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American Mattress Complaints & Reviews

American Mattressserta initiative plush mattress

Purchased this mattress 9/26/2015, The mattress has issues and needs to be replaced. Mattress covered with the recommended elastic covering. Mattress became lumpy on top and the sides are sagging causing an issue for my disabled spouse to get out of the bag due to lack of support. The store stated we needed a fifth foot. The furniture maker says no. Serta won't stand by their product. American Mattress told us to stick a piece of wood under the bed for the inspector. This is not reputable and I will be filing a formal complaint with the State Consumer Group in IL. The ticket number is 1284684. The location is N. Clyborn Ave. This location also lied when the salesman said "it's unfortunate your salesman didn't tell you about a 5th foot". He was the salesman and denied remembering us. I have the invoice with his name. We were never told this and our bed is not made for a 5th foot. Product # [protected]-3. Why would we buy a product that didn't work for our bed...which we told them it was a platform bed. Additionally, I have the manufacturer' s confirmation this bed is not designed with a fifth foot.
We need an inspector to come see this mattress. We posted a complaint on Yelp as well. I do not want to deal with this location. Thank you

From Serta:
mail from Serta Customer Service, ref. #000675021C

Serta Customer Service
Wed, May 16, 4:30 PM
to me

Dear Lynn,
Reference Number: 000675021C

Thank you for contacting Serta. We are glad that you took the time to contact us and appreciate the opportunity to respond.

Again, your European bed frame would suffice, we just recommend you add a center leg extending to the floor from the middle of your frame. Because as stated in the guidelines of our warranty, center support is required on a Queen mattress or larger. Once this has been done we would recommend speaking with someone in management at the store about possibly having the mattress re-inspected. We suggest that you continue to work with the store and address any concerns you may have.

If you should have any other questions, please call Serta Customer Service at 888-55-SERTA [protected]), option 2 for Warranty, then option 2 to speak with a representative. The office is open Monday through Friday 9am - 5pm EST.


Consumer Affairs Specialist

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    American Mattress — customer service

    My husband and I purchased a bed frame, mattress and dressers. When these items were delivered, the delivery...

    American MattressBed

    They don't care about their customers at all! My parents got an adjustable bed because they thought it would be good for my dad whom has prostate cancer with bone mets. Anyways they went in one day to look at beds and got talked into a bed that costed $3500 (no joke! ) The only reason they decided to get the bed was because they were told they had 4 months to decide if they liked it if not return it for something different. So about a week went by and dad was not comfortable at all and that's the whole reason they got the bed. They called and ended up getting a different bed (no headboard or footboard just the bed) but they said they needed a king so dad could adjust it easier because of his condition. Anyways you should see it the bed is so uneven and the guy goes well its your floor not the bed. Now dad's'side is 2 inches taller than mom's and they custom made the feet for the bed and my mom slides down the bed and dad's so uncomfortable it's hard to sleep! They know exactly why mom and dad got the bed and are totally aware of my dad's condition. My mom called yet again to explain the situation with the bed and they said they will look at it when they're in town but there isn't anything they can do because they already traded for a new bed. Which they were led to believe they could change as much as needed within the 4 month window it's been about a month and a half at the most. Paying that kind of money for something so uncomfortable and so uneven is ridiculous! They don't care as long as they get the sale! I would NOT shop here tryst me you can go to many other places for better beds and half the price! Go to Ashley Furniture they stand behind their beds! Save yourself a major headache and DO NOT shop here! Nobody should have to slide down their bed how uncomfortable! Also, it's wrong to take advantage of someone that has terminal cancer. We just wanted my dad to be comfortable and he can't he hurts and this bed is making it 10x worse but they don't care about customers only the sale! This business is located in Onalaska, WI

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      American Mattress — refund or voucher

      American Mattress issued me a merchandise return voucher for a mattress that I returned unused and still in...

      The complaint has been investigated and
      resolved to the customer's satisfaction
      American Mattress — serta queen icomfort perfect base

      Bought a motion base for my mattress set. Was told by the sales person I had a four month trial in home...


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      American MattressBuyers Beware!

      Buyers Beware!

      If you choose your mattress, negotiate your best price, and are happy with it at home, you will probably avoid the sting of. the “Comfort exchange”.

