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Mattress Firm - paid for H&R Quail Creek up ltd Pillowtop Matt Calking Prime

As indicated above Calking Prime mattress was purchased.
Beautyrest recharge world class mattress was delivered.
This mattress has collapsed to a mass of lumps.
My daughter now sleeps on the sofa.
I talked with STAN at a local mattress king location where the mattress was bought. He assured me that this issued would be solved quickly. He SUSPECTS the invoice was switched...Mattress Firms invoice is DIFFERENT than the invoice I have in hand and copies of the labels on the mattress itself.
I will give Mattress firm until Wednesday October 20, 2021 to remedy this issue with a NEW mattress delivered. I will call 12 on your side with my complaint, if this does not work I will take this to small claims court to resolve. This complaint is filed on behalf of Kim Weis whom has all paper work as well as the Mattress itself. I have been referred to TAMMY...District Manager in Fredericksburg, but, Mattress Firm will not give me any info on how to contact her. I can not find it on the website nor a corporate office phone number. I could not send photos because my copy was too large and your site would not accept it.
Gloria Huband
[protected] cell


Mattress Firm - Order/customer service

We purchased a frame, mattress, pillows, mattress cover and sheets set at the Missouri State Fair. Our sales associate there was great! We were told that she would get back with us with our delivery...

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Mattress Firm - Damaged New Mattress/ Restocking fee

I purchased a Mattress and it was delivered on June 11, 2021. They have a 120 day guarantee for any reason if you don't like it you can return it!!! I'm returning my mattress because it is defective and they are charging me a $450 restocking fee? How can you restock damaged goods? The only way they wouldn't charge me is if I purchased another mattress from them. I had a lot of other issues with the whole process with them and did not want to do business with them again.

Desired outcome: Full refund

Mattress Firm - Pressuresmart firm mattress king

We purchased our king size pressuresmart firm mattress from the Mattress Firm store located at 38 Nardozzi Place, New Rochelle, New York on January 23, 2001 and received it in our home on Febuary 21...

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Mattress Firm - bed

I purchased a dual king bed. Top of the line. $14, 000. However. They didn't explain to me that having a split king, The beds move apart. I tried to contact them about this problem and that I was extremely dissatisfied. All they could say is if I wanted to send it back It would cost me another $600.00. Plus a new mattress. Totally unexpectable. They didn't even offer to work with me. The manager just chuckled and said if I wanted to change it I would keep the base. But have to pay the re stocking fee of $600.+. I figured anyone who spends over $14000.00 in there store on a stupid bed. Would get some sort of customer service. However. In my case. No. Would not recommend this store to anyone.

Desired outcome: I would like to switch out my split king for a regular king bed.

Mattress Firm - S037256633

I purchased a queen size mattress, foundation, frame, pillows, etc. on 8/13/21. It was scheduled for delivery on 8/15/21. The driver had difficulty locating the entrance to our gated subdivision. He...

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Mattress Firm - Adjustable base

I've called numerous occasions and got the run around. I bought a mattress back in 11/18/2020 order#S033583470 CUSTOMER # C016483497. The sales associate was Doris Collado. Total bill incurred was $...

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Mattress Firm - Warranty

Purchased a Mattress Firm Deluxe Raised Metal Platform and a mattress.
In less than a year the frame buckled and was unusable. The frame was used by my son who weighs approximately 170 pounds. Poor or faulty construction as the frame just buckled and could not be used. Contacted Mattress Firm, was told to contact the manufacturer, manufacturer no longer offers product and sent us back to mattress firm, mattress firm then sends us to new manufacturer, new manufacture states (obviously) that it is not their product.
Back to Mattress Firm, no reply. I stopped by the store we ordered it from and asked for a corporate phone number, was told they won't help me, but he'll sell me a new frame at 60% of original price. I was told that that is the best they can do. Really? You cannot speak with person except to place an order and they stated at the corporate number that sales personal will not assist with complaints or returns. Is this how you run a business?

Desired outcome: refund

Mattress Firm - Paid for service completed half the job and left

My husband scheduled a service:

1) the delivery of a bunkie board and removal of a box spring.
2) service to an existing adjustable bed that needed to be reconneceted.

The delivery service never completed the order and left. I called my main store to have them return immediatly. I'm waiting now and if they do not return I will be sure to take to social media and advise my neighbors and friends of this horiffic customer service and neglect of duty and service to your customers.

Desired outcome: Resolve TODAY!

