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Kaspersky Lab Complaints & Reviews

Kaspersky Lab / trojan or malware

Jun 11, 2019

Date of Incident is 10-6-2019 A malware attack is corrupt my all files. I am working normally at my office suddenly my all files including my desktop files and local drive files change with extension (.DOCM). When i rename file extension with actually extension and open file a popup message...

Kaspersky Lab / partial refund not received

May 18, 2019

With reference to the email below from Customer Services below, despite numerous phone calls and emails, I still have not received the agreed partial refund of a £44.99. I was asked to pay the full amount of £89.99 and this was taken out of my account on 24/04/19, with an agreement that I would...

Kaspersky Lab / web protection

Apr 23, 2019

I received a charge on my checking account using my debit card in the amount of 128.39 which I did not authorize. This was on 4/22/19. I called my bank this morning and I am disputing the charge against my account. I have no clue what this is for and did not authorize any renewal of any...

Kaspersky Lab / never authorize to debit my credit card

Apr 19, 2019

Today, I received my statement of my credit card Mastercard no:5258-9759-3010-3929 expire on 05-21 at the amount of $175.95 us found for which I have never authorize this transaction. I had already contact them to cancel thi transaction. Please send back to Mastercard a credit to that...

Kaspersky China / paid for service renewal, code unable to activate. refuse to refund.

Feb 12, 2019

I've purchased the anti virus service originally from China 3 years ago, then I've relocated to Canada. when my service is about to expire, the reminder notify me to re-new the service by paying additional amount. so I've made the payment to re-new the service with payment proof in Chinese...

Kaspersky Lab / charged 3 times for internet security & refused refund

Jan 01, 2019

annual renewal for Internet security was due & received an email from Kaspersky offering a discount on new internet security. took the offer & cover continued. Received a recent bank statement that showed 3 orders raised for amounts adding up to a total of approx £120. Contacted CS, sent them...

Kaspersky Lab / unethical behavior

Dec 29, 2018

Today, 12/29/2018 I attempted to reinstall my Kaspersky program after refreshing my computer. The Activation code I provided was not accepted and I was, after some online support, phoned by a support tech. His name was Peter. I could not understand him because he had an accent and I told...

Kaspersky Lab (and LS & SS Services Inc, a registered Partner) / unauthorized charge of $159.99 billed to my credit card

Nov 07, 2018

I purchased DRI Kaspersky internet security software in 2015 for my laptop. It caused problems to the operating of my laptop so I cancelled service within a year of use, remove the software from my computer (per a local computer technicians suggestion) and instead used Bitdefender...

Dri Kaspersky Lab / my credit card was charged usd 74.00 without my consent

Oct 17, 2018

On 12th Oct.2018 I suddenly received SMS notification from my Bank that my credit card was used for OMR 28.650 (or USD 74.00) used at Digital River. I don't know what it was, until I saw it here in this website and everybody was complaining about it. I got my credit card blocked and change...

Kaspersky Lab / customer service employees cannot speak or understand english and auto-renewed without my authorization

Oct 05, 2018

I have used Kaspersky anti-virus for a number of years, but I won't renew it again. My credit card was just billed 79.99 for something I didn't authorize. I got an email notification my subscription was renewed, but no description of exactly what anti-virus product was purchased. I thought I...

Kaspersky Lab / product

Oct 02, 2018

Sir i bought Kaspersky total sec From paytm monday 29th sep 2018 i got sealed pack and also after opening i scratched the code but in pc it shows invalid code please help i orederd it on 29th sep and i recived 1st October 2018 i have invoice copy also please send me immediate reply i want it i...

Kaspersky Lab / unwanted service

Jul 30, 2018

I was charged for 103, 69 USD without my authorisation. Had to call my bank and probably will change my credit card. No reply from Kaspersky customer service yet. I have ordered antivirus program 6 years ago, and it seems that it makes renewal every 2 years. Did not noticed 2 years ago...

Kaspersky Lab / kaspersky secure connection

Apr 29, 2018

I had already renewed my subscription of secure connection on April 23 with order #13658846738 with 5 devices and it went through on my card. You then charged me again for another renewal which I didn't do with order#47399744400. This is not active on any device because I did not order it...