      We weren’t in the store fifteen minutes when the manager came down from the sticker price by 35%. He told us no refunds but how we could exchange a mattress if it didn’t work for us. “You’re sure to find one out of the 30 mattresses we have to choose from, he said.” What he didn’t tell us was in the fine shaded print on the back of the invoice. It reads: “American Mattress will gladly exchange your mattress set for one of equal value or as a credit against a mattress set of greater value only.” The operative word here is “only”. This means that if you buy a mattress for $3000 let’s say because of the style or the construction, but find out later that the only mattress that really makes you comfortable is $2000, you will have to pay $3000 if you want them to take back the mattress that’s making you loose sleep and be miserable all day. And guess what? You’ll have lost all your negotiating power and have to pay sticker price on a down graded mattress! We lost over $500 and went from a 20 year warranty to a 10 year. But here’s the insult that adds to the injury! When we went in to the store and looked at the selections, we went away to talk about it;. The next day we called with some questions and decided to buy the mattress we liked?. Again, the manager never mentioned any terms but suggested they deliver it and we pay for it on delivery by calling their store with our credit card.. What could be safer? We don’t have to pay one penny until we see the mattress! As it turned out, it was the worst choice because this way we never saw an invoice with the terms until several days later when it was sent with our credit card receipt, . Is that slick? You might say we should have been more careful…and you’d be right". By the time we realized what we had gotten into, the only mattress we had to sleep on was costing us sleep night after night and we already let them take our old one away". We begin to realize how well they’d worked this out:. Our credit card company said they don’t negotiate terms in a dispute……..and after looking at what we’d have to go through to present our case in small claims court, we opted to just take the loss. The lesson is to make very sure that you choose the right mattress the first time………or go somewhere else to begin with.

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        • Lm
          LMF_3 Mar 12, 2012

          Really! A company gives you thirty days to exchange an item that you have slept on and you are complaining? I work for a furniture store and there are NO exchanges on mattresses. All I see is a bunch of whining people that didn't do their homework before purchasing something and now they want to place the blame elsewhere. I came across this site by accident and OMG people take responsibility!!

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        American MattressRefused Return In Warranty

        To Whom It May Concern:

        On March 4, 2007, my husband and I purchased a Serta King Ultimate Indulgence Mattress from the American Mattress store located on 414 S. Randall Road in Algonquin IL and spent almost $4200. Before delivery, we shopped around for mattress covers and decided to buy the Protect-A-Bed cover from American Mattress.

        On March 6, 2007 we stopped at the American Mattress store located on 351 S. Randall Road in Elgin IL on our way back from our son’s Karate class. We have been extremely pleased with everything, including customer service until today.

        Unfortunately our Mattress Cover started to fail us. The gortex began to separate from the top portion of the cover. On November 27, 2010 we stopped at the 414 S. Randall Road store in Algonquin IL and dealt with a gentleman by the name of Gordy. He was extremely focused on taking care of us. We filled out the necessary paperwork which appeared to be a return slip for the Mattress Cover manufacturer. Gordy started the transaction, however, due to the location of where we originally bought the cover, he was unable to complete the exchange upon getting to a particular field on his computer. He called his boss and they told us that we would need to go to the Elgin store for the exchange.

        Even though traffic was heavy due to the holiday weekend, we decided to drive the 14 miles to the Elgin store. We were greeted by Greg Peel. My husband explained that we had a mattress cover to exchange that was within the warranty period. Mr. Peel immediately told us that he could do nothing for us and that we had to call the manufacturer. I told Mr. Peel that we were just at the Algonquin IL store and were told to drive to his store for the exchange and that we just spent over 35 minutes traveling. Mr. Peel said that he did not care what the Algonquin store told us, he would not do the exchange. His words that followed were, “you just don’t understand how warranties work.” At this point, I realized that we were not going to be treated in a respectful manner. I asked to speak to the manager of the store and was quickly told that he was the manager and that there was no other person above him to speak to. Mr. Peel quickly communicated his authority with harsh words, demeaning behavior, and overall non-existent customer service empathy. His words were, “I don’t care, ” “You are wrong, ” “You people have an attitude, ” – mind you all of this was in front of our 12 year old son. In addition, he would not listen to us and would immediately talk over us. This is unacceptable behavior.

        While in Mr. Peel’s store, I called Gordy and explained what Mr. Peel said and how we were being treated. Gordy offered to speak to Mr. Peel.