Mattress Firm - Upholstered headboard

I placed an order for a headboard as well as a queen size mattress. Once i received my products everything was okay. Around April it seemed as though my health was getting bad with my allergies. I started breaking out in what seem to be hives. I went through my home cleaned extra hard and still I was breaking out. I finally after going to doctors having to get allergy shots etc I started seeing these little bugs. And I started doing my research on what they were. I don't own pets. Once I realized they were bed bugs I pulled my headboard out and noticed all through the fabric even where it's staples in was COVERED in bed bugs. I did what I could to contain them but still in the end I had to destroy my headboard and thank goodness my mattress was not affected. I've NEVER experienced bed bugs before and I need some sort of explanation as to why new product not just myself but many others have purchased and as infested with bed bugs. Can you explain?

Desired outcome: Refund of $125 the price of my headboard

Mattress Firm - Store manager service = sale made

Mattress firm has one star! Trash company. Shady all the way! Spent 3 days looking at mattresses and finally purchased 5 thousand worth of mattresses. Called me to tell me one day before that...

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Mattress Firm - poor customer service/sanitation

6/10/21 north haven, ct store. in the market for a mattress gave this store a look. i had previously been to Jordans, Bobs, and PC Richards shopping. in all these stores i was offered an opportunity to lay on certain mattresses with the benefit of sheets of paper to cover the pillows. when shopping in your north haven mattress firm i was shown multiple mattresses...and asked to lay on them to try them out. Not once was i offered a covering for the pillows. i tried to be discreet and turn some of them over to see if one side was at least clean. they were disgusting, covered with grease and stains. i naturally couldn't bring myself to lay on any of them without holding my head up off the pillows. i was never going to get a good feel for anything in this position but still tried to evaluate as best as possible. i won't hang you guys on social media, but don't understand how a reputable establishment could possible present themselves this way.
my stomach still turns thinking about it. i wouldn't mind if it was busy. i was the only customer in there.

Desired outcome: 130 Universal Drive North

Mattress Firm - Tempur-pedic foundation

Upon purchasing my Tempur-Adapt medium mattress, I told the sales associate that I wanted a lower foundation as I have an iron bed which is 13"off the floor. He sold me a 5" foundation and when...

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Mattress Firm - Mattress not delivered as promised by sales associate.

First, let me say that I have purchased other mattresses from Mattress Firm that were delivered as promised, so that is why I went back to purchase another mattress for my daughter. I purchased a...

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Mattress Firm - Mattress and boxspring sale

I would like to file a complaint on a sales Transaction offered at the Mattress Firm Cottonwood Location, 3705 Ellison Rd NW, Alb, NM. 87114. Order#[protected] (King BR Black Hybrid Medium D Line...

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Mattress Firm - Pickup at warehousr

I purchased a $2200 mattress and was told to go pick it up same day. I arrived at the warehouse to find nobody answering the phone or the door. I spoke to a loading dock associate who said that everybody was in a meeting and I would have to wait at least 30 minutes. A lady came out after about 35 minutes and locked me out of the building. I ended up waiting approximately 45 minutes just to see my order. Worst customer service ever.

Desired outcome: Partial refund

Mattress Firm - Infinity celebrity massage chair

I bought this chair as a floor model at Barrett Jackson auto auction in Scottsdale, AZ delivered 1-23-20 from a Trevor phone [protected] he said as I thought 3 years warranty parts and labor. A...

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Mattress Firm - Mattress is garbage

I purchesed the mattress 2 yrs ago and was really not pleased with it. I was talked into buying it along with an ajustable platform because I have a bad back and knees. On a fixed senior and disablity income I spurged to buy the bed and platform for over 1, 000. The mattress was 477.00. It had no support and soon I was rolling off the bed because the edges wore down to like 4 inches of thickness. I filed a warrenty form with pictures and was sent back a response of not getting anything but a 20 percent discount on a new mattress. I would never recomend a mattress from this place. Its a total ripoff and the ratings is really bad for Mattress firm. I wish I could tell everyone about how bad them are.

Desired outcome: I would of liked a refund for the poor quality of the mattress.

Mattress Firm - Delivery of incorrect bed, adjustable base and installation

Mattress Firm and I signed a purchase contract for the delivery and service to connect my bed to the frame. (12/31/2020) The delivery was a disaster with the company divers calling me vulgar name...

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Mattress Firm - Mattress installation

I have tried a lot of ways to reach you with respect to my complaint. I cannot reach anyone responsible on your telephone lines. Here is a copy of the email I sent to Mr. CJ Harley after talking to...

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