Enigma Software / Unauthorized credit card charges and unethical behavior

Jan 21, 2017

We received two unauthorised charges from DRI Spyhunter for € 35, 69 and 41, 64 on december, 27th 2016. We understood that they decided to renew our computer antivirus for one more year without our confirmation. So, what we would like now is : 1. Give back the money immediatly. 2. Never charge u...

Enigma Software / spyhunter

Jan 12, 2017

Do not purchase this garbage. It is malware in my opinion. They will tell you to contact their bogus complaint email just to give you a run around. Run from this company and its practices. My credit card gets charged every 6 months for this garbage when I have emailed them over and over...

Enigma Software Group/Dri Spyhunter / not authorized to charge my credit card!

Dec 31, 2016

Another complaint against this company! They charged my credit card for $29.95 without my authorization! This seems to be a problem for this company! I have contacted my credit card company asking them to not allow these charges! The company has not responded back to my emails, or phone...

Dri Spyhunter / unauthorized visa charge

Oct 01, 2016

A recurring charge on my account shows up every 6 months. I tried to verify with Enigma Software, the maker of it but none of my email addresses are even part of their accounts. I am disputing charge with the bank. Somehow the charge managed to continue after I canceled my card and got a...

Spy Hunter Enigma Software / unauthorized credit card charges

Sep 30, 2016

I checked my credit card statement and notice that there was an unauthorized credit card charge of usd 39.99 from dri*spyhunter on sep 2, 2016 for software renewal. I have never renew spyhunter and currently there is no spyhunter in my computer at all. This is a scandalous and a fraud. Please refund completely.

Dri Spyhunter / unauthorized credit card charges

Sep 01, 2016

I checked my statement and notice there is an unauthorized credit card charge of USD 39.99 from DRI*SPYHUNTER on the 2nd August 2016. There is no spyhunter in my computer at all. This is scandalous and a scam. This is really a fraud and sinful I hope there will be a complete refund.

Enigma Software / spyhunter 4 malware protection

Aug 30, 2016

A few days ago, I purchased Advanced System Care Pro to speed up my computer. Accompanying that download was 'Spyhunter 4' and 'Dashlane. I did not request any of these additional pieces of software. Each time I turn on my computer, Spyhunter starts it's scan and Dashlane pops up and ask...

Spyhunter 4 / spy hunter 4

Jun 23, 2016

After downloading this program it told me to pay them in order to remove malware from my computer. When I tried to close the program, denying them a payment, a message popes up asking if I wanted to close, I click yes and another message pops up. I was unable to close the program or open... / spyhunter is not free

Mar 16, 2016

I got a terrible virus and decided to try Spyhunter. It was said that it was free to use, very quick and will solve all the problems. So I downloaded the program and started to scan my computer. The whole process took over three hours! Really quick! And when it was finally done a new... / spyhunter 4

Feb 14, 2016

Recently there has been new versions of the CryptoLocker virus emerging. This virus encrypts files and demands a ransom to get the files decrypted. At this time there is no way to decrypt these files for free. Affiliate companies of Enigma Software imply that SpyHunter can decrypt these...

Dri Spyhunter / spyhunter

Feb 06, 2016

Dri spyhunter - charge but no registration code Belgium In december 2015 I have ordered the spy hunter software. Following that order I got a charge of € 36.29 on my bank account, but no registration code for allowing me to downloading the software. Can you finally provide me that...

Enigma Software / dri spy hunter 952 646 5288

Feb 05, 2016

13.01.2016 the above mentioned company debited two times EUR 29.99. I didn't want a renewal. Please credit the amount of EUR 59.98. I don't use the software anymore. Credit Card No 5500 2080 0186 9794 Card Account No 1107 5680 0061 7551 Account No 16602.02 Raiffeisenbank Unteres Rheintal Rheineck Switzerland BR Georg Kellenberger

Enigma Software / spyhunter 4

Jan 18, 2016

On Jan. 18, 2016, while trying to remove a particularly nasty adware/malware, Spy Hunter 4 presented itself as a "free" trial. After I closed all other programs and ran a scan, which took over an hour, it finally informed me that I must purchase it to remove the problems. This is a... / spyhunter 4

Dec 24, 2015

I downloaded Spyhunter to look at the program with the intent to purchase if it met my needs. In the process of deciding I was inundated with repeated pop up ads that are intrusive and annoying. I attempted to delete the program but cannot. I have called the company with no response. Thi...

Enigma Software / spy hunter

Nov 06, 2015

!c am to trying to re install.It was inadvertently wiped out I am a paraplegi in a wheel chair. i had a paid subscription but i re-subscribed to be sure I ws protected but I can't couldn't remember my password. My screen still shows invalid password. I'm sure that I put in the right one now! Kenneth Burke [email protected]

Spy Hunter Enigma Software / unauthorized charge

Sep 13, 2015

I just received a unauthorized charge for renewal that I was tricked into making when I first purchased this worthless hardware. I would not recommend this company to anyone. If they need to sneak around to keep people with them that should tell you what kind of company they are. Instead...

