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Webroot Complaints & Reviews

Webroot SecureAnywhere — installing the product, 5 installations

Unfortunately the same situation happened - cat chasing its' tail. Webroot SecureAnywhere box pops up, yellow triangle with explanation point and these words: The keycode could not be verified at this time. Ensure that SecureAnywhere is allowed to connect to the internet and try...

Non-profit Organizations  · Sep 30, 2019

Webroot — webroot secure anywhere internet security

This company is a joke, I recieved software with my computer purchase at best buy, it was left in box by mistake noticed it and tried to install a year later, mind you it has never been activated and the package clearly states term starts at activation. When I attempted to put in...

Internet Services  · Sep 05, 2019

Webroot — item# [protected] wise dtc 2006

I was going to purchase this digital software, until I kept seeing the amount changing before I entered it. I was shocked to receive it in the mail. I didn't think I even pushed send. I misplaced it around the house for a few days, or I would have contacted you sooner. I just decided to...

Internet Services  · Sep 04, 2019

Webroot — refund

On 12/19/18 I was promised a refund from cancellation, as of today 1/8/19 I have yet to receive. I talked to you people yesterday. They said talk to my bank, I did. They said talk to you. I better receive very soon, or I will talk to bbb. And or small claims court. I want my 79.99 refunded now as I am starting to get really pissed off!

1 comments Visalia Other  · Jan 08, 2019

Webroot — unauthorized credit card charge

Canceled yearly Renewal online 3 times answering their email. Still got charged for the anti-virus after canceling. A year ago when I ordered the original anti-virus download which I didn't need a disc but was charged $10.00 for disc anyway. This Company is a SCAM. DO NOT BUY anything from...

Boulder Antivirus Software  · Oct 24, 2018

Webroot — unavailability of all customer service numbers-I need to ask a question about service and billing

I auto paid $63.50 on june 18, 2018 forWebroot Secure Anywhere Internet Security Complete. (SSFCSBWOAADIZBSKJYHH) I now have a notice that in September, I am going to be billed an unnamed amount for Webroot Secure Anywhere Internet Security plus (SA38ONLN4EC9AF4934BD). What is the...

Harrisburg Other  · Aug 23, 2018

Webroot — antivirus spyware

One month ago, scam artists penetrated my computer, identified themselves as Microsoft agents and asked for money to protect my Microsoft. They got personal information from me. You advertised to "block fake websites that trick you into entering personal information." I refused to pay...

Computers & Accessories  · Dec 07, 2017

Webroot — auto-renewal

Webroot spammed my inbox with auto-renewal notices, I used the provided hyperlink to opt-out of auto renewal, but they still charged my credit card. After contacting them to reverse the charge, a 5 dollar difference in the charge and refund was still there. They told me to take it up with...

Antivirus Software  · Sep 25, 2017

Webroot — webroot antivirus

We paid $49.00 for this antivirus system because of the great reviews and we could not even get into the account that we set up, password issues for which we tried for 2 days to reset. so we called webroot ciustomer service, the guy remotely went into our computer, went through all of our...

Computers & Accessories  · Sep 22, 2017

Webroot — over payment for malware

I am requesting a refund because I see that my checking account was debited three times by mistake. I was trying to do a renewal and I believe I purchased more than once!! So I NEED $239.97 returned to my checking account card number ending in 5588. The invoice # is ECM0042848378. My name...

Unauthorized Charges  · Mar 18, 2017

Webroot — automatic renewal

I took my computer into Best Buy in 2016 to have a new harddrive installed. They put Webroot on as the virus scan even though I told them that I already had a subscription to a Virus protection. They said that it was part of the service and that I could choose not to renew it. I found out...

Citrus Heights Desktop Computers  · Mar 02, 2017

Webroot — internet virus/malware protection

Received disc from Best Buy as virus protection had a problem with malware representative named Raymond connected to my computer said I had so many problems but I had just scanned my computer with there product which detected nothing he tried to convince me multiple times to pay more and...

