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a crap plan!

Lowes extended protection plan "service" is the worst service I have ever received. To date, to repair a simple water dispenser repair for My Refrigerator, they have sent 2 different service companies who have installed 2 different parts and still trying to fix it. It is now 6 months, and Lowes customer service people set up appointment for the repair and didn't show up. It happened to me twice and when I called them, Simple answer is "Sorry".

More over the third party service companies these people choose are inexperience and don't know the ABCD's of the problem. All they try to fix the problem with trail and error method.I am having the bad experience wit Lowes customer service people.

Do not ever buy the plan.

  • Ro
    Ronald Seal Aug 29, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Appears that the Extended Service Plan is Customer RIP-OFF. After you purchase plan, you won't get a written copy from them. The Lowe's employee's tell you what the plan will cover and if you go online you
    will read what the PLAN will really cover.
    IT's not what you were told at the Lowe's Store!
    "Cloths Washer" 100 % parts and Labor.
    Lowe's will give a credit to purchase a new one at their store and buy a new Extended Service Plan on the new washer. I purchased a Maytag washer on 1-17-06. Filed complaint on 7-24-08 ( transmission failure) Lowes won't repair washer.
    I stll have 41 months left on the Extended Service Plan that purchased at the Lowe's store when the Maytag was purchased. The sevice plan was $ 104.98 for four years extended warranty coverage.
    Lowe's wants $85.00 for a new service plan, if I use the credit to get new washer at their store.
    "Maytag is now made by Whirlpool Corporation"
    There is a big lawsuit against Whirlpool for defective washers.

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  • Ro
    Ronald Seal Sep 02, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Contacted the Lowe's Extended Protection Plan this morning (N.E.W) @ 1-888-775-6973. I asked why I got a Lowe's gift card for the amount that I paid for the washer. Store credit that can only be used at Lowe's. I asked why my washer is not going to be repaired. I was told by one of their representatives that the repair people charge $60.00 an hour labor to repair and that it was not in companys favor to repair my washer. The Warranty plan that was purchased at the Lowe's store in Williamsburg, Va. when the washer was purchased there. Since their company don't mail the customer a copy of the warranty after the sale of the Extended Protection Plan, you don't really know what is really covered.
    On 8/29/08 I downloaded information on -line for the Lowe's Extended Protecion Plan from their website. " The plan stated that it would pay for all parts and labor for period of four years. The warranty did not state that: If the repars cost was not in their companys favor that they would not repair the washer. Well, I will be contacting the U.S. Federal Trade Commission in reference to the "Magnuson- Moss Warranty Act of 1975."
    All other persons that can not get their appliances repaired by The Lowe's Extended Protection Plan Warranty should also contact the Federal Trade Commission.

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  • Am
    amanda Oct 08, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    These are not warranties first of all, they are contracts, and in the contract it states that when you buy the plan you are agreeing that you know what you are buying. If you read the terms and conditions you would know this. If you didn't ask the store for a copy of the terms and conditions that is your fault, isn't it? I don't have a brochure in front of me, but I know it definately states that they will not repair you washer in the limit of liability section if it becomes to costly to repair. It also states on your reciept that no other documentation will be sent, so of course Lowe's isn't going to send you something, maybe you should read over your info and become an informed consumer instead of complaining about things that are really only your problem. Of course sales people lie to you as well...I'm only 22 and I'm quite aware of that, why is this so shocking to people. That is your fault for believing a sales person, this doesn't just happen at Lowe's, it happens EVERYWHERE, once again you didn't ask questions nor take the time to find out what you were buying. Have fun trying to sue Lowe's or N.E.W because from what you've written you have no case, and its obvious you know nothing of the contract that you agreed to.

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  • Ih
    I_hate_lowes_esp Feb 06, 2010

    I also purhcased their plan. My water heater went out and they said it would be 24 hours while they researched to find someone to fix my problem. Winter with no hot water is no fun by they way. It was Friday morning at 7 a.m. By Monday evening, still no luck with anyone to fix my issue. They then said 3-5 days for them to come up with a resolution to the problem. No return phone calls from them. Two weeks later I got a gift card for a replacement. If they can replace it and I pay for the install, couldn't that installer have fixed the other water heater that is less than two years old? Their plan stinks and their lack of care about the issue made it even worse. Never purchase their extended service plan. Thanks to the manufacturer, I had it fixed in a few days but I didn't let Lowe's know anything about it. I will never shop at Lowe's again. They should have a database of authorized repair centers to have a service person out the same day. The manufacturer had somoene out within three hours of my phone call. They did not have the part needed but overnighted it and had it fixed quickly.