Enigma Software / spyhunter 4 - deceptive and fraudulent business practice

Sep 08, 2015

Installed the demo version of this on Windows 10 machine, and there is no way to remove it. Enigma's site only shows removal options for Win 7 & 8, but not Win 10... This is incredibly deceptive and unethical. If you "uninstall" the program from the "Add/Delete Program"... / the moderato advised to download some useless program

May 29, 2015

I got nasty virus and searched for the antivirus program. I opened the website When I only opened the website, the message from the moderato popped up. He offered help and I explained the situation. After that he advised me what program I needed. I paid $50 for thi...

Enigma Software Group / i cannot register

May 20, 2015

Have been trynig to reister spyhunter. However, when I try to register all I get is a blank page so that I can try ro finalise the operation it requires me to register. Tht enigma support will not respond unless this my copy is finalised. This is undoubtedly a catch 22 situation. If I do...

Enigma / spyhunter4

Apr 20, 2015

Spyhunter 4 arrived by accident. I am unable to uninstall it. The perceived Uninstall program is mixed with aggressive advertising. I am reporting this as a complaint to the UK authorities and to Microsoft. Please remove Spyhunter 4 from this computer. G.E.T.Raine

Enigma Software / fraudulent overcharge and impossible auto-renewal cancellation

Jan 06, 2015

Overcharged me (for two products rather than the one quoted) then included me in an auto-renewal subscription that cannot be unsubscribed from. They made it deliberately impossible to contact them, so I had to cancel my card and throw out my computer because there was no way I could trust...

Enigma Software Group Spyhunter / unauthorized charges

Sep 28, 2014

I purchased SpyHunter via Credit card, but it changed the price of my order without any further notice. Instead of charging me 29.99EUR, the order came out with 71 EUR. I want all my orders to be cancelled and my money refunded to my account. order number: ST87751436

Dri Spyhunter / Software

Apr 22, 2014

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren, Sie haben unberechtigt zwei mal am 08.04.2014 € 35, 69 von meiner Visa Credit Card abgebucht. Mit dem Vermerk "DRI SPYHUNTER".952 646 5288. Ich bitte Sie höflich und dringlich diese Beträge auf mein Konto zurück zu überweisen. Da ich Ihnen keinerlei...

Dir / Spyhunter / Enigma Software / unsolved financial mess

Mar 09, 2014

I subscribed to Spy Hunter 4 some 8 month ago, as the subscription is 6 monthly I cancelled my subscription within the 6 month time period. 3 month later I get charged 2 amounts bye Digital River Intern. I queried the amounts with DRI and got a reply saying that I did not have any ongoing...

Dri Spyhunter / non authorised renewal

Feb 13, 2014

I do not know this program and widh to be credited 48.63 canadian dollars. The reg and spyhunter programs have been renewed and that is ok. But the dri spyhunter is not wanted. Failure to correct this will be the canceling of the 2 programs listed above. A. Rousseau

Enigma Software - Spyhunter / false advertising product doesn't work

Aug 01, 2013

While looking for a free trial virus removal program, I saw that Spyhunter specifically indicated that they are the ones to remove "" which prevents Mozilla's Firefox from starting. After downloading spyhunter, they proceeded to scan my whole computer and came up with...

Spy Hunter Enigma Software / overcharging my credit card

Jul 17, 2013

The company was sure, after a test, to solve spy problems on my computer and pretended to charge 29. 99 € for that. Once i accepted and gave my credit card information, i had the surprise to read : your account has been lessened of 71 € ! The companby "sold" me extra software i never asked...

Dri Spyhunter / charged on my credit card

Sep 18, 2012

I am French citizen who live in Netherlands, I bought a new laptop on month ago and I did not download Dri Spyhunter in my new and completly new laptop and I was charged on 15-09-2012 DRI SPYHUNTER 952 646 5288 € 35, 69 (it is a copy and past of my banking statement). How can I claim my refund? Could you help me? Many thanks in advance.

Dri Spyhunter / unberechtigte abbbuchung

Aug 22, 2012

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren, Sie haben unberechtigt zwei mal am 09.08.2012 € 35, 69 von meiner Visa Credit Card abgebucht. Mit dem Vermerk "DRI SPYHUNTER". 9526465288. Ich bitte Sie höflich und dringlich diese Beträge auf mein Konto zurück zu überweisen. Da ich Ihnen keinerlei...

Dri Spyhunter / billing

Aug 13, 2012

This company still billing me for something I already for more than half a year ago cancelled and ask not to renew. That time I got my money back, but this company still going on with their tricks and goes on billing. Now it´s time to put an end to this kind of scam: I now look forward...

Dri Spyhunter / pay twise

Jul 02, 2012

hi, i have had a payment taken for euro 35, 69 from my account, I pay this already in 16 dec. 2011 (952 646 5288) how do i get a refund