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I am a furniture and bedding customer service representative for Macy's. All of the complaints I see here do have some basis. First, the stainsafe/worry-no-more is basically insurance. It is not a warranty. Insurance is something that covers you in case of accidents not from normal wear and tear type issues. Second, the technicians that Macy's sends to your home are subcontractors, THEY ARE NOT EMPLOYED BY MACY'S!! They don't care what happens to your furniture. All they are there to do is make a report and give the findings to Macy's. Only Macy's can give you a resolution, no tthe technician. Third, PLEASE use a mattress pad on your new bedding. We get lots of complaints about Macy's not living up to warranties. Well, whose fault is it when a kid relieves themselves on a mattress or something is spilled on it. Is it Macy's fault? NO!!! Take care of your investment and it will take care of you. Fourth, we have to abide by the rules that the manufacturer's place upon us when we agree to sell their furniture. It is not Macy's that won't back up the warranty, it is the manufacturer. Take your complaints to them!!! Fifth, if you want to speak to a supervisor in the furniture and bedding customer service department, you have every right to. Call, [protected]. Tell the person that comes on the line that you do not want to talk to them, you only want to talk to a supervisor. And don't verify your information with the rep. You don't have to do that. That stall tactic gives the rep time to see who you are and decide how/if/when they will help you. Just say I want to talk to a lead and I do not want to verify my information. Sixth, if want definite help, ask to speak to Stuart Stockton. He is the Vice-President of Furniture/Bedding Customer Service. He will do anything to keep your business. Or you may want to talk to Kim Taylor. She is a step below Stuart Stockton and will help you as well. And one question from me: why do you buy furniture from a place that does not specialize in selling furniture. You need to go to a furniture store that only specializes in furniture and bedding. That way the sales people can give their utmost attention to you.


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    Regina May 31, 2008

    Thanks so much for the advice. Two out of the four expensive pieces of furniture that I purchased from Macy's has been defective. Luckily, I discovered the defect in my sectional before my 1 year warranty was up but now my dining room table is defective and the Protection Company came and looked at it and confimed that it is a manufacturer's defect but Macy's basically told me to shove it. The table cost me $1900 and my whole dining room set was ober $7500. I am working diligently to get Macy's to fix this. Wish me luck.

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    RED Aug 08, 2008

    While no retailer has a flawless customer service record, Macy's offers by far better service than most companies when a problem arises. Most of the above information provided by the cust. service rep is correct-- consumers should be aware of manufactuers warranties and the y need to know the difference between a warranty and a "protection" insurance plan. Nearly all mattress manufactuers do not warranty dirty or soiled mattresses due to health code reasons. As far as not buying from Macy's because it doesn' t specialize in furniture? Well, here, she doesn't know what she is talking about, Macy's has several Furniture Galleries that have nothing but furniture and mattresses, and its one of the few retailers that you can find the same collection of furniture nationwide. They do a HUGE business in furniture, probably more than any other retailer in the country, think about it, they are in 48 states, and most of these have several furniture galleries or stores with furniture departments, what other retailer can say that?

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    RED Aug 08, 2008

    and to ad to the above, every Macy's sales associate in furniture, wether in a galllery or a regular store, specialize in furniture and only furniture, and do not work in any other department, many have worked therer for 10+ years and have jsut as much as experience if not more so then in so-called "specialty" stores. So I don't think you have to worry about them not having your "utmost" attention.

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    Omar Huntley Aug 15, 2008

    As a consumer, it would be nice to know that the technicians that Macy's sends to yor home are not employed by Macy's. These "contractors" not only lie to you but report totally false information when they make thier reports back to Macy's.

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  • Fu
    Furniture Bedding Nov 28, 2008

    As an update to the post I made earlier this year, we have had some changes with the Macy's Furniture and Bedding Customer Service. First, if you don't want to talk to the customer service rep on the phone, ask to speak to Kim Taylor, Tim Hellman, or Mike Gatio. They will do anything to keep your business. Also, there is a supervisor named Janet R., Quoc N., and Jaime H. These supervisors will give you the store. Even if you are out of warranty or you actually did something to your furniture or mattress purchase, these supervisors are the ones to talk to. Again, when you call Macy's Furniture and Bedding Customer Service, do not verify your information as that is a stall tactic. I hope this helps. By the way, Macy's owns Bloomingdale's so if you are having a problem with Bloomondale's furniture or mattress purchases, then the same people can help you. The phone number is 88-822-6229. The sales people in the stores are powerless to help!