Internet Services  · Nov 13, 2016

Webroot — tech support tried to obtain money from me to fix my computer

On 11/24/2015 after unsucessfully attempting to install webroot anti virus, I called their tech support. I was transferred to a company called iYogi. I spent two hours five minutes with an Indian individual who spoke broken english with a heavy accent--hard to understand. At the end of the...

Antivirus Software  · Nov 24, 2015

Webroot — billing, accessing invoice and other account information

One cannot view billing history or invoices. Due to so much confusion with multiple keycodes and double billing, I need to be able to see when and for which key codes I am getting billed for. I'm very frustrated with this company and their website. Therefore, I wish to be able to just...

1 comments Antivirus Software  · Aug 22, 2015

Webroot Anywhere — customer service, tech issues

This software offers to cover 1 pc, 1 phone, and 1 pad. It covers my phone and installed into ie browser by default. (I use firefox.) I downloaded the app Webroot says to download for protecting my phone, but the app will not allow logins. First I had to go online my PC to change my...

Shreveport Antivirus Software  · Jul 26, 2015

Webroot SecureAnywhere — buyer beware

I purchased from Bestbuy and not realizing Webroot Internet Security is "Activated at Purchase" and did not install immediately because I have other internet security program that was still active. By the time that I decided to use Webroot, I was not able to install the program. Too bad, I...

Webroot — autorenewal

Bought Webroot Antivirus and Internet security Software a year ago. First they have auto renewal program that you have to opt out of which is explained to you in small print at the very bottom of your welcoming e-mail. Secondly that same paragraph says you'll receive e-mail...

8 comments Antivirus Software  · Feb 05, 2015

Webroot — fasle services

So recently my computer has viruses so I downloaded the webroot free 30 day trial and scanned for days. it never removed any viruses so I contracted support. they set up a remote acess thing and the tech said my computer was good now. but now I cant use anything on my control panel to...

1 comments Laptops / Notebooks  · Nov 26, 2014

Webroot — absolutely pathetic! they're no better than the # they're suppose to protect users from!

WebrootHere's a message I sent them and I'm letting everyone spread the word. I have not seen anything THIS blatant from a big time company in a long time! See the image, it's unreal. -------------------------------------------------------------------- -To whom it may concern You...

Bismarck Antivirus Software  · Jun 20, 2014

Webroot Spysweeper — automatic renewal scam

I too have had problems with automatic renewal. I declined on-line two times, and received confirmation back. Yet they still automatically took $53.00 out of my account. When you try to call, they keep saying there’s technical difficulty. And if you send an e-mail reply, it bounce...

Dri*webroot Sof — unauthorised debit

they automatically renew you and then when you complain they say well you should have read the receipt we sent it told you we were going to automatically renew you next year WOW how is it that its always the consumers fault not the company for questionable business practice probably how...

Webroot — webroot killed my internet

I installed Webroot on two computers and they both lost internet. I took my notebook to my company's tech support team and they uninstalled the Webroot and sure enough I have internet now...Don't even THINK about Webroot as internet security!

Webroot — charge - no purchase

i was recently paying my credit card online and noticed a charge from webroot that was made on a date when my card wasn't in use. i recently purchased a new computer and searched the drive for any webroot programs, but none had showed up. i have never heard of webroot - and am curiou...

Webroot Spysweeper — avoid this company and its software at all costs

Have you ever listened to a few bars from Monk's "Straight, No Chaser" played over and over and over and over and over and over (and over) 200 times? You will if you ever find yourself so accursed to need Webroot's alleged tech support. I did, because Spysweeper was rendering the...

Webroot — refund

I canceld webroot anti virus back on February 2011 and I want the refund fro the folcharges: INVOICE E000027536770 $ 64.15 CODE : SSFCBXRSAADHBQMJHTNY $ 53.45

Webroot — customer service

They brag of US support but have you ever tried to call them? The same recording telling that due to the popularity of their new product your wait time is expected to be longer then one hour!!! If you would like to pay for support the wait time is non existent but I am not paying them for...

