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I am encouraging the big dollar stores: Future Shop, Best Buy, Radio Shack and all media that advertises the Magic Jack; This is a fraudulant company. They do not give what they advertise. They spend more money on foolish chat lines and imaginary engineers. This is probably a company run out of somebodys cottage or basement, literally making millions of dollars off of hard working Americans and Canadians. I am encouraging every Magic Jack owner who has been ripped off to contact the above big buck stores and complain to them because they sell the Magic Jack, contact the media, and the FCC, as well as any member of government that can help you shut them down. Complaining to Magic Jack is USELESS. Hit them where it hurts: in thier pocket book. Somebody in the US should contact a lawyer and launch a class action lawsuit against Magic Jack and take millions from their pocket. If I was in the US I would do this in a second! Because I am living in Canada, and a Canadian citizen, hiring a lawyer is not a remedy I can use. I purchased the Magic Jack at Best Buy. I paid in cash in full and have my reciept. I went online to hook it up, paid an extra $10 for a Canadian phone number. I ordered a second Magic Jack online for my daughter. The first one worked fine. The second I could not get it hooked up and it would not work so I sent it back immediately and disputed the cost with my credit card company, which was returned to me immediately. This pissed off Magic Jack so the cut off the service of the first purchase which was already paid for a year in advance. I have been without phone service since April 7, 2011. I have no hope that they will ever turn it back on. My service was supposed to run through till August 12, 2011. They ripped me off for 4 months. In this time, I have had to rely on a neighbour to call 911 to contact an ambulance to take me to the hospital, where I was treated for a minor heart attack. If I was in the US, I would sue Magic Jack for the remainder of my 4 months as well as pain and suffering and punitive damages, as I can prove everything that I have said on this compaint and they would lose. All it takes is 1 person in the US to contact a lawyer for the rest of us. Do not take this laying down. To me they are no better than a terrorist as they have put terror in my life. I urge each and every person who has had a bad experience with Magic Jack to take time and email their local and state governments as Magic Jack is a US based company. They do not have any telephone numbers you can call, nor do they ever release any information on thier CEO's or Presidents of thier company, Although, today I found out the name of their CEO. His name is Dan Borislow. Anyone who can get a phone number or an email to this particular person, I would be greatly appreciative if you could email it to me at [protected] . This particular CEO needs to be sued so that he cannot own these mulimillion dollar homes, fancy cars, big boats and continue to laugh at each and every one of us. What is it going to take for you people in the United States to wake up and do something? If I had the resources at the end of my hands like you people in the US, I would not have been without a telephone at all. In Canada, we cannot sue like the people in the US. We have laws that prevent us from suing like you do in the US. In Canada, we have to put out the money upfront to sue anybody which can run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. So for a normal individual this is not fesable. In the US, lawyers take cases like this on and take a percentage of the winnings as their fee. It does not matter where you live in the US, if you have been a victim to the company Magic Jack, remember you can blame everybody that sells the product and advertises it to be an honest and good thing. It's like this; you throw a bucket of sh*t and whoever it sticks to you sue. Hopefully there will be 1 person in the US with enough courage to make that phone call, and if you do, don't forget to email me and let me know you started the ball rolling. I will definately send all information that I can to help. This is my complaint.


