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Kia motors corporation - seoul, south korea.
Kia motors promotion™ department,
Regional office, kia motors corporation.
591 wellington road, stockport,
Cheshire, england, united kingdom.
Tel: (+44) [protected]
(+44) [protected]

Dear mandy hopkins,
Attention: winner approval #: kiasoulpromoxx72/2010.

we have received your details and your claims have been verified, congratulations your prizes have been approved
For release which will be paid out to you in any way you choose to from the options listed below;

1. by coming over to our head office here in the stockport, united kingdom to pick up your winnings in cash.

2. by receiving an international check cashable in any bank, any where in theworld along with the delivery
of your brand new kia soul car through a secured and trusted courier service.

3. by telegraphic transfer into your private bank account from our official bank.

Note: that a third party is not allowed to make claims on behalf of a winner due to security of your winning prizes.

You are to choose one (1) from the above three (3) options to claim your winning prizes from this office and get
Back to us via e-mail immediately to enable us facilitate your claims procedures and send you additional information
And instructions on how to proceed.

Note that you have a two (2) weeks deadline to claim your prize before it is refunded to the lottery company.

Finally, we advice that at this stage you keep your winning details safe and confidential till you have finally received your

We will be expecting a speedy reply from you so we can issue out your payment as soon as possible.

Your faithfully,

Mrs. nicole johnson,
Fiduciary agent. phone: +[protected]
Kia motors promotion™ 2010 edition,
Kia motors corporation copyright © 2009 all right reserved.

Attention: all winners are assured of the utmost standards of confidentiality and press anonymity until the end of proceedings, and beyond where they so desire. winners are advised to keep their winning details/information from anyone to fraudulent claim (important) pending the transfer/claim by winner. also, you will be for the modalities associated with the remittance of your funds inline with our payout policies. your funds of £550, 000.00 british pounds with your 2010 kia soul car has been insured to your winning e-mail address by kia motors year 2010 board of promotion and in accordance to the british government lottery gaming board section 223, sub-section 49 of the year 2005 insurance policy for insuring winning prize in favor of the respective reference to this, no deduction of any kind can be made on your won prize. according to the 2006 kia promotion insurance policy, all winning prize must be insured and also in no condition such a penny be deducted from a winners prize by anyone until these prizes gets to you.


  • Ah
    Ahmed El Sayed Aug 23, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dear kia motors, i've sportage 2014 from your agent in Egypt which was manufactured in your european factory while i was own sportage 2013 from your korean factory which was better than the european one for motor sound, softer closing doors, more fuel economic, more effeicient air cond. and the feel of steering wheel is softer so my question is why your agent change the factory and i need to buy another one from your korean factory again?!. Thanks in advance to answer me. Ahmed Elsayed (email: a.[protected] & mobile phone: +[protected])

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  • Io
    Ion Platica Nov 13, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dear Kia Motors, i am a realy fan of Kia cars, right now i am at 3-thd kia start with Picanto for my wife, Sorento for 5 years and now new
    Sorento wich i bay in 2010 April from your dealer in Romania " Mit-Motors international".As far as i know all Kia cars manufactured after January 2010 have 7 years warranty, according to Kia Motors Europe site.My question is why may car does not have 7 years warranty.
    The identification nomber of my car is:KNAKU814DA5057775, Many Thanks in advance to answer me
    .Ion Platica
    email: [protected]

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  • Lo
    LOEFFEL HERMANN Oct 23, 2014

    for KIA Sportage ear 1999.03.05 I search a "calculateur of injektion", can you find one ? I am bouth by Emil Frey in Switzerland and now I
    live in France Phone [protected] to make this reparation of this wonderfull car. How much is the price and Transport ? To my
    adress in France 19 BIS Grande Rue F-25310 ABBEVILLERS DOUBS AND e-Mail : [protected]@FREE.FR Thank you for answer.

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  • Lo
    LOEFFEL HERMANN Oct 23, 2014

    SPORTAG 2, 0 MRDI "MMO KNEJA 5533 X54 33702 5th Mai 1999


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  • Wa
    Wassim Abu Rashed May 05, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dear Sir / Madam
    I am feeling sad and upset because of my car situation & the service ..I own kia picanto EX model 2012 with Body serial KNABX512BCT252660 .
    My car is 75000 km which means still under the guaranty..i started to visit the maintenance branch of korsh al nahir since more than one year when my car was 55000km...
    I have visited the branch for more than 7 times. each visit they checked up my car and give me suggestions for the problem and sometimes they said that my car do not have any problem to fix...except my last visit when they gave me a report that car is not stable on the road because of the front and back traverse ( note : the traverse is not broken ) ...
    it needs to be replaces with new one which costs more than 1000$ ..
    I am not reaponsible for this becauae i am doing my best in the maintenance of my car in your syda branch and the traverse parts are not broken but they are week..
    so iam asking you to replace it for free under the guaranty.