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  • Tw
    Twix2112 Mar 11, 2011

    The Lowe's extended protection plan is an absolute joke. I purchased this plan when i bought all new Samsung kitchen appliances for my home. My dishwasher has broken down twice now and each time Lowe' s sends some off the wall company out to assess the problem. They tell me they will be out between 8am - Noon. I make arrangements to take off of work to be there they never show up. Finally they call and say they will be there between 1pm - 4pm. After numerous calls they finally show up at 7:45pm after it took over a month to get the part in and they still don't know whats wrong with it or how to fix it. So they send out another company to start this joke of a process all over again and when you call customer service all they have to say is I'm sorry. I heard I'm sorry a thousand times yet my dishwasher is still not fixed. For some reason Lowe's thinks no-body works and we're just sitting around the house or we all have jobs that we can just take off from work at the drop of a hat to be at home on numerous occasions because they cant do anything right the first time. Its one thing to get treated like crap from the [censor]s at the customer service center, these people are about as incompetent as they get and the repair companies they send out are no better if it were free, but i had to pay for this type of service. Never shop at Lowe's and by all means don't buy their extended protection plan because it pro tech's nothing and the hassle of it all is not even close to being worth it.

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remote control stopped working!

I bought two Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans at Lowe's last year... one for my bedroom and one for the...

empty fire extinguishers!

I live in a high fire danger area. I now regularly check my smoke detector & fire extinguishers. I discovered that I needed a new fire extinguisher for the kitchen. I went to Lowes (Do It Yourself Retail Store) to purchase a new fire extinguisher. When I went there, I was shocked as to what I found. Out of 16 fire extinguishers that were on the shelf, only 3 were charged. 4 were borderline empty, with the remainder of 9 totally empty. I called the manager, who said he would do something about it.

This being too big of an issue just to let go, I went to the fire department to file a complaint. The fire department said the fire marshall has no jurisdiction over the life saving devices being sold. I said, "What...". Imagine a senior citizen purchasing one of the empty ones. Then having a kitchen fire, wow.

  • Sp
    spiralsands Mar 27, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Fire extinguishers can leak overtime and even when they indicate they are full, still may fail to discharge if needed. Fire extinguishers have a shelf life. Lowe's can be blamed for not inspecting a perishable product that may have come to them in that condition but the real blame may lie with either the manufacturer or who ever transported the fire extinguishers from factory to retail outlet.

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  • Ro
    roger Jul 29, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    When talking with a Lowe's and depot store my understanding was that the manufacture had massive leaks which is why my unit was empty and teh shelves were bare. I never heard and comunication to consumers about this problem.236df

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  • Ri
    Rigal Terra Jan 30, 2010

    Caveat emptor. Damn right he doesn't have jurisdiction over a shop shelf.

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damage to home & husband's job!

Lowe's Home Improvement in Bentonville, Arkansas delivered sheetrock to my house in January 2008. I had to listen to one of the delivery drivers complaining and using foul language throughout the delivery. I decided to not be present during the second delivery, the next day when I showed up on site one of my contractors notified me that one of the delivery drivers had written on my concrete floor that were to be stained with PERMANENT marker. The marks were in 3 rooms and the largest area written on measured 5 inches tall by 18 inches long! We tried every chemical and nothing removed it and the stain wouldn't cover it. During another delivery of trim the same delivery driver who had written on my floors put 2 lemon-sized holes in my walls. Here is the worst part my husband was the store manager at this store and he was nice enough not to reprimand this delivery driver. Due to the extra cost of covering the damaged floors my husband consulted his boss who suggested that my husband file an insurance claim through Lowe's to cover the extra cost that Lowe's had caused. Well, Lowe's covered the cost of the damages but my husband was fired in retaliation over filing the claim. Oh and the person who not only damaged my house once by TWICE still has a job.

we are obviously disturbing the associates!