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    JohnRH Jun 12, 2011
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    This comment is not only to MJ but to sonyvega...
    The word"dispute" is from MJ not me. They are the ones that said that I disputed the charge with my credit card company. All I did was notify them that the product was being returned and why...The money was returned to me immediately.
    The other MJ that I paid for in cash, and open your big ears sonyvega and maybe you will catch it this time...I paid cash for the first unit in full including 1 years operation for this MJ, which has nothing to do with the second unit. MJ has cut off the service for this particular unit for no reason, leaving me with 4 months that I paid for and didn't get. Have you got that sonyvega and MJ??
    I'm not asking for you to tell me how to go out and spend more money on another service, sonyvega you idiot. I am making a legal complaint on this board about a fraudulant company that has stolen my money for no reason at all. I have spoken to the since my complaint and they are trying to embessel more money money out of me. They told me they will turn my service back on if I pay them $25+ for the administration fees it has cost them to return the second MJ, which remember sonyvega, that I purchased separately on my credit card. Now a child should understand this explanation so whoever you got to write your complaint sonyvega, maybe you could get them to read this for you and explain it to you over and over that MJ ripped me off and has continued to try to rip me off as I have kept a copy of their email asking for more money. They are frauds, thieves and I could go on and on. Maybe one day that thing that you call a head between your shoulders sonyvega, you will use for more than just hanging a hat on.

    -Very Unhappy

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    ken33160 Jun 08, 2011
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    magic jack by you might be bad but it works for me. I am a customer of best buy, for all you complaning stick to the brand products pay a little more and thrers an old saying you get what you pay for. About Best Buy's Customer service in Aventura, THEY SUCK I CALLED CORPERATE A HALF DOZEN TIMES ABOUT THAT LOUSEY STORE. MAYBE NOW THEY WILL SEND SOMEONE OVER THERE. HAVE A NICE DAY.!

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  • Sh
    Sharon Fairchild May 17, 2011
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    Why is this? as long as I had the one year plan I could recieve calls on my majicjack. After I paid out about 150.00 for five year plan I have NEVER< NEVER recieved one call on it. Yes I went thru the online fix probably 4 or 5 times for nothing to work or correct this. After they try sooooo many things and can't fix it I get dropped. Sounds like a scam to me. It would be nice for them to return every dime I gave them, but they never stay connected to me when that question comes up. I have a very limited income and on doctors care . I had a reaction to medicine and doctors couldn't call me back to keep in touchwhile I got thru it. Have you ever been suide? Hell they probably don't even see these. If I had a refund I could at least get phone service.
    DO NOT GO FOR THE FIVE YEAR PLAN, OR MAYBE CHECK AT PLACES THAT SELL THEM (radio shack, target ... The ones I know of. These things should be taken off the market.

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  • Mi
    mistydowg May 17, 2011

    Jerry, I fully agree with your frustration! I read the notes on the posted chat session that you had, and I do have to tell you that is EXACTLY what I have encountered with these folks at Magicjack. I live in manchester, NH, they told me in a chat that there is no such state in the United States with NH, they said there is a state NA..go figure. They have 17 area codes for Texas, 14 area codes for California, 7 area codes for Massachusetts. The State of New Hampshire has only ONE area code 603. I have been for 1 1/2 years calling/emailing/chatting with magicjack to get just one area code for New Hampshire 603, they keep telling me that "tech support is working on resolving that issue". Go figure. yes, they finally have canadian area codes numbers. currently there are 4 states of the United States that do not have magicjack area codes. I live in New Hampshire and we have one area code here, and it is 603. 603 is our ONLY area code. Why is it that we can not have magic jack 603 here? I have requested of them for the last 1 1/2 years, and have consistently been telling me that their technical services are working on it and always coming up with new area codes. Go figure. :-(

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  • Wi
    willssi Mar 18, 2011
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    This has happened to me also. Unfortunately, the company refuses to issue a refund, so I have had to go to my bank, and get them to stop payment. I'm not sure if someone stoly my cc information, or it was MagicJack's fault, but in the end, MJ is not very helpful in resolving the issue.

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  • Iv
    Ivo Sep 29, 2010
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    I used the MagicJack just a few times, as I didn't find it very convenient. When the year was up to renew ... Only the 5 yr service was offered. I got to speak to customer service one time and was told my account will be reviewed and I will be getting the service back??? I could not get the phone service or the customer service again. 3 times I tried paying $20.00 using my visa, got a confirmation each time! NO SERVICE AND NO CHARGE ON MY VISA ACCOUNT! Troubling experience!