    Best regards
    Thank you

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  • Di
    Dinamoussa Nov 12, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dear All
    Please consider the below email as a complaint from KIA’s office in Egypt, here is the story below:
    I decided to buy KIA Sportage LX FO 2017, on 26th of April 2016 I paid a down payment EGP 50, 000 and signed a contract with total price EGP 265, 000 “the price is subject to change” as to receive the car after 4 to 5 months.
    Till July no one from KIA called me to tell me if there is any updates regarding this deal, so I decided to contact Mr. Ahmed Khaled the sales manager who was responsible of my deal to follow up with him so I can start preparing the bank loan and when will get the car and I knew by coincidence that the price has changed surprisingly to be EGP 290, 000 without any notification from the sales manager or even through the call center, however I accepted the raise and I was informed that I will receive the car by end of July or beginning of August.
    Again till mid of September there is no updates and I called the sales manager again to know what’s the updates and the reason of the delay and again he surprised me with another raise in the price without informing me to be EGP 329, 000 and I accepted knowing that I will receive the car by end of September “as by end of September the time frame of 5 months to receive the car will end as agreed at the beginning”.
    By end of September I contacted the sales manager to know I will get the car and had no answer, he advised my husband “Emad Mansour Morcos” to communicate with Mr. Amgad Elfiky, the General Manager.
    When my husband communicated with him through phone calls as he was in Korea at that time, he apologized for the delay and he promised to receive the car by mid of October and he also compensated us car cover, maintenance for the 1st 20, 000 kilos with no fees.
    Upon Mr. Amgad promises I started to prepare the bank loan and sold my car to cover the total payment and this made me to rent a car for EGP 250/day.
    On 26th of October I went to KIA’s office to deliver the rest of the amount via cheque payment with total amount EGP 279, 000 and he confirmed to receive the car within 4 days as it is already at the free zone in Alexandria.
    After a week of November with no updates and no communication from the general manager and the sales manager, my husband decided to check with another person working in KIA to know from him what is the exact problem and the delay of receiving the car and we surprisingly knew that our car is not even at the free zone and the general manager is just lying!!
    Based on all the above here is below my request and how I want to be compensated;
    • I won’t accept any other delays to receive my car and I want to receive it in 15th of November as agreed with MR. Amgad.
    • I want a compensation on the car I had to rent starting mid of October EGP 250/day till present.
    • Due to KIA’s delay and bad customer service I want the price to be adjusted to the original price EGP 265, 000
    Here is with email attached all the documents that confirms all the above dates of payment.

    Waiting your reply on [protected]
    Dina Mousa


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  • Ne
    Nelu Ouatu Nov 28, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Am un Kia Cerato 1.5crdi din 2006, și sunt multumit. Abia acum în Noiembrie 2016 sa inmuiat bateria.Mai găsim baterii care sa tină 11ani? Vă Mulțumesc. Nelu.


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  • Dr
    Drifter Moe Fathy Aug 06, 2017
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hi I bought my KIA from KIA Kuwait in 2011, the car is awesome and I love it.
    Having it for 6 years I began thinking about replacing, when I had first bought it the service was awesome and quick and very affordable.
    At first I took it to the service center and always went there but then things started getting not so good, so before it went out of warranty I started doing some of the works outside.
    Long story short, last year I took the car to them to replace the engine mounts and some other work also the USB board and AUX connection was damaged and I wanted to replace it.
    they kept the car for 4 days maybe just to give me a quote and then they were 2 days late on the pickup and then informed me they didn't have the AUX and USB port, I picked up the car and asked them to call me when they received it from Dubai (that’s where they said they were going to get it), they haven’t called back since then.
    A couple of months ago I started having trouble with my AC and began thinking of getting the new model of my car since I felt the car was getting old and probably not as reliable.
    Anyway I took my car to replace the AC compressor at the service center last week, Wednesday (August, 2nd, 2017 at 7:30 in the morning) I went there and I told the customer service that I wanted to replace the compressor and valve and if they could also check the fridge and AC radiator.
    He said they would replace the compressor and valve then they would be able to check if the fridge and radiator needed replacement I said fine, he said he would call back with a quote.
    Wednesday no calls Thursday no call and no answer when I called, Friday off!, Saturday I called at 9 AM and was informed that he just got the quote and didn’t want to call me early in the morning, I furious my car had been sitting there for 4 days and nothing had been done yet! But I said okay go ahead and fix it!
    He called me an hour later and said sorry we don’t have the compressor!!! We are going to have to order it from Dubai might take up to 2 weeks he said! 2 weeks for an hours trip by plane!!!
    4 days and 2 calls only to learn they don’t have it!!!
    When I had a conversation with him I learnt it may even take longer than 2 weeks!! He wasn’t sure!!
    I had enough so I went to pick up my car and to take to a garage, I was asked to pay 15 KD (50 USD) when I asked what for I was informed that its for the “checkup”!!! What checkup I told them what was wrong!!
    They told me if I had fixed it with them they would have waived the amount!!!----well you couldn’t fix it could you!!!
    When I asked to speak to the manager he was nowhere to be found took about 40 minutes to get him, meanwhile I had tried reaching the customer service but the complaints department was off on Saturday!!!
    When the manager should up he was grumpy and grouchy and looked at me like I was a pain and trouble!
    He asked what was wrong as if they CS guy hadn’t already briefed him, so I replied didn’t Emad tell you? And then he proceeded to explain why I had to pay the amount!
    What about my time?
    What about the fact that it took you 4 days to realize you didn’t have the part?
    What about all the money I had been paying on cabs?
    What about Customer Service?
    I would really recommend that something was done about the CS in Kuwait, I love KIA but with this service I will not buy another for sure
    Mohamed Abdelnasser

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  • Er
    [email protected] Oct 13, 2017

    Mexico City October 04, 2017


    On May 21, 2017, I joined KIA del Valle, a KIA Forte model 2017 silver color, after the thirty days and with a little 920 km I had to enter the agency on June 26, as it presented flaws in the braking system, I noticed that the steering wheel vibrated, before this situation my car stayed in the Valley Agency, after three days and once evaluated, the agency notifies me that the discs are burned and that they have to be rectified, in this sense on Friday I pick up my car and I ask the Service Manager to prepare a report to the KIA factory to validate the warranty, since I do not agree to rectify some records in a new car, with hardly 1000 kilometers traveled, in this meaning I request the change of parts damaged by NEW parts, I am waiting for such a response.

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