Long John Silverslack of service


On 7-25-12 at 1:41pm I walked into the Long John Silvers in Canonsburg. I was on my way back to my office after a meeting. I thought it would be nice to bring lunch back to my office. It took until 1:46 to be waited on. There was no cashier at the register, but you could hear people laughing in the back of the store. I placed my order with Danielle who then proceeded to yell into the back someone else had better come out and wait on customers because there were several in line behind me. I then had to sit down due to the extremely long wait time for my order. I waited over 20 minutes and no one still gave me my paid for order. Upon inquiring the young lady in the kitchen window she stated "my order has been sitting in the window for over 10 minutes and someone needs to give it to me because she could not because she was cooking. This young lady was not professional. After finding out that my order sat in an open box in their window with employees breathing into it I cx'd my order. It was at this time the manager finally came out. His name was Angelo. I had to ask him for a refund due to the in-actions of his staff. He refunded my order and I left. Keep in mind it is now after 2pm and I did not have a lunch after all of this. I will never nor do I suggest to anyone who lives in the Peters/Canonsburg area to eat at this business. The staff is very unhappy and does not want to even wait on their paying customers. Such a shame

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