Was at the store Sat. March 1, 2008 to pick out products for downstair bathroom. The associate showed me a nice double vanity that was on clearance, which we loved the color. Went back on Sunday morning to purchase everything. First we had to wait for an associate, who watched us for a time before she approached us. I began showing her all the products we were purchasing (around $1500) but when we came to the vanity top that I was shown the night before she told me they sold the last one a month ago. Now who do we believe? Her or the associate that pointed out this bowl to us the night before? She then had to get someone else. It took this man about 5-7 minutes to get to the area then he just looked at us as if we were disturbing him just as the first lady had acted towards us. He told us he didn't have that double bowl and completely walked away from us. We left the store. Maybe Lowes should put their people on commission and see how much more product is moved!

  • I get the frustration, and it is just as frustrating to me, as an employee, when things like this happen.
    The truth is, and I know that this is not going to make anything better, and may sound like just more excuses, but the truth is, they understaff the departments ALL THE TIME. I work in a department which only has 2 part time associates (they don't hire many full-time people) and we are given 10 -15 hours a week.
    No manager since I started there, so I had to figure it all out myself, and with the help of the very gracious and hard-working persons in other departments, which are also greatly understaffed.
    Staff is not allowed to do any online training off the clock, but cannot do it on the clock, as there would be no departmental coverage.
    I feel bad for myself, but worse for the guests who come in.
    Cross-training between departments does not happen, unless you take it upon yourself to skip lunch (which is a terminable offense) to try to keep up with your assigned department and also be able to spend time assisting, when able, in other departments in order to learn the ropes at least a little.
    I know that the people at my location are ALL willing and happy to assist, and sometimes it is difficult to hide the stress we are all under, as I am 100% confident that all of my colleagues are hard workers who want to give the customer the best experience.
    Sorry that this happened.
    I have been with Lowe's for a year and I still have not been given a straight answer about why permanent part-time employees are allowed only 10 to 28 hours a week...the schedules are so inconsistent. One week, 28 hours, the next week, 10, and then store meetings about how messy departments look and how customers are complaining about service.

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Resolved bad quality product!

My husband and I purchased the Harbor Breeze Galileo celing fan for our 9 year old sons room. We purchased this fan from our local Lowes' store about a year and half ago. My son thought the fan was pretty cool. There are three spotlight type lights that hang from the center of the fixture and a top light in the dome. The "spotlights" are adjustable to which direction you want the lights to shine. They can point up at the ceiling, at the walls, or towards the floor. The lights can be very bright . We had the lights pointed towards the ceiling so they weren't blinding us or him. Today I was cleaning the dust off the tops of the blades and that's when I seen that 3 of the 4 blades have burnt. I mean that they actually started to catch fire. The heat from the lights started to burn the blades. Right through the enamel down to the wood. There are actual char marks on the blades. If it actually started a fire I would not have been able to get to my son because he sleeps in a bunkbed that is right next to this light. The company will probably tell me that the lights should not be pointed upwards. My opinion is that if that's the case then the lights should not adjust in that direction.

waiting for replacement

Bought a washer & dryer sunday. Was promised delivery the next day between 8:30 am and noon. Arrived installed both appliance and they took the old ones. It was 30 minutes later that I put a load of clothes and the machine was making a loud noise. Called and spoke to different store managers throughout the day promising me someone would go by and check the problem. The next day I called and spoke to a different store manager and inform me that they were going to replace it but the workers were in premont doing a delivery. I told the store manager how come my problem was taken care of first since I live in kingsville and was a few blocks from their store. Of course he didn't know what to response. He claim someone would be here but the store closes at 9pm. It is already 7:35pm and no one has showed up. We asked for a refund and our old washer back but they said they couldn't do that. We are still waiting! There is alot of lack of communication upon all the (4) store managers I have spoken to. What is wrong with this store - no training of course!

employee discriminating!

I was treated in such a discriminating/chauvinistic way by a Lowes employee in the Plumbing Dept at the...

Resolved scam and cheating!

I bought a rain gauge from Lowe's in October. By December, water had froze in it and burst the gauge. I went to the store, checked the package on the model, and it included no warnings about not using the gauge in certain conditions. I concluded I did not misuse the gauge. I decided to return it, willing to settle on a cash refund or credit, but not a duplicate gauge.