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    Concumer Aug 27, 2010

    Macy's is terrible. Yes, they do carry some high quality furniture, but only some. Most of it is junk. It all depends on the manufacturer. And even then, they send out as much damaged and defective merchandise as any discount retailers, like Bob's.

    I got an expensive dining room set all ash and made by Bernhardt. It is as good as it gets. I also ordered a leather soafa and reclining chair. The sale was over $7, 500 for the three items before delivery and tax. All of the furniture was top quality stuff. I know the difference between ash wood and oak. I know the difference between a semi-suede leather that the color will rub off of and a real leather sofa that will stand up to the test of time. Even after ordering some of the best pieces they had to offer and spending all of that money, they sent a damaged and then repaired leather sofa. At over $3, 000 for a relatively small three seater, that is just completely unacceptable. It looked as though someone had burned a hole in the center of one of the cusions and then the hole was repaired with something like Nu-Vinyl. I was amazed! I tried to refuse delivery. They said they couldn't do that. The delivery men even called it in.

    After the delivery men left, I called in to general customer service as instructed on the call made by the delivery men and Macy's refused to replace the sofa and claimed that we must have damaged it!!! Even after attempting to refuse delivery, writing it on the delivery slip and having the delivery men call it in!!!

    It took over two weeks of arguing on the phone to get Macy's to finally admit that they had made a "mistake" and confused us with another customer who had burnt a hole in a fabric sofa to get them to reschedule a replacement pickup and delivery, which took almost two months and then they attempted to make the replacement an "as is delivery" -- which resulted in further arguing with them over having sent a repaired sofa, even though I purchased new and paid full price. Eventually, they again admitted they had made a "mistake" and that we did not damage the first sofa and the replacement would not be an "as is" delivery.

    I have had better experiences buying furniture from places like Bob's than from Macy's. They pull this stuff all of the time, people just don't want to post internet complaints about higher end retailers. I'm a Macy's black card holder and aside from the nonsense with the furniture, go to the kitchens department and try to buy a set of pots and pans that is on sale for almost $700 with the flyer in your hand -- good luck with them not trying to overcharge you by $300 and insisting that that's the price and refusing to make the adjustment without calling for the manager. Both experiences were in different stores. I have had this problem with Macy's over and over in both the furniture and kitchenware departments. The overcharging on kitchenware happened on three separate occasions, in two different stores. As far as furniture goes, I also purchased a $2, 500 wool area rug and had another problem. It was supposed to be pale green with flowers and vines, I receive it smelling like diesel fuel and filthy. Not green. Brown like they had it on the floor of a warehouse. This, again, required the same process where they simply deny that the merchadise is damaged and later admit that it was a "mistake" and that they had mixed my file up with another person who they said spilled something on their rug. They then tried to pull the "as is" replacement scheme again, which required more arguing. Again, two months to get a replacement. And the replacement was just as bad as the original rug. Another month and a half, finally something that is green and doesn't smell like diesel fuel and oil.

    At least the salesman we dealt with was kind enough to take a discount on the rug because, we brought it back to the store ourselves and exchanged it there and didn't start cursing him out like he said most people had been doing. He said that he had a "constant problem" with the rugs and that corporate was doing everything they could to refuse returns for severely damaged and defective rugs. In fact, he showed us how many rugs he had there to go back to the warehouse. It was almost as many as they had on the floor as displays. He said that almost every single rug they had sold over the past few months was damaged or defective and involved several returns.

    Macy's BEWARE!!!

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    fcabral Sep 16, 2011

    I moved to a new apartment and bought a set of bedroom furniture from MACY's...I've noticed in the dresser my clothes have holes so I decided to put moth balls but haven't stop...I called Macy's and because its been 8mths since I bought it, they dont want to deal with it...THIS IS SOME ###!!!

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    NanetteS Jul 16, 2012

    My husband and I are heading to small claims court Wednesday to hopefully settle a claim against Macy's to our satisfaction. We bought a leather sofa, loveseat and ottoman and within 7 months the whole set was sagging. After they sent three separate technicians we finally learned that the wood frame was cracked and separating. Macy's told us that it was normal wear and tear and that they would not fix it or take it back. We are now stuck with $2, 000 worth of junkie furniture. I tried speaking to managers at Macy's customer service and they didn't care. I was a very good customer but since this happened I cut up both my husband's and my Macy's credit cards and will never set food in their store. In a previous post the person says they work for Macy's and that it's the fault of the manufacturer for not standing by their product. I have never heard anything so absurd. If I purchase something from J.C. Penney's, I bring it back to Penney's they stand by their merchandise. They will be getting all my future business.