    People got/get suckered into buying the MagicJack ... the real "MAGIC" is trying to renew the $20.00 renewal service for the 2nd year.

    There is absolutely no-one to speak to! No Customer Care ... Nobody!!

    BUY IT and REGRET IT! All that advertising sounds so good ... That is the

    creepiest outfit on the market!! DONOT GET INVOLVED WITH THE "MAGIC JACK"

    unless you enjoy throwing away your hard earned money on trickery!

    Anyone involved with investments, purchasing, etc. in regard to this

    product will have a rude awakening! They want the customer to pay for

    a 5 yr prepayment service only to be cheated. This is a Fly by night, "customer beware" kind of thing! BE SMART, DON'T BUY!

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  • Cr
    Craw Aug 31, 2010

    They scammed my Credit Card too - just that one fraudulent transaction to that one fraudulent company - MagicJack, I'm sure it was just a coincidence...

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  • Re
    Red_Foxx15 Jan 23, 2010

    Its entertaining to see that you blame the company which took the card rather then possibly go to the idea that someone has stolen your credit card information and used it to purchase a magic jack system and 5 years of service. Seeing as this is the day and age of identity theft, you really should give that one a thought first

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  • Ni
    niecy10 Jan 22, 2010

    I have never used this product. Thank you all for sending in info. so that others are not scammed. Reading pages such as these is something I do on a regular basis before I purchase things online, over the phone and or deal with certain companies. I would never by something from an infomercial, Especially if there was no contact phone number and or a company that leaves only a chat line to communicate. That is the first sign of a scam. These kinds of companies know that people will just simply give up if it takes to long to solve a problem. Trying to get troubleshooting done or refund requests appears to have caused more of a headache for customers than the intial problem they were calling about.

    Stay sucker-free.

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  • Di
    dispondent Nov 20, 2009

    I paid for a 5 year service only to have it deactivated after 1 year. When I contacted the Tech support all I got was a run around. They said it would be reactivated after 24 hr period but it never was. I have also been locked out from my account with them and even their agents say they can't get in either. I have been told their engineers are working on the problem. As I have spoken to about 6 different agents but never getting to any above the second level of service and non of these has done anything other that to tell me to check back from time to time and see if it has been fixed. The product support is horrendous. These AGENTS lie and mislead you into thinking something is being done when in fact nothing is being done at all. There is no way to contact them beyond the chat line and they are no help at all. This is a Scam Pure and Simple! "BAIT & SWITCH".
    Don't Fall for this!!!

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  • At
    atribunella Nov 12, 2009

    They misrepresent.I have people next store try to call, and it comes up as a long distance call.mY BROTHER IN LAW LIVE 9 MILES FROM ME, USED TO CALL 3 TIMES A DAY until he recd a bill for $77.00 for calling my number from his fone company.My step son has one of these pieces of junk and hi father law live 3 miles from him, used to call untill he recd a bill for $88.00 in long distance calls.Reception sucks, lots of skip.Lots pf missed calls, terrible contraption.Im going to the attorney general with this piece of crap.

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  • We
    Wendig0 Aug 06, 2009

    I'm calling BS. I've never had a single problem with their customer service or equipment.

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  • Mi
    miss Debbie Jul 19, 2009

    Magic Jack sounded right up my alley. I am a single mother of three so when i heard about magic jack i bought it at a local walmart. After i got it home and hooked it up I also do not have a local phone number. My area code is not available so i had to choose a Pittsburgh # and Pittsburgh is 2-3 hours away from me. I thought magic jack would help out financially, however what am i to do now with a long distance #. And if the school needs to get ahold of me if the kids are sick they have to dial a long distance #. My family even has to dial a long distance # to talk with me.MAGIC jACK REALLY NEEDS TO LET PEOPLE KNOW THAT NOT ALL AREA CODES ARE AVAILABLE BEFORE YOU PURCHASE IT. I recommend you buy it a a walmart or radio shack where it can be returned if your not satisfied.

