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11:26 am EDT

Aerobed U.S. Aerobed

I have the exact same complaint as the the first filed with you on February 2011. In Fall of 2020, I purchased my Aerobed at Costco less than a year ago. My aerobed broke open along the length of the bed's seam. (See attached photo and video)

It also won't automatically inflate if air escapes. In the middle of the night, I wake up from delated air in the bed. (It won't hold air)

Desired outcome: Better replacement air mattress

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5:22 pm EST
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Aerobed U.S. broke open on seam and won't hold air

I ordered air mattress in Nov.2010 but did not use it until recently. It had a hole along the seam and we tried to patch it, but it won't hold air. I have my receipt but I don't have the packaging. I buy alot from your company and this is the first problem I have had. I hope you will be able to get me another air mattress, because I plan on using it this summer. Thank you Sandra Luker

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Tiffini Mihalko
, US
Nov 04, 2016 2:01 pm EDT

I have the same exact problem with embark n Target they keep going flat n can't find any hole n they don't want to refund

Embark air mattress
, US
Aug 30, 2016 10:57 am EDT

I have bought 2 beds in 3mths. Both are no good.
They don't whole the air. And there is no hole we can see.
I have just lost 110 dollars and no one is given me a dime back.

ken winston caine
Cerrillos, US
May 27, 2011 3:17 am EDT
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If that's the case, Oparcher, you'd think that they'd NEVER lose air.

ken winston caine
Cerrillos, US
May 27, 2011 1:13 am EDT
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Am pretty sure that Embark is a Target brand. That means they contract with the Chinese manufacturer to produce these under this brand name exclusively for them. So, I think, each time you return the mattress, you are in fact notifying the manufacturer.

Chicago, US
May 26, 2011 2:49 am EDT

well i must say that i feel alot better knowing that i am not alone in this. sorry to hear the stories that are being voiced about this whole situation. I myself have gone through about 9 to 10 air mattresses since feb. all lasting maybe a week to two weeks. air not holding. firmness crappy. i have gone through coleman and embark. i have been to target on multiple occassions to the point that when they see me they know my by name. was told not more then 2 weeks ago that coleman had a national reacall on their products because of the same reason. yet it is still being sold. right now not sure what to do cuz i now am on my third embark mattress and have no way of knowing how to contact the company to inform them of my dilema. if anyone has any clue please let me know

ken winston caine
Cerrillos, US
Apr 24, 2011 8:37 pm EDT
Verified customer This comment was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

I'd like to defend Sandra.

I've just spent nine nights in a row getting no more than 90 minutes sleep before having to get up, turn on the lights, hook up the air mattress pump and re-pump the air mattress so that my butt is not on the bed frame.

And this is with a brand-new air mattress. In fact, I have bought three different ones, three different brands in the last nine days and everyone of them has done this. Not a single one would hold its fill of air for more than 90 minutes with me (187 pounds) lying on it.

The brands I've tried are Coleman, Embark and Northwest Territory. All were nice looking "coil-spring" style full or queen-size mattresses.

The problem is that -- unlike 20 and more years ago -- these are not manufactured of heavy rubberized fabric with seams super-sealed with rubber sealant. Rather these now-made-in-China mattresses are made to LOOK just like nice functional air mattresses, but they are made of vinyl and the seams are "heat-welded" which simply does not work well.

I was able to find only one leak on one mattress -- and it was along a heat-welded/ heat fused seam.

Couldn't find the leaks in the other two mattresses. Not sure how to do that without dipping them in a pool and watching for a stream of bubbles.

There was no hissing. I did spray a soapy water mixture around the valves to see if they might be leaking and they weren't.

I've spent $24 in gas driving to town and back returning these defective mattresses. Not happy about this.

Am afraid many of the air mattresses being sold today are junk right out of the box.

Got burned by Walmart. They refused to refund my money, despite my having a 4-day-old receipt and all the packaging. I was told I could exchange for another, but no refunds on air mattresses.

I asked why no refund if it's defective out of the box and I don't trust the brand or quality now and don't want to try another?

"It's the policy, " I was told.

"Since when?" I asked. "And where is it posted so customers are aware of it before they make a purchase?"

"It's just the policy, " I was told.

Asked to see a manager and the manager eventually agreed to put the purchase amount on a gift card but would not issue a cash refund or refund to the debit card on which I had purchased the bed.

Air mattresses used to come with a several-year warranty. The Coleman and Embark come with 1-year warranties now. The Northwest Territory (K-mart brand) has no warranty information available on or in the package.

Interestingly, the Northwest package says the bed comes with an ""easy/quick inflation/deflation valve" and that the bed inflates and deflates in 110 seconds.

In fact, the bed comes with NO deflation valve. You must spend at least 110 seconds unscrewing the inflation valve assembly from the bed in order to deflate the bed. Real convenient. And further -- my electric quick-inflation pump required 7 minutes to inflate the K-mart bed. About 2-3 for the Coleman (purchased at Walmart) and the Embark (purchased at Target).

That's my report on air mattresses selling for less than $80. And I extend my sympathies to Sandra. I suspect she UNsuspectingly received the same kind of junk mattress that I did on three tries, with three different brands. Useless out of the box.

How long will we consumers continue to put up with this amazing deterioration in quality of products and the disappearing "lifetime warranties" we've experienced in the last decade as our corporate suppliers continue the race to find the absolute cheapest offshore manufacturing?

And how can the corporations expect to sell this kind of junk to "new markets" such as those where they have the manufacturing done when the $30 price of one of the mattresses represents almost three months of wages for the factory worker at the manufacturing plant in China? Will that worker ever trust Coleman, or Walmart or K-mart or Target again if they spend three months of wages on a mattress that won't hold air the first time it is pulled out of the box? And if Walmart won't refund their money?

Enough sharing. Enough rant. I just came online to search Google and see if others were experiencing the same I just have in 2011 with air mattress purchases.

Hope this post warns others about to make a similar purchase to be especially diligent and check with the store BEFORE purchasing to determine whether they can get a cash refund if the mattress is defective.


Cottonwood, Ca, US
Feb 25, 2011 6:31 am EST

Sandra honey this is not the mattress center this is a complaint board.
Meaning you need to call or contact the company you bought it from or the manufacture.
Um I have to ask how did you break the seam, getting a little rough? Right LOL

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