Kaspersky Lab / order #69783167 - no activations code given after paying

Apr 25, 2018

- 09-04-2018: order #69783167 paid by Foreign EFT. Charges selected as Both instead of Ours. -11-04-2018: Received email stating due to incorrect charges selected need to pay difference of 8.68USD. -12-04-2018: Respond to email given and apologise for error and ask to please settle...

Kaspersky / support team

Apr 19, 2018

Bought brand new laptop. Tried to install Kaspersky internet security. Didn't complete so rolled it back. Roll back didn't complete so started chat session. Support member advised I was being put through to Deborah, a tech expert. After 20 mins with her and allowing her remote access, I...

Kaspersky Lab / total security licence renewal

Mar 10, 2018

I recently nenewed my licence and received an email detailing my payment received and no further action required it will automatically renew. This update never occurred on my PC and showed licence expired so I rang tech support in Australia. I was shuffled around to different people and at...

Kaspersky Lab / kaspersky internet security 2014

Feb 19, 2018

Hello I bought too many internet security years ago that I think I can still use. So, after my Total Security expired, the next day I entered the activation code of internet security 2014 as requested by Kaspersky online (without using the old disk). 1ZUJQ-T6UY5-RTC9B-4ZTTN Today I got a surprise. One...

Kaspersky Lab / kaspersky total security

Feb 11, 2018

The renew button on the kaspersky window led to a site that failed to allow renewal - just had pages that went from one back to the start and would not allow adding the renewal to shopping cart. I used Google to get the renewal page and this did allow me to add kaspersky renewal to my cart...

Kaspersky Lab / antivirus and service

Jan 29, 2018

I am filing a complaint against your account manager Elarnie in your billing department ( New Incident INC000008793710 ). She does not represent your company well. all she does is say sorry and double talks. When I asked to speak to manager (3 times) she did do anything. I mentioned I...

Kaspersky / total security / activation code not received

Jan 11, 2018

Dears I renewed my license with order# 67463461 on 9 January 2018 and till now I didn't receive the activation code and my license is expired I open a ticket in kaspersky support (ID INC000008705827), and they are not helpful at all, they are saying wait, but the question I have to wait till...

Kaspersky / unauthorized credit card charges

Dec 26, 2017

I cancelled my subscription a few months ago and it was renewed without my permission. The renewal information is: Order Date--12/23/2017 Order # -- 43780115800 Original Order # -- 9005492806 Order Total --- $69.99 This amount was deducted from my account on 12/26/2017 and I would like it to be...

Kaspersky / software online renewal-credit card charge

Dec 21, 2017

Dear Sir/Madame; On December 9 I renewed my protection & ordered a backup disk- order #12431346506 - $53.59. When I received my credit card statement I found the charge for $53.59 and 2 additional charges to DRI*Kaspersky Lab-$10.57 & $47.80. These charges I disputed with the credit card...

Kaspersky / kaspersky total security 2018 purchase

Dec 01, 2017

Sir, This is aakash from India. My Kaspersky total security license got expired. Therefore i clicked on the "Get New License" on my Kaspersky software. The link got opened of and gave me the option of purchase of "Kaspersky total security" at INR 1665...

Kaspersky / kaspersky renew unauthorized credit card charges

Nov 13, 2017

I was charged twice on 11-13-2017 to renew my service for my son DALTON L. PORTER. I was charged $89.99 and $95.56 could some one refund $95.56 back to my acct.asap. I still want to renew for the$84.99. My phone # is 618-924-1066 thank you. my E-MAIL is IT wa...

Kaspersky / unauthorized credit card charges

Nov 13, 2017

I installed Kaspersky Internet Security package in my lap top on 13 June 2017. It was working well upto date without any problem. Then, I received two emails on 10 November 2017 from PayPal confirmation of receipt of USD 59 and from Kasperskey confirming updated software. This payment was had...

Kaspersky / vietnam support (nts security company)

Nov 07, 2017

1.Date: November 7 - November 8, 2017 2. My Kaspersky account: 3. Incident: I purchased Kaspersky Internet Connection. After 2 days of stable operation, the software stopped working with the following bug: "Failed to establish secure connection" I submitted a support...