        Once Mr. Peel was done with a customer purchase, I told Mr. Peel that Gordy would speak to him. Mr. Peel never once clarified which Algonquin, IL store we had been referring to. Again, his inability to relate and listen to his customers, he called the wrong Algonquin store. Mr. Peel, then said to me, “Lady, you are not going to the right store, nor even an American Mattress store?” I showed him my American Mattress receipt and showed him the location. He then refused to call Gordy once I showed him the receipt. His justification on refusing to call was that he had nothing to do with that store. I asked him one more time to call Gordy at American Mattress. While on the phone with Gordy, Mr. Peel demonstrated the same behavior, belittling and manipulating language. Gordy told Mr. Peel, “look you have the customer in your store, let’s try and make this as convenient as possible and take care of them.” Mr. Peel hung up on Gordy.

        I asked Mr. Peel for his business card and made him aware that I would be contacting the Attorney General’s office. His response was, “I gave you my card, don’t care what you do” and then he demanded that my husband and I leave “his” store.

        My understanding was that this was a “family owned and operated” company. Mr. Peel’s behavior and language, especially in front of a 12 year old child, is not one that I would want my family to be a part of.

        We can not tell you how frustrated, abused, and disappointed we feel over Mr. Peel’s behavior and language over a $90 item. Words can not express our dissatisfaction with your company.

        Due to the level of mistreatment by Mr. Peel and American Mattress, we have filed an official complaint with the Attorney General, Lisa Madigan.


        Abused & Frustrated Customer

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          • Ro
            Rose Leahy Apr 11, 2011
            This comment was posted by
            a verified customer
            Verified customer

            Good afternoon,
            My name is Rose Leahy, and I work for Protect-A-Bed. I am sorry you experienced negative customer service from the store you purchased our product at. Please feel free to contact Protect-A-Bed for a replacement protector if you have not done so already [protected].

            Thank you for purchasing our product, and I am sorry about the inconvenience.

            Rose Leahy
            [email protected]

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          The complaint has been investigated and
          resolved to the customer's satisfaction
          American Mattresscancelled order

          I ordered a mattress for my ailing father... but the mattress could not be deliver because the elevator was not working in the building..he lives on 18th floor...Many problems with my dad's health so i just wanted to cancelled order...I never recieved matress and they would not give me refund just... how its not there fault my father has problems...but I told them I never recieved the merchandise so.. I am entitled to refund. How can they keep my money and the merchandise?????????

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            The complaint has been investigated and
            resolved to the customer's satisfaction
            American Mattress — deceptive company

            Guys, if you wanna do each other a favor... Don't let anyone you know buy anything from American...

            The complaint has been investigated and
            resolved to the customer's satisfaction
            American MattressDeceitful company

            When I ordered the mattress online I was thrilled to see that they said delivery within 48 hours, but haha...I received an email stating I would be called that Friday for delivery (I ordered on Wednesday morning) I replied and asked if it would be delivered Friday and was told no, probably Saturday. So, I got a call on Friday and was told I would get the mattress on Monday between 9-1, I asked why not Saturday, and was told there was no truck in the area that day. I did pay for delivery, and the warehouse is only 30 miles from my house! So, at 11:30 I called to confirm that it was being delivered today, and was told they would be here shortly. At 1pm I called and the guy said he would call the driver. About 10 minutes later, he called back and told me he left a message for his driver. At 1:20 the driver called and said he would be here in about 15 minutes. WTH, is 4 hours not enough time to deliver a freaking mattress???Do not buy from this place, they are deceitful, and a waste of time. I have read similar reviews about them online.

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              • Tm
                TMoon Mar 04, 2010

                As a follow up to my claim noted on the earlier posting ... after finally reaching a "regional manager" for American Mattress named Lewis, we have now been advised that the driver will return with our replacement and there will be no additional problems. We'll need to see if this actually happens.

                Obviously American mattress was "hoping" that we would just give up !!! In my conversatiuon with this manager, I shared with him the results of my research. I also ensured him that if they did not honor this claim ... i would make their lives extremely complicated thru legal efforts.

                Warning ... DO NOT BUY anything from this company !!! They have no idea of proper customer service, respect or responsability !!!

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              • Tm
                TMoon Mar 04, 2010


                I'm at this very moment involved with a warranty claim with American Mattress. We purchased a Serta Eurotop 12 months ago from American Mattress and already have a 2" sag in the middle. After this was confirmed by an independent warrarty inspector ... we were told that we would get a replacement mattress. The inspector also noted how clean and spotless the mattress was !!!