When we went to purchase $100 worth of lumber and other construction supplies, I took the rain gauge back. I entered the returns and exchanges corral, and the girl at the register called a guy named Mike over to discuss the return. He laughed at me, wondering what I expected from a rain gauge and then said they didn't even sell that model there! He didn't even check his inventory or anything. I said, 'Oh, so you have a personal knowledge of every product this store carries?' He said, 'I know we don't carry this.'

Unbeknownst to him, I had instructed my kid to retrieve the exact rain gauge in a package and bring it to us, as I knew they would need the bar code in order to give me a refund. At this moment, my kid showed up with the gauge. Mike got very flustered, and said that if I didn't like the fact that he wouldn't give me my two dollars he would have me removed from the store. I promptly told him he needed to get the manager so my removal could proceed.

While we waited on the manager to show up, he got very angry and his body language started to indicate that he was preparing to do the removing himself, as I stood there very relaxed and calm. The manager showed up, and had to tell Mike to leave, as he was adding nothing positive to the situation. He promptly gave me my money and then I asked if the two dollar's was coming out of Mike's check. He said no. I had to tell him I thought he was ready to assault me because I exposed him as a liar in front of three customers and a co-worker. The manager, of course, had no answers for me.

  • Ob
    Obviously Smarter Than You Jul 19, 2009

    What a dumba$$. If you live far enough north you should know when water freezes, the molecules organize themselves in such a way that the water will EXPAND and push outward on any object trying to contain it. This is a good reason to remove your oh so expensive and precious $2 rain gauge from the outdoors and bring it in for the winter. They had every reason to decline your request for a refund. There was nothing wrong with the mechanics or manufacture of the rain gauge, just the idiot who purchased the product.

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  • Petter Mendez Jul 19, 2009

    If you live far enough north you should know when water freezes

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I had taken my son to a Wrestling match on 12/27/2007 I happened to see Zone Manager (Cesar) I said hi and...

Resolved incompetent installation

I gave cash up front to Lowe's for a quartz kitchen counter top. The product was flawless, but the installation was incompetent. I have been trying to get it resolved since March 25th and it is now June 18th. After paying $3500 they will correct the mistake if I pay them $500 more. My advice is stay with local home improvement and send Lowe's to Afghanistan. The Taliban wouldn't stand a chance.

  • Co
    countertops Mar 01, 2011

    Box stores are not what they used to be. They are fighting back nowadays.
    www.elitecountertops.com use only the professionals.

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they will not pay service provider for approved warranty work

Whirlpool refrigerator purchased at Lowe's, Sherman, TX, and was sold Lowe's Advantage Extended...

terrible experience!

We purchased $4000.00 worth of Georgia Pacific Lumber from July to September for a Deck project. My contractor used a laser level and installed all the lumber properly (this was not his first deck to build!) he knew what he was doing, at the half way point he realized the lumber was not uniform, one piece might be 7 1/2" wide and the next was 7 3/4" wide. Of course this made the finished product look bad. Lowes/Georgia Pacific came out took pictures and samples of the wood and said they would do what it took to make me happy. After 2 months of trying to talk to them, they lost the pic. and wood and now say My contractor is to blame. WHAT A CROCK OF!!! I am getting a lawyer! I will take the deck apart piece by piece and nail by nail to get my money back if necessary!

  • Ch
    Cheryl Lorens Nov 15, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I purchased shutters for a window that had to be special ordered. Upon ordering, I was told it would take 30-38 days for delivery to my home. After the 38 days had expired, I went to Lowe's and spoke with the asst. mgr. who assured me the scheduled delivery would be in one week. Again, I did not receive the shutters. My next call to the store manager, disclosed a problem in shipment and the 'new' delivery date would be in one more week. Over three months later, I still do not have my shutters. The charge was placed on my first bill and was paid to Lowe's long before the the 'original' scheduled delivery. I made many calls and wrote letters to the store manager. I have asked to speak to the district manager (they will not give out his name) and employees insist he will contact me in a short time. To this date I have not had any contact from the district manager. Unfortunately, I too will have to file a claim in court to get my money back from Lowe's. Before my undelivered purchase was made, I was warned not to use Lowe's by a co-worker who had a horrible experience with Lowe's when buying an expensive exterior door and having them install it. Honestly, I'm surprised they are still in business. I will never use the services or merchandise from Lowe's for my home or business. I recommend other folk heed this advice and use the same judgment.