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  • Da
    Danielle May 23, 2009

    I ordered in or about April or May of 2008 a Magic Jack device with a 5yr service license for $46.90. I ordered this for family in Europe with a US phone # to make calling easier and cost-effective. My family tried to use it today (5/23/09) to discover the license had expired. I contacted Magic Jack via online chat and was speaking to Ruby, who in the end informed me that my order was never placed nor shipped. The device was received and the service has been previously used to make calls. She transferred me to an upper level support manager - Maya - who was rude and could not write correctly. She persisted in telling me that my order was "killed" and that I never ordered a 5yr service license, that I never received the device, and that I was never charged the $46.90. I informed her that I did receive the device and that I was charged on my credit card $46.90. Maya proceeded to argue with me that I did not get the device, that I was not charged or anything. She said I had to call my credit card company for the money...which I did initiate a billing dispute during my chat session with my credit card company. As I was extremely livid over the situation, I was going to file complaints with the BBB, the Florida Attorney General's Office, the State's Attorney's Office for West Palm Beach, FL, the FCC, the FTC and any other government agency as appropriate. I did in fact file a complaint with the BBB and the Florida Attorney General - and was much surprised to find out over 1, 000 complaints were already filed with the BBB (yet they still gave the company a high rating) and as a result of those complaints the FL Attorney General's Office filed a complaint on behalf of 500 consumers for the same type of fraudulent and deceptive practices. I will be filing a complaint with the other agencies shortly. I also contacted PC Magazine to request that they retract their recommendation of this product / service. It is a TOTAL SCAM!!! Do NOT purchase this and please SPREAD THE WORD!!!

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  • Ch
    chrissy814 Apr 28, 2009

    watch out. I never orderd magic jack but there it was on my credit card. not only that but it says i ordered 5 years of magic jack service!! after waiting for 40 minutes for a live person i got online for a live chat and yes it does seem that they're automated. same questions. she had a bill and everything that i supposibly did. I did not do this or authorize the charges to my credit card. she said they ask for the security 3 digits on the back of your credit card so it had to have been someone who had access to it. well it's just me and my husband and we're shocked to see charges for over 250.00 on our credit card bill. I think magic jack stole my credit card info from another site. signed me up for alot of their products and service and kinda hoped i wouldnt notice the charges or maybe find it to difficult to get it sent back in since you cant talk to anyone.

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  • Mi
    michael mcelfresh Apr 22, 2009

    Did not recieve my refund and have no phone number to contact anyone about this. I have been waiting since january.

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  • Mi
    michael mcelfresh Apr 22, 2009

    Magic jack does not provide a phone number or address to call them if you dont get your refund. I have been waiting since january for my refund to show up on my credit card statement and still nothing and no way to get in touch to find out why.

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  • Je
    Jerry Apr 11, 2009

    Please wait for a site operator to respond.

    You are now chatting with 'Stephen'

    Stephen: Hello, how may I help you?

    Jerry: installing magic jack.. problem with picking a phone number

    Stephen: What is the problem?

    Jerry: there does not appear to be any phone numbers for my state?

    Stephen: Jerry, Please select the nearest area code available in the list.

    Stephen: Our Engineers are working to get more and more area codes. Once it is available, you will be able to change your phone # once for free

    Jerry: there are 0 area codes available in my state apparently cause it is not showing any available

    Stephen: Available Area Codes


    Jerry: don't u think the customers should have been warned about that b4 purchasing magicjack.. that a local number might not be available where they live?

    Stephen: Have you checked the above link for the list of available area codeS

    Jerry: yes i glanced it... I live in New Hampshire.. you look

    Stephen: Please select any of the nearest area code. I will forward your request to concern department. Once it is available, you can change your number

    Jerry: don't u think the customers should have been warned about that b4 purchasing magicjack.. that a local number might not be available where they live?

