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Complaints & Reviews

simply awful

I had a McAfee product that was due to expire in June of this year.in May of this year I received an email...

unauthorised extraction of monies from credit card when I do not have mcafee installed!!!

McAfee software uninstalled several months ago from PC... no contact with McAfee since that time, recently, they have on two separate occasions extracted monies from my credit card (the details held in their data bank!!) for a product I do not have installed nor use.. I complained to them on the first intance, but since then, I have not had monies refunded, and they have since taken more monies from the same credit card!!

They denied having my EMail address on their data files, but wanted me to send them more information (numbers etc) over the internet!!! I have since informed my credit card company concerning this and have also sought advice as to legally recovering monies and ensuring any more "extraction" does not occur... I want the monies refunded and after that, all details removed from their files... This "automatic" money retrieval is wholly unacceptable...

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    Adrian Thorne Jan 06, 2010

    I have had an identicle problem. No product on my computer for three years and 25th December 2008 Mcafee took just under 40 pounds from my account. Yes no email address and yes lots of details requested but just ignored. No refund ever received. 25th December 2009 they have done it again. It appears Visa just pays as if authorised so we have to wait for a statement. Then complete formal claim form, which should arrive in ten days, they will argue the case. DID WE DO SOMETHING WRONG. It sounds like we are the villian. The message which came over lound and clear was we are very fry please just accept and go away. Lucky we are BRITISH

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  • Sl
    slewballs Jan 14, 2010

    Please DISPUTE this with your credit card company and tell them that you have not ordered the product. If they tell you to dipute it direct, then tell them you have tried for the last three years and they should automatically refund your account and when Mcafee send proof of an invoice ... still go ahead and say that it's still in dispute. I made the mistake by ringing Mcafee ... which is a call centre in India (which I later discovered) and they assured me that once they received the money they would refund the fee! Well, I informed the chargecard that it was no longer in dispute, they repaid the money to Mcafee, who now deny receiving the money and won't refund it, because our subscription is now cancelled! Even though I told them that the money is probably sitting in a miscellaneous account as the subscription has been cancelled so they probably could not allocate the money!

    Good luck

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  • Ch
    Christopher B Jan 25, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Just went the rounds with Mcafee customer service for the 3rd year in a row for my boss's computer. He stopped using the software 4 years ago (when I came onboard as IT) but every year in January they charge him again and I call again to reverse it. They tell me they delete the information, but it happens again. And here's the kicker: in that time he's had an all-new Amex card issued with new numbers, but apparently Amex is just updating the info with Mcafee and allowing them to charge again.

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Classic Closeouts.com placed unauthorized charges on 700, 000 consumers credit cards and is making no massive effort to return the stolen funds. The business is paying its business debts and employees with the stolen funds. The frauduelnt business is so bad they do not even answer the phone or return e-mails. If you call Classic Closeouts.com at 866/422-6397 or 516/569-5390 or 516/538-1616 you get an ANSWERING MACHINE and they never return calls. They do not even return the calls of the bank representative making attempts to recover the stolen funds from their customers. Classic Closeouts.com is doing business as usual with stolen funds from consumers. The business placed charges Of $49.99 to $79.99 on 700, 000 consumers credit cards. Thus, the business is paying Mc Afee with stolen funds and they are supporting this business by placing the Site Advisor on the website and stating they found no problems with the business. One has to question Mc Afee ethical reasoning, since they do not think a business stealing from consumers deserves to be removed from their services. Mc Afee should be waring consumers to not shop with Classic Closeouts.com. They are aware the business stole funds from consumers by placing unauthorized charges on their visa accounts. Mc Afee is aware Classic Closeouts.com is making no effort to return the stolen funds. Mc Afee is also aware the business does not answer its phone or e-mails, but is doing business as usual with stolen funds. Trust E removed its logo and support of Classic Closeouts because Trust E cares about consumers. Trust E did not want Classic Closeouts stolen funds to pay for its services nor was it willing to lie about Classic Closeout fraudulent business. Trust E gave Classic Closeouts and opportunity to return the stolen funds to consumers, but when they saw the business was not even trying to do so, they removed their support logo. Now a business with the Trust E symbol can be very well respected and it is a pleasure for a consumer to do business with any online service with teh Trust E logo.
Mc Afee cannot be trusted, since tthey are not only willing to support a fraudulent business, but collect the payment of stolen funds.

  • Go
    goofium Jan 24, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I was victimized by this very scam. Now I know more details, thank you!!