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  • Be
    Bettye Wittenmeier Dec 10, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We purchased $4000.00 worth of Georgia Pacific Lumber from July to September for a Deck project. My contractor used a laser level and installed all the lumber properly (this was not his first deck to build!)he knew what he was doing, at the half way point he realized the lumber was not uniform, one piece might be 7 1/2" wide and the next was 7 3/4" wide. Of course this made the finished product look bad. Lowes/Georgia Pacific came out took pictures and samples of the wood and said they would do what it took to make me happy. After 2 months of trying to talk to them, they lost the pic. and wood and now say My contractor is to blame. WHAT A CROCK OF !!!!. I am getting a lawyer! I will take the deck apart piece by piece and nail by nail to get my money back if necessary!

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  • Fr
    Frank Hendricks Jan 05, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Many complaints I have read regarding Lowe's - from their anti-smoking policies to complaints like this one. I've bought lumber over the years from Lowe's (returned some, other pieces I cut) that were warped or otherwise not the size so stated in width and length. So I did take not of what you wrote.

    Another issue I have with them is their rebate offers, apparently they can't honor them the way the sales people clearly state at time of sale. I'm in a duel right now but getting no place fast, sort of like, "my way (Lowes) or the highway."

    Had this one salesman or employee, offer me this piece for my drier saying, "this'll work." Hah, when the installers from Lowe's came to install our new washer and dryer, the installer profoundly confessed to me, "this attachment won't work on this dryer." Hello!

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  • Ga
    Gary Baer Jan 09, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Why did you let it get this far? Any contractor worth his salary would inspected,measured and sorted the lumber before ever putting in one screw or nail. I would say your contractor was at fault. If he would have looked over the lumber, he or you could have avoided this mess by simply returning the deck boards that did not work.

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credit card misleading

I purchased a Troy riding mower from Lowes for $1,065 on their 12 month no payment 0% down.
I would receive a monthly statement saying I owed $0, so I began ignoring the statements as only 7 months had passed. Well i started receiving phone calls from Lowes saying I was 2 months passed due. I called them back and of course spoke to a nice Indian guy at a call center in India... He told me to go down in person to the store to sort things out. At the store I was informed the GE money holds the credit accounts and to contact them. I was informed by GE money that I made addiotional purchases and this voided the 12 month deal.

This no so pleasant cutomer service rep informed me I made those purchases and I disputed the claim still wondering how after 7 months I was being chraged finances fees and late fees?!?!?!? I received notification from GE money showing a signature which was little more than a dash for the additional purchases, a signature which was not mine. I disputed the claim but all the while I was receiving approx. 12 phone calls to my cell phone a day and another 12 to my home phone number. THis went on for weeks with harassing calls and when I would pick up there was noone there just an automated message.

Anyway, Lowes and GE money have refused to work with me and BBB and comsumer affairs have offered little or no assisance. Basically my decision to purchase this product has ruined my previously perfect credit.

Avoid Lowes at all cost...

  • Je
    jeff smith Feb 06, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    If you made a purchase at Lowes and the 12 months no interest and no pay was entered in correctly, there is no way that there would be interest applied. Furthermore, additional purchases can not affect previous purchases that are on the 12 months no interest and no pay. Additional purchases can and will be charged interest and require a monthly payment unless those charges were also put on a 12 month no pay or interest. The resolution is simple. A Manager from Lowes can call the Credit Center and request that your purchase be placed on the 12 month no pay and no interest and that the interest and late charges be waved and all charges credited back to the customers account. Understand that Lowes is under no obligation to the customer to make such a request, but in most cases where there has clearly been a mistake by the store, the decision to absorb the cost can be made.

    It is worthy to note that bill management is the customers responsibility and if there is an apparent issue, waiting 7 months for it to just go away is not an acceptable practice.

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Resolved thanksgiving with no refrigerator

The good news: My Frigidaire sidebyside compressor failed one week before the warranty expired.