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  • Sa
    saians123 Aug 09, 2012

    I ordered several furniture pieces at Macy's for my new home and was planning to buy more. My first purchase items were supposed to be delivered on Aug 4th 2012, but I got all of them except the Ball and Claw desk and Chair. I confirmed with Macy's customer services that all items will arrive on the same day even 30 minutes before the delivery window. But the delivery guys told us that they couldn't bring the desk and chair because they were damaged. We spoke with their warehouse supervisor who confirmed the same. I called the customer service again and then the rep told me about this. She couldn't tell when they will be delivered. The warehouse supervisor was nice enough to offer a $100 gift card, but so far I have not heard when my furniture will be delivered. I was eagerly waiting for my desk and chair, but disappointed that I couldn't get them as of today. I am hesitating to buy the remaining bedroom furniture that I originally planned to buy at Macy's. Can you please check and let me know when my furniture will be delivered?

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    max23 Apr 02, 2013

    Macy sold me a Beautyrest Black Tara with imperfections and the cond code #2. Someone scratched the number 2 out and wrote #3. I have called several times trying to contact Tim Hillman or Stuart, but as usual...gatekeepers.

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  • Fu
    furnitureandbedding2 May 05, 2014

    I also work in furniture and bedding customer service for macys and completely agree with what the previous rep says. Those supervisors are no longer here with the company and to be completely honest there's no way in hell you're getting through to those higher ups without going through the chain of command and even when you go through that it WILL stop at a manager. Be weary of how you call because honestly if you're calling in rude, hot headed, and not willing to treat US like people I can promise that we will not be very nice in trying to help you and most likely will not let you climb up the totem pole to escalate your issue. If you are a good person just trying to get a resolution we will try our best to work your case or accomodate you in anyway.. remember karma people. G

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    BeLula May 23, 2014

    DO NOT BUY WORRY-NO-MORE! In 2009, I purchased a loveseat and a chair from Macy's and the sales rep convinced me to buy the WorryNoMore coverage. My biggest concern was that the set had buttons and I was afraid over time that they might rip off. Well 5 years later, two ripped off and are hanging but not completely ripped off. It just happened and I called them. The rep kept putting me hold and asked me a few times what happened. When I said they weren't completely ripped off but hanging off. I explained that it is clearly teared behind the button. She said buttons were not covered and proceeded to end the call. My policy clearly states that it covers tears. If Macy's cares about their customers, they should end their relationship with this company.

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    Flo123 Jun 29, 2014

    To :Macy's Customer Service Representative
    You said "we have to abide by the rules that the manufacturer's place upon us when we agree to sell their furniture. It is not Macy's that won't back up the warranty, it is the manufacturer. Take your complaints to them!!" We DON'T need to take up anything with anyone EXCEPT Macy's we buy from them we don't buy from the manufacturer; it is Macy's that deals with the manufacturer. You can't expect to be a retail business and not take responsibility. Get a new job you obviously know nothing about business.

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  • Ch
    Christine from ca Jul 08, 2014

    Furniture shop at jcpenney. I worked for both jcpenney and Macy's. Jcp far superior in customer service. Jcp is getting a whole new and improved furniture line starting august 2014. Sure to impress plus they do everything possible to assist and service customers.

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    needbetter Jul 30, 2014

    I agree... DO NOT BUY from Macy's or Worry No More insurance! I can't believe Macy's would use such a company! Actually after my dealings with Macy's Customer service and warranties, I'm unfortunately no longer surprised. I purchased a mattress from Macy's 5 years ago and had an issue with it sagging. They sent out an inspector who after inspecting asked to use my cell phone to call Macy's for me. He then proceeded to take my phone outside and close the door behind him. He came back in 10min later and handed the phone back to me and left. Very weird and now thinking back I should have asked him to come back inside with my phone. Macy's really needs to control the level of inspectors that come to their customer's homes! The inspector deemed my mattress and box spring defective, but due to a stain they won't warranty it. I even paid extra for the "Worry No More" stain warranty but because I didn't report the stain within 10 days they won't clean it!! I paid out of pocket to get it cleaned but then Macy's said it didn't do the job to the manufacturers approval, so I'm out that money too! My issue is not the stain it's the defective mattress! What does a stain have to do with a defective mattress?? The stain didn't cause the defect. It's a cop out and Macy's wants to hide behind the manufacturer! They want to blame it on Worry no more and the mattress manufacturer, but they are the ones that sold me the mattress and Worry no more. They should be the one taking the issue up with the manufacturer not me! I purchase from Macy's because of it being a reputable company in regards to customer service. Now I'm finding that I might as well go to any mattress store. I wish Nordstroms sold mattresses!