    Stephen: I am sorry, the list is available area code is already available in the above link. From that, you can check it even before you purchase it.

    Jerry: perhaps you should let me speak with someone from that department now so i can ask some questions like, how long b4 there is a local number i can use

    Stephen: Thank you for your patience. I will transfer you to a higher level of support. Please hold while I transfer you.

    Please wait while I transfer the chat to the best suited site operator.

    You are now chatting with 'Bucky'

    Bucky: Hi, Welcome to the higher level of support.

    Bucky: Please hold on for a while and allow me to review your chat so that I can assist you further.

    Bucky: Thank you for patiently waiting, Jerry.

    Bucky: Please allow me to assist you with this concern.

    Bucky: Thank you for waiting. I apologize to inform you that the area code you're requesting to use is not yet available as of the moment. As of the moment, you can choose any area code nearest to your state and you can change it after if your desire area code is already available for free.

    Bucky: Our engineers are working on this to release other area codes for you to use.

    Bucky: We don't have timeframe of when will it be released, we will just update our website as soon as possible.

    Bucky: We're sorry for the inconvenience but your privilege to call for free to all US states and Canada is still active using your present phone number.

    Jerry: i don't have a phone number... did you really read

    Bucky: Yes, Jerry.

    Bucky: You are asking for a local number, right>

    Bucky: ?

    Jerry: apparently u didnt understand that i dont have a number?

    Jerry: thats correct

    Bucky: I see

    Jerry: there is not even a number available in my WHOLE state?

    Bucky: Do you have a magicJack device?

    Jerry: yes

    Jerry: i bought it months ago but never used it until now..

    Bucky: What are code are you looking for?

    Jerry: just now trying to set it up

    Jerry: 603 area code

    Bucky: Are you in the registration page now?

    Jerry: yes

    Jerry: at "choose your number"

    Bucky: 603 is not yet available as of the moment, Jerry. I do apologize for the inconvenience.

    Jerry: lol, inconvience ur really sorry eh?

    Jerry: are you kidding me

    Jerry: i bought this thing and it does not even have a number for my WHOLE state?

    Jerry: don't u think i would have liked to have known that b4 purchasing it

    Jerry: don't u think there should have been a notice showing which states are availabe with numbers?

    Bucky: Yes, I know but the area code you're requesting Jerry is not yet available here in our end. Please choose other area code nearest to your place.

    Bucky: Yes, you will be in our priority list if that area code is already available.

    Jerry: I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IS THE NEAREST... there is not even a number in my state!

    Jerry: we only have 1 area code in our state.. i would have to pick a number outside of my state!

    Bucky: Yes, you can while waiting for your area code to be available, Jerry.

    Jerry: ya and when is that gonna be?

    Bucky: We will send you email if this area code will be available soon.

    Jerry: lol

    Bucky: In a couple of months, Jerry.

    Jerry: i should have been told b4 buying it

    Jerry: couple of months?

    Jerry: i need a gaurantee of a couple of months

    Bucky: I do apologize for that, Jerry.

    Jerry: don't insult me with an apology

    Jerry: your company did this un purpose

    Bucky: Yes, we will update our wensite as soon as possible.

    Jerry: purposely not informing ppl that they would be buying this product and have to use a number out of state is wrong

    Jerry: now i can't even return this its too late

    Jerry: what good is it for me when my friends and family have to call me using a number out of state?

    Jerry: some of my family does not even have out of state calling

    Bucky: Yes, we will update our website as soon as possible.

    Jerry: why even sell this to people that live in New Hampshire when there is not one single phone number available for the state?

    Jerry: im not interested in seeing how long it will take to get a phone number in my state... and waiting who knows how long... I want a refund

    Jerry: Where is the integrity in selling something to someone that can't use it... It's dishonest practice to not inform people that there is not even phone number available in their state

    Bucky: We will send you email if this area code will be available soon.

    Bucky: You will be in our priority list if that area code is already available.

