Mattress Firmbed delivered on wrong date to someone other than me.

L Aug 03, 2018

I made a purchase thru Mattress Firm's chat line on 7/6 for a bed and a platform that I specifically wanted for my daughter who is going to college. I asked the salesman if I could have it delivered/shipped to where my daughter will be living for the school year and was assured yes but he did explain it would be shipped by FedEx which was fine. I was told I would receive an email when the bed was ready to be shipped, but I never did. I needed the bed by 8/4/18 so I called about the bed on 7/30/18 only to find out the bed had been shipped to the address where my daughter was to live and someone other than myself signed for the bed which was delivered on 7/16 and 7/17 because there was the mattress and the platform. Someone signed for them but it was not me and I did not give permission for anyone to sign. I never received a tracking a number from Mattress Firm or FedEx so I had no idea the bed had been shipped until I called. I have been on the phone everyday this week with Mattress Firm trying to get this resolved and was told on 7/31/18 that a replacement bed was being shipped, a tracking number would be provided, and it was possible the bed would be expedited. Each person I talked to about this replacement bed lied and said it was either packaged already and waiting for a tracking number from FedEx. Finally on 8/2 in the afternoon after I had called in the morning and was told the bed was still waiting for FedEx to pick it up, a young man told me the bed was no longer available. UNBELIEVABLE RIGHT. I was told the bed was being replaced with another bed but it would take five to seven business days before it could be shipped. THAT SUCKS. I should not be penalized for Mattress Firm's and FedEx mistakes but I am. Not only am I not moving my daughter to school this weekend, I have no idea when I will be moving her, and nobody at Mattress Firm has reached out to me except the young man who called me to let me know the original bed I purchased is no longer available. I am a repeat customer and I do not appreciate this horrible customer service nor will I refer anyone to Mattress Firm. This situation has been handled in such an awful way and I really do not appreciate it. That bed should be expedited and we should have it ASAP but NO, that is not happening . Again, no one from Mattress Firm has reached out to me. BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE.

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