The bad news: Warranty service is in the hands of A & E Factory Service. I had to wait several days (called Monday morning - appointment was for Thursday 1-5p.m.) before a technician could come out & verify that the compressor was bad. He showed up about 4:30 p.m. & pronounced the compressor dead in less than 2 minutes. I had to take off an entire afternoon from work. The technician went on & on about how shoddy my refrigerator was & how most of the compressors used by Frigidaire don't last more than a year or two. He said they had installed 20+ Frigidaire compressors this week already. The technician said he would 'rush order' the compressor to arrive Monday and scheduled installation for Tuesday, 1-5 p.m. (another afternoon of my vacation time wasted). I asked the technician if I needed to call the [protected] number when the parts arrived & he said 'No, that is all tracked through the system'. When the parts didn't arrive Monday as scheduled, I called A & E Tuesday morning to inquire. The nice lady on the phone informed me that my parts hadn't been shipped yet according to her 'system' (one thing this company doesn't have is a 'system'). The parts finally showed up about 3:00 p.m. Tuesday, well within the 1-5 p.m. repair appointment. I immediately called A&E to make sure the repair would take place as scheduled now that the parts were here. The nice lady on the phone informed me that the appointment for which I had used 4 hours of my vacation time was only 'tentative' based on the parts arrival, which according to her 'system' had not shipped yet. I said the parts were here and it was between 1 & 5 p.m. & I expected a technician to keep the appointment. She said that was impossible but she would be happy to schedule another appointment between 8 am - 12 pm Saturday. I've already missed 8 hours work for this bunch, now I have to give up a Saturday as well. Worst of all, the intervening Thursday was Thanksgiving Day with lots of family coming home to grandma's, expecting the usual feast she prepares. We gave thanks all right, thanks that we don't own any other Frigidaire products, never will again either. When I found this website I was astonished at the number of websites dedicated to the poor service of A&E Factory service. As I was reading the litany of complaints, I notice one fellow whose repair was delayed an additional several days because the receiver/dryer didn't arrive with the compressor. When I called A&E to make sure the same thing didn't to me, the nice lady on the phone informed me that the dryer was a 'truck part', that is, the technician is expected to have the parts on his truck. I doubt seriously if the nice lady on the phone has any idea what a receiver/dryer is but, tomorrow is Saturday & even though I haven't gotten a confirmation call from A&E yet, I still have hopes of a working refrigerator before Christmas-or New Year's-Easter, maybe?

terrible work done

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

It all started on April 25, 2007 when we bought carpet from Lowes and the installers show up to install the carpet, they are will Helm's Flooring. There were 2 guys and neither could speak English and we tried to communicate to them because we had an emergency plumbing issue that morning and needed them NOT to install in the hallway until the plumber was finished. We ended up having to get on our computer and find an online translator so we could communicate with them.

After they left a few days go by and we start getting poked in the feet and cuts from the tact strip that they put down, we called Lowes who sends the same 2 guys back out and they hammer down the tact strips even more, til this day we still get poked in the feet in certain areas of the carpet.

Fast forward to August, we head up to Lowes to purchase new flooring for out kitchen. We speak with Brendon who is the sales guy, we explain to him what we need and we decide to purchase the floor explaining to him the head aches we had with the guys who did the carpet install and that we want different installers this time, he assures us it will be different people. So someone from Helm's Flooring comes out to measure the kitchen and we also explain to him the past carpet issues and that we wanted different installers this time and he assured us they didn't have anyone on their crew that didn't speak English and that we had no worries. A week or so later we get a phone call to schedule the install which is when we speak a woman from Lowes (not sure of her name) and she assures us it will be different installers as well. So 3 different people assured us it would be different installers.

So September 6th 2007 comes and the installers come to install the flooring and it's the SAME 2 installers that did the carpet! The come into the kitchen and one of them starts to bust up my old floor with a hammer, huge pieces were flying and the other guys says something to him and so he stops busting up the floor and starts to piece it back together like a puzzle (I have pictures and floor pieces saved). They then begin to lay down the sub floor and try to use staples which will not hold so they go get nails, they get that down then they put the Vinyl down the whole time we are trying to communicate with them about errors and they cannot understand us at all. They get done and we try to ask them questions and they cannot understand!

At this point I am angry because they could not understand us and because of all of the flaws that are in the floor, you can feel the sub floor popping up and down under foot, there are HUGE air pockets etc. I felt lied to about who the installers would be and so on. SO I call Lowes headquarters and complain. Lowes called to see how the install went..My husband answered the phone and told them that yes the floor was installed but he wants to know why we were lied too from 3 different people about who would install and that the floor was not done right...well the guy says he's gonna find out who dropped the ball on that and call us back tomorrow.