                We then returned to the store to pick out a replacement. To ensure no additional problems ... we even paid an additional $800 to upgrade to a "better" model. Upon deliver of the "replacement mattress" ... the driver spent an unusual amount of time "re-inspecting" the mattress until he finally found something he could call a "spot". At that point the warranty claim was refused !!!

                I've now tried to call every number I can find to locate the corporate office with no success. This is obviously a "ploy" to refuse responsability for warranty claims. If I had only reviewed this site prior to buying the initial mattress !!!

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              American Mattress — Failure to Deliver

              I purchased my bed, paid in full, and set up delivery for a specific day in three weeks. I called the day...

              The complaint has been investigated and
              resolved to the customer's satisfaction
              American MattressFraudulent company

              On 9-24-08 I went to purchase a mattress and was told it had a 30 day comfort guarantee. I repeated 'Oh, I can return it if I cannot get used to it? Assured that was exactly the case. So I proceeded to buy the top of the line Tempurpedic mattress for $7, 667.89 which I paid in full that evening. Important to remember is that the salesman kept repeating full guarantee as he put the sales receipt down, holding it in place for me to sign for my credit card. Never once was the word exchange used, nor did he even give me a chance to see any writing on the back of the sales receipt.

              Within the month I returned and chose a new mattress, since I was having great difficulty getting used to the Tempurpedic and was having back and shoulder problems. The one I chose was also costly at $4, 100 before taxes. Then he sheepishly said in a lowered voice 'you know you have to use the difference for an in store credit.' I lost it screaming what am I going to buy here for over $3, 200.00!

              To try and keep this short, I ended up getting a return but had to pay a restocking fee of $710.00 plus shipping/delivery fees of $50.00. Important to remember is that mattresses cannot be re-used, as I was told. Tempurpedic gives them full money back, as they would have me, IF I had bought it from them directly. Now the cherry on the cake is that they just picked up the Tempurpedic and set up the Serta, however, the delivery men wrapped it so that it could be sent to you and you would never know I had used it for a month! When asked, I was told that is how they are instructed to do it.

              My suggestion to all consumers is to go to Carson's or Macey's and stay away from these strictly bed stores unless you clarify a 'Money Back Guarantee!' They are scammers. They would not let me talk to a regional manager. They did offer me to buy their overpriced brillo pad sheets to the tune of 3K plus.

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                • Yo
                  YohanR Dec 27, 2010

                  I agree American Mattress does mis-inform the customer. They definitely change their attitude once you purchase their mattress. I purchased a foam kids twin mattress and to my surprise when we got it out of the package, it had a strong odor. Its not a new car smell like they make you believe. its a strong odor of chemicals. Who will let their child breath this while they sleep. And I dont care if the odor goes away days later, their is still chemicals in the product that can lead to cancer. I think the big red flag of American Mattress is their no return policy! Exchanges are worthless.

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                • Js
                  jscibor Dec 17, 2010

                  There are giant signs all over every store that say you may "exchange " it, and how can he have hid your receipt that you took with you? Which you had plenty of time to read before the delivery(moment sale was final). Giving a poor review of a great Chicago based company because you weren't being an educated consumeris sad. Feel free to go to a department store for higher prices, no returns or exchanges, 2 week delivery, and poor customer service Outside of being the only Chicago company that stocks Tempurpedic in their warehouse you have a 90 day Exchange on Tempur not 30. Please remove this

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                The complaint has been investigated and
                resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                American MattressFraud and cheating

                I bought a Tempurpedic Mattress on 9/24/08 from this store after being told numerous times that it had a 30 day full comfort guarantee, regardless of the reason. Well to my disappointment, i had back and shoulder problems sleeping on this bed, perhaps because I am a side sleeper or 100 pounds. Beautiful bed, it just does not work for me.

                When I called I was told to come in and pick out another bed if I liked. I did and again, I picked the top of the line Serta bed for $4100.00 plus tax. This would leave me with about a $3, 200.00 refund. However, after I picked out the bed, the salesman sheepishly said 'you know we do not give anything but in store credits.' I lost it and asked what am I going to buy for the difference seeing I had purchased their most costly bed, The Grand Tempurpedic! Again, sheepishly, he suggested sheets and mattress covers. I told him his sheets were like overpriced brillo pads.