    Jerry: you and i both don't know for certain that will happen

    Jerry: nor how long it would take

    Jerry: I WANT A REFUND

    Bucky: Please provide me with your full name and email address.

    Bucky: Please provide me with your first four digit and last four digit number on credit card.

    Jerry: if and when you ever do get a number for my state... i will reconsider purchasing this again.. until that i want a refund

    Jerry: why do you want my creditcard?

    Bucky: Please provide me with your full name and email address.

    Jerry: i purchased this in a store

    Jerry: cash

    Bucky: I see

    Jerry: months ago

    Jerry: i can't even return it to that store now

    Bucky: Then you will have to return it to the store where you purchased it.

    Bucky: You cannot return it to us, Jerry.

    Jerry: only allowed to return it within 30-90 days.. don't know that stores policy but it has been longer than 90 days

    Jerry: for your sake and that of your company i would suggest you try and find a way to refund me

    Bucky: Yes, you can no longer return it if it is beyond its 30 day free trial period.

    Bucky: I'm sorry about that, Jerry.

    Jerry: i have not even tried it yet

    Jerry: how can i not return it?

    Jerry: what country you from... seems like you don't understand english too well...

    Jerry: i never said i had a free trial period

    Bucky: You purchase it in the store, you cannot return it to us.

    Jerry: again i will suggest that for the sake of your company you try and find a way to Refund my money

    Jerry: perhaps you should speak with a supervisor

    Jerry: else I PROMISE this conversation will be plastered ALL OVER the internet

    Bucky: I am a supervisor, Jerry. That is our policy.

    Bucky: I have not heard from you in a while. Do you wish to continue this chat session?

    Bucky: Since I have not heard from you for some time, I am going to close this chat. If you need any help in the future, please do not hesitate to chat with us again. Good bye

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  • Ak
    aksparky Apr 06, 2009

    Bought MJ at Bestbuy, it took awhile to get it working, but the downside (only downside) is where I live, they do not have a local phone number, so I am stuck with a Chicago phone number. So for that reason, I figure $20.00 a year to use it for strictly long distance calls.

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  • Jc
    J. Cormier Apr 06, 2009

    I purchased Magic Jack almost a year ago, my area code was suppose to be available in two weeks. I'm still waiting. I purchased mine from Hamilton Ontario the cost was over $60.00 for one year.
    It works but the voice quality is poor. Overall, not worth the money and their lies are not helping.
    J. Cormier

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  • Da
    Damarishayes Apr 01, 2009

    I returned the magic jack but was not credited for the full charges. Magic Jack stole 66.00 dollars from me after repeatedly claiming to do a refund. My computer crashed before the jack arrived so I returned the magic jack within a week of its arrival, I even had a confirmation date for the return of the jack March 4th. It is now the 31th of March and still I have not been refunded anymore than 19.95 when I was charged two amounts 46.90 and 39.90 I was never charged 19.95 in the first place.

    Don't buy from these people!

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  • Ma
    Marinesoup Mar 14, 2009
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Follow up to Magic Jack complaint.
    My wife had used her visa for the magic jack and went to them after we ere ripped off and they were able to get our money back from these scam artists.

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  • Ma
    Marinesoup Dec 11, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have a major complaint about Magic Jack. We ordered this item over the phone (all voice prompts) because of an infomercial.
    we were not to be charged until we had tried the unit out for 30 days.
    The funny thing is ..we never received the magic jack...EVER! but we did receive our visa bill from them. They had charged us for something we never received.
    We went online and used their online chat tech support. My god!!!...this has to be the biggest joke. The 2 people we talked with we not even on the same page as us.No offense to anyone but the didn't even type very good english, let alone understand anything I told them. It was if they were having a conversation with someone else, it was that far off.
    They didn't have most of my shipping info right and kept asking if I knew the address they had on record? DUH!!!
    Do not...I not!!! order this product no matter how many "good" reviews you read.
    This is a not say you were not warned!!!