The Store manager called us and spoke with my husband and said the someone from the installation company would be out to examine the floor and then someone from the company would come look.

So the SAME 2 guys that installed the floor came out but they had someone who did speak English with them from Helm's Flooring (Chris) to examine the floor (who could not communicate with them either by the way), Chris tells us he'll give us $100.00 off the install because they only make $200.00 anyway.

We explain that is not acceptable because we want our floor done correctly, after spending $1,038 on the floor I would like it to last at least. SO he then says that they will have to replace the floor in order for it to be right and he'd call us that evening with an install date. That evening we get a phone call from Helm's who says that he is not going to replace the floor he's going to come out and take the left over scraps we have and cut pieces out of our floor and seam it together which I said I did not think was acceptable because I paid for a solid surface floor and if he pieces it together I might as well just bought pieces of peel and stick and put that down.

Lowes then calls us back (they never did send someone out from Lowes to examine the floor by the way) and says that they are going to replace the Vinyl. So they called us the last week of September and give us an install date of October 1st, 2007. October 1st, 2007 comes and the installers show up from Helm's Flooring Eddie and Darrell we believe and they look the floor over and start to put staples all over the floor then one of them says "I'm not gonna put this Vinyl down there is absolutely no way it's gonna go down and look okay, you'll have issues with it in a few weeks and it's still gonna have seams that are going to be very visible, I cannot put it down in good faith!" He stated that if we insisted he put it down he would be as he said it will not look okay.

SO I ask him if this kind of flooring isn't going to work in here then why I was not told that when I bought the floor and that I felt like they lied to me and he agrees and says they did lie to me and that the way he says "You know what? The way I see it Lowes owes you either your money back or a new kind of floor!" and then goes on to say he would recommend Laminate flooring because it is the only thing that will go down in the kitchen and look right and last. He then goes on to say that he is going to go back to Lowes and tell them they need to let us come back up there and pick out a Laminate and that Lowes should be the ones paying for the flooring upgrade because they owe us a decent floor. They leave and he says they will be calling us to let us know when to come pick out our flooring.

We then get a phone call that same evening October 1st from the store that says we can do the Laminate upgrade and it will cost us more but they will give us a 15% discount. OR they will come out and rip up the floor they installed, give us our money back and we can part ways?

This is rather upsetting to myself and my husband due to the fact that we would not be in this situation had someone come out to install the floor that knew what they were doing, and could have communicated with us to begin with. Here we are a almost a month after our floor was originally installed and we paid over $1,000 for a floor that isn't done correctly and we get a phone call saying we need to come up there and spend more money or let them rip out the floor and leave us with a horrible mess and go on their way! Pardon me for sounding irrational but I am certain had this been anyone else they would be just as disgusted.

poor customer service!

Lowe's customer service desk in Burbank, California is terrible! The staff behind the counter need a thorough course in "Customer Service." While waiting in line at the customer service desk for 25 minutes, another mini line was started and now it was my turn to get some help from the customer service staff. But, hey... the clerk did not bother to ask for the next customer in line. Instead, the clerk took the customer who just walked in the line. As a result, everyone in line was disturbed by this.

This happens quite often at the customer service desk. Everyone at that customer service desk do not know how to handle a customer with politeness. Instead, after being helped, most clerks at the customer service desk don't smile and don't welcome you to their store or even thank you for shopping at their store. It's these kinds of staff that make customer service bad, and give the customer a second thought about not coming back to their store.

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    Mike Chmura Sep 22, 2007
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    I've been shopping at Lowe's for many years, and I will agree that this does happen sometimes. Here's my take; in any workplace, you have two types of employees. Some have a sense of pride in what they do, and make a solid, good faith effort to doing the best job they can do. Unfortuneately, these employees are rare birds. The majority of the employees just come to work for a paycheck. They arrive to work, mope through the day, and in general will be as lazy and unproductive as their managers allow them to be. These kinds of people are the type who fail, and are completely content with that. So, I'm feeling for ya Gail! As a consumer, I experience these types of things all the time, and as a retail manager myself (not with Lowe's), these are things we really need to strive to correct!