Webroot Spysweeper — cancellation of support without notice

Webroot/SpySweeper elected to upgrade their existing software. Unknown to them at the time their new release no longer supported any Windows 2000 OS. My system was down two weeks while they diagnosed the problem (system unprotected). But that's NOT the complaint. Once they discovered...

Webroot — customer service threatens

I was a happy webroot anti virus software client for 3 years. Their software had an issue in upgrading virus signatures. It would crash. I asked their support team online for help. It took them 6 days to get back to me. When I complained about the slow response their tech team member terry...

Webroot Software — charges for renewal that are not authorized

I noticed a charge to my bank account for $42 Webroot Software knowing full well that I never authorized this. After reading other complaints in here about Webroot scamming other people, now I'm really ticked off. I'm calling my bank to stop these payments and get a credit. This company has to be stopped

Webroot — unauthorized charge

a couple years ago my computer was repaired by a serive tech for viruses and he used webroot and charged it on my account and all suddent now I am being charged $43.65 which is claiming for renewel fee which for a computer I dont even own anymore...but what can you do this is America

Webroot Software, Inc. — refund

On my Visa Febriare statement there was a charge of $63.55 from Webroot Software, Inc. I have NO idea what they sell/? Trans. date is listed as 02/04, ref. #2906. If you need more info email me at [protected] Thank you.

Webroot Software — unauthorized credit card charges

webroot software charged my credit card account for a virus spyware renewal. I did not sign up for automatic renewal. I am retired, 69 years old, and live on social security which is very small. I was told by Webroot that since the charge was in July I had waited too long (October) to get...

Webroot Anti Virus — no refund returned yet!!!

I have been trying to get my refund since April 2010. The cost of the anti virus of over $32 is alot of money to me. I cannot afford to not be refunded and just lose it completely! I need that money too much. BUT I am entitled to my money anyway! Whether it is $1 or $1000! It is MY money & you...

web root — attention to detail (lack of)

I purchased Webroot after I spoke with my company IT Guru, who said it was top notch and top of the line for spam/ malware issues. I had to agree at the time and the past 2 years have been superb!! I just got the itch to try their new "BETA " upgrade on a trial basis, But got" the shaft"...

Webroot/spysweeper/antivirus — my program still stays expired

Program was expired, Payed a renewal. Still expired, They asked me to renem for a 5pcs licence because I used more than three time on different PC. First i payed for a3pcs renewal. After this did, nt worked out, I payed for a 5 pcs renewa. Still expired ! Sent to [protected]@ an email, .. still no reply !

Webroot Antivirus With Anti Spyware — webroot renewal quarantine blackmail

Webroot Antivirus With Anti SpywareI bought a version of webroot and have renewed upgraded since at least 2006. May 21, 2010 I turned off autorenew - I dont like the concept and my credit card is not active. Well today WEBROOT fails me. Despite having paid $120-$150 for this product. I get a rogue advertising spyware -...

Webroot Software — unauthorized credit card charge

Webroot has charged my credit card without my authorization for their stupid software, after I sent them more than one e-mail telling them to not do that. Nothing and they did it anyway. When you try to call them, they don't talk to you, just send you to another site to avoid dealing with the public. I'll never use them again.

Webroot — refund for autorenewal

Webroot autorevewed by anti virus software. I have cancelled the autorenewal and attempted to obtain a refund on their website. I got a prompt that my request was beyond 30 days cancellation period. My invoice was dated March 15, 2010, I attempted to obtain a refund on April 12, 2020. Thi...

Webroot Internet Security Essentials — they downgraded me

i have webroot internet security essentials on my 3 computers and have auto update on. on march 13? 2010 the latest update they downgraded my antivirus program to basic after waiting on line for custermer support for 55 minutes they acknowlaged the problem but its been a week now and no response from any letters yet and still not fixed

Webroot Software — spysweeper anti-virus with anti-malware

Early termination of Spyweeper Anti-virus with Anti-Malware updates subscription and attempts to trick user into paying a renewal fee. Watch out for this practice from Webroot Software Inc. ( I have been with Webroot for 5+ years, but maybe Robert Nardelli joined up with them recently and...