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I took my 2015 Kia Optima in to Alan Jay Kia in Sebring, FL due to moisture in my tail lights and I had a headlight out. I called a few weeks prior and spoke to Service manager Doug asking about my headlight, he got my VIN number and quoted me 250$ for my head light. I declined and never got it fixed. Ended up taking my car in for the moisture in my tail lights a couple weeks later and Sadie told me my head light is actually covered under warranty, after I had to ask if it was or not. Doug never offered me that information even after giving him my vin number. He never asked me is my car still under warranty or anything. Then I take my car in for the moisture in tail lights and find out that headlight is covered so Sadie makes me another appointment to come back to get tail lights fixed and headlight fixed when parts come in. I come in to my next appointment and Doug tells me that my car was already fixed, when there was clearly still moisture in my tail lights and he also told me I needed to pay 24$ per blinker now. Which the reason the blinkers don't work is because the tail lights defected and got moisture in them. I refused to pay for something that should have been covered under warranty. He argued with me and was very arrogant and rude to me and tried to make me pay for something that is covered under warranty, all in front of my 2 year old daughter and my mother. Very unprofessional and he is by far NOT what Kia says they stand for! And this is a MANAGER for goodness sake. I am 27 years old, and I have a couple more cars to buy in my lifetime, and not one of them will be a Kia for the simple fact that the nearest Kia dealership from me within an hour is Alan Jay, and I refuse to allow Doug to talk to me or treat me the way he has anymore, especially in front of my daughter. I love my Kia but I will be getting rid of it in the near future now. I'm so upset with Alan Jay Kia. I also got a response from Doug which was a complete slap in the face, he lied to me and told me he never quoted me for any price on anything which my mom was standing there for and hear everything. And unfortunately my daughter did as well and how unprofessional of him to talk to a mother the way he did in front of her daughter. I'm so unhappy with my experience with Kia and will never purchase another.

Oct 06, 2019

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