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worst vendor ever

Had problems downloading product, consulted their Pay Per minute technical support, Andrea assigned a case numbe and said she would email the resolution but never did. I appears that they really don't want to help. I am currently on the phone for already an hour [protected]-which is obviously not an 800 number and so I am paying for the minutes) trying to get a refund but the next representative may yet have to be born. So, for $19.95 software that would not download, I am expected to pay the Pay Per Minute consultation and cell phon minutes to try and resolve things. Mcafee is the WORST VENDOR I HAVE EVER DEALT WITH!

scam billing

I bought my Dell PC in 2004, and it comes with McAfee virus detector. It expired, and I let it. I wound up getting Norton instead. Well, today Nov 14. 2008, I was looking at my checking acct statement and saw that I had a debit from McAfee for 42.31 from the week before.

I had been having problems with a virus that had infected my computer, but NEVER purchased McAfee to fix it. So when I found McAfees # and debit on my statement I was shocked and called them. I was surprised to hear that option #2 on the automated directory was for refunds... yeah, that's not suspicious!

Anyway, before he could pull up my acct, he needed my name and credit card number. When I refused to give him my card number, he asked for my email address instead. He didn't have that address in his records, but had ten others that I had since 2004. How that was in their records, is unknown. I've never updated and given them any information... especially not my acct number.

Anyway, he informed me that I had a Dell, and thatteh debit was part of the automatic update that comes wiht the product. He also let me know that there was another debit for 37.00 that would be taken out today. I was shocked, and told him that I did not even have McAfee on my PC, hadn't for years.

I questioned how they got access to all my info, and all the guy said was that my debit card would be refunded within 4-7 business days and that they would cancel my service. I continued to tell him that I did not have service, and don't recall how they would have gotten my information.

He said that he'd send me an email to confirm the cancellation. I did not get a verification, but a link for a download instead. And the worst part was, the name of the product that was sent to me by email so happened to be the same name of the virus that had infected my computer a month earlier.

I don't know the connection, but am curious to know how 'McAfee' got my information and how long they've been stealing money from me. And what the connection between my computer problems and McAfee's updates are.

  • In
    Indignada Jan 09, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    It really seems like a scam. I bought a computer for my daughter in December 2014 and we immediately purchased and installed McAfee antivirus. One year later the service was cancelled by McAfee and a recurrent message would appear at the screen informing that the service was cancelled and asking for a renew but the renew of the service wasn´t interesting for us, thus we didn´t take any further action.
    In 2015 we moved out of England. The fact is that they continued charging us every year after that the amount of £89.99. I returned to England this year and only then aknowledge the charges. For my surprise I was told by the bank that they couldn´t do anything about it and I should contact McAfee directly but they were fully aware of the "problem". And so I did. McAfee confirmed the fact that the services were cancelled one year after the purchase but I didn´t "call" them to cancel the services, reason why they continued charging me. They reimbursed me for the charges made in July 2018 (despite the fact that the first purchase was made in December 2014, no reason whatsoever for them to be charging me in July) but they refused to reimburse the previous charges made in 2016 and 2017 even though the services were no longer being provided. So, I strongly advise people to be aware of McAfee "type of procedures".

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no cooperation from mcafee

If I had known McAfee was owned by AOL, I'd have resubscribed to Norton. Have tried and tried to get my $20 rebate from McAfee, and to get upgrades on my two purchased from McAfee, to no avail

I tried to send in my request for the rebate a half dozen times but McAfee just won't cooperate.

When I try to get updates on the two purchased I made from them, they tell me my password is wrong or something else is wrong but when I attempt to get them to give me a new password, they put all kinds of stumbling blocks in the way.

Service request [protected], tracking nr,[protected]. I've spent over $75. on Mcafee with no rebate, and no help getting my password etc repaired.

This is typical AOL, and why I switched to other providers.

worst customer support

McAfee Virus Plus software is not effective in catching the latest spyware programmes. When you have a problem with their software or billing service, they do not respond!

A rogue spyware programme called Virus Protect Pro attached itself to my system. Since my McAfee Virus plus software or Quick Clean was not able to detect or remove it, I contacted their Customer Support line. They referred me to a specialist virus removal team. I paid UK 19.95 for a Gold Service but in the process of the chat, I found that the McAfee specialist did not even have a basic understanding of the problem. He was more interested for me to pay additional money and upgrade to a McAfee Platinum Service. Checking the web, I found that 'Virus Protect Pro' is a common spyware and there are many solutions. The rogue SpyWare was removed with a free programme I downloaded from the web called ˜Superantispyware". It did the job with a single scan. Since McAfee's support teams were useless, I requested them for a full refund. Until today, despite many calls and emails, but till date I have not received even an acknowledgment. My repeatedly calls to their support line remains answered.

It seems that McAfee software is a gimmick and their customer support non existent

do not wish your protection any more

I have a home computer dell which I installed mcafee virus protection with it, my computer broke down and had...