                He said that is 'our' policy. I said that the salesman who sold it to me put the receipt down with a pen on it, and his hand, as if to hold it in place for me, and told me to sign 'here.' Now I see it was so I did not see the back where in light gray the exchange policy is explained and it was never mentioned to me, nor was I given the chance to see it. In fact, it was completely and purposely avoided at all costs.

                Now as if this guy that I am dealing with is doing me a favor, he said he will go the extra mile and probably get into trouble for it. He offered to refund my money with the exception of a restocking fee of 10% on a $7100.00 sale (before tax), plus a charge to me of $50.00 for delivery. The delivery fee was explained to me at the original purchase, saying that is all it would cost me. Again, another time they could have told me about an in-store 'credit only' policy. I was told that they lose huge on this because the mattress cannot be re-sold by law. Read Down on that issue and assume your own conclusion.

                Calling Tempurpedic I was told if I had bought it straight from them, I would have had a 100% return, but there vendors set their own policy. Tempurpedic does not hold their vendors to any policy requirements. However, I believe they give the same 100% guarantee to their vendors, as they do the general public. I was told that they sell these mattresses to a carpet padding company for re-cycling into fine carpet pads that are then sold to the public.

                Today, at a $760.00 donation fee to American Mattress, they picked up the Tempurpedic and delivered the Serta. Most interesting was the mattress they picked up was carefully wrapped and taped looking like it was brand new. It was wrapped just like the one they delivered, exactly.

                Bottom line consumers, buy at reputable stores and stay away from these Mattress Stores or even buy direct from the manufacturer, but most importantly~guarantee and money back do not mean the same thing, especially from someone who is trying to scam you!

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                  • Cs
                    C Schroeder Oct 21, 2013

                    I purchased a full size mattress and Box Springs on 10/10/13 and was to receive a new pillow, but they were out and said they would have one by the 18th. When my daughter went to the store they gave her the wrong pillow and I was promised a pillow case, they also gave me a king size pillow case, not a full size. I called them, and left a message 3 times, they don't answer the phone, and don't call me back..
                    Chris, the Store Manager was who told me the information. The Sales Person, who sold me the mattress and box springs is Barry Lawrence.
                    Why don't they answer their phone, and return my calls? My calls were 3 different days.
                    All I want is the right pillow and pillow case.
                    How does a business run without answering their telephone calls?

                    Thank you,

                    Carolyn Schroeder
                    52 Inman Dr
                    Ingalls, IN 46048
                    [email protected]

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                  The complaint has been investigated and
                  resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                  American MattressFraud

                  I purchased a queen size mattress set from American Mattress in 2006. After only 2 years we were experiencing same sagging. I went back to the store and requested a copy of the receipt because I thought I lost the original. On the bottom of the reprint, it said floor model, sold as is. After reading that, I went home and searched every receipt I had and found my original. The original did not say that on it. I went back to the store, and showed the store manager the 2 receipts. He confirmed that a floor model was delivered and the receipt had been changed after the purchase. His resolution to the problem was for me to pay for an inspection, and they would then replace the mattress under warranty with a new one. The Serta inspector came out and said there was nothing wrong with the mattress. He place a leg on my bed and measured it with a string measuring tape. Weeks passed and I heard nothing from the store. I proceeded to call every few days and still got no results. After filing a complaint with the BBB, someone from their corporate office called and offered me an instore credit toward the replacement of the mattress. I agreed to the settlement, went to the store picked out a new mattress and paid and additional $250 for the upgrade. When the driver came to deliver my mattress, he said there was a stain on my mattress and could not deliver the new one. Now I am out $40 for a bogus inspection, $250 for the upgrade of a new mattress that I never received, and stuck with a floor model mattress that I paid full price for. American Mattress frauds their costumers and when they are caught, they lie their way out of it.

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                    American Mattress — Center of mattress craved in!

                    On April 01, 2006 I purchased a Vera Wang queen size mattress set from American Mattress at a cost of $1...

                    North Riverside

                    The complaint has been investigated and
                    resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                    American Mattress - Elmhurst, Il / Serta Mattress — Don't stand behind their products!

                    Serta mattress purchased from American Mattress Elmhurst Illinois In May of 2006, I purchased a $1,200 Serta...

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