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To whom it may concern,
We have purchased a serta king size mattress from macy’s furniture department a year ago, however, after one year of proper use, the left side of the mattress appears to sagging and had a deep contour, that really affected our quality of sleep and caused pain in my boyfriend's back. We had to go to chiropractor because the pain started to bother. My boyfriend weighs 140 pounds and I weigh 100 pounds, respectively. Thus there is no reason to believe the sagging in mattress is caused by any overweight. We decided to put a complaint with macy's, our appointment with the inspection was scheduled for jan 28, 2012. During the inspection, the inspector pressed, looked and measured the “deepest” point of the deformity. The inspection he told me was slightly less than 1.5’’. However, to us, even.5 inch contour in a firm mattress of that price should not happen. He told us in person that it is not up to him to make decision to replace but these people at the macy’s customer service center. By looking at the mattress, he would think the sagging area is obviously visible. However, everything else appears to be in good condition and the mattress was used less than a year. He took several pictures with measurements and told us that he needs to speak to the guy in customer service. Since he forgot the phone number, we dialed it for him. After he shortly spoke to an associate called jeremra in customer service, he passed us the phone and left my house. Per associate, he told us that our mattress is not qualified to be replaced because the inspectors noted 1 stain in the mattress, we looked again at our mattress and noted the stain was very superficial so we removed it with wet kitchen towel while talking to jeremra and told him it should not be consider as a stain if it’s removable. We do not agree with this proceeding because the mattress is causing us to sleep uncomfortable, in an odd position where the body is forced to be crooked, resulting in back pain. However, he argued with us that since the inspector is well trained professional, what he has told them and the picture he has taken had already made them to conclude. We got upset because we argued that although professionals make mistakes, and we do not think the result of his inspection was fair to deny our request for replacement just because inspector has noted a superficial stain. Obviously the purpose of us calling is to replace the mattress because of the sagging area that causes the problem. Once stain is removed and no longer visible, why couldn’t they just focus on the cause of us calling, which is the sagging area. Then jeremra changed his tone and told us, it was not just because of the stain, when the inspector took the measurement picture, he has noted the sagging in the mattress that measures is slightly less than 11/2’’, which makes me recall that while the inspector took pictures, he used different pressure and timing while pressing the good side and sagged side of the mattress, and while he took the picture, he took them at a different angle, which may cause the measurement to be incorrect. As such, I told jeremra that this does not make sense to us because even professionals make mistakes. I understood the fact that he has noted a stain (Which appears to be removed shortly after he left) and the pressure of pressing the mattress could affect the result. So we asked whether they can schedule another appointment for them to send someone else to inspect our mattress again, because the superficial stain is no longer there and we can re-measure the sagging area in the mattress. He refused to do that and told us that they will use the pictures that have been already taken to make their decisions, which appears most likely they will not replace it. His denial of sending someone else upset us and we asked to speak to his supervisor, whose name is danny curry. After given out all the details again to danny, he basically told us the same thing and mentioned that the next appointment will be available in 90 days. And he does not think by removing the stain by ourselves would change their mind, most likely we won’t be able to get it replaced. I was honestly so stressed while talking to him, because although he kept telling us that they were there to help, I did not feel that he has a positive attitude and the words he told us were not trying to help at all. Indeed, he was trying to get rid of us at that point. I told him my frustration for paying almost 2000 dollars for a new mattress that is purchased in a trustable company-macy’s, and now when it turns out to have a problem, they refuse to help or re-evaluate the condition just because of the things that were even appear to be true to us. There are so many mattress places in south florida and we chose macy’s because we believed it is a reputable company that we can rely on any after sales issues and problems, or at least people there will try to help to solve the problem. At this point, I am very very disappointed and I do not see that value in the company. That kind of customer service will turn clients away and keep us from purchasing from macy’s going forward. That was not the right attitude to solve a problem when they can obviously feel the customer’s frustration and knowing the fact was an obvious manufacturing problem. We were upset not personally to the supervisor in customer service but his inappropriate attitude. Before we end the call, I asked his name and the associate’s name to have as a reference; he was hesitate to give us his name and refused to give us the associate’s last name. He told us that he did not feel comfortable to give us their names because we are strangers to them. I told him that they would have more information of us than we have of theirs. And that is so inappropriate to say to a customer when we were just asking names for addition, we asked if there is any phone numbers for us to reach out, they told me that there is none besides the address of the mccs presidential in oh they gave. I also asked to spoke to his manager to address this issue and he told me that he will talk to him and I will be getting a phone call from them within 48 hours. However, when we asked for his manager’s name or contact information, he refused to give it out again and told us to wait for them to call back. He even mentioned that we made him feeling uncomfortable while talking to us since we got upset during the conversation. However, he has already made his decision that they will not send out another inspector to reevaluate our mattress because of that. At this point, I am speechless, the incorrect measurement and superficial stain (Which has been already removed by wet kitchen towel with water) sounds so unfair to us, all we asked is to have someone else to look at it and re-measure it, how could some professionals work in the customer service take it personal and refused to reschedule another inspection. He kept telling us about being professional, then where is his? The inspector who came to our house did not even have the phone numbers that he supposed to have to call for macy’s customer service to report his findings, if he is a professional, then should he be able to have everything ready before he even step in to field work? I am not trying to argue with anybody, I just feel disappointed and frustrated by the type of quality of goods and service of aftersales macy’s has provided. The customer service was terrible, the inspection result was inadequate and our request for re-inspection got refused with poor service. We just need an amicable solution for this case. I hope you could help us to address this problem.
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  • Ramelle Jan 28, 2012

    All in all there really needs to be quite a few breaks in this wall.