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    Lisa May 20, 2008
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    Lowes customer service is beyond unacceptable! I ordered a washer and dryer and nothing has gone right! Delivery time nothing! Then I call customer service and she says she is too busy to listen, cuts me off and transfers me. Will not deal with Lowes again esp Meriden Ct store. NO customer service

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    Nahid Ahmed Jan 29, 2013

    Lowes in Burbank is the worst when it comes to customer service. For some reason the employees seem to assume that the customer can read their minds. A couple of days ago i decided to buy some blinds. I had my measurements and was ready to go. The only problem, there was nobody to help except for one employee who was busy talking to a client she was helping about her entire life while she took her time cutting the blinds. I approached the two and stood behind the customer so that the employee can see me, hopefully take a minute and inform me of what i should do or if i was in the right place for what i needed. Nothing! I continued to wait until another employee showed up and proceeded to ask me if i needed help. As i was explaining to him what i needed, the employee who was helping the client adressed her co worker with " there is another line back there". That is when i asked her why she did not inform me that there was a line somewhere else. To make a long story short, we went to the designated area but found no line except for two ladies that needed help with special order that only the employee chatting with the client could do. I asked to speak to the manager and to my surprise she siad she was the manger. She obviously did not know how to manage. Instead of holding everyone, she could have given the task of cutting the blinds to the other employee while she took care of the other customers instead of engaging with her client in rude comments about other customers in the store. HORRIBLE. I wasted my day and had nothing done at the store. I will never shop there again.

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Resolved faulty install and a faulty repair

May 2006 I contracted with Lowes in Schenectady, New York for the install of 800 square feet of carpeting in my basement. The install also included to the top of the stairs but not the landing. There is a metal threshold at the top of the landing separating the carpet from the non carpet. I also ordered a commercial grade carpet thinking it would wear better since I have three young children.

They came to measure and install carpeting on schedule. A few months later after the May 15, 2006 install I noticed the seams getting frayed. It was looking worse and worse every week. I had no idea if this is normal or not since this was my first experience with wall to wall carpeting. I called Lowes and they said they would contact the installer to schedule an appointment to come take a look. I waited and after about one week I finally called back. They called the installer again and the installer did come out to take a look. He told me that the fraying was normal and that I should take a scissor every couple of weeks. He said it was repaired so I signed off on the work order. Then a few months later (still within the one year Lowes warranty) the fraying turned to massive amounts of pulling. There was huge gaps of carpeting missing and pulling out from the seams. I called them again and after repeatedly calling them finally got someone to come over. I also told them that the metal threshold at the top of the stairs was not attached to the floor and it was dangerous. The installer did a cob job repair job and tried to tell me that he couldn't attach the threshold. Again I naively signed the work order.

The seams on my carpeting just got worse and worse. The fraying continued and threads are coming out all over the place. The last straw was when I was vacuuming and going over an area that I didn't see any frayed carpet and the carpet proceeded to get sucked into my vacuum. My four year started screaming that something is on fire. It broke my vacuum's belt. I called Lowes immediately. It was August 2007. My one year warranty was expired but the install manager said he would come out and take a look since I had previously had a problem during the warranty.

He came took alot of notes. He agreed that something was wrong with the initial install or the carpeting or both. He said he would have another installer come out right away. He promised I would hear from him the next day. Well, Of course I never heard from him again.

After one week I called explained the situation to another person. I was told that my warranty was expired and there was nothing they were willing to do for me. Even though they had done a faulty install and a faulty repair they were not willing to do anything.

After much talking they said they would give me half my money back and If I want any money back I have to bring all 800 square feet of carpeting and padding to the store. How absurd. My husband and I are suing them in Small Claims Court for the full amount of our money plus damages to the vaccum cleaner. I am very disappointed in Lowes. I feel they are taking advantage of the consumer when they allow subcontractors to do temporary repairs then claim the warranty has expired. A repair should obviously be long term and it shouldn't matter that I signed the work order. Lowes should do the right thing.

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    Brian Chung Nov 16, 2008
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    Do you have a soft copy of your contract for installation services that you share with?
    I would like to personally take a look at their warranty policy and how they guarantee their installation services, and what they must do when the low quality service is provided.

    Can you send me a copy of your installation service contract?



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horrible customer service & management!

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