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I've had a Macy's card since 2009. In the past 10 years, i've never made a late payment and have made my bills.

Recently, my business has suffered some challenging moments and I called in to see if I can get 2-3 months of a hardship program.

Macy's customer service told me I had a "protection plan" on my credit card and needed to call them directly. I was unaware I even had this plan.

I called them to find out my options. After speaking to the representative, she advised I needed to fill out paperwork and send through the mail so they can review the case. This would take a few weeks to process and the first credit card company to handle the process this way.

I asked the representative what is this "credit protection" I have anyway. She advised it protects against fraud and charges 1 cent to the dollar. I now realized for all the years I have been unwilling been charged between $20-$40 a month for 10 years and they've offered ZERO protection to the 1 time I needed it. I feel completely robbed of thousands of dollars as I never read the fine print of this offer 10 years ago.

Jul 07, 2019
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  •   Jul 07, 2019

    And you blame them why? You didn’t read what you were signing up for and assumed it protected you in case you needed time to pay.

    If things were tough, you shouldn’t have been buying and charging anything. You knew that the bills would be coming in and had to be paid.

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      Jul 08, 2019

    @SubSquirrel I guess you do not like to read, just like to comment. I do not recall ever signing up for this protection plan. After being advised that I had a "protection plan", which has been an average of around $40 a month, there was really no protection when I requested.

    As for as me charging anything, last time I charged anything was months ago. I've just been paying off the balance. Read carefully next time before barking.

    The rest of my REAL credit cards, like Amex and Discover, granted my request for lower payments for the next 3. This is the only credit card that not only has been charging me tons of money for a "protection" but offers no assistance in return. Between the $40 a month and interest rate per month, they are making way more money off me than the balance due. They are pretty much stealing from people.

    I would advise anyone who has a Macy's card to check if they are being charged for "protection service" that is probably in the fine print when you sign up for the card.

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  •   Jul 08, 2019

    @Ina_NY You obviously signed up for the protection plan. I guess you have to learn to read!

    As for barking, I don’t see you mentioning that you are paying off your credit cards. You said that you didn’t pay late and made your bills. That infers that you paid your bills and not that you made payments.

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