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  • Em
    EMolo Oct 27, 2014

    Do not buy from Macy's!!! Worse customer service on mattress return. I have a brand new mattress delivered 10/5/14 for my second home. Only slept on it for total 5 nights and after the 3rd night, I called and reported that the mattress was sinking in the middle. Macy's sent out a quality control inspector and reported that the mattress was sinking about 3/4 inches. He only measured one area, and commented that it was not normal for a new mattress and said he will report to Macy's and customer service will contact me. After 4 days of waiting I finally decided to call them. Made 4 calls to try to get the mattress returned, because of the defect, and was notified that it has to sink 13/4 inches before it's considered defective. I asked why the inspector measured only 1 area, and whose to say it was not sinking more in other areas? My first option was to get the same mattress delivered...who wants the same mattress if they manufacturer produces less than par product? 2nd option is to pay 15% of the 3, 000 mattress with 75.00 delivery fee for return. Hey everyone, go to Sleep Train, they don't charge and have better guarantees. I will never buy another item from Macy's again in any department.

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  • Gi
    Ginger H Jun 22, 2015

    Unfortunately people don't go looking for these sites until they have already been ripped offed. I received 8 stained chars with my new dining set from Macy's. After 4 attempted exchanges with just more stained chairs they are now just ignoring me. I was stupid enough to by the protection plan also. I will have to send the chairs out to be reupholstered. The only thing I can do is #1 Never buy another thing from Macy's (which they really don't care) and try to warn as many people as possible "Don't buy furniture from Macy's"
    Once they have your money it's over.

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  • Gi
    Ginger H Jun 24, 2015

    This is an update to an earlier post. It took 2 months but finally someone from Macy's called and we reached an agreement on my stained chairs. I will get a discount and take the chairs to be reupholstered. I am grateful that Macy's finally addressed this issue which was agreeable to both of us.

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  • Se
    Seth Calace Aug 21, 2015

    It looks like I have owned my living room furniture for ten years plus.
    I have owned it for sixteen months.
    This furniture is an embarrassment considering the price I paid.
    Shameful, non lasting furniture.
    This living room furniture is pure crap.
    I buy furniture meant to last years.
    It was poorly made.
    Worst decision in my life was to buy furniture from Macy's.

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  • Sn
    S. Nottingham Sep 15, 2015

    I bought a sectional from Macy's, along with the manufacturer's warranty. Within days of delivery, a pillow zipper broke open. I threw it in a closet because I was in the middle of a house flip and had no time to address something as inconsequential as a broken zipper. Five months later, with a clearer schedule, I went to Macy's to see about getting a replacement pillow. They told me to call the warranty company - who kept me on hold for 20 minutes. Their resolution? I was S.O.L. because I didn't report the problem within 15 days of the occurrence. Stupid me. And stupid them. I won't be buying anything from them going forward. I mean seriously...they can't fix a broken zipper?

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  • Do
    Donevette Evans Sep 17, 2015

    I complain to Macy's about a mattress set I just purchased in 2014 around March or April, the mattress is all dented in and it has my back and hips hurting so bad that I have to have shots in my back and both hips. I also informed Angel the customer service representative that my box spring is Crack down by the foot of my bed, they sent a specialist out here on Tuesday Sept. 15th 2015, he informed me that my mattress is off the normal requirements and to wait two days before I called Marcy'S back . He also warned me that Macy's might give me a hard time in replacing my Mattress, he never reported that my box spring is cracked on the foot of the bed. I was told by Angel that there was nothing that they could do for me. I got my Mattress from Macy's because I thought that they were like Sears and live by their name. But I see that they are not. Today I am receiving my third bed railing because it keeps braking down. My sister in Atlanta GA, was going to spend over $2000. For a Mattress from Macy's but I know once she see what has happened to me and I am going to send her the negative posting that Macy's is getting about their Mattress I am sure that she won't be spending her money at Macy's. The railing I purchased was a life time warranty and they have already including today replaced three times. Macy's has really came down, they use to be number 1. Not in my book and I am sure with reading all these complaints. Also I told the sales rep. In the store in Orland Park that I was looking for a soft bed and she lied to me. When I told the warehouse what she said I was told it takes ato least two weeks before the bed would feel soft. Now I am being told that I ordered a firm mattress. I had a knee replacement in 2010, what do I need a firm bed for. Also it's a shame that I have to go to a Hotel /Motel to get some sleep and it is really a shame when the Hospital bed is more comfortable then my bed. My name is Donevette Evans

