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I placed an online order to Kohl's, it was processed and I received a confirmation order # email. I then received an email stating that the purchase was deleted and I needed to call customer service. I called and in 2 days talked to 12 different people. I verified ALL of my personal information. I was then advised to physically go to the store, have a store representative call customer service from the store # and I had to produce an ID. I did everything, they still did not comply and the employee called another representative to assist with a my situation. They would not tell me why I had to go through this process other than I had a restriction on my account. I have had the account for 13 years and use it quite often, never late and pay balances each month. I felt humiliated in the store about this situation while trying to purchase a $143.00 air fryer. I am very disappointed that I was treated in this manner with no explanation. The store employee/manager was very helpful and also puzzled.


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Aug 01, 2022 2:56 pm EDT

Good Morning:

My name is Sandra Buckuse. My account last four # is 1-432.

I have a fraud claim that was filed in the amount of $871.00 and I spoke to a few representatives, from the fraud department. They advised that these charges were made online. I do not recognize these charges. She advised me to email this department internally, because this department doesn't take phone call. I am a victim of identity theft. I am sending this email because I was told by three fraud claim specialists that while an investigation is being investigated, I can get a "provisionary credit".

If someone can please, please, please give me that provisionary credit, it'd be highly appreciated. I lost my wallet. In my wallet there was my social security card, my passport 🙁, my license and $3. I have had issues with this kind of things happening, even with my Walmart and Macy's card. Kindly give me that provisionary credit. And kindly resolve my issue.

Thank you for your patience and consideration.

Sandra Buckuse

Jun 15, 2022 2:35 pm EDT
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Kohls fraud department is completely incompetent. Fraud charges were made on my account that I closed in person in the Kohls store in 2015. Someone charged to my closed account in 2019. I never received a bill from them and had no idea they turned me in to credit reporting agencies for nonpayment for fraud charges. I remarried and changed my name in 2015 so there would not have existed an id with my previous name on it for someone to present in 2019 to charge to the closed account. There was only one card issued on the account and no authorized user on my account.This could be data breach or kohl employee with access to unused account numbers. The name on the account is Joyce Green. Kohls will not tell me what was charged, where the item was charged and the date item was charged to my old account. I will warn anyone to never open a kohls charge account. The time and effort and headache to try to deal with kohl is horrible nightmare. The employee in the fraud dept does not speak english that I can understand and does not understand what I am saying to him. Shop elsewhere.

My Name is Lynne Lower, in October of 2021 I shopped at Kohls spent $43.33, I have two checking accounts Kohls deducted $43.33 from both accounts. I have tried several times to find out where my refund is and was told something different every time. Since October I have not received and answer from anyone at Kohls as to where my money is. I will file a Fraud complaint with the Better Business Bureau and Consumer Affairs and any other other business that will help with this theft from Kohls.
It is now December 10th and still no response from Kohls.


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