Mattress Firmservice

M Sep 28, 2019

From: Ms. Marilena Mattos
1650 Hwy.36 W apt.262
Roseville MN 55113

To: Mattress Firm Corporate Office
10201 Main St
Houston, TX 77025-5229

About: Mr. Jason Hepola
Mattress Firm Rosedale Center
1723 County Road B2 W
Roseville, MN 55113

Ref: Formal Complaint

September 28, 2019

Dear Sir or Madam

I'm writing to strongly complain about Mr. Jason Hepola, manager of the Mattress Firm in Roseville, State of Minnesota.

In order for you to understand the nature of the complaint, I'll explain the situation.

I bought a mattress in the store last November, however due to physical limitations, it got too soft for my disability. It was past the 120 days, but I talked to Mr. Bennett Sanders, the other manager of the store, who is a true gentleman. We talked and he suggested I called Customer Service, and probably file a Warranty Claim, which I did.

Ten days after I've filed the Claim, I went back to the store just to ask if they would have means to check on its progress. I was talking to Mr. Sanders, when Mr. Hepola, who had no idea of what we were talking about, interrupted asking what the problem was. I briefly explained, and with a tone of contempt he basically told me I did not have a case, and just left. I want to point out, that my objective was just to check, and he had no business interrupting my conversation with Mr. Sanders. I was very surprised, and told Mr. Sanders that "he was not a good man".

Anyway, time passed, my Claim did not go through but the company gave me a 30 % coupon for my next purchase. Actually I've received 2 coupons of 30 % in my email. Yesterday, Friday, September 27, I went back to the store accompanied by a friend. Mr. Sanders was not there, and I had this feeling I should just leave and come back the next day, Saturday. However, Mr. Hepola approached and I began to explain that I had 2 coupons, and showed him one in my phone which he read, and again treating me as if he was there doing me a favor, he ignored my situation, immediately said that the coupon was not acceptable, got up and turned without even trying to finish listening to me.

I want to be clear that all I expected was respect and that he had listened to me, and probably explained whatever he needed to explain about the use of the coupons.

He was rude, treated me as if I did not deserve his attention, showed contempt, impatience, and honestly I have difficulty even describing his unacceptable behavior as a sales person, and worse, as the manager of a business. My companion was appalled, and even more shocked because he was shoeless, what did not really bother me. I left the store, almost in tears, anxious and I could not really believe in what had happened.

Today, I went back, and talked to Mr. Sanders who explained the situation of the coupons, and I ended up buying a Purple 3, which apparently was the only product in the store he could not use the coupon or coupons. So, between the Serta ISeries100, for $1, 394.80, which I had to change for the ISeries 500, for $1, 799.00, and finally the Purple 3, $ 2, 125.06, I have spent about $4, 000.00 in the store.

My point is that I've bought 2 mattress from the store between September 2018 and today. My problem was not that my Claim was not accepted, or that I could not use the coupons, or that my disability made no difference to the company; my problem was, and is, Mr. Hepola disgusting treatment of the customer. I was nervous to go back to the store today. My companion advised to go to another one, but Mr. Sanders's gentleness made me go back although and still had to look at Mr. Hepola's contemptuous look as soon as I entered.

As I write this letter, I feel like crying. I'm an American, proudly naturalized, 27 years in this country, and a teacher at the University of Minnesota. I have never been treated like this for anybody, and anywhere during these 27 years.

I felt Corporate needed to know. I thank Mr. Bennett Sanders for his kindness, and his professional behavior. He is to be commended, but Mr. Jason Hepola does not deserve any of my respect.


Ms. Marilena Mattos

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