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  • Ac
    aclear Oct 01, 2012

    My experience with Macy's was almost exactly the same as yours, word for word. My high priced Serta mattress from Macy's was sagging and causing back pain, when I called May's for an inspection, they sent someone out who supposedly measured. The test was absurd and the man was a bully. When I asked him to measure it again he refused and gave no reason why. I called Macy's and they also refused to even consider my concerns. This was not a scientific test in any way, and they speak about it as though it is. He basically just placed a flexible yardstick over the top and adjusted it so that he could get the measurement he wanted.

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  • Ka
    Kathy foskey Nov 17, 2012

    I had the exact experience yesterday. I did quality with a 2 in sag on one side and an iinch and half on the other but was denied because of a superficial stain. We paid 1600 on sale for this mattress and spend 10, 000 a year at Macy's. I was treated terribly by the supervisor and conveyed the same feelings to him as you. I am still horrified by the experience and intend to pursue. Thank you for sharing your experience. I think we should band together!

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  • Ss
    Sswi Jun 28, 2014

    Worse company I have ever dealt with. Liars cheaters and us quality inspection is mean rude disrespectful and cheated

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  • Ne
    needbetter Jul 30, 2014

    I'm having the same issue with Macy's too!! Except their inspector did deem my mattress and box spring defective but due to the stain they won't warranty it. I even paid extra for the "Worry No More" stain warranty but because I didn't report the stain within 10 days they won't clean it!! I paid out of pocket to get it cleaned but no Macy's said it didn't do the job to their approval so I'm out that money too! They want to blame it on Worry no more and the mattress manufacturer but they are the ones that sold me the mattress. I too purchase from Macy's because of it being a reputable company in regards to customer service. Now I'm finding that I might as well go to any mattress store.

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  • Li
    Licia Levin Kessler May 25, 2016

    Same experience here sagging bunching up in less the a year. L Dishonest prejudice inspector blatantly lied said stain where sagging is completely unrelated had small stain that I tried to clean with damp towel caused water stain which totally unrelated TO WHAT IS CLEARLEY DEFECTIVE MATTRESS. told THEM SEND OTHER INSPECTPR THEY WOULDNT NOW I AM STIUCK WHILE STILL PAYING FOR HORRIBLE MATTRESS. MACYS NO GOOD BUYER BEWARE INSPECTORES DISHONEST AN WILL LOOK TO Fabricate and create any reason to not honor warranty

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  • Fw
    Fwindstrea Jan 19, 2018

    Wow here it is 01/20/08 and my mattress inspection has just finished and the out come is the same as everyone else on this board. Why do people keep shopping at Macy's?? I told customer Service I didn't expect anything to come from the inspection as I had read all the complants on line.
    I also told her I was find spending the 2400.00 on the mattress as they would never see another dime of my hard earned money.
    Don't buy any brand mattress with polyurethane foam as that is what breaks down in all mattresses in time.
    I think we are going to buy a natural latex mattress and place our junk Macy's mattress in a spare bedroom.

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  • Tb
    tbendcat May 19, 2018

    Macy's "worry no more mattress protection" is a outright scam. After two years the mattress is pocketing...about an 1 1/2 which is the controversial sag for the Stearns and Foster mattress we purchased. Noting the mattress was in fact sagging, thinking we had the protection warranty from stains and or sagging, since we had in fact purchased the "worry free" warranty and purchased the required mattress cover to insure coverage, we the found out our warranty would be null and void as we had removed the Federal Consumer Tag that states the label can only be removed by the purchasing customer, again, reading through the "worry no more" agreement it states nothing about removing the tag. So Macy's is reaching out to a manufacturers statement the "tag" is used for identifiable purposes, and the comments being used are from Serta, NOT Stearns and Foster. To add insult to injury, 1 year ago I had them come out due to sagging and no mention was made concerning the mattress tag.
    What a scam...Macy's is a rip off,

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  • Jg
    JGoz Aug 13, 2018

    No Wonder they are losing business. If you don't take care of your customers, they won't take care of you! Then you lose, no matter what.

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  • Jg
    JGoz Aug 13, 2018

    Well that's money down the drain. No use in me getting my mattress checked then. Costco bed here I come! better customer service, warranty and returns.

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  • Km
    KMG1965 Nov 15, 2019

    My story is just like all the above. We bought our 'firm' mattress with the special cover and the 'worry no more' protection plan. Scam is the only word that comes to mind. I refuse to give up though. We bought this mattress in 2012. By 2018, it was unbearable, sagging on both sides. They were quick to come and out and inspect the mattress. They were even quicker to let me know we had a 1 inch defect but the warranty is only activated on a Stearns and Foster mattress with a 1.5 inch defect. Fast forward a year and half later - it is a miracle, the mattress is self healing as the inspector who just left reported the mattress only has a .5 inch defect. Again, warranty is unwarranted. I suppose one must require traction and an attorney to actually use the over-inflated, false advertising of a warranty program they have no intention of ever exercising. I have until 2022, I fully expect my mattress will be the Benjamin Buttons of home goods and will have made a full recovery by that time.

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