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  • Li
    Liz Jackson Dec 04, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The magicJack product is not all that bad but their customer service is seriously lacking. I bought mine from ebay so I never had to give them my CC number. I suggest anybody wanting to try magic buy it outright from amazon or ebay.

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  • Tw
    Twanda Moore Dec 04, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I sent away for two (2) Magic Jacks and gave my credit card information to authorize payment for the five (5) year Platinum Preferred Plan. However, I decided against having them. I returned them and immediately notified my credit union not to honor any attempt by this company for payment. Fortunately for me, they agreed and will put up red flags if an attempt is made to collect and will not charge me a fee for doing so. I am on a fixed income and they are well aware of fraudulent complaints against this company. I am also well aware of the old adage of "what does not seem right is because it isn't right", but I took a chance anyway and ordered them. Now, thanks to Scam sites we can all be forewarned.Words like "free trial" and "money back guarantee" should have remained in fine print like back in the old days and there would have been less connivers out there.

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  • Mi
    miguel Dec 04, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    my magic jack work for a month only.I call [protected] but not one real pick up, I keep an saying customer service but the animated machine keep saying crdit card # please or my name esct, esct. can I get any f.., , n help by a personal customer service of magic jack?

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  • Ha
    Hazel Grindstaff Dec 04, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I bought a Magic Jack which is an add-on to my computer which is supposed to allow me to make long distance and local calls for a yearly fee as well as provide several other telephone services including directory information.
    I was supposed to be able to pick the telephone number for the computer on-line telephone service. But during the installation phase of the magic jack I was asked for my area code. The magic jack computer program listted two area codes for Indiana. There is no opportunity for me to explain to the magic jack people that their installation program is defective. I was also supposed to be allowed to pick the rest of my phone number but their program would not allow me an opportunity to make any selection at all. I want my magic jack telephone number to be [protected]. Instead, I have no telephone number at all. I am also supposed to have access to telephone directory assistance. I tried to get the telephone number of my friend Joel Okada in Elsegundo, California. The directory assistance the magic jack provided was defective. No matter how many times I tried to tell their robot how to spell Okada it refused to spell the name by anything but Okaba, which is dead wrong.
    The magic jack company lists their telephone number on a blurb that appears on my computer screen whenever I try to make a phone call. I have called their number many times, as has my son Steven March, to try to get someone there to correct these problems. The problem with this is that no one answers their telephone.

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  • Da
    Dave Dec 01, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have had a MJ for a week. Nothing but a pain in the butt. It did work reasonably well for a day, after that no dial tone, the folks on the other end cant hear me, delay, the list goes on. I have talked to four different "AGENTS" with no help, I think an ape could do better at solving my probs. They had me deleting stuff, adding stuff. Whats that doing to my computer. I am happy to hear all the success stories but I wonder if they are the majority, By the way I have a reasonable ammount of computer knowledge to make this "thing" work if it was workable. Will not work on other computers either. Would be nice if this rip-off could be posted at a place where all could see.

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  • As
    ASHOK SHARMA Nov 22, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer


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  • Sa
    Sarbjit Singh Gugnani Nov 19, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had to make changes to the order and sent an email to [email protected], and got an instant reply:

    email subject: "Out of Office: magicJack Order#:XXXXX Confirmation"
    email Body: "This email address has been discontinued. Please click here to contact support. We have upgraded our system to better serve you. We greatly appreciate your interest in magicJack.

    magicJack Support"

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  • Valerie Sep 23, 2008

    As far as i am concerned stay away from this garbage, couldn't receive calls no caller id., tried it on two computers still wouldn't work they don't even have a phone number to contact them, that should tell u something i have sent it back now will wait to see if the money goes back on my credit card and if it did work u have to leave computer on at all times for phone to work. If the money comes back i will post it on here but be very careful cant say any more they want one hundred words.

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