KIA Motors Corporationpart nr. 83417 d 9010


i have a KIA Sportage 2017. following chassis Nr. KNAPR81CDH7294003 and my Left handside Back door small glass has broken and it is with above part nr. this car has been bought with privet glass. No where in the world i can buy the privet glass from non of the KIA dealers. the only thing that i have found now is in Europe a green glass and i am using foil to sicker it.

I find this quite unantiquated from KIA motors that they made a part and placed it on a car but don't have the part if something happens. also the car is only 2.5 years old.

can you tell me how i can get this part please.
attached a picture of what i need. a small black dote with a flash next to it.
thank you.

you can reach me:
Mobil +[protected] i live in Holland

KIA Motors Corporation

Oct 02, 2019

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