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  • Do
    Donevette Evans Dec 02, 2018

    @Donevette Evans I meant to let you know that Macy's did take care of me and my problem with my mattress. Thank you Macy's back in October of 2015

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  • Sh
    ShootMeNow Mar 01, 2016

    What a load of b-----t. I bought my furniture from a Macy's store and have had nothing but trouble just trying to GET my furniture. Its be months since my order, and they are now in the process of delivering it - one bed rail at a time. I am supposed to stay home all day, time and again, *possibly* to receive another piece of my order. They "confirm" the delivery time the day before, and most of the time I get a robo-call instead telling me to pick a new date! When I call "customer service", I usually get disconnected before a human answers. When I get through to a human, they often know nothing about me order, or give me more conflicting information. I HAVE LEFT INSTRUCTIONS IN MY LIVING WILL TO SHOOT ME IF ANYONE SEES ME APPROACHING THE ENTRANCE OF A MACY'S FURNITURE STORE.

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  • Gi
    Ginger H Mar 01, 2016

    I feel you... I really do! This to shall pass but not quickly enough.

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  • Ji
    Jim Grupe Mar 19, 2016

    I am not accustomed to using the vocabulary that would best describe Macy's Furniture and Bedding Customer Service. The information provided by the "representative" in the original post is useless - it is either out of date or invalid, and the Macy's operator is unable to identify the persons referenced. Meanwhile, in my own case, I have told Macy that I want no further interaction with them for any reason, and want a refund of all extra warranty, service contracts, coupons, undelivered furniture, etc etc. I found out that they had tacked on nearly $1200 in "extras" to my original order, and would refund that amount - but I had to sign a form they would send in the mail. Two weeks have gone by, and no mail. So I called them again, and this time they said I was entitled to a refund of only $285 !!! And they still haven't sent the letter because...uh.. they are still trying to figure out the amount of the refund owed me. I would be surprised except for the many months I have already spent as a victim of Macy's Customer Service.

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  • Fo
    Folgergirl Sep 19, 2016

    Macy's is selling junk furniture at high prices. My 15 month old leather sectional is defective and they claim its wear and tear and 3 months out of warranty. I know I should have called earlier but leather should not wear out in 15 months. They are not standing behind their product. I am out $2700 but they just lost a very loyal customer who spends monthly in their stores. Good bye Macy's!

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  • Na
    Nadeem1001 Oct 31, 2016

    Macy's furniture is the worst. Their warranty service 'worry no more' is oainful.

    Here are the facts.

    Fought a sectional for 5000$. Bought additional warranty for 500$.

    A recliner opens out refuses to close making sectional virtually unusable.

    Reported you to 'worry no more. Three weeks in many phone calls later we are told that we don't know what's happening and that I have to go to the store to get any action. 2 hours of argument in the store revealed that 'worry no more' and Macy's are not taking to each other.

    Spare you the details. Hours and phone calls later number stories have been given none of them consisten. One of the macys representatives actually told me 'don't be impatient, it normally takes 4- months to get service on this 'worry no more' warranty.

    I was told just now it will be another 2-3 weeks before they know anything. Meanwhile, I have a useless sofa in my living room.

    My advice is stay clear of Macy's.

    I wish I had seen how many complaints there are against Macy's, I would never have gone there.

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  • Re
    reddoe Nov 29, 2016

    I wish Marshall Fields was still in Chicago ? ! Macy's can't hold a candle to Marshall Fields ! Sad !who owns Macy's ?

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  • Ja
    Jaleb Jaba Sep 11, 2018

    We had A leather chair sagging in two places, they replace it, after A month it did the same, so they sent A technician out to take pictures even though we had sent pictures.He barely spoke English, and said it was abnormal for the sagging to be in the same place, and checked the other furniture, and said he understood our situation, it was A hot day so we gave him A bottle of water, he smiled as though he would take care of it, he reported it as normal wear, we have purchased Natuzzi furniture from Macy’s twenty years ago that was made in Italy, it was Great.This is Chinese furniture that is very inferior to standard built furniture at the same price. The supervisor said that they would refund our purchase, later we got A call saying they would send the same chair out, and they knew nothing about A replacement.They record all conversations, but only pull up what they want to hear.It’s very sad that there’s no protection from these bogus companies.

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