Kaspersky Antivirus / for home version

Sep 30, 2017

Dear sir/madam, recent my computer was formatted, after that windows 10 installed, previous same Kaspersky antivirus installed in this computer (@ 3 months finished ) but again I have installed same Kaspersky antivirus, but the activation code is not accepting please solve this problem...

Kaspersky / auto renewal on acct 12157571242

Sep 18, 2017

Have a charge on my checking account for auto renewal. I want this cancelled. It was not due to be renewed until October 4. So I called my bank I am requesting that this not be paid. My old email was I no longer have this equipment that it was installed on. Please do...

Kaspersky / unauthorized credit card charge

Aug 11, 2017

Just received my redit card bill and on it youb have charged me $84.99 usd @ 1.295149429 — $11o.07 Early in july 2017 I contacted you to cancel my account I had my computer crashed and the shop in which I had repairs done had loaded an anti virus already. I am sure you had cancel my account...

Kaspersky / kaspersky antivirus

Aug 07, 2017

Hi I am an indian. I have purchased kaspersky anti virus cd 1 device 3 yr lisesnce via amazon online site india. I tried installing it. But it is showing activation code is invalid for this region. Since this item is non returnable I am frustruated for wasting my money on this product...

Kaspersky / internet security

Jul 23, 2017

Basically, i renewed my sub as it was expiring. Bought a new code as somehow renewing is more expensive than being a new customer. Put in the code (bearing in mind, i bought a 3 user code), and mysteriously the remaining 22 days or so of the old license vanished from my PC. But has not...

Kaspersky / I am complaining to get an activation code

Jul 21, 2017

I am leveing in south Sudan I scratch my license activation code wrongly the serial No. is 17-000065668865 KISMD3+ so please I am kindle your help and support to solve my problem this license is very expensive her in my county we use to bring from abrogate either from Uganda or from Kenya...

Kaspersky / kaspersky internet security

Jul 07, 2017

On 18 June 2017 my Kaspersky had a serious problem with Microsoft.NET Framework 4.7 update from version 4.6. The splash screen showed, but the software wouldn't start up. I couldn’t even reinstall the product. I reported the problem to Kaspersky help desk but received no quick reply. I therefore...

Kaspersky / anti-virus protection: could not cancel auto-renew

Jun 24, 2017

Company website said I could cancel auto-renew. (They had already auto-renewed for four years so I know they know me.) Sent my information to their site for that action. Reps kept responding to me that they couldn't find me. So, they know me for getting my money each year, but for handing...

Kaspersky / kaspersky internet security 2017

Jun 24, 2017

Purchased the product at best buy. It sounded good - can be used for 3 devices and claimed to work on Mac and iOS machines. Not so. Could not download onto my iPad, contacted Kaspersky (INC000007936332), and was told it does not work for iOS despite the box cover specifying iOS. No...

Kaspersky / kaspersky internet security

Jun 02, 2017

My incident INC000007851100 with Kaspersky Lab tech support is not being understood, and problem corrected after 5-6 responses to their requests. The problem is with the MYKASPERSKY Web Site indicating my license has expired when it hasn't. The Kaspersky Internet Security on my PC indicates I...

Kaspersky / unauthorized credit card charges for the 2nd time on same account

May 28, 2017

I have already shut this account down, i did not ever, ever, ever sign up for automatic renewal... i have the email proof that i dealt with this and a confirmation from you that i was removed from auto renewal. to make a long story short this account that you are charging my check card ha...

Kaspersky / kaspersky total security

Apr 26, 2017

After the latest update, my web browsers have started to act very strange. They are very slow and do not render all the way. Some other sites lose its style and just shows their href links in their raw form. This is due to a change in the self defense. The moment I turn this off, everything...

Kaspersky / updates

Apr 21, 2017

On April 20, 2017, our printer and scanner stopped working and we had to call in the computer guy to fix it. He said that the printer and scanner were disconnected by an update that you made to your Kaspersky program.. This cost us $99.99 to get the printer and scanner to work again. We...

Kaspersky / renew my security

Apr 17, 2017

I have paid for 2 years renewal on line and this has not happened, I am getting request continuously to update my protection. Can you please fix this problem for me please. The order for renewal was placed on line on 16/01/17 for 1 Kaspersky total security 2017 - 1 Device